Enlightenment Intensives podcast: “What is direct experience?”

One of the greatest tools for spiritual awakening at this time, especially for those not wedded to any long-term spiritual path, is the Enlightenment Intensive. This is a three-day retreat process which immerses you in a full-on inner search for the ‘direct experience’ of truth. In other words, an experience of one’s true nature or being that is not manufactured or processed by the mind, but is absolutely direct. Since its development in the 1960s, the Enlightenment Intensive process has enabled thousands of ordinary individuals to experience a moment of true awakening or enlightenment.

Forest Dalton is a hugely experienced Enlightenment Intensive master who leads Intensives at his home in Ben Lomon, California. In this 10-minute podcast, Forest talks to writer Tony Levelle about the meaning of direct experience and beautifully describes the lifelong impact of one of his own experiences. I heartily recommend it.

What is direct experience?
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I attended my first Enlightenment Intensive in 1991, and my wife and I have been running them, on and off, since 1993 (see www.ei-bath.info).


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