The money connection

8 August 2007

One of the key developments I have made so far in 2007 is (re)discovering the books of Sanaya Rowan and Duane Packer, who channel beings known as Orin and Daben. Their writing speaks to me very directly – it has the clarity of Abraham and Michael along with the heart of Emmanuel.

Creating MoneyOne of the books that has really fed and inspired me is Creating Money. Sounds like a materialistic cash-in at first but really it is about the individual’s relationship to self and the universe and the impact of those relationships on quality of life. Money itself is framed as a physical/cultural form of the eternal inner qualities of abundance and freedom, and as such having access to money—which means not holding tightly onto a static pot of money but engaging in a dynamic, expansive flow of money—is a perfectly valid and worthy pursuit.

I feel finally resolved on that issue. I no longer see money as something that rich people have only because poor people don’t. There is nothing intrinsically ‘unjust’ about the having of money.

And in coming to this perspective, I feel strangely more comfortable in talking to spiritual friends about money matters.

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