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Discover Your Soul Type

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Which of the seven soul types are you?

Try my simple questionnaire over at and find out. Over 50,000 people have done so already!

It’s interesting to compare the results so far with what we should expect. According to the Michael teachings, the population looks like this:

Servers = 25%
Artisans = 21%
Warriors = 18%
Scholars = 14%
Sages = 11%
Priests = 7%
Kings = 4%

The results of my test so far look like this:


So if the test is accurate, we are getting rather a lot of Priests doing it and not quite as many Warriors as would be expected.

If you do the test, how about leaving a comment back here to let me know how you got on?   Cheers!

– barry

Discover Your Soul Type

80 thoughts on “Personality quiz: discover your soul type

  1. Quiz worked great. Thanks for setting this up. How about more personality quizzes for determining our overleaves and character flaws? (I’m pretty sure I know my character flaw already, but am having trouble with the overleaves…)

  2. I took the quiz and focused on which answer really resonated with me…I ended up with the King soul type. I both like and fear that. 🙂 Thanks for this!

  3. Great quiz. Easy to make the sections. I’m a priest. Maybe priests like taking quizzes(?) I also noted, based on the people I feel most closely aligned with, that priests tend to be either INFJ or INFP personality types!

    • Hi Mia
      I come out as Priest too and I bounce about between INFJ and INFP…
      So you could be on to something here 🙂

    • I’m also a priest and bounce between INFP and INFJ.
      I also share the same birthday (different year) as Oprah Winfrey, another priest!
      Coincidence… I think not!

    • I believe there is a definite truth between the correlation between different soul types and personality types. I just did this test and got Priest surprisingly (not going to lie… thought I would get Artisan). I also bounce between INFP and INFJ.

    • Interesting! I’m an Infj and scored a priest result as well, there must be a correlation. 🙂

  4. I got “Scholar” as a result.

    In a way, I guess our souls and tie to God means we either have or can resonate with all seven types.

    I actually feel some Server, Warrior, and Artisan overtones within me. However, in this life a Scholar is something I am humbly proud being. 🙂

    • Hi Mariisa
      Yes, in essence (literally) we are all pure divine beings, just with different primary and secondary flavours. We scholars serve the universe through our innate attraction to knowledge. My secondary type is sage, so I accumulate knowledge with a sense of pleasing an audience.

  5. I received artisan in my results which is COMPLETELY TRUE

    Even though I never fought in my life OR have been beaten by my brother a couple of times in arm wrestle…. but I feel Warrior definitely inside me that I have my practice wooden sword in my room right now… and I had it since 14! (I always wanted one when I was younger but my family thought of me as a weirdo which is fine by me.) and now I’m going to be 16. My stupid house is too small for me to practice… but I realized I would prefer 2 small daggers and a bow and arrow… which I have a bow and arrows… I still can’t practice with it in a damn suburban area… -_- but need more money to buy daggers… I have a thing about having strength… and that is something I was definitely born with HA! but needs improvement. ;P

    As I said artisan is my passion in life because I am an artist/ musician through out my whole life, but I also want to be a female warrior … I have no idea why I wan’t to be a warrior but its something that definitely feels right. Also dancing in Irish and ballet/modern dance form is something I really consider art.

    I loved your quiz though at least I know my big personality is art. That I consider proud. 🙂

    • Thanks Marie. Sounds like you’re probably an Artisan as primary type with Warrior as secondary. In other words, your energy is all about being creative but with a combative slant.

  6. I recieved a scoring of: “Scholar” and as I have read from other comments about secondaries, I think it’s possible that I am an “Artisan” as well. It makes a lot of sense; all through school I would reteach information that I had acquired through teachers and books in interesting ways (sometimes even drawing pictures to illustrate).
    Thank you for creating this questionnaire, very insightful! 😀

    • My son is the same, a Scholar with Artisan as secondary. An intelligent studious type yet with a rich and playful imagination.
      Cheers, Jenny

  7. Warrior-cast King here…loving this site! On an interesting journey, to say the least. Really appreciate all of this information you’ve assembled.

