Being Nefertiti – past-life recall or mid-life crisis?

A notable case of reincarnation or a tragic case of narcissism — or possibly even both?

Nefertiti (c. 1370 BC – c. 1330 BC) was the chief wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten and one of the most famous women in history. Thanks to the beautiful bust of her discovered in 1912, Nefertiti has also become something of an icon of female beauty. The bust is regarded by some as the Mona Lisa of the ancient world.

Nefertiti was more than just a pretty face however. In fact, she seems to have had an unprecedented level of importance as a woman in ancient Egypt, being practically a co-ruler with her husband. On temple walls she was often depicted the same size as the king, signifying her status.

Akhenaten and Nefertiti tried to change Egypt’s traditional polytheistic religion into a more monotheistic religion focused on one god, Aten, the sun disc. To some extent they succeeded, but the new religion died out after Akhenaten’s death. The subsequent fate of Nefertiti is unknown.

Akhenaten and Nefertiti as doting parents blessed by the Sun.
Akhenaten and Nefertiti - doting parents blessed by the rays of Aten

Now fast forward three millennia.

Nileen Namita

In the last twenty years, Nileen ‘Angel’ Namita has spent £200,000 (approx US $320,000) on plastic surgery in an effort to make herself look exactly like Nerfertiti.

The 49-year-old art model and mother of three from Brighton, UK, has had 50+ cosmetic surgery operations so far, including multiple facelifts, nose jobs, lip jobs, eye jobs, chin implants, an eyebrow lift, and so on.

But why?

Apparently, Nileen had past-life dreams and visions as she was growing up in Berlin. (Interestingly, Berlin is also where the Nefertiti bust has been kept since 1912.)

These dreams and visions showed Nileen vivid details of life in the court of the Pharoah Akhenatan, the numerous love affairs, disturbing scenes of violence. These visions carried on all through her youth and teenage years, growing ever more vivid and powerful.

Nileen aged 22

As she told the Daily Mail newspaper:

Throughout my childhood and teen years I had constant vivid dreams of this ancient queen. They were visions of incredible intensity — I could see where she lived, her servants, her rooms, even the food she ate — and although at first I found the dreams frightening, I began to research what they meant. Aged 23 I underwent psychoanalysis with a counsellor. Slowly I began to realise that I was having these dreams because I am a reincarnation of Nefertiti.

[As an aside: I am confused by the phrase “psychoanalysis with a counsellor”. Psychoanalysis is a specialised long-term treatment that involves at least one session per week with a specially trained psychiatrist. Counselling is a relatively short-term and issue-specific treatment which, back in the early 1980s, could have been given by almost anyone calling themselves a counsellor. I doubt that any psychoanalyst would ever suggest or accept past life memory as an explanation for such visions, or would encourage her to embrace a former identity in this way. I suspect Nileen is naively misrepresenting her counselling sessions.]

Anyway, it appears that by 1987 Nileen had found some sort of resolution by deciding to transform herself into a “living sculpture” in the likeness of the Nefertiti bust.

I decided to turn myself into a modern version of Nefertiti. I drew a picture of how I wanted to look, and have had numerous cosmetic surgeries to attain that look. I have also transformed my physical shape with disciplined exercising, so that I now have the physique of a woman half my age.

She describes her face as a work in progress and plans further surgery.

Her explanation for all this:

Whilst I was connecting more and more to the person I felt I was when I was Nefertiti, I created the outer appearance of mine in a way how Nefertiti and I felt we were inside. This inner vision I carved into my outer features of today… I realised that this lifetime I must go through the same emotional, mental and spiritual pattern like in the lifetime when I was the ancient Egyptian Queen; this ordeal was necessary in order to gain the knowledge and wisdom I need to overcome the karma I created when I was Nefertiti.

I’m not sure I understand that. Perhaps forcing herself to look like Nefertiti and publicly be Nefertiti is a way of owning up to whatever misdeeds she performed in that life, if indeed she was Nefertiti.

It is perhaps not surprising that Nileen has drawn a lot of criticism and ridicule since her newspaper appearance. The general reactions are that she is deluded and wasting her money, that she is doing her appearance no favours, and that rather than looking like Nefertiti she just looks a bit freaky.

