“Getting” what I want

23 September 2006

My energy is still great as a result of meditating and allowing – I mean, really great. I am going through the day in a generally uplifted feeling – with occasional dips of course, but my centre of gravity is hopeful and rising.

I have found that I can easily open up and allow, accepting the energy flowing through me, but I have not been so diligent in focusing on desires. What I find is that as soon as I focus on, say, prosperity, I get distracted by the things I’m ‘overlooking’, i.e. the other things I could be focusing on such as work or admin.

Today, however, it all came together. On the train to work, I found I was able to create in my imagination the perfect day, or the perfect lifestyle of my dreams – a state of complete satisfaction, fulfilment, eager anticipation and delight.

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1 thought on ““Getting” what I want

  1. i create the perfect day in my head every morning i wake up.
    i actually have a master plan in life.
    But things just don’t go my way.
    I want to meditate but never get the chance to.

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