  8. I got artisan. I answered the test before and I’ve got scholar, sage and priest before. But I was so confused about who I was back then. Now, earnestly, I think I’m expression oriented, whether is ordinal or cardinal. I don’t know why priest, but for scholar there’s some reason behind it. I think I have grown a lot of assimilation traits over the years because I admire scholars. I want to adopt a neutral approach to life. I also want to be wise and insightful (but it has more to do with sharing it, expressing it, not just holding it). I have become more analytical over the years. It feels natural now, but I don’t believe it was innate. Expression, in the other hand, or more exactly, its craving is definitely innate. Just look at this undeniable proof, this comment. However, I do think I have some assimilation overleaves like observation mode or maybe flow goal. Or maybe I am scholar cast. Or my ET is scolar. I have the feeling that there’s innate assimilation in me but it’s not my role. That would explain the admiration for it. I am probably sage (a not so extroverted one).

  9. I initially felt aligned with the ‘Scholar’ role as before discovering spirituality, I identified with the MBTI classification of ‘INTP (Introspective iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving).’ The two classifications appear as brothers from ‘nother mothers.

    I did disagree, however, with the fact that INTP’s are supposed to be apathetic/unskilled with emotions in general. Due to everything else fitting, I assumed that I must therefore be apathetic in order to be an INTP (gotta remember the ‘Jumping to Conclusions’ Chapter from “The Phantom Tollbooth.”). Much to my chagrin, my emotions seem to possess some sort of deafening resonance that demands their involvement. Eventually they struck such a protest that I spent probably about 7-8 hours going DEEP into the internet (which is in of itself a microcosm of the universe’s vast complexities) to try to discover myself, or at least gain additional information with to utilize in my quest for self-realization.

    However, eventually I ran out of theories and began simply typing in questions to Google (as if it has any answers right?) and eventually I simply typed “I’m 21 but feel old.” This led to an urban dictionary page titled: ‘old soul.’ One of these entries stated that some people believe that an old soul has simply ‘been here longer.’

    It has indeed been a long/strange road (trip?) to this destination. On the surface, there isn’t a whole lot going on. I’ve always been on the path of least resistance. But this is really only in a superficial sense of the word. Although I appear lazy, my body is as good as it’s ever been, almost as if it might even be making subtle improvements despite me. This natural, no-effort required resilience to physical decay could come along with being an older soul.

    Other physical attributes such as prematurely greying hair could imply that in previous lives I made it to old age at least once before, probably more-so since it’s manifesting at a young chronological age. Some hairs have been grey since middle school. My pigment is mainly all white (pink) but contains a evenly-distributed coating of small-brown freckles. My brown eyes are dark brown, almost black. However with a prevalence of light, a slightly reminiscent appearance of what looks to be like a supernova diving away from the pupils (black holes?).

    In terms of mental processing, a good quote exists from Homer’s Iliad is a prime example. It was in regards to Odysseus’ mental capabilities, and Nestor merely said (‘His mind runs deep). I’ve felt aware from an early age. Memories go as far back as to when i can recall being up and awake, but unable to physically operate the crib mechanism. A simple shout was all it took to awaken my poor mother who would put me on the floor so I could go do whatever it was I did after those instances. It must have been a routine because I was not capable of language to communicate yet.

    An additional example of my early awareness was my ability to manipulate toilet training. My mother initially bribed me with m & m’s to get me to use the toilet and apparently I quickly identified the correlation and began to ration pee in an attempt to capitalize on this lucrative candy venture. Unfortunately, Mother got wise and ended this candy boon, confident in my peeing abilities.