She says:

My life as an Art Model and a Human Sculpture enables me to attract attention to all those people who are considered to be “different”…

Her identification with those who are “different” may well be genuine, but I can’t help noticing that she is  attracting attention only to herself.

Although I am inclined to sympathise with anyone having past-life recall, if that’s the case here, the plastic surgery look-a-like thing strikes me as peculiar to say the least. I don’t know of anyone else who has physically tried to make themselves look like an alleged past incarnation.  Her explanations sound like rationalisations for what is basically an emotional fixation.

In any case, most people who do claim to remember an historically identifiable past life also happen to look remarkably like that person already. No surgery required…

But then again, it transpires that Nileen used to look very much like Nefertiti before she underwent all of this surgery.

This seems rather ironic, if not tragic.

Well, I then came across a TV interview with Nileen in which she does a (slightly) better job of explaining herself. In a nutshell, she says that she is not trying to make herself look like the bust (since when?), but is trying to make a point about Nefertiti.

“No-one would want to be Nefertiti,” she argues, given the queen’s “very difficult karma.” She had a reputation for ethereal beauty which was largely driven by Akhenaten’s obsession with youthfulness and the eternal in his Aten religion.

According to Nileen, Nefertiti had been very striking when first found by Akhenaten in a foreign harem, having blue eyes and light skin. But she was thereafter under a lot of pressure to stay looking young, beautiful and divine.

Nileen acknowledges that when she was a teenager she naturally looked just like Nefertiti. She claims she is now altering her face to show what Nefertiti “really” looked like when older, which was not like the famous bust.

I still don’t get it.

Is Nileen the reincarnation of Nefertiti? Well, quite possibly, given (a) the physical resemblance pre-surgery and (b) the past-life dreams and visions. But if she is Nefertiti reincarnated, then in three thousand years  she has gone from being a beautiful and influential figure to being a seemingly confused one, still in the public eye but, shall we say, not in a good way. I can’t help feeling a certain compassion for her. But I am concerned for her psychologically.

Past-life recall or mid-life crisis?

Or perhaps, even, both.

Update (April 2010)

There is a very telling, if one-sided, update on Nileen Namita in the Daily Mail (‘Meet the mother who took her daughter out of top girls’ public school Roedean because she’d spent the fees on plastic surgery’; 01 April 2010). This article focuses on Nileen’s long-suffering 16-year old daughter, Rachel.

In essence,  Rachel can’t wait to leave home because of her mother. Nileen is now such a jaw-dropping embarrassment, so wilfully ‘unconventional’ and so unable to see anyone else’s viewpoint, that Rachel’s way of rebelling is to become quite normal and sensible — something which Nileen, apparently, detests.

The final straw for Rachel — which presumably prompted her to spill all to the newspaper — was losing her place at the private girls’ school Roedean due to Nileen’s cash flow problems. It wasn’t simply the fact of losing her place there, but it was also not knowing that she had lost it until it was publicly announced during a school assembly. Nileen had neglected to inform her.

The relationship between the two is, to me, very reminiscent of that between the sensible teenager Saffy and her outrageously self-obsessed mother Eddy in the BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. Rachel comes across as the more mature of the two. Nileen appears to be stuck in a teenage rebellion of her own, and merely complains about Rachel making her feel uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, I note that Nileen’s agent is busily arranging more interviews.


An Ironic Twist

The visible face of the famous bust of Nefertiti is actually a layer of stucco overlaid onto a limestone carving. Researchers at the Imaging Science Institute in Berlin have recently used modern CT scanning technology to map the exact shape of this inner face. Their analysis showed that the inner face had less prominent cheekbones, a slight bump on the ridge of the nose, creases around the corner of mouth and cheeks, and less depth at the corners of the eyelids. With the stucco layer applied, the sculptor Thutmose appears to have smoothed out the queen’s creases and made a few other slight aesthetic alterations. The researchers suggest that the changes were made to make the queen’s face look younger and more attractive.

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37 thoughts on “Being Nefertiti – past-life recall or mid-life crisis?

