Early video of near-death experience interviews released


This just in from Dan Gaylinn of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology:

This link [above] leads to a video passed along to me by Charles Tart, leading researcher and scholar of transpersonal psychology and altered states of consciousness. It is a 20 minute interview of four extraordinary (but typical) near-death experiencers that was put together by Kenneth Ring in the early days of the research. Only recently has it been made available on the internet as it was only previously available as an Umatic video tape costing more than $300, which made it difficult to find and watch, despite Charley’s wish to show it every class he’s taught for the past 20 years.

Note: the video opens in wmv format. It looks a bit small and scratchy, but is absolutely well worth viewing. Four very ordinary people telling four very extraordinary stories!

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