    I have read that older souls must progress through microcosms of the other soul ages within that individual lifetime. If that assumption were true, then it would be clear that by walking age, I was already in young-soul territory (capitalists and young souls are two peas in a pod). I probably didn’t stay in the young soul perspective for long after toddlerhood in that my focus in preschool was the discovery of friendship. I generally remembered having a grand old time during preschool, and I began discovering friendship. I was highly involved in preschool social life, and even made a friend that was instantly recalled when we later met in high school. These types of strong connections resonate with what mature souls often appear to be after

    I stayed at the mature level until I surpassed everyone in class, became bored and stopped paying attention. It’s not that I turned ADD, but I basically grasped every basic concept thrown at me instantly which gave me more time to just sort of watch. Hints of old probably occurred at times, but I truly didn’t yet regard myself as different. A turning point was when, in 5th grade I was chided by my teacher for getting a B. To her, someone with my ‘giftedness (cursedness [duality]) was obligated to achieve theoretically perfect marks for my entire education experience. Her words didn’t sting, my mental rebellion was already complete. Out with the old in with the new! (ironic that the new is considered old)

    The drive for maintaining vast social connections at this point was already nonexistent by this point as well. Most of the contacts I engaged with were acquired in earlier years, in which social validation might have been more my goal. I am unsure of whether this is evidence of having lived every younger soul level already in this lifetime, or if I’ve always had a sort of old-flavor and was merely temporarily playing the parts for experiential sake. It could be that the rigors of public life demand it to an extent. Sort of like a musical artist, who is presently taking his music in radical new directions, while the mainstream listener wants him to play the same ole songs.

    Rebellion from my focus occurred in middle school completely, I simply did not want to pay attention to all of that anymore, and by high school this had entirely set in. Thankfully I had been taking band class since 5th grade and could immerse myself in our 200-strong marching band.
    It was first in band, that the concepts of recurring growth and decay became apparent. We’d start out shitty, and by the end of the year beat everyone else into the ground again. Then over the course of the off-season we went to complete shit once again.

    High school from a romantic point of view was a dismal failure. If it wasn’t for this aspect, I probably would have noticed just how removed from society I actually was. I possessed confidence, charisma, and was handsome to boot, but after several failed courtships, I began to doubt my ability in this sector, and question its importance to me. The difficulties did not lie in attracting the initial interest of the girl, as I must have appealed compelling. Perhaps when they discovered out who I was behind the mask, is when they lost interest.

    Although someone with a significant initial connection is not ignored. I am no more immune to the magnetic nature of these things than anyone else. My foresight fails me (probably because I turn off my realism during the beginning of the relationship and just focus on the present) and when it inevitably fails..BOOM I should have seen it all along. Hindsight’s a tricky bastard.

    Although, total-time in a relationship is not much, very little of that time is stagnant. There was but a single instance of crazy but I attribute that to antidepressant medication which brought a subtle, yet profound shift in behaviors. I was no longer invested in any negative correlation/red flag anymore. Was it more fun? Yes, but at what cost? I had climbed all the way back up happiness, only to be going right down to the bottom. They weren’t the prescribed balance they were advertised to be.

    Counterculture was another mature resurgence. For some reason, before I had ever even smoked weed, I didn’t see the harm in it. Looking back, this is probably due to health class, and simply comparing the pros/cons to alcohol which seemed much much worse. I had never partied before, and had mainly given up on society at large already. However during senior year, waves of social apathy wash over the students and hierarchies don’t matter any more! It’s amazing that how mature we act is relative to how mature we think we’re supposed to act. Age has nothing to do with it, the perception of the self does.

    Thus, even eccentrics like me were invited to get drunk at somone’s parents’. Got good and drunk, and the people smoked a doobie. I might have hit it, or just said ‘right on’ because this was the first time I’ve seen the ‘infamous weed’ that I had heard so much about. And honestly, after smoking it I wasn’t impressed. Not the weed, it did it’s job and altered my consciousness in a way hard to describe. I was disappointed in the government for making something this simple, relatively subtle to the booze and how ridiculously overhyped they made it out to be.