  1. Notfrete to Nileen Namita
    This is not a direct reincarnation, but they should be at least over 15 incarnations in the past 3,300 years. But despite at least 15 incarnations of the old Nileen Namita provides äyptische Queen Notfrete zeimlich very much alike.
    Gruß Ralf Beyer from Germany

  2. What a waste of money and time.
    It is far from the look she wants.
    She should have got the job done in one go by famous plastic surgean Ivo Pitanguy in Rio.

  3. Wow, really? I had a friend in the US who said she was shown in a dream/vision that she was a great queen and realised that she was Nefertiti. She is 50+, Latin American in origin but looks Egyptian. She likes to wear eyeliner like on the bust. She looks a bit like Sarah Brightman from the late 90’s. But above all, her character is exactly like that of Nefertiti – petulant, immature, demanding and spoiled!!! LOL!

  4. Is it possible that this woman has some sort of attachment or possession? That would explain her obsessive behavior and unhappiness. Maybe Nefertiti’s spirit is influencing her…

  5. Provavelmente, no século XX, Nefertiti teria reencarnado como Sara Kubitschek, esposa do falecido ex-presidente brasileiro, Juscelino Kubitschek.

    [trans: Probably, in the twentieth century, Nefertiti would be reincarnated as Sara Kubitschek, wife of the late former Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek.]

  6. For someone who claims to have been Nefertiti she knows little about established fact… Nefertiti wasn’t gleaned from a foreign harem, she was the daughter of the Vizier Ay. A few fanciful dreams can’t outweigh solid contemporary proof.

    • You know, people claim to be able to go into someone’s akashic records, but for me I find it similar to breaking into someone’s house while they are asleep, or reading someone’s personal diary….it is spiritually and morally wrong. Unless someone gives you permission to do it for them, then what you are shown is not of truth. Even when permission is given, it is not accepted as “good practice” as widely popular it has become.

      I do not like this trend of physics to say “I can read your akashic records and tell you your soul path”

      What we need to learn is if we are to be truly empowered beings, we need to get off the “psychic reading” crack and be our own sourcerer of knowledge and mysteries instead of giving our power away so freely to those keen to tell us all about ourselves. Yes there are times a lil help is OK in the beginning of awakening, or if one is being blocked. But deep things like records which are highly personal between our soul and Our Creator, should be respected. If we follow our hearts and guidance then we are on path and truth of our origins and path will be shown to us.

      We can read our own records when we are ready ✌❤

  7. This seems like it would be more like wishful thinking to me. Especially due to her lack of knowledge about Nefertiti and other behaviors. Then again, maybe I’m envious.

    Due to my strange fascination with Ancient Egypt, I like to think it’s possible I had a past life in that time. I’m specifically drawn to Nefertari, wife and queen to Pharaoh Ramesses the Great, but I’m sure it’s likely wishful thinking that I would be a reincarnation of Nefertari.

    Then again, who knows? I’m certainly very interested and continuing my own research into the concept of reincarnation. These articles are incredibly amazing to read! And I’m sure I will be frequenting this site often (I’m on at work, lol. Oops!).

    I am also interested in visiting someone who may be able to help me figure out where I am and who I may have been in a past life. Any info on a lead would be great.

    • What are the differences between the two? Sorry, I’m still new to this whole thing and still learning. lol.

    • Hi again

      Past life regression – you visit a specialist in hypnotic regression or past life therapy. He/she guides you into a super relaxed state, then into a mental focus which allows past-life memories to float into awareness. Takes a hour or two. I have described a few of my own experiences here:

      Past life reading – you get in touch with a psychic or a channel who, by going into a light trance, is able to access and tell you information such asylum past lives. Could be done by visiting them in person, or by a skype call, or a phone call.


    • Past-life regression sounds like what I’m most interested in. Unless I’d have to travel across the country or across the ocean to visit one. In which case, I may have to settle for a reading. haha.

    • I am sure you are not Nefertari’s reincarnation. Why is it that everyone seems to have a fascination with well known pharaohs and their wives but never with slaves and peasants? I have never heard anyone claiming to be let’s say one of Thutmose IV’s minor wifes who lived in the harem. LOL ridiculous.

