A new international organization for reincarnation research: IISIS

A new organization has been founded to support research on reincarnation, past life regression and soul evolution — the Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit (IISIS).

The President of IISIS is Dr. Walter Semkiw, a physician working in occupational medicine who started researching reincarnation in 1995. He is the author of Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited (2003), and Born Again: Reincarnation Cases Involving International Celebrities (2006).

Another IISIS Board member is Dr. Adrian Finkelstein, one of the early pioneers in the field of past-life therapy and healing. Dr. Finkelstein is the author of Your Past Lives and the Healing Process: A Psychiatrist Looks at Reincarnation and Spiritual Healing (1985) and Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul (2006).

The primary focus of IISIS is to compile and present compelling reincarnation cases that demonstrate objective evidence of reincarnation.

“Not only are these cases important in understanding human existence,” says Dr. Semkiw, “these cases can also help create a more peaceful world, as they show that we can change religion, nationality and ethnic affiliation from one lifetime to another.”

In recent years, numerous cases of reincarnation have come to light which have shown that we tend to maintain the same facial features, talents and other characteristics from one life to the next while our religion, nationality and ethnicity can change. I have discussed a few possible cases myself; for example John Lennon / Branwell BrontëMichael Jackson /Mozart and Yoo Ye Eun / William Kapell. Walter Semkiw has researched dozens of cases showing physical resemblance among other things, and these are now being collated on the IISIS website.

In addition to educating people around the world on reincarnation cases that already exist, IISIS will also review, archive and post new reincarnation cases. So if you have or know of a reincarnation case that has been ‘factually verified’, you can submit it to IISIS.

Another intriguing feature under consideration is a ‘Future Life Registry’, which is meant to assist individuals in future incarnations to find their own past lives. In this registry, IISIS would store your current-life image, biography, psychological profile, creative works and other markers. In future incarnations, this information as well as facial recognition software and computer scans could (in theory) be used to help identify your possible past incarnations.

IISIS will also be giving an annual IISIS Award to “individuals who have made significant contributions to reincarnation research, particularly in the areas of objective evidence of reincarnation and the positive social transformation that evidence of reincarnation can bring.”

Dr. Semkiw strongly believes that greater knowledge and acceptance of reincarnation could reduce the level of conflict in the world:

Most wars and conflicts are based on differences in these cultural markers of identity. When people realize that they can be born Jewish in one lifetime and Muslim in another, Sunni in one incarnation and Shiite in another, Palestinian in one lifetime and Israeli in another, then these groups will stop fighting one another.

A case that dramatically demonstrates how religion, ethnic affiliation and nationality can change across incarnations is that of Anne Frank (1929-1945), the Jewish girl in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam who wrote a now-famous diary while in hiding.

Although Ms. Frank died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, this soul was apparently reborn nine years later to a Christian family in Sweden. Her name is Barbro Karlén, she has a passion for horses, and she now lives in England. As a child, even before her third birthday, Barbro kept telling her parents that she her real name was “Anne Frank”. (Anne Frank and her diary were virtually unknown at the time, especially in Sweden.) She also had repeated nightmares in which men ran up some stairs and then kicked in the door to her hiding place in an attic.

You can read more about this fascinating case on the IISIS website.

For Dr. Semkiw, the implications of cases like this are enormous:

If 70 years ago, the German people knew that one could be born Jewish in one lifetime and Christian in another … then the Holocaust could never have happened.

I’m not sure that I would go that far: people will find all sorts of reasons to kill each other when they feel like it, no matter what they believe. Nevertheless, I do strongly believe that accurate knowledge of reincarnation and how it serves the evolution of consciousness creates a better life for each individual — and that must slowly but surely translate into a more peaceful life for humanity in general.


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  1. This is very interesting to me. I have had incidents happen that tend to show me that I am a reincarnated soul. I would be interested in any discussions or sites promoting this.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Roland

      Actually, a better site for discussions of past life experiences is Carol Bowman’s Past Life Forum: http://reincarnationforum.com/

      It’s a very active site and I have written my own experiences there (as well as here on my blog).

      – barry

  2. I am not sure if I believe in reincarnation per say. It is too difficult to be able to prove in such a thing. However, when I was a child I used to have nightmares about decaying teeth or losing my teeth and every time I did I somehow felt as though I sinned really bad. It used to bugged me and never made sense why dreams like that bothered me so. Wouldn’t it made sense if my dreams were about something bad I did? Years and years later I read an article on discovery.com. It was about ancient Egypt. In that article they spoke about how ancient Egyptians believed that decaying/losing teeth was credited to sin. Suddenly, it made sense why I felt that way. I live in north America. It just seemed weird.

  3. Please go to yourpastlife.net and look at my ebook. I’m not trying to sell it (I’ve only had two customers in two years the book is so deeply embedded in the internet and impossible for anyone to see ). I am wondering if it could be of some use to someone in your organization (free). I am retired and live in Thailand. I have no one to talk to about this fascinating subject I experience first hand.

    • Wayne,
      your book looks really fascinating and I would be happy to point more people to it. I will share the link in my Facebook and Twitter streams. Thank you,

  4. I am also a researcher on Reincarnation, though my approach does not include past life recollection, but I believe my publications will be of great service to your association. I specialize in transfer of skill or competence from past incarnation to subsequent ones to prove that past life wishes and aspirations can be actualized in subsequent life if family and environment take cognizance of individual histories.

    Wrote on Nov 06, 2014

    Rebirth and Reincarnation is an empirical fact.

    This major scientific study is conclusive proof of reincarnation.

    All the citations and evidence you big mean skeptics are asking for are there.

    Sheer brilliance from whoever produced this earth-shattering oeuvre.

    It must have taken years of research to come up with these amazing findings.

    I do wonder why they have not submitted their findings to any peer reviewed medical journals.

    That just shows they’re not in it to make money! Such altruists.

    The world deserves to know about such important research !

    A great spiritual journey to you here !

    Click here

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