    So I had successfully smoked weed. Didn’t really have any opinions about it yet because in hindsight it was probably shitty weed and I could have just been trying to do it WRONG. But after graduation, all bets were off. I had been in the public school system for my entire life, and I was out. That summer consisted of hitting my first bong, and the re-categorization of weed from ‘indifferent’ to ‘on board.’ A sizable group of similarly ‘over-it’ citizens were glad to have me along and soon I was a mainstay. My particular hippie style was considered ‘far out’ or even the cryptic ‘out there.’

    Weed was (still is) all well and good, but my accomplices had been informing me of some new mystery liquid. Now this is where I was surprised. It is relatively understandable to be wary about something called ‘acid.’ However I can’t deny curiosity and eventually indulged in the forbidden fruit, the red pill, and saw some things. It wasn’t really a concrete epiphany, but more of a ‘something is fishy’ feeling. The type of feelin I would hold on to so I could remember if it ever were to occur again.

    Over time the collective dispersed. However I maintain contacts with all fragments (hehehe) of that collective and although we hardly right, it is as if nothing changed when I return. Several confidants have survived this shift throughout, and I am more comfortable with a small numbers of clusters. Big clusters aren’t bad, I can just wallflower all day unfortunately trains of thought are frequently interrupted in those situations.

    This brings me back to here. In a college dorm. It is about the same size as a cell I was once inside because of a DUI (proud moment!..)I study when they tell me to, write when they say so, and plan my life according to their plans (also known as what I’ve been doing since age 5)

    When I look around and see how empty materialism has made everybody, I find it alarming when hardly any others can even see it. They look at me as if a part of them knows, but a different part overrides when I speak (especially young souls).

    As far as prejudices go, baby souls irk me, but there typically isn’t conflict. I can see where they’re coming from, having that whole jealous angry God’s gotta take its toll right? I don’t see many infant souls I may have met some more mature level ones that were more like a baby soul in terms of having a ordered structure of abiding by their life, but without the firmly rooted dogma that occurs in the baby stage.

    As for young souls, I admire their effectiveness and they seem to be really concrete in the sensory world so I have no problem with accompanying them. Usually the smart ones decide I’m funny/quirky/eccentric in a good way. Out-of-the-box thinking also serves to counter their at times insatiable ego.

    I don’t know what to think about matures yet. They seem a lot like myself in certain ways, but they are pointed outwards. Thus they focus on relationships more than their own internal dilemma, and are probably all the girls I’ve dated. To me, they appeared understanding but when they too could not fathom (I could always just be a cook) how I operated I quickly became disillusioned with the VAST majority of society.

    I recognize the need to connect and show love and view everyone from a place of love. I also see that what we do here is of little consequence. What is, is and what will be, will be. However, if I have some sacred mention that should compel me to get going, I certainly will do so. The only effective medium I’m effective in anymore is the Internet. (Also trombone/piano woops)

    I apologize for the text, I tried breaking it up in digestible chunks. If you get a chance to check it out, and have any insights into overleaves beyond role, I’d like to hear your opinion.


  10. whats funny is that ive been having the inkling that im supposed to be a priestess for shakti funneling love into the world. Ive received numerous signs signaling feminine energy and power and have been having a strong inkling to create art and social projects. Then I find this and sure enough – priest is what I got. It makes sense that alot of priests are taking this quiz because were probably much more curious about the nature of our souls than warriors who are out getting shit done.

  11. I am a King… Scary how much that resonates within me after the quiz, because I was sure I was something else. Isn’t that funny considering that I suspect my Chief Feature to be martyrdom?

    • Well, I can think of at least one other King soul with a chief feature of Martydom: Jesus.

  12. Probably because warriors aren’t on the internet taking tests. They’re out living their lives physically.

    I’m a scholar but I was surprised that there were only four questions.