    • I’m glad you’re psychic enough to be sure of my past lives. If you read all of my post, you’d see that I even acknowledged the fact that it was likely wishful thinking. So thank you for feeling the strange need to attempt to bring me down, yet only repeating what I said in harsher words. Perhaps I was some peasant that lives during Nefertari’s reign as queen and thait’s why I’m drawn to her. Frankly, I don’t care. I didn’t realize that even entertaining the possibility was such a bad thing. Forgive me for dreaming.

      Also, with 7 billion people on this planet, is it so impossible that SOMEONE out there is the reincarnation of some Ancient Egyptian pharaoh or queen? LOL ridiculous.

    • Certain enigmatic superstars (the gatekeepers) of the collective unconscious have a tendency to overtake our dream state. Their narcissistic egocentric programming also has a tendency to keep demanding that all others pay attention to them…one dream cycle after the next. That programming also has a tendency to override other’s programming and make them forget who they really are. The woman is a prime example of overridden programming.

      This is a fundamental reason why we end up with so many thinking they have been I/Cons such as Nefertiti. Actually we ALL have had famous lives (yes, often more than one) throughout the time line. These are often mixed in with many not so famous lives. Most do not actually accurately recall their own past lives, both famous and ordinary ones.

    • Cut the through the wishful thinking and nonsense. Look up Brianstalin. You might not like what he has to say, but he is not one to try and pull your strings like other puppetmasters would.

    • The irony of Nefertiti and Akhenaten, that most people would not like to recall, is that those souls have a strong Nazi connection in their recent past incarnation…

      Payback is a bitch sometimes.

  8. The truth is that MOST OF US had an Egyptian lifetime, or two! We are the same souls of those beautifully recorded times in our history. Along with that, we are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, multi-layered beings. It is possible that many of us may possess parts or fragments of the great Queen Nefertiti’s soul! In fact, I have met several highly evolved beings who demonstrate that very fact-that they were indeed Nefertiti! This sweet soul feels more like a servant who may have worked with her as part of her council. This would explain her fascination/obsession to look like her. The beautiful Nefertiti was very adored and loved by her husband in a time when that was not the norm. And I can share with you that she wore very subtle eye make-up, lots of neutrals and gold. She was fare-skinned and had many servants. One in particular was like a sister to her. They shared alot, as she was the queen’s confidant. I can also share that her husband, the great King Ahkenaten, and at least one of his other wives is reincarnated today also! Nefertiti is very much alive today! And furthermore, she is continuing to do what she did then, lead and nurture in a positive way. She is still very much a strong woman, except today, she doesn’t have to dress like a man to be accepted as a leader. I am grateful for her soul’s purpose upon the face of the Earth. I am also grateful for this dear one who is experiencing past life experiences in Egypt. I would advise her to release all ideals and assumptions and ask your Higher Self who you were? You’ll be surprised what you get for an answer! Thank you for this opportunity to share!

    • What a load of bull…Nefertiti wasn’t fair skinned…white people ALWAYS want to claim someone of prominence was white, but this woman was a woman of color, she was born in Ahkmim, Egypt so how you figure she’s fair skinned is beyond me, she would of been a golden tan, or caramel at best..and this was long before the Middle Easterns and Italians infiltrated Egypt leading to the Egyptians we see today.

    • Bravo to that last comment. i remember being in that time period. I have visited it more than once. My “mother ” in that lifetime was queen Nefertiti in that timeline. Bless her for all she did to help humanity along with more humane religion; her beauty and grace were penetrating. As to the woman in England today she can relive her past life if she wants to.. but the game is called now. I taught art history and also felt very at home with this period of art. I sued to get lots os student power points on the Armarna period and I would find it so fascinating to see it over and over.

    • Giving all this information are you saying with out words that your neferitti’s incarnation or you know her lol?

