The seven soul types: what do they look like?

I’ve been adding some pictures to my pages about the seven soul types (as described in the Michael teachings). Specifically, I’ve done seven facial caricatures to show what each one tends to look like (at least to me), highlighting and exaggerating the main features — the Scholar’s prominent brow, for example, and the Priest’s intense eyes.

Below I’m showing them all together on one page, with a number of famous faces as representative examples in each case.

Now, I’ll readily admit that it’s quite easy to find exceptions to the rule. Yes, you can probably point to a famous Priest soul incarnation who looks nothing like the Priest ‘stereotype’ shown below. Fair cop. Not all Priests have definite almond-shaped heads. But I see this is as a general approximation, a pattern, not a hard-and-fast rule.

And of course, head/face shapes will vary according to body size. Going by shape alone, for example, a Sage who is small in stature like Miley Cyrus looks a bit like an Artisan.

— a d v e r t i s e m e n t —


But that’s just the shape. You can still spot the Sage in Miley Cyrus because a Sage’s face has also a firm, elastic and shiny quality (as it’s always on the move) while an Artisan’s tends to be soft and very ‘composed’.

And in the Sage’s case, of course, the motor-mouth is always a dead giveaway!

You have to look at the whole package — not just shapes but also tones and movements.

See what you think.



Servers are gentle, genial souls. Facially, they often characterised by a rounded head, sometimes potato-shaped, with soft, sagging features and smallish, tired-looking eyes. Rounded shoulders are also typical.

The Server’s baseline expression varies between one of sorrowful pity (when they focus on the common woes of life, like Mother Teresa) and sweet, innocent cheerfulness (when they focus on serving the common good, like the Dalai Lama). But either way, there is a basic vibe of harmlessness.

Typical traits: accommodating, caring, modest, dedicated, unassuming, homely, downtrodden, melancholic.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II
Desmond Tutu
Desmond Tutu
Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale
Albert Schweizer
Albert Schweizer
Catherine of Aragon
Catherine of Aragon
The Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama


Artisans tend to have heart-shaped or cup-shaped faces, together with a dreamy, unfocused, faraway look in their eyes. Where Sages have a bright and mischievous twinkle in the eyes, Artisans have softly lit pools, portals into their mysterious inner worlds.

Their facial expression tends to look very composed, as though they were sitting for a portrait (indeed, many models are Artisans). The mood of the expression can vary between a carefree childlike playfulness (think of chef Jamie Oliver) and a look of being lost half-asleep in dreams or deep thoughts, as though studying mental images (as Einstein frequently was).

Artisans have a habit of creating a striking image for themselves which both attracts attention and at the same time serves as an outer façade behind which they can hide. This includes a tendency to go for distinctive hairstyles and clothes.

Typical traits: inventive, imaginative, innovative, fanciful, idiosyncratic, flaky, ditzy.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
Woody Allen
Woody Allen
Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell


Warriors look distinctly solid and physical, tough, firm-skinned, perhaps leathery, and very much at home in their bodies. The head-shape can be quite straight, a bit like a jar.

Like Kings, Warriors tend to be hard and angular, but the telling features are the low eyebrows and the ready-for-action expression which varies between “Yeah, let’s do this!” and “Nobody screw with me!”

Typical traits: forceful, assertive, loyal, combative, feisty, determined, ruthless, vicious.

Judi Dench
Judi Dench
Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini
Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson
Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood


Scholars tend to look intelligent but somewhat unexpressive and socially detached. They usually have a large, flat forehead and relatively hollow, deadpan features. The mouth is naturally shut rather than open. In contrast to the Sage, the Scholar’s face looks like it isn’t used much for expressiveness.

The eyes can look deep-set, partly because the Scholar’s attention is usually somewhere inside their brain rather than out there where the action is, and partly because the prominent brow can overhang the eyes, adding to the Scholar’s thinking-rather-than-doing look.

With Scholars, it’s all happening inside the head; their mind is always busy processing, absorbing, learning. Overall, I would say Scholars have a look of interested detachment.

Typical traits: curious, knowledgeable, analytical, dry, pedantic, detached, aloof.

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin
Marie Curie
Marie Curie
Joe Morton
Joe Morton
Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher
Emma Watson
Emma Watson
Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh


Sages’ facial features are often unusually big, open and elongated or elasticated, perhaps even cartoon-like. In addition, they often have a twinkle of mischievous merriment in the eyes, as though itching to tell a joke or share some scandalous gossip.

The face is a key means of expression and the Sage’s face is always ‘on’. Their cheeks tend to be a prominent feature, rounded from lots of smiling and joking. The whole face is like an inflated balloon.

Young-soul Sages are all eyes and teeth with their big, sparkly smiles. Old-soul sages like Osho are more mellow and look like, well, happy sages.

Typical traits: expressive, eloquent, witty, entertaining, gregarious, flamboyant, attention-seeking, loud, verbose.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Jack Black
Jack Black
Ainsley Harriott
Ainsley Harriott
Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey
Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg


Priests tend to have almond-shaped heads, and cat-like eyes that point forwards very directly. I’ve also noticed that the eyes can sometimes seem ‘upside-down’, with the upper lid being more open than the lower. Also with Priests, the corners of the mouth often look sharply pointed.

The Priestly facial expression suggests a strongly felt desire to make things right or better. This typically varies between one of stern disapproval (when they focus on what’s presently wrong with the world as they see it) and rapturous enthusiasm (as they focus on realising some higher potential).

The Priest’s gaze often has an inflamed, hypnotic intensity which can look strikingly beautiful — or strikingly sinister, depending on where the Priest is coming from.

Typical traits: fervent, visionary, hope-inspiring, earnest, uplifting, preachy, sanctimonious, fanatical.