  13. I got Priest. I went into it without any bias and not reading anything beforehand because I wanted to make sure my result was as accurate as possible. I believe this was the best match for me now that I’ve taken the test.

  14. I took this quiz without any information about souls; and my result is King soul… And they are only 1% of the population.

    Some features of mine are similar to the king face features: cold face (many people say so), defined jawline, piercing stare (again, people say so, especially when I get angry) and demanding and controlling expressions. When I believe what is right, I don’t negotiate or give in. There are times when I don’t pay attention to other people’s struggles… So, some people are uncomfortable around me.

    I have a group of close friends whom I really trust. It’s not easy for me to be open to others. It takes me quite a long time to be friendly and trust someone.

    But, I’m pretty tiny (5’3″), and my nose is small compared to other king souls in the gallery.

    Anyway, this is a very interesting quiz. I enjoy taking it.

    • I think both JFK and Jacquie Kennedy-Onassis had relatively dainty noses (despite those meaty jawbones). And Aristotle Onassis (another King) was 5 ft 5 in. So I don’t think height or nose-size comes into it much. Thanks Ella!

  15. I took the quiz twice (without realizing it was the same one) took it once a few months ago and then again just now. First time I got server, second time it was artisan. Guess it depends on my mood?

    • Hmmm. It shouldn’t really. There is an age effect though – I don’t know your age but younger people are generally less clear about their own characteristics than older people, simply because they have less experience to draw upon. Also, the reality of “how I am”, for a young person, is more easily confused with a sense of “how I want to be”.

      I’ve said this several times already, but when I was 20 I would probably have assumed that I was an Artisan as I was very good at drawing. However, I now see the error – I am not in the least bit creative! I do, however, naturally absorb whatever information interests me as easily as breathing. Funnily enough, I saw that as a failing, not a core quality! So… our self-perceptions clarify over time.


  16. I can’t find myself in any of the types because I have a mixture of the characteristics so I don’t know how to answer

  17. I recently had my chart done and expected it to come back with my Essence being a Server, however I was pleasantly surprised to see I was a King with a Server casting. When I done this quiz, the questions I selected seemed to appeal to my Server casting, however the answer I got was King. Yay!

  18. Yes, I’d certainly agree with that! And thanks for an awesome website, one of the things I like most is how your writing is so easy to understand, which is great, as being a newcomer to the Michael Teachings, I want to understand it in a way that doesn’t make my brain hurt!

    • Actually, “helping people to understand the Michael teachings in a way that doesn’t make their brain hurt” is my Life Task! How did you know?
      The actual words I got in a reading were “to promulgate our teachings in a manner of your own choosing” and “to share your knowledge in a spirit of joy”.

    • It’s probably my intuitive side at work, it’s quite normal for me to edit a comment profusely until it just feels right.

  19. I got priest. I think that the reason why so many people got this result is because lots of us stumbled over your blog in search of more knowledge of these non-physical theories, which we see as “ultimate truth”. So there’s such a big ponder of priests simply because your blog attracts more of those. Also, I think not everybody who got “priest” is necessarily one, seeing how lots of us have been searching for the “truth” so much (lately,let’s say) that we ignored our real interests.

  20. Sage. I wasn’t sure until in the description I read “communication” and connecting with audiences. I have been doing this all my life in different expressions – career, job, volunteering. This is who I am, and what I do well and enjoy the most.

  21. I am a 29 yo m, a scholar-warrior, at home I am impatient and at work I am self-depreciative. Is my work flaw a flaw in my mask and therefore not real?
    I find it hard to get things done in groups because I like to watch how others approach problems, though most of the time I have tried most ideas and could have done it more efficiently if I stepped up and did it myself.

    I think I came here to find my character flaws and now I have something to work on. Thank you for making this website and helping people like me find some direction.

  22. I hadn’t read through all the soul types before taking the quiz, and I was surprised to obtain the result of Sage! I’m not sure I fully agree based on the short description offered at the end of the quiz, so I guess I’d better go read the full description!