  9. Greetings Barry! One and All!

    I was led by Spirit to your website on this day 05/15/2015 as I am doing an audio book right now since January 1, 2015 and it involves a compilation of sorts which includes details and step by step of my awakening and ascension with information in regards to my past life as Nefertiti and someone else who is very famous as well. In both past lives I had the same personality as I do now. Ironically I am in the process of discussing personalities and I know for a fact that the same personality that a soul has from the first incarnation carries through out lifetimes of many incarnations. I must agree with the comment in entirety by Shirl in regards to Nefertiti that yes I am a very strong woman, very much alive and continuing to do what I did then which is helping Humanity to come back to the Oneness. I myself have been through my awakening in full force since January 1, 2015 and I am truthfully Queen Nefertiti reincarnated. I am described as a unique beautiful woman from many people especially males. Nefertiti was described as “the beautiful one has come”. More and more I am beginning to look a lot like how I looked back then in Egypt as Nefertiti and this is naturally, no surgeries whatsoever. I also have the same compexion I did back then. My bodyframe is the same, etc. I am that I am and I am here for great new beginnings for all of mankind as we return to our Garden of Eden. Blessings to you. Namaste

    Sharon A.

    • Sounds most amazing, Sharon. I’d be delighted to hear more about what triggered your awakening on Jan 1st, if you’re willing to share…
      Many thanks,

    • Greetings Barry

      Love Peace and Light to YOU! I did not realize that you had responded to my message until this date as I was again on the topic of personalities and how it relates to the Ascension and Awakening.I truly believe that I was led to your website by Spirit and again today for a very special reason. Nothing happens before the time. I have been on my spiritual journey since my Mom passed away in September 1999 and I met my twin flame who actually found me on 06/06/2014 and by the way he is the real King Akhenaten reincarnated. I even have pictures cropped and screenshot of how we look then and now. It has been a most incredible journey for me I must say. On January 2, 2015 as I was driving going back home with my children I heard the voice of God say to me ” You know that you and he were a King and Queen in a past life? And I said “really”? Who? and I heard Spirit say to look it up and I felt and knew I was a Queen in Egypt but I didn’t know which one. And one thing led to another and Spirit guided me to find myself based on my looks and my personality. The fact that I have a lot of children like I did then and one of them is KING TUT and Anaksanamun reincarnated as well. The dynamic of my family to who we were and Are Now is absolutely truthful and fascinating. This book that I am recording is not only to do with myself as Nefertiti but all of the multidimensional aspects of myself and my Twin Flame to 2 other famous people from previous reincarnations. Everything to Who we are and lots of downloads of information from poetry, philosophy, music, dancing, singing, art, beauty, etc. is revealed. I am here as a template from the Central Sun and Sirius, other planetary connections. I am no ordinary Woman and I am very strong and ready for what and Whom I am to BE in this lifetime. I am now into over 26,000 hours of dialogue and its ongoing. There are pictures, videos, readings, singing, information coming from the heart, higher self, twin flame journey, family dynamic, love, beauty, definitions, the era of human history, aliens, UFO, religion, the Awakening, Ascension. I now speak 3 languages and 2 dialects. Higher frequencies of data is what is transcended to me. I am the real deal. I AM that I AM that I AM. If you have an email that I can send you my picture you will be able to see for yourself. ONE LOVE


  10. Iam the real reincarnation of Nefertiti and im married to Akhenaten and guess what else i didn’t have to get no surgeries either because i was born her and that’s it.

  11. There are surely a lot of Nefertitis and Nefertaris in this comment section. I’m waiting for someone claiming to be an Ancient Egyptian who drowned in the Nile and was eaten by crocodiles or died of famine.

    Thing is, Nefertiti and Nefertari are among the most well-known Ancient Egyptian queens, being the Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten and Ramses II. So if one has a fascination with them it is very likely because these two queens are famous – besides for their husbands, Nefertiti is widely known for her world famous head statue and Nefertari for her beautifully decorated tomb in the Valley of the Queens).

    Imagine having to compete with hundreds of other women (harem) for your husband’s attention and love, worrying about giving him multiple healthy sons (child mortality was pretty high even in royal families), missing your husband when he is in battles wondering if he will ever return home alive. So my point is, if you think about it, the life of an Ancient Egyptian queen wasn’t that glamorous or easy!