Christopher Walken
Christoper Walken
Uri Gellar
Uri Gellar
Byron katie
Byron Katie
Barack Obama
Jane Roberts
Jane Roberts
Carl Jung
Carl Jung


Kings tend to be distinguished by a solid-looking block-like head with ‘meaty’ or ‘granite’ features. There is often a broad, muscular, well-defined jawline.

The face reveals a self-assured, commanding expression with a very masculine look of authority that says “I know exactly what I’m doing,” — the flip-side of which is a scary, withering look that says “You don’t know what the hell you’re doing, do you?” Or as Simon Cowell often says: “What the bloody hell was that?”

Typical traits: commanding, masterful, self-assured, decisive, harsh, autocratic, imperious, intolerant.

James Garner
James Garner
Sean Connery
Sean Connery
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell
Sandra Day O'Conner
Sandra Day O’Connor
Katherine Hepburn
Katherine Hepburn
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

And finally…

See if you can guess the soul type of this handsome psychologist and blog writer:


Further reading

If you’d like to read more about the seven soul types and how each one operates at home, at work and in relationships, I can strongly recommend this book —

7 PERSONALITY TYPES by sociologist/counsellor Elizabeth Puttick, Ph.D. (Hay House, 2009).

Amazon link

346 thoughts on “The seven soul types: what do they look like?

    • Hi Rebecca

      My guess would be Artisan as primary (given the big puppy-dog eyes), Scholar as secondary.
      But it’s always tricky using just one photo…


  1. i am totally confused ……i don’t understand that what is my true nature i find more than one souls inside myself …i have the ability to acquire any environment except….server not much but a little only for some good reason…..I realize that if i want something …means to acquire my desire i am able to creates such a powerful chakra to acquire that type of thing…..and i feel himself to be crazy and different from other peoples because they all seems like to be boring.. and also i like challenges if any one give me such challenge ”’to know who is best”’ even in ‘battle like field’ or in’ mind’ ,i also don’t care a little about anyone thought about me …even bad or good but i help those who represent a good feeling towards me…and i am able to know from my inside what seems to be OK or bad for me…hey if you know such type of like being in the world………then hey tell me…..i shall be thankful to you for this because i don’t see such type of creature like me in my whole area…

  2. Is it possible that I am all 7 soul types at the same time. I am all those characters/ shapes/ expressions/ in one.

    • Hi Donovan.

      I suspect it’s more likely the case that as well as sensing your deepest essence type you are also noticing aspects of your spiritual casting ( and your personal overleaves (

      For example, an Artisan who happens to be Priest-cast might notice that they have underlying desire to uplift and inspire, and overlook the fact that their bigger, core desire is to be or do something unique. And if this same Artisan happens to have a life goal of Dominance, then he might also wonder if he is actually a King.

      I tried to word the items carefully to go the heart of the matter (essence type), and on the whole it seems to work ok, but every now and then (maybe 1 in a thousand) someone ends up with an ambiguous result.

      Another snag with self-tests is that, when we are young at least, it is tempting to respond from our ideal or most “impressive” sense of self, rather than actually pay attention to our true nature. That’s a problem for all self-tests of personality, not just this one.



    • I’m having trouble accessing the Facebook pages. (“This content is unavailable”), but the photo at Photobucket is OK.
      And am I right in thinking that this “language genius” is you also in 2011:
      In which case, my best guess based on these 2 photos is Scholar, possibly a Sage-cast Scholar like me. 😀

  3. I’ve been reading up on a lot of your blogs as well as taking quizes… I’ve found out that from your quiz I’m a priest. I’m a Libra for starters, that hales from a military/christian family; I write poetry aimed to inspire and help others and give inspiration to those seeking it and needing it, a light in the dark you could say. I’m facinated by this information but just don’t know how to put it all together. Any suggestions? I’m 28, male, divorced. Not sure if that adds any insight at all.

  4. This is so great. i just fiund out i am a scholar-cast priest, and before reading, i looked at the shapes and found the 2 that look most like me. crazy that it turns out that they were the scholar and priest. i find this so interesting. i am 15 and will continue to research this. its very interesting.

    and im guessing you are a scholar or a priest. anyways, this is awesome

    • i just love all and being scholar by your-self, it helped me as priest and of-course rest of all with unique significance. If all people start working friendly, our world can be in harmony. With regards, 🙂 keep it up

  5. Dear Barry,
    Thank you for this fascinating and comprehensive site, and for sharing so succintly what many of us struggle to understand, however strong our intuition.
    I would really appreciate your expert opinion on what soul type I would appear to look most like.
    I am resonating most strongly with priest, followed by server, then sage – according to the personality type descriptions (not the face type descriptions).
    I work as a psychiatric nurse, and my main drive is to encourage people to love and accept and nurture themselves, (although I myself can either be paradoxically struggling with, or mastering the same basic concepts within the self) , if that adds any insight into my character type. 😉

    Sending love and light.

    • Hi A–

      Well what strikes me first is the clear, forward-looking luminosity in your eyes which is one of the obvious features of a Priest. I was finding it more difficult to pick put the casting influences while the words “Server then Sage” were stuck in my head! However, just by quietly dwelling on your image (to the extent that I can from a set of photos), I get that your joy is in giving. I suspect you’ve figured yourself out very accurately, though for me the third role is a toss-up between Sage and Artisan. Does this chime with your sense of self and purpose —

          In essence, I love to encourage others to adopt a better way (=Priest),
          …specifically, in a way that reduces personal pain and suffering (=Server),
          …and also in a way that is unique (=Artisan) or comprehensible (=Sage)

      The thing about struggling:
      They say “we teach that which we need to know”, which I think is better translated as “growth within ourselves goes hand-in-hand with serving others in the same way.” For example, a leader who is struggling to be a better leader will find a perfect way forward by teaching others how to lead; in the process, he finds himself discovering and mastering the essence of leadership. Likewise, encouraging others to accept and nurture themselves – with the heartfelt commitment you obviously have – will inevitably help you in doing the same within yourself.