    Also, since some other people have mentioned it, I am INFJ. Not sure if those tie in together at all…

  23. I couldn’t get my results for some reason. I think someone wanted me to join or buy something, which I don’t intend on doing. What happen to the days when you got what you were told you were gonna get? Anyway I already know through a Michael medium that I am a warrior. Thanks anyway.

  24. I took the test and I got artisan.. But I am not very sure about this, before I took the test I used to think of myself as a scholar.. Well I think I do look like an artisan.. Dreamy liquid eyes, childish features, am always daydreaming and my head is always full of new ideas.. But the thing is I’d rather read something new and interesting instead of creating something, and am not even very good at stuff like drawing writing an all, amassing information is my most favourite time pass.. Am always observing people and society and pretty much everything there is that can be observed…
    I read the scholars are detached and aloof and am not sure about it, am not very emotional but I certainly not aloof or totally detached.. And my eyes are not not really neutral.. Perhaps you can have a look at my pictures and help me decide..

  25. Hi there

    I can see what you mean. At first glance I would say Artisan (and your Facebook images are typical of an Artisan’s collection!). And just about everyone who asks turns out to be an Artisan — not sure why that is yet.

    But there is a quiet studiousness to you as well. At first I was going to suggest that you’re most likely an Artisan with (in this life) mode of Observation, which would make sense of all that you say, and you do look unusually soft and warm for a Scholar, though that may just be your body type coming into play. But I suppose I could also imagine you as, perhaps, an Artisan-cast Scholar with a goal of Acceptance.

    That said, I heartily recommend that you get yourself a proper reading from one of the channels. See:


  26. Love Love Love your web site. Took the quiz and I am a scholar. I am just loving learning about all this, cant wait to learn more!

  27. I got a warrior, but the last question none really resonated with me, so chose the one that was closest… would that give a wrong result?

  28. Hello Barry! My husband Paul got warrior, and I got priest. I imagine priest types are more likely to have found their way to the unconventional modes of spirituality–based on their underlying nature. Maybe that is the reason for the concentration of them here, despite the smaller proportion a whole sample of society may give you. Have you found that certain types are attracted to your site more than others?

    Also, I am in awe of the wonderful work you have done here. It is window into a very bright and powerful subject. I am grateful to have your insight on this aspect of the universe! Well done to your determination despite the odds!!

    • Hi and many thanks Amanda.

      Yes, Priests tend to be attracted to spiritual leadership roles but their definition of “spiritual” can vary greatly from one Priest (and one life) to the next. It’s worth noting that many if not most outspoken atheists are Priests. A lot of rational-minded people go for atheism, but only Priests evangelise about it!

      I find that most of my readers appear to be mature Artisans and mature Priests – but that’s just going by the ones who interact. Their may well be a silent majority of Servers. I’ve also noticed that I get lots of enquiries from Artisans who send me photos of themselves and ask “Do you think it’s possible I might be an Artisan?” But Warriors – true to form I guess – just step up and say “I… am… a Warrior!”

    • Thanks so much for the reply Barry! Also, I wasn’t aware that my full name posted when I made that comment. Any way to edit that to just the first? Thanks!!

  29. Mine worked very well… I am a priest. Also 8 Whorls on my hands. In Numerology 3 x 33/6

    Thank Barry. Information is always good to have.

  30. I got Priest, which is strange. I believe in helping others and believe that there is more out there in the world. Which would explain why I am so open-minded when it comes to spirituality and religion. But I am a creative person, writing poems, short stories and sometimes novels. I spend my time working in the healthcare field, volunteering at animal shelters, write poems, and practice a spiritual life of druid (ancestry), zen, Buddhism, and Shamanism. Why did I get Priest? What do you think?

  31. I got Artisan. That isn’t surprising, given that I love to write and make up stories. I’m not great at drawing, but I can use pictures to make interesting collages.

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