Children with past life memories wanted for TV

Ghost Inside My Child

Are you a parent whose child has experienced past life memories? Has your child ever mentioned memories of another life?

A Los Angeles TV production company* is looking for parents and children to participate in a new reality TV series.

The producers, Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina, say that they are looking for children aged 2-10, preferably American, with tangible evidence of possible past life memories such as drawings, pictures, or video footage.

Ghost Inside My Child is scheduled to air on the Bio channel later this year. A pilot episode was already shown a few months ago, featuring the famous James Leininger, who as a very young child had memories of being a US fighter pilot killed in World War II. (See Reincarnated US fighter pilot)

Loyd Auerbach, a parapsychology researcher assisting the producers with their research, says that there are two ways to spot authentic memories of a past life:

“Children like these seem to exhibit adult-like behavior and use vocabulary and speech patterns beyond their years. Also, look for statements like, ‘I used to be…'”

Auerbach also acknowledges that young children can pick up information subconsciously from ordinary sources: “Sometimes, kids pick up things from watching TV. Also, if a child claims to be a dead grandparent, it’s possible they heard people talking about the dead relative or saw pictures.”

The producers say that the show will feature only those who pass a rigorous screening process to eliminate cases of fabrication and kids who have obviously been coached by adults.

They urge people interested in participating to send their stories to –

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