This manifestation stuff really works!

9 August 2007

Inspired by the Abraham books and one of the Orin/Daben books, I decided to try my hand at deliberate creation (rather than just maintaining the best possible inner state, which has been going very well – see earlier Manifestation posts in my spiritual journal). I should have kept specific dates, in good scholarly fashion, but here is what has happened so far.

1st Experience

The first experience occurred after reading that it is good to ‘start small’ as an experiment, and to make it something frivolous and inconsequential (the non-manifestation of which isn’t liable to cause upset or loss of faith).

I was sitting in the train taking me on my daily commute after work. I relaxed, focused on the process, and decided it would be great to manifest some kind of chocolate pudding — I love chocolate, so maybe there was something new out there I could try.

I got home after the journey to an empty house. A few minutes later, my wife arrived home from the supermarket where she had been buying some provisions for the week. Unloading her bags she said, “I don’t know why I bought this but here’s a chocolate pudding for you.” Apparently, while in the supermarket she had felt an unaccountable urge to buy me a chocolate pudding!

2nd Experience

She and I then decided to try our hands at jointly manifesting something small. We settled on a feather. (On reflection, we weren’t clear about whether we meant one feather between us or a feather each.) Anyway, I visualised having a feather in my hand and feeling good about it.

The next day I left work as usual and was walking across a playing field. Seeing a crow in the field reminded me about the feather, and I mentally said to the crow, “So, have you got a feather for me?” I took another couple of steps and there, right in front of me on the ground, was a crow’s feather. I took another step and there was another … and then another.

I arrived home with two big black feathers and one small one — a feather for each of the family!

3rd Experience

Excited by this, I decided to try manifesting something more unusual. Something that wouldn’t be easy to explain. Something … made out of blue glass.

I visualised holding something weighty and smooth in my right hand, looking at its blueness and transparency. I did this every day for a week or so.

Then a curious thing occurred to me—it was close to my wife’s birthday, and the easiest way for a blue glass thing to manifest in my hand would be for me to just walk into a particular shop I know in town and simply buy one of the lotions they sell in blue glass bottles. If so, is that really a manifestation? I wanted this blue glass thing to come to me by some other mechanism, something out of my control, not by me walking into a shop and buying it. But is it “OK” to insist that the universe find some other way of putting this object in my hand?

I got a bit confused about this. I decided to get it over with and went to the shop in question, fully intending to buy the bottle of lotion and then think up something more “tricky” for the universe to manifest. But … there were no more blue glass bottles of said lotion at the shop, so I came away empty-handed … and even more confused.

A couple of days later I took our son out on a shopping run. We had about half an hour for him to find his mother a birthday present of his own choosing. Guess which shop he took me immediately into … a shop in town which I had completely forgotten about … the Blue Glass Shop. And there he found this lovely blue glass square window pendant with a red heart shape embedded in it.

So, standing at the counter paying for it, there I finally was, holding this smooth, weighty, blue glass object in my right hand, just as I had visualised.

4th Experience

Moving onto more significant matters, a week ago I decided to ask the universe for a job opportunity. I was in a good, clear state of intent when I did so.

The next day I was head-hunted by a recruitment agency! I didn’t actually pursue the offer—I could have if I’d wanted to and would probably have done well at it—but felt it wasn’t quite ideal for me in some ways. I realised that I had manifested something which had lots of implications and which I wasn’t quite clear about.

Good to see that the universe doesn’t take away the freedom to choose when a manifestation happens.

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2 thoughts on “This manifestation stuff really works!

  1. Some genuine doubts that strike my mind!

    What if I visualize something that could be achieved by one person at a time and another one is also visualizing the same thing?

    What if I visualise something which another one visualise in opposite direction.?

    What if something I visualise is not destined for me at all?

    I feel you could align with the future the way you need since there is only present and no future. However I feel the countour is fixed. However hard I visualise it would be difficult to make my Pet Cat into a pet Dog??!!

    • Yes, I’ve asked myself all those questions too. The short answer is, I don’t know. I certainly don’t know how it works, but it does seem to … Sometimes. There are times when I know I am in a “magnetic” state in which I can call things to me, and there are times when I feel completely unable to influence anything. The difference seems to be how open-hearted and truthful I am being. Ego and self-delusion work against it.

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