Meditation as a dialogue

2 October 2007

I have been gradually moving away from that difficult place I mentioned back towards more expanded and blissful states.

One of the fascinating aspects of meditation is the way the very process of meditating somehow teaches you about meditation. I get into a kind of dialogue with “the spirit of meditation” in that I ask myself, or the universe, what needs to happen in me in order for me to become more at one, more in alignment, more open, more at peace, and so on. The answer is an intuitive sense of how better to focus my intention or open my awareness.

At the moment the process is one of: first, deciding to become deeply, peacefully and naturally at one with Being, Essence, Reality, Spirit, or whatever; second, anticipating the emergence of the feelings of oneness, peace, blissful energy and so on; and third, letting everything to do with ordinary me and my everyday attachments, habits and resistances go in one fell swoop. After that, I just lock on to the gravitational pull of pure Being.

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