      On a more speculative note, I wonder if you might gradually move from “encouraging self-love in others” to “teaching others how to encourage self-love in others.”


      🙂 barry

    • Thank you so very much Barry!
      And yes I do resonate with what you have suggested, very much. I cannot decide between the sage/artisan third role… as I am not sure how I am percieved/received by others… but a little bit of mystery never hurt anyone 😉
      I really appreciate your insights into struggle and growth… Its taken me some time to come back and read your reply – but the timing has been absolutely perfect for me.
      Thanks once again for your time!

  6. i don’t know what soul type i am.. i just can’t figure it out i think im a priest because of my warm and focused eyes but i LOVE sports.. im extremely compettive and have to be number one .. but other times im so selfless that i wanna give so much to everyone..

    these are some pictures of me >‘

    • Hi N

      Well my primary impression is Warrior, which would explain the sporty competitiveness (do you also have a strong co-operative team spirit?). I don’t see the luminous focus of a Priest so much, but yes, there is a gentleness to your eyes which suggests you’re aware of others’ needs. Selflessness can be interpreted in different ways: from pure altruism to neurotic martyrdom, but your urge to give sounds like a healthy and natural inspiration to serve.

      So I’m slightly stumped here… but at a guess maybe a Priest-cast or Server-cast Warrior. My confidence level on this one is pretty low, so I could be way off. :S



    • yes i also have a strong co-operative team spirit, my team has to win even if its just for fun haha.
      And since i was young i remember i always wanted to be in charge or atleast i thought i would know whats best for everyone and if i wasn’t in charge or people wouldn’t listen to me i had this rebellious attitude, one of the reasons i quit my football team but i stll have it i just toned it down a bit. maybe king-like? everytime i took the test i resonated most with Priest,King and warrior

  7. I belive i’ve been, and still can be nearly all types, I seem to channel all at various rates, I have also seen my face change to soft eyed, hard eyed, and my personality traits, behaviours and interests, also positive/negative polarities, at frightening rates. I don’t know what’s going on, but something is…

  8. Brilliant article that I keep coming back to. I’m an Astrologer and so fascinated by the inner motivations and patterns of people (i’m pretty sure I’m a priest too). If you’re interested in whether these patterns link up, I’d be happy to get involved. Though being a scholar, I’ll understand if astrology sounds a bit flakey! Thanks again

    • Hmm, the link just says pic removed or not available.
      Looking you up on Google+, though, my first impression was actually Warrior – but that is entirely based on one pic of you in sunglasses striking a Warrior-like pose!

    • Well, we are all beings of light, at least between lives, so if “angel” means “being of light” then yes you are – we all are. But as far as I know an angel is a particular type of being — one who doesn’t do reincarnation — unlike us “souls” who are beings who have chosen to evolve through reincarnation.

  9. I had so much fun reading almost all of the articles here, pretty amazing!
    I am very curious about my good friend/role model who is a musician…
    And also just as curious to know what type do I look like.
    I would kindly appreciate your opinion, keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Physically, I seem to be a “Young Soul” Sage (you can see my face in this link)

    However personality wise I seem to hold equal parts Sage, Scholar, and Artisan, and I’ve been told on repeat occasions by other people that I’m an “Old Soul yet young at heart” (I’ve also been compaired to both Galapagos tortoises in patience, a wise master in observational wisdom, and a Cheshire Cat in behavior)..

    What exactly does this make me?

    • Confused, of course!

      Ha, well I’m pretty sure I see a Sage with Artisan casting, possibly mode of Passion, young in physical age but not necessarily in soul age. There’s a very creative dimension to your witty expressiveness.


  11. Whilst this was prewritten (by me) and very slightly edited ( due to the location of it’s original posting) I’m going to repost it here and have you deduce what it is I am. The things your about to read are simple theories as anything at any interval is subject to change; thus keeping an open mind on everything within the universe is essential (thus the concept of anything at any interval lol).

    I really want people to read it as the original location wasn’t able to hit any eyes and thus I wasn’t capable of attaining a response -.- other than likes /thumbs ups and it crushes the entire purpose when no response is given. ( because I am incapable of knowing if the message written was understood).

    lolol. If my introduction didn’t give away your classifications of the soul ( which I was using a different method but yours seem to bode similar if not spot on results).

