What is Donald Trump?

Like many people at the moment, I am curious to understand what makes Donald Trump tick. And as a student of the Michael teachings, I want to do so from a spiritual perspective.

The Young King

To begin with, I have little doubt that Donald Trump is what we would call a Young King in essence. In other words, his soul energy is that of the commanding and decisive ‘King’ archetype, while his level of awareness (as it appears from his perceptions and attitudes) is very typical of those in the third stage of soul evolution, the ‘Young Soul’ stage.

Young souls are naturally ambitious, competitive, opportunistic and enterprising, perceiving life as an opportunity to assert themselves and to prove themselves right as individuals. Their motto is: Do it my way.

King souls (regardless of the level of awareness) have an imposing aura of authority and are naturally suited to positions of power, pulling other people’s strings.

Young King souls, therefore, are usually formidable characters — extremely self-assured, uncompromising, assertive, and intimidating. Typically, they do not suffer from soft, internal issues such as self-doubt or existential angst. Others around them, however, can certainly feel the effect of their endless empire-building and occasional lapses into tyranny.

We often see Young Kings in high-powered roles as corporate CEOs, media tycoons, and army generals. Some well-known Young King souls in history include the ancient world’s Alexander the Great and Mark Antony, the medieval sultan Saladin, the Russian Empress Catherine the Great, US President John F Kennedy, the Christian evangelist Billy Graham, Saudi Arabian terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, and the Italian tycoon/politician Silvio Berlusconi.

Young Kings have the makings of very great leaders. They also have the potential to become horrendous bullies and egomaniacs.

Alexander the Great
Mark Antony
Mark Antony
Billy Graham
Billy Graham
John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy

Profiles of Trump

Donald TrumpI have so far found four versions of Donald Trump’s personality/spirituality profile via Michael channels, all of which agree that he is a Young King in essence. There are, however, uncertainties as to his more human personality traits (overleaves) — a reminder that channeled or intuitive readings are not necessarily 100% accurate.

According to Emily Baumbach in her 1989 book Michael’s Cast of Characters, Donald Trump is a Young King soul with:

  • goal — Dominance
  • attitude — Pragmatist sliding to Stoic
  • mode — Observation
  • chief feature — Arrogance

Emily adds that Trump is at the 4th level of the Young-soul stage.

According to Stephen Cocconi, Trump is a Young King soul with the following overleaves:

  • goal — Dominance
  • attitude — Cynic
  • mode — