Jim Carrey’s moment of spiritual awakening

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It’s nothing short of a miracle whenever someone experiences a spiritual awakening. It is all the more impressive when such an experience happens not to a Buddhist monk or a New Age seeker but to an A-list Hollywood actor.

Despite his massive success and goofball persona, Canadian-born comedy actor Jim Carrey has spoken in the past of having suffered bouts of depression. And over the past few years he has begun to reveal a deeper, more spiritual side to his nature.

Jim has been on a search for ultimate meaning, a search largely inspired by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.

The German-born author of A New Earth and The Power of Now, Eckhart, who now lives in Canada, teaches that most of humanity is captive to the mind and obsessive thinking, patterns that can be broken through meditation and other techniques.

Jim Carrey says that through Eckhart’s teachings he has come to understand how his own suffering comes from fixating on thoughts. As he explains it, he had become locked in his own mind in part because of a childhood spent trying to entertain his terribly ill mother.

But after years of seeking he has finally had a spiritual breakthrough, a moment of enlightenment in which he realised for himself that “heaven” is found right here in the present moment. And having had his own breakthrough, he now says, “I want to take as many people with me as I can!”

In June 2009, Jim Carrey shared the spiritual spotlight with Eckhart Tolle and other speakers at the first meeting of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE), held in Los Angeles. In the video clip below, Jim speaks of his moment of awaking and jokes about his nascent guru status.



Jim Carrey is an obvious Sage-type soul if ever there was one, doing what Sages do best in such films as The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar, The Truman Show, Yes Man and A Series of Unfortunate Events. It is to his credit that he has sought for meaning beyond the trappings of ego, fame and fortune, and especially that he has managed to set aside his natural Sage tendency to (over-)perform in order to communicate so candidly about his experience.

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For more on Jim Carrey see jimcarreyonline.com.

Producer John Raatz, who formed the GATE organization, said the time is ripe in the entertainment industry for an “up-leveling of consciousness.” Along with singer Melissa Etheridge and several other speakers, they urged their colleagues in film, TV, music and other media to use their work for the good of mankind, to influence positive and spiritual change on society.

For more about the GATE organization, see

There’s a slightly cynical interview with the “new” Jim Carrey in Time magazine (2007).


10 thoughts on “Jim Carrey’s moment of spiritual awakening

  1. Jim Carrey is showing how actors can be powerful mediums to awaken one’s divinity through spirituality. If one can transfer one’s EGO from material focus to a spiritual focus then one has leaped from duality to non-duality, and to a very holistic perception of life rather than a fragmented aspect of human living. check out http://www.ambppct.org/ [this is a link to the the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust – barry]

  2. If thought doesn’t exist, then life is meaningless and my actions have no consequences. Violence, anyone?

    • Like Descartes, I’m pretty sure that thought really does exist.
      Even so, I don’t see how it would follow that actions have no consequences. And even if that were the case, it wouldn’t necessarily justify violence. Some people might control their violent impulses out of a fear of the consequences, but many people simply choose to relinquish violence as a matter of principle.

  3. I thought that some of you would be interested to read here what I have found through the self discovery process- direct observation of my own self, about consciousness/ awareness/ soul.
    Although it is very easy to get in the most intimate touch with own awareness because it is the observing aspect of our own self, the reason why it turned to be so difficult and occult for many of us to become aware what our awareness is, is because since earliest childhood we are trained through the controlled system of education not to pay our aware attention on that amazing aspect of our own self, with which we are able to perceive the totality of our own self and our relation with the grandiose unlimited cosmic scenario and to procreate .
    Consciousness of the man, if not invested in delusional mind like it is unfortunately invested in our societies through the fictitious,system of education, is amazing life sustaining faculty.
    If we look more carefully our own self we can see that it is consisted of three different aspects that we named body, mind and awareness. Our body is consisted of the mater/ atoms of the universe, our mind is more subtle aspect of our own self than body and that is because its elements, thoughts and emotions belong to the energy world of the universe, and finally the third aspect of our own self is our awareness which compared with our body and mind looks like nothing, but we feel that it is something. The reason why our awareness with which we are inside out witnessing our body and mind looks like void, looks like nothing, looks like empty space, is because it is direct continuation or manifestation of the cosmic continuum / cosmic space/ cosmic void, being universal withholder or imbuer of the entire universe and by that inside out withholder or imbuer of our body and mind.
    Continuum means that it can not be cut or chopped in peaces with anything. Think about this question: can you define who you truly are, if in this definition you do not include unlimited reality of the universe which withhold , imbue, intimately supervise, witness and orchestrate the entire cosmic creation, so deeply and in so many tiny material and in so many subtle energy details, until deep down in all that exist within its void, it meet own unlimited void like, emptiness like cosmic face.
    And could it be that this reality that you are experiencing as your own awareness, stuffed with your own personal mind and being seduced with it, and which you are intimately imbuing your own physical body, is unlimited cosmic continuum the same one described in theistic religions as God and in science (so that you can not recognise the link) as nothingness/ nullity, by which in 99,99999999999999999999999999999% , by the scientific observation, each atom of our universe and our universe are made of? And this what science is saying about the void like structure of the universe is the truth but I am not going here to guide you how you could perceive that your physical body beside being solid is at the same time void like or consisted of 99,99999999999999999999999999999% of cosmic void and via it merged in one with unlimited cosmic void. But here is one blitz prove about that . While you was reading this letter could you tell me how your left foot looked like, or your back, or your neck etc. They just pop up into your awareness as solid this very second, before that wile you was reading this letter they did not exist within your awareness, they were void like.
    If you desire, like many other people of our planet, to experience unlimited feeling of love, joy, unlimited experience of freedom, wisdom, blissful happiness, is that not one more prove that beside your individual body and personal mind, you actually have aspect of your own self self, that is by its size unlimited supra structure of your own body and mind, and that only out of such unlimited, grandiose aspect of our own self, can such grandiose desire for love, joy etc. to manifest . And because that aspect of our self is unlimited that mean that it is only one “thing ” shared between all of us, so that we can simultaneously exist, think, emotionalise, and act.
    On this way we can start to comprehend that when we are injuring one another we are actually injuring the totality of our own self and on the first place our awateness, and when we are loving to one another we are loving to the totality of our own self and we are actually awakening and freeing our awareness from our ego driven delusional mind jail.
    Tatyana R.
    All unalienable rights including right on truth informing reserved, non waivered
    Rights abused are still rights

  4. Simple thoughts, a fish swims in water, the air is not always clear… actors have the power to influence, this is a given. Many companies understand this, think about product placement in movies for a start. Read ‘The Death and Resurrection Show’ by Rogan Taylor to learn more about the spiritual power of the entertainer. Open your mind and think beyond your thoughts.

  5. Im so freakin happy that Jim Carrey has broken through the veil of illusion!! This is a perfect example of how fame can carry a message in the form of energy. We are energy, everything is energy!! Reality is just a perception we create, in order for our meat suits to comprehend the journey through space and time!!

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