    Here it is.____________________

    Starting with conceptual ideas of God and “Nothing” Someone might argue that even nothing is something but they’d be so incorrect that it has to be explained as to why. Nothing is not something; it is nothing. The word nothing is something; but true nothing is just that. Not darkness, not light, it simply is nothing. In short it is the opposite of existence.
    One might ask then “What is true existence?” A response that can only be answered with the word “now” right “now” you are existing. The universal “God” debate begins with “existence after life” which is irrelevant because right now your are in the now; you can never be in the yesterday or tomorrow; even if you time traveled you’d simply be in a variation of the “now”(just a different now than the one I or others reside in).
    To begin understanding the concept of existence you have to look at yourself. No matter what most humans will eat; sleep and drink a revitalizing fluid. This allows them to persist existing. Simple enough of a concept to grasp? If one wishes to continue existing it will attain a fuel source. If one no longer exists (note I did not say die to any spiritualists out there) Then they become nothing.
    So all one needs to maintain existence is fuel. This is the bare minimum.
    Moving on as my thoughts shift I start looking for truths, small tiny truths; things that are consistent. Science will offer many truths to those who walk that route. But for todays thought I’ll look towards small truths found in all religions. Starting with the Dhalai Lama. This person needs no introduction. A very great spiritualist position within the eastern world; the Dhalai Lama has a documented history of both being able to give the exact (within 2 days tops but often exact) death date for themselves after a certain point. This and despite not being flooded with modern medicines and tech often have and continue to live INCREDIBLY long lives. Peaceful leaders with peaceful intentions. From this focus on the ability to predict ones death. It has been done in the western world before by a famous mathematician Abraham de Moivre He went the route of probability and found his answer to be mortally correct.
    In short a feat which has shown both science and spirituality to be capable of doing. As the methods behind both differ and the results the same one should simply observe the methods used. Mr. Moivre used math and focused on the lengthening of sleep cycles. (oddly) While the Dhalai Lama simply feels it and trusts what it is he has sensed.
    For the logical mind the Dhalai Lama would have been one hell of a lucky guesser if it were not a position and The Lamas before him capable of the same feats. Thus the Lamas way is illogical; for most that ends there. Remember both the concepts of logic and the Lamas for later observation.
    How does one defeat nothing? Simply place something inside of it. Within a more well known religion we are mini gods or made in god’s own image. Anthropomorphic beings with Trillions upon trillions of things living inside of us all doing something. They allow for both conversion of energy ( which is an actual part of breaking down the energy and dispersing it to every cell) as well as the many other things that your body is known for; from acting as a defensive unit to foreign germs and so on. In short if one were to give personalities to the life within us we’d probably have an Osmosis Jones (film from the 90s about cells being cops and fighting criminals/germs) parody of our real lives. An off topic question would be “do you think they’d kill eachother over their beliefs without realizing they’re standing in the middle of their “micro god”. In short we are the gods of our microverse. If we were part of an image; one could easily see us being in a similar scene.
    Going back to the concepts of logic; “if you were a god what would be your sole objective when your only opposition were the concept of “nothing”.
    The answer is of course “exist” It’s already been established that in order to grow and or continue existing you need fuel. Investing in a fuel source that depletes with time is placing a “doom counter” to your concept of existence. (cough; I don’t intend to delve into modern politics)
    So establish a source of energy that can easily replenish itself. This will enable you to both stay filled and allow you to continue expansion safely. As time goes by you’ll need to continue expanding; as you continue to expand you’ll need to set up more depot’s or “gas stations” in which to refuel yourself. By the way remove phrases like “gas stations and fuel” and I’ve just described what the physical universe is doing. An ever expanding universe which just keeps growing and going.
    Imagine if you could take your nervous system and lay it across the map of THE PLANET EARTH. The Nervous system is over 60,000 miles long meaning it would go around the planet more than two times. Now remove your ideologies of pain and pretend that you weren’t equal to an “Osmosis Jones cell” but the size of their host. Your nervous system which was initially small prior to the imagining of all these no longer goes around a planet twice but much much more; imagine if it wasn’t just your nervous system; but all of them and that they were the universe itself
    Ever growing ever expanding all while removing “nothing” by adding something. The thing is we have no clue where we are in the “line” of gas stations. We could be the first or the 874th and we’d have no general idea as to which direction we’d be headed in in to find the 873rd or 875th “gas station.” Upon the event we are not the first and indeed higher on the scale; Maintaining the ideology of the small truth ” made in gods image” means that we could potentially find other anthropomorphic beings; a key factor being that such beings would need to be anthropomorphic or close in order to arise to a species capable of dominating the others on it’s planet to the point of being “top gun”.
    Deepak Chopra; a Famous Physician (Doctor) and writer is a very unique man. Even in his field of unique and odd individuals he stands out; mostly because of his studies of Quantum entanglement and his actual philosophies Chopra a decorated man of science believes heavily in the universe being more than simply physical. (this is obvious by his interest in quantum science; a science which defies the very concept of logic. For Deepak He believes that through “Quantum” one can bridge the “energy” or “ethereal”/spiritual Plane. In short He suggests Quantum Science holds a key to the age old question ” whats on the other side of the veil” The key words in all this were quantum, ethereal and energy.
    This man has also done extensive studies on “emotions” and energy. If you’ve ever been upset and walked into a room filled with laughter and people joking; it will effect you in a way that will result in you soon falling to the emotion of joy. The same can be said if a room of happy people are having a great time and an angry person quietly walks in; everyone and their mother will notice him. In short an energy source.
    All of these things have been testing concepts of logic while providing circumstantial evidence that would nullify a flat denial of all concepts without a great or serious thought placed in them; for the remaining concepts they will be less based upon concepts of logic and more focused on the other side of the veil. Whilst I’ll be capable of attaining a source for the information provided whether or not one can believe ones claim in any experience is up to the individual and nothing stated can change that.
    There are many many case studies and documentaries on “N.D.E.’s” this stands for near death experience. In the majority of case files (I’m never willing to say all on such matters) The experiences were all rather close. or Identical within nature. Naturally these were pulled from people in different locations/countries and simply observed and analyzed ( some testimonials filmed). The similarities other than the ability to ( for even if a moment) travel at a speed near instantaneous as well as accurately describe photos hidden from site at hospitals ( in a test used to verify the existence of NDEs most patients in hospitals have pictures above their heads that they are unaware of and can’t see; yet when they come back they are able to perfectly describe as well as go into details of things they should have no capability of knowing (about the general area) one such case being a foreigner who was able to tell the hospital where a small shoe was on a windows ledge floors above him.
    While all these smaller stories can vary based upon the type of death like departure the strongest similarities are that they all meet a being in which they feel nothing but pure “love” and generally good feelings from; then they are asked a small question often it resembling have you ever allowed anyone to feel what you feel now or something of similar lines. Occasionally going so far to simply hang out with family and fallen friends for a brief moment before being told the ode “its not your time” and being back here. Note: this has also happened with Suicide NDE’s (take that at your own pace)
    The fuel if these NDE’s are accurate even in the slightest that a god or god like being would be utilizing would be emotions. The power of “positive emotions”. Why not negative ones? other than the NDE’s confessions there is no way to disprove that the negative energy is disregarded or used. One such theory is that the negative emotions such as “anger” are nothing more than “potential without purpose” or Potential used for “XYZ” ( anything) In short it’s like using gas for a lawn mower when you knew that if you put it in a car you’d go further. Sure your lawn looks nice; but if it was between your lawn and say being stranded “you” would have chosen the lawn. All in all it’s a choice only the individual can make. One could state it is a flaw of free will; but in order for “emotional fuel” to even be a concept; a spark of conflict is needed. Of course if I were to go on with such ideals then I’d be writing an entire book on societal behaviors and individual choices. Greatly off topic for even my loose release of thoughts.
    The concept that catches my attention however; is not NDE’s but Pre birth studies; these are studies in which a child acts decades older than himself and remembers everything about himself in another life. Often these come and go until the child is about 5 or so. In some instances it can be amazing to talk to these “old children” but in others such as a case with an English child it can be heart breaking; as all the facts he had been giving sources were generally accurate even when he had given the location of his old life; the name of the town, his fathers name (first name incorrect; last name was correct though), along with his houses colour and the geographical land that was there. The child had wanted to see his real family so so bad. While he respected his “birth mother” the small child always said that she was just a second mom. When he made it to the house he was enthralled and at home; until it sank in that nobody had been living there for decades. The boy grew quiet and sad. Within months after these experiences all signs of that old life were gone; the boy remembered very little to none at all.
    These stories interest me the most because they give insight on both death and life; the only issue with these stories are the sources telling them. (children of young age) However; if you can get past this and read the reactions of those around the child also apply your own general intuition you can normally decide if a story is or isn’t “for you”.
    another very exceptional piece is if you cross reference Pre birth experiences with NDE’s you’ll find that some of the NDE’s claim to be able to speak to new born children and the entire experience was apparently (for a lack of formality) Trippy as all hell. Due to the nature in which they were / are able to communicate. One such story results in a man who was on his death bed communicating with a newborn and the new born telling the “dead” man he’s sick but they don’t know. (they being the hospital) once the NDE came back to life he immediately told both the doctors and family were amazed at such a story and found the child to be in a condition which required immediate care. That man was also of foreign nationality.
    These thoughts began within the concepts of “futility”. I observe the world with an open mind never throwing away an idea; but always willing to throw them to the side(ideas) for new methodologies. Futile is pointless.If “nothingness” were to be capable of holding a meaning without losing said meaning “futility” would best describe that. The lack of a point or motive or even a need for a motive as nothing ( the word not the actual nothing). The opposition to nothing is clearly something. That something now has the name “existence”. And thus everything scampers to the beat of “existences” drum. Even those who refuse to use fuel while physically alive have the potential to be alive after they’ve lost physical form. This results in them continuing to play existences “drum” if one adds the concepts of “reincarnation” to any religion ( as none actually deny it) then death one is essentially trapped in an “eternal existence” constantly forgetting who they are relearning finding new friends/families/allies, dying; being shown how much fuel they’ve deposited then sit around in line; potentially their ego aka personality/the reason you do the things you do is allowed to stay behind to greet future friends and family upon the event their ego is either unformed (children) or mastered (Dhalai Lama) . perhaps they would maintain most if not all of “who they were” then receive for a lack of better words “mind wipe” and be capable of maintaining subtle memories or personality traits to assist them.
    This concept of reincarnation does not oppose any religion (then again there are Buddhist and Taoist Christians so only the ignorant would argue otherwise) As a note I myself am not “religious” simply spiritual in my thoughts. This was first even capable of becoming a concept after The Great World War 2. After all those people dies a few decades later the baby boomers showed up. Not only were these Boomers just convenient in their conception to help fill in all those who had died. But they were about opposing war so amazingly and loudly that it’s almost if they knew of it’s potential horrors first hand. Granted they also were so extreme they ended up being known as hippies and forming a sub culture on planet earth.

