Ask And It Is Given

6 September 2006

Ask And It Is GivenI’ve been reading Ask And It Is Given by Esther Hicks and the spirit entity she channels known as Abraham.

It’s one of those books that just leapt out at me the last time I went to the bookshop. Throughout my adult life I have occasionally felt the pull to go to a bookshop and find ‘the’ book that’s just waiting for me, the right book for me at the right time, and this is one such occasion. It’s basically the best book I’ve ever come across on manifesting and connecting with the Divine (or Source). Totally inspiring and clear.

What I’ve understood from Abraham:

  • Behind life, the universe and everything there is an infinite and ever-present stream of goodness, joy, health, abundance, love… what Abraham calls Well-Being. We are constantly bathed in it. [This accords with a spontaneous realisation I had about 10 years ago — that life is a constant explosion of love through myself and others]
  • This stream of Well-Being from the Source is responding to all—literally all—expressions of desire. This is the constant process of creation in life. The question is, how much of of the flow of Well-Being do we allow ourselves to experience? And how conscious are we in our creations, in specifying our desires rather than our fears?
  • We are all calling creation into action all the time through our desires and fears, likes and dislikes. However, it automatically responds to the aspect we focus on the most (most frequently, with most conviction), not the one we regard as nicer to have.
  • There is a three-step process:
    1. Any focused attention on an experience – real or imagined, good or bad – is automatically transmitted.
    2. The Law of Attraction sets the wheels in motion to create that experience in the future (the greater the intensity of attraction, the shorter the time lag).
    3. If we are in a state of allowing it, then we will experience it. However, if we are in a state of resisting it, then we will not.
  • Our emotions are the primary indicator of how much we are allowing vs. resisting. When we feel good, we are allowing more of our connection to Source to come through – we are in aligment with it, resonating with it. When we feel bad, we are resisting something of our connection to Source – we haven’t exactly lost the connection, but we are not in tune with it.
  • The simplest way to lift our emotional/vibrational state is to consciously allow more of our connection to Source – to let the stream ‘have its way’ inside us and through us.
  • Our thoughts determine our moment-to-moment feelings; our beliefs and attitudes determine our more enduring moods or vibrational ‘set point’ – and the events that happen to us in the world. (Thoughts repeated often enough become beliefs.)
  • The stream automatically responds to our dominant focus (whether it is positive or negative) with a speed that is proportional to our intensity of feeling. For example, if we pay more attention to (think more often about) the awful place we want to get away from than we do the nice place we want to get to, then it is the former that must become ‘magnified’ in the stream and so more of it will materialise in our lives. So to be conscious creators, we must deliberately focus more on the good thing that is actually desired than on the bad thing we want to avoid. A way to do this is by imagining the desire as true and focusing on how good that feels.
  • By choosing what to pay attention to, we can change our thoughts at any time from attracting something undesirable to attracting something desirable. And by noting how much we are allowing or resisting ever-present joy and freedom, we can open up to receiving the manifestation into our lives and experience.

Entering the Stream

Well, the first thing I did while reading the book was open up just to receiving the stream of joy, with no specific desire other than that. I immediately felt uplifted and energised. And it goes on still…

I then decided as my first ‘project’ to create a more pleasant body-experience for myself—to get over the habitual aches and pains and tiredness and ill health and so on. I decided not to simply focus on “not being tired” and “not having pain” as those seem to invite attention to the very things I want to get rid of. Instead, I flipped it on its head and decided to ask for a body that looks great and feels great because it is continually enlivened and functioning perfectly. I’ve been doing this focus for 3 days now, combined with opening to ‘receive mode’, and my body is in a state of near-ecstasy. I have a glistening sheen, my wrinkles have practically disappeared, I look great and I feel excellent. That’s what I call a result.

I am really delighted, enthused and inspired. This is one lesson and process I must not lose sight of—it is a life-changer.

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3 thoughts on “Ask And It Is Given

  1. I agree, this book really is a life-changer. Upon reading this book, I was amazed at how it felt as if I’ve always known the things explained in the book, but merely forgotten. To me, this really falls in line with Abraham’s claim that every soul understands the Law of Attraction, but we just forget it when we reincarnate to the physical. I was also surprised to find that the same principle is described in Neale Donald Walsch’s CWG-books, I read them shortly after reading this. But what’s really great about this book is that it invites people to really reflect on the question “what do I want?” because it rises to a whole new level when you realize that anything is possible. Truly a tool for a better, fuller life!

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