    I do believe in reincarnation and it is possible that the reincarnations of Nefertiti and Nefertari somewhere out there (if they currently aren’t in between lives). Think about Omm Seti, her story is fascinating. 🙂

  12. Oh my…… . Nefertiti live in Poland, She’s name: Vasanta Ejma. I meet her.
    Nefertari reincarnation live in Poland too. I dont meet her, but I know that she live in Poland. But Nefertari is Catholic now and she dont believe in reincarnation! Sorry for my englisch, I’m learning… .

  13. Ah yes so many claim to be my mother. So many claim to know where she is on this planet today.
    There are certain stipulations of who will know where she is….true reincarnated family. And that family will know their own path in accordance with the past. There is a link with Atlantis and beyond in all of this.

    The spiritual journey is a beautiful and awe inspiring one… that I will not share here with all the slim shady’s 😉

    I am blessed to have met most of my family even though the karma has made it wonderful energetic reunion followed by a painful separation. I have been the one with the ability to be able to know on a soul level who these people are who come into my life. I see these family members change in front of my eyes, and I hear their name repeatedly until I accept it. I have not physically met Nefertiti yet (though I have been told where our paths will cross and trust in my guidance in that) but I know who Akhenaten is and who he is with….he is with Kiya in this life. He is not a twin soul due to a vision I had showing that only I and Tutankhaten were twin souls. Akhenaten and Smenkhkare (who was a real man and pharaoh in his own right briefly) were not shown as having twin souls and I was told only Tutankhaten and I were. But yes Akhenaten and Nefertiti were certainly very close energetic matches to one another and have great love for each other.
    I mean no offence with what I say or for this to upset, though I know it will 🙁

    As for Tutankhaten, well what a beautiful soul he is, sweet, caring, wickedly funny, soft big almond brown eyes and a great honour to work alongside him on mission. He has been other great Kings but we both have had blessed lives whilst living with very little. They were the most loved lives when we could work ‘stealth’ ….royalty brings with it pain…’s not the amazing life people think it is. Gilded cesspit of politics and power plays, death and back stabbing. But it’s a job to try and bring certain designated outcomes into being….and it takes a certain frequency and soul maturity. You wouldn’t put a child in a Porsche to drive only someone who has matured and has the skill set to drive without crashing it. That’s all royalty is….though yes many when down here played different aspects of the game. which was all part of the spiritual soul evolution.

    Nefertiti comes through many women and also there are beings ramping up the lies trying to obstruct and confuse who the real Nefertiti is when it is time for her to come out. They mistakenly think it means they are them. I initially put my own recall down to this, but the path I have been on and led to says otherwise. I am just going with the flow and if Sharon you are Nefertiti we will meet. But (I must lovingly say) your twin is not Akhenaten, nor are your children “King Tut or Anaksanamun” (Tutankhaten and Ankhesenpaaten is the correct spelling as given by our parents 😉 for we are able to do more as colleagues and one day, as physical lovers, than we could ever assist on this planet today as brother and sister again. I too have photos and they all have same face shape and features as that Akhetaten lifetime. Especially Meritaten….when we met I knew this was for real….❤

    It is also funny we have all (me and my soul family) reincarnated down the Irish-Scottish line instilled by Meritaten when she came to Ireland as Scota. As it happens she today is very much Irish, and plans to open a retreat over there. My life is taking me to Scotland as the new Scota (my father was west Scottish and had Irish descent also) I hope my twin Tut joins me. He will, another of his lives was up there. We create such an energy together it truly is noticed by people who stare at us with a knowing that this is what love is, and some are very jealous of our connection sadly.

    Nefertiti is here today…..and I will know her when I meet her and engage with her.

    That will be a fine day indeed. For us all. ❤

    Wishing you all peace and love upon your own unique and special journeys….you may even realise you have been royal. One things for sure, each and every one of us working for love is gifted and powerful. We are all super hero’s ❤❤❤❤❤

    • Ahhh….someone has come into my awareness, someone who may ask me to question whether “Kiya” may be another close family member….this happens a lot and I am open to it….whatever our past lives and what we see/feel/hear/experience, it is important to be open to all possibilities…..
      I want the truth over being right God. And the truth always finds me one day. Always 🙂

      Peace <3

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