    • A note about my essay that I wish ( rather hope) you read is that oddly enough it meshes well with most if not all things that you’ve stated. I feel as though our studies ( for a lack of better words) mesh with eachother without causing contradiction. This is probably due to the alternative approach we took to finding truth. A “writers note” would be my statement about Buddhist Christians ( or whatever the precise wording was) was simply to avoid an initial conflict which would result in a loss of meaning. Thus it’s “Buddhist philosphy” mixed with christianity. Note: I am not religious ( thereby not a christian; I mean no offense to anyone lol) rather an individual whose simply very very spiritual. If three paths were the “yogi, monk, and Fakir I’d fall under one who walks the path of the Yogi to attain a more solid understanding of it all.

      I really myself feel and have been told time and time and time again ( since childhood) that I’m an Old Soul or when entertaining discussions with others around my age while numbers were capable of being assigned to the group; everyone got really quiet and just said your soul is to old for numbers ( no this is by no means an attempt at boosting my ego) . If your chart were to be used I’d say I only have this or maybe a cycle or two left. The reason is physically I’m young ( 25). Mentally I’m tired and bored. When I say that I look forward to this life’s death ( only to one person do I speak these things to; and for those wondering no, she is not my age but in her 70s due to wishing to avoid a typical “response” from a “majority” that’ll view such things as morbid). I truly mean it.

      Whilst I do not intend on taking any form of suicidal approach, I feel more as if I’m relaxing and embracing everything that I can comprehend; the things I can’t I simply teach myself until there’s a basic level of comprehension. Just watching the world spin giving those who seek information just what it is they seek if I have it available. Upon the event I don’t I often attain it for both them and future reference in general.

      As much as I dislike using “I” and talking solely about myself ( for this length especially) I felt it was something to say because the writer of these articles is also another old soul. In todays world it almost feels hard to find such things. So I value such talks. ( my initial “essay” ) was meant not specifically for the writer of these articles but for everyone who wishes to take the time to read.

