“Lives changed forever”: near-death experience conference call (IANDS 2011)

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is a non-profit educational organisation devoted to the understanding of NDEs, their personal effects and their spiritual implications. One of IANDS’s activities is an annual conference, and this year’s conference will take place on the weekend of 2-4 September 2011 (Labor Day weekend).

With the thematic title, Lives Changed Forever: Perspectives from Experiencers, Science, and Spirituality, the conference will focus on the after-effects of NDEs. About 80% of near-death experiencers (NDErs) report after-effects that are wide-ranging and profound: their lives are changed forever. They return not only with a renewed zest for life and a more spiritual outlook, they also show dramatic psychological and physiological improvements. This is true of children as well as adults.

Call for papers

The IANDS conference organisers are now seeking papers on this theme from the perspectives of NDErs themselves as well as scientific research and spirituality.

To submit a conference presentation proposal, go to the IANDS conference webpage and follow the instructions there.

Proposal submission deadline: April 15

Conference details:

DATES September 2 – 4, 2011
LOCATION Millennium Hotel in Durham, NC
THEME Lives Changed Forever: Perspectives from Experiencers, Science, and Spirituality
  1. Promote disclosure, description and classification of the aftereffects associated with NDEs and related experiences.
  2. Compare and contrast insights from the transformative effects of the NDE as viewed from experiencer, scientific and/or spiritual perspectives.
  3. Discuss research on the aftereffects of NDE and related experiences.
  4. Identify practices that may support the NDEr in integrating an experience from multiple perspectives.

This year sees the 30th anniversary of IANDS, so there will also be birthday celebrations at the conference!

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