Ups and downs

18 October 2006

I’ve read the second abraham book (The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intention) and am nearly finished the third, which I discovered hot off the press at Amazon (The Art of Allowing). Over the last couple of weeks I have found myself going from ecstatic and blissful states into more of a kind of contented steady state, with some occasional grumpiness intruding. In reading through the third book, however, I feel more in control of my states.

First, I am paying as little attention as possible to the things I don’t like, and if something gets me down or irritated then I try to move my attention away rather than dwell on it. I’ve noticed this applies even to pain — the more I pay attention to pain, the more I feel pain … and just why IS the lure of paying attention to pain so automatic? — but what helps is paying attention to something more pleasurable or less specific, like how nice it is to be outside listenting to music on my iPod.

Second, I am deliberately intending my experiences over time (using the segment intending process), paying attention to attracting good and pleasant experiences which then magnify in my awareness. A great benefit of segment intending is focusing on one intention at a time rather than drifting about with all my (conflicting) intentions shouting at once and making me feel bewildered all day long.

Third, my meditation is going well again. It is simply a matter of keeping it simple – just ALLOWING my inner being to take over my consciousness. It’s like resonating with my inner tuning fork. That feels great!

Finally, I have also been doing the creative workshop process – writing down descriptions of the things I want/intend in life, and refining those descriptions over time. Some are short term, so are medium term, some are long term. The very act of defining stuff I want to happen is itself liberating — I feel a release when I do it.

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