    • A brief response; it seems your a mature soul ( finished reading the entirety of everything; it was the seven soul types that caught my attention hardest (as it provided a brief overview of your observations of humanity) Thus the first topic (and only topic) I responded to. A mature soul however, is capable of a very interesting level of observation, whilst your ideologies claim to be that of mature mind; why is it you personally feel as though you are no older? Whilst taking your time and enjoying your “interactive auto-pilot” travels throughout existence do you attempt to imitate (positively) that of an older soul? I ask this because I’m curious as to what you feel you lack in (within accordance to your definition) A human who dedicates a website to learning (and teaching) is displaying (in a personal opinion) one of the highest forms of compassion. As a negative motive here would gain you very little to nothing at all upon the event you wished for something else.

      Your attempts to grasp a deeper understanding (of the soul and things) within the spiritual world (which is a touchy topic as despite the countless years of research [speaking on behalf of the both of us] even the most solid of ideals we can grasp will only appear to be theory——-which in my opinion a balance of both are required, if one were to use your diagram the middle point between knowledge and theory would be a fireplace; the top (knowledge) being the essential smoke that rises) are grand in nature. Forgive my (consistent) rants; I simply look forward to speaking with you. I wish to see where your at myself (through conversation, especially after finding out your personal evaluation of self.) Perhaps it has to do with a mental “feeling”. A man in his prime ready to accomplish a vast accumulation of knowledge so that you can teach others and in turn potentially re-teach yourself in the future…. now I’m definitely ranting idle fancies >_<.

    • My final statement is; take your time in responding, whilst I would enjoy a relatively fast response finding someone with your mindset is valuable to me thus if it takes you months or years to do so; please do not feel as though your comment’s are ever to late. I’ll be checking up on this website rather often.

    • This is sooo dope. 😀 Seriously. So good. I’d happily rant on how good it is, and how awesome life is but 1. I’m kinda speechless 2. I’d go on til the end of time (if there actually was a such thing as time and not just a concept made by humans/people based upon the perception of the rhythm of and the patterns in how the things around us happen). haha

  12. Hello Barry,

    Thank you so much for your very informative article, it’s helped answer many of my questions! I saw here that you have been helping people decipher which soul type they are by looking at their pictures. I know at times it must take a lot out of you to help so many people so I admire that you continue to do this. I was also hoping you might make an acceptation for me as well. I would appreciate it so very much… I can’t tell what I am either and am very interested!

  13. Hi Barry,

    I actually stumbled upon your site after I had thoughts of change/growth this morning and it was amazing to me how well something clicked with me. However, I can be indecisive at times so I am not sure what I could possibly truly identify with as all of them seem to have some areas I gravitate to. Could you shed some light for me as to possibilities of my levels and were I could be at in my journey.

    Here are some images of my face – I tried to gather a rainbow of emotions (I didn’t have a mad face tho! lol) My face is very telling in person and its always apparent how I feel to others.

  14. Hello Barry! I really enjoyed reading your articles.

    I took the quiz and I got Scholar, which was my thought as well, but I also have some Artisan in me.. or also Priest? I’m not sure which is my true type and which is my casting.
    If you get a chance I would love to hear your thoughts.

    I gathered a few pictures of myself, hope there’s enough to get an idea.

    And if any info about myself helps:

    I’m a visual artist and also a philomath. I’ve had both sides since little but I feel I was more creative as a child and student when learning was my “duty”, and love learning more now when creating is my job. I enjoy what I do but at times I feel I have no inspiration and doubt my creative side altogether. I’ve always had a curious mind and loved doing research on stuff that interests me. I’m curious but also lose interest quickly. I get distracted easily. I multitask. I start reading about something and end up with tens of tabs open. Whenever I come across something I don’t know much about I start reading. I always ask myself why and how.

    I live a great deal in my head and fight a constant battle with my own mind. I am probably an introvert but sometimes I don’t seem like it. I am concerned with my appearance but I value knowledge and wisdom more. I’ve always had an interest in crime, mystery and the unknown. About 10 years ago (am 27 now) I started to ask myself questions about the meaning of life, spirituality and religion (was raised an orthodox, am now an atheist). I looked for answers in eastern philosophies, astrology, numerology, reincarnation, and grew an interest for Buddhism and meditation. I feel the more years pass the closer I get to my true purpose. I’ve recently become vegan and more considerate and involved in things that actually matter rather than my ego. I want to leave this world a better place. I want to find answers and also make a difference.

    So that’s a little about myself. I’m still trying to figure out who I am and still unsure of what I’m actually doing in this life.

  15. Hello:)
    It’s wonderful, very interesting and enlightening. As for Your type I think You are either a priest or a scholar. I would say a scholar, because you keep on filling this blog with new research and everything.
    Also, can You tell me what type I am? plzzz

    • Immediate impression is Priest.

      Usual caveat applies: my impression may be wrong, especially from one photo, and especially a photo of someone still of young age (we tend to look more like ourselves as we get older).

  16. By what you write and your photograph, I suggest that scholar is primarily indicated. I perceive accuracy in your ideas. I am probably a scholar too, with a long, narrow face and body, though I don’t doubt that we can be combinations of these things. I wonder how much of this is our true inner nature and if it is influenced by the lifetimes we have been forced to live because of our karma, as sometimes opposed to our dharma. Consider the Trojan war. My ex acquaintance Tony had the squarish jaw and forceful personality of a warrior and king. When he told me about his visionary experiences in which he had been the general of an army, who gave the order to destroy an entire city and another experience in which he had been ambushed and slaughtered, it finally dawned on me that he was talking about Agamemnon and he didn’t even know it. I asked him why he gave the order to destroy the city and he said it was so that those people could never seek revenge on his people. I did mention some of this one day to his younger brother, who reminded me of Agamemnon’s younger brother Menalaus. At some point Tony became upset with some in our group and departed, along with friends and family, including his wife who reminded me of Cassandra. I mentioned all this to another friend, who got Tony involved with our group in the first place. This friend had developed a great deal of conflict with Tony, mainly over his wife. This friend then insisted that he himself must have lived as Achilles. In fact he has often been a warrior and general and also has the forceful personality and big head to go with that. This has all been especially interesting to me because of my own apparent connection to Paris. And because of my particular karma, I’ve had to live many more male lifetimes than I would have otherwise, in conflict with and fighting against male anger. Yet for all these lives as a warrior, I haven’t necessarily taken on the appearance of a warrior. I’ll suggest that Paris was more of a warrior than he is sometimes given credit for, at least athletically. But his gentle appearance was probably not ever going to scare anyone.

  17. Could I also ask for your assistance in my Soul Type as none seem to connect to me or jump out..I thought I was a server but now im doubting it personality wise . my name link here I think will take you to my website with my pic on it

  18. Hi Dont worry I found the test later in the blog and It has confirmed I am indeed a idea why I actually even doubted it lol..I have always known..thankyou x

    • Hard to judge from one pic – Sage does look likely but many Artisans (especially with goal of acceptance) can have a simlar look. Key question: which do you prefer – being original or talking to an audience?

  19. It’s my first time here posting to seek for answers. So having kept this long thought in my mind, could there be a possibility which one can possess multiple types? Why do I have this feeling that I have 3 types altogether? and I cannot even just conclude one trait to describe me wholly. It’s like there are 2 more sub-traits. Specifically mentioning the Artisan, Sage, and Priest.
    It’s just a thought I had cuz I’ve been analyzing this since the time I began interested with these ideas. They just ring true to me, yet of course I still keep an open-mind to everything. It’s just that I find it strange to have this feeling, I think I need an answer an insight/answer from another because I could not be somewhat stupid to have thoughts of this, I want to know if it feels the same from other people here. You see, back when I was 10 years old, I’ve already had the fascination for Astrology because of how it surprises me from the accurate descriptions and meaningful insights it gives, and it was basically the first step I took that had me questing for knowledge and truth in this world of vastly different complexities. It’s been my ability to be able to have this spontaneous amount of energy to instantly hyper focus on things I find very stimulating (such as this article) and learn things from it which benefits for my self-actualization. Having mentioned those, I know I am fairly excellent at researching thoroughly and trying to comprehend things at also many different levels. Yes but now I am left wondering with this thought, whether it’d be possible or not. That maybe there is a possibility a person can have shared traits from another and another altogether. I just want to ask this if ever anyone here feels the same. It’s as if I have 25% of this and 50% of that, and etc.

    I don’t have the correct way of explaining this to you guys but I’ll just do it this way.
    So this is how I think I am, from what and how I really know myself relating to the types basing on percentage:

    Sage 50%
    Artisan 30%
    Priest 20%

    Here are some of my pics to help you analyze my facial similarity.

    Press the left button to see furthermore of my pictures.

    Thank you and Namaste.

  20. Hallo Barry! Could you have a look at and tell me which one you think I am? Frankly, I can’t tell from the descriptions – I’m terrible at trying to figure faces out. And thanks for this site. I just stumbled upon it yesterday and already know a great deal more. Your book recommendations were great too. Up until now, i’d only heard of Brian Weiss in this field. thank you!

  21. Hi! I stumbled upon this site trying to figure out why I have always fall for guys that never feel quite the same way.Which led me to a site about the attractions between souls and then searched different soul types.

    Which brought me hear from the information I just read I think I am an artisan.But to make sure could you look at this picture and tell me if you think I’m right.

    • Hi – first impression: Sage-cast Priest or Priest-cast Sage, in which case are you quite extravert and inspiring? That said, makeup can sometimes be misleading (esp. as used by Artisans), so leaving open the possibility of a Sage-cast or Priest-cast Artisan.

  22. Thanks, Barry! Interesting! I think I’ll go with Priest-cast Artisan since their description fits me better. I have an overwhelming desire to inspire people (I just hope I’m getting there!) and can be overly fanatic. I am also quite an artist and use to perform on stage when I was a student. And oh I love makeup! 😀

    My analysis of your pleasant features is either a Sage-cast Scholar or the other way around 🙂

    Thanks again!

  23. sorry, this was supposed to come down here…but i just thought if you could try to recognize my personality from my face. Artisan…right? I’m just unsure about casting..

    • First impression: Priest
      This could be a false impression based on your way of looking into the camera — Artisans can be like chameleons in how they present themselves to the world. But your facial structure and the look in the eyes is, to me, quite similar to many Priests, such as Obama. However, the overall “texture” does also hint at Artisan.
      So… I would guess Artisan-cast Priest or possibly Priest-cast Artisan.

    • Wow, first one to say that.
      I have a large forehead, I’m very into books, rather quiet and studious…

  24. Hi Barry, first I wanted to say that I find this site to be so interesting and useful, so thank you for putting all this together to make it understandable. I’m reading the Messages from Michael book right now and it’s kind of confusing. I have been trying to figure out my soul type for quite a while now. I just have no idea which one I am and I don’t really trust myself to pick. I’ve got an idea but I don’t want to say. Do you think you could go here
    and take a peek for me? I’m not sure how good the picture is for this purpose, but I’m not a social media person so there’s nothing else lol.

    • Hi Katie,

      C’mon now … ARTISAN.

      It always seems to be Artisans who struggle to get themselves. My wife was the same initially – must be an Artisan thing.


  25. I’m a Server and my face perfectly fits the archetype here! People often comment on my soft, rounded features and the doleful expression I always have, even though I’m one of the most contented and optimistic people in my social groups.

    • Little help
      I always felt the train to warrior, but now i think it was influence my essence twin.
      I feel myself as scholar. I love science. I am also very spiritual.(priest).
      I look innocent and softly. (server or artisan). I have artistic talent, but
      I’m not quite inventive and creative. I prefer singing than painting.
      A lot of people say that I am masculine in character.Very concrete, practical, goal orientet.
      But in my dreams my essence appears as very high female energy. (80-95% maybe)
      I am also introverted and home-bird (female energy).

      What do You think about it?
      How do I look?

    • Hi lullababe

      Very interesting. My mind quickly associated your face with someone else I’ve seen and it took me a while to figure out who it was — Mona Lisa!

      Your forehead and mouth both strongly suggest Scholar to me. But the eyes and cheeks also look Artisan-ish, although without eye makeup there is also a deep-thinking solemn expression that is more typical of Scholars.

      And then there’s a “no-nonsense” look, especially in your mouth, which is most typical of Warriors. But it could also just be that you are in mode of Perseverance.

      If I had to place a bet, I would say Artisan-cast Scholar, with goal of Growth, Pragmatist, mode of Perseverance … Confidence level ~50%

    • I have to think about artisan.

      I must have good mess in my overleaves, which would explain variability which accuse me friends.

      In conclusion my life resembles scientist life. Finally.
      What drives me, it the search for the meaning of life, discovering the truth, collecting experience.
      I have strong desire learn the essence of things, understanding everything.
      Hence my presence here. 🙂

      If essence of the role scholar is assimilation, and artisan’s expression i must be scholar.

      It is difficult to say whether it is my constant feature (essence) or only temporary tendency.

      We learn that after death. ;p
      It is the most difficult to see himself.

      Thank You

    • I think it’s safe to say we all identify with more than one of these at a time based on what we know about ourselves but from your picture I would say Artisan.

    • Little help
      I always felt the train to warrior, but now i think it was influence my essence

      I feel myself as scholar. I love science. I am also very spiritual.(priest).
      I look innocent and softly. (server or artisan). I have artistic talent, but
      I’m not quite inventive and creative. I prefer singing than painting.
      A lot of people say that I am masculine in character.Very concrete, practical,

      goal orientet.
      But in my dreams my essence appears as very high female energy. (80-95% maybe)
      I am also introverted and home-bird (female energy).

      What do You think about it?
      How do I look?

  26. I have been gaining insight from your sight/site (lol) since last night and my soul is so very thankful. My guides kept pointing me towards spiritual guru; however, there still exists conflict between the heart and mind. I am a wee bit bummed that I am a mature soul. I could’ve sworn I would’ve been an old soul. I received a message from a Master that I have the option of sitting with the other lineage of Masters but it looks like I have more reincarnations left. I thought my life/death cycle would be finito but my soul isn’t done evolving. Two questions.

    One, is it possible to ‘graduate’ several levels in a single lifetime? I feel like I have and still can journey a few more closer to the Old Soul levels.

    Secondly, may you share what face type you see me to be…

    I almost never comment on sites, but felt compelled to on this one… i usually read, read, read.. soak everything in.. connect the dots and then search for more truths (:

    Ty for all your shared wisdom ♡

    • Hi Joy,

      Had fun looking through your Facebook photos! A lot of models are Artisans, but in your case your face, expressions, and your confident, gregarious and inspirational manner would suggest Priest to me.

      As for jumping multiple levels … We all have to rise through all our previous levels in each lifetime, finally peaking and plateauing at our true soul age around age 35 or so. We cannot act like Young/Mature/Old souls (or whatever) on the day we are born. We have to gradually learn how to be true to ourselves while living in a new body, lifestyle, culture, environment, etc. That’s why it feels like we evolve through the soul ages within our first 3-4 decades of life.

      If you think there’s something wrong or imperfect with being physical, then THAT is one thing at least that will keep you coming back until you get over it. But in any case, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being lifetimes away from “graduating”. As an analogy, if someone said, “Here’s a new machine that will take away your youth and turn you instantly into an old lady in a retirement home,” would you jump at the chance?


    • Barry,

      Many thanks for taking the time to respond!
      Right when I read the old souls stage of accepting it’s physical form, I knew my soul wasn’t there yet.
      Looking forward to 32.. and 35!

      Love & Light ♡♡♡

  27. Hello Barry,
    I have been soul-type casting my co-workers (that I feel comfortable enough to discuss with) and sharing your site with them. It is so interesting to discuss with people and then they can start “seeing it” too. It is like a light bulb comes on and they are like, “Wow! Yeah, that makes sense. They look just like that!”
    My aunt asked me what Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, etc. were. Turns out they are/were all priests, right? Is it possible that most murderers or psychos are priests? (Not that all priests are weirdos, but that most weirdos are priests?) 🙂

    • Hi Lisa
      Just catching up on a zillion comments and questions…sorry for the delay. Hitler and Manson certainly were Priests (I think Hitler was said to be. 6th level Baby Priest). Jack the Ripper apparently was a very very confused Mature Priest.
      Yes I think there is a tendency for Priests to be “weird” in the sense that they grab hold of some high ideal and evangelise about it — but the ideal is meaningful primarily to them. They are confused and easily outraged when others don’t see that their ideal is the “only thing worth pursuing”. Younger soul Priests especially can see it as their God-given duty to rid the world of sinners, heathens, or just anyone who doesn’t like their grand vision of a better way.

  28. Hello Barry! I’ve commented before, and I really don’t want to trouble you, but I think your article ia pretty interesting and I’m dying to know which category I fit in. I only have pictures online on my facebook or instagram account. Would it be ok if I sent you any of those links?
    I’m thinking artisan btw 🙂

    • Had a quick look at you on Facebook. First impression was Priest, going on your features, though your lifestyle seems more typically Artisan …

  29. Hi Barry,

    I’ve really been exploring this site over the last couple of weeks. It’s great. I have an opinion on which I am, but I want to hear what you have to say. Soul type, casting, soul age, whatever ya got.

    Here are some links– (I think you can look through these if necessary)

    Thanks for your time!

  30. Hi. Great stuff. I’ve been a fan of the Michael teachings for 25 years. About the page : the names with the pictures are in Greek (I think). for example, Sean Connery
    I see that you have this: font-family: symbol
    It should be sans-serif

    Thanks for this work on Michael.

    • Ah, thanks Rck. Looks fine in my browser but obviously I haven’t tested all of them. Hopefully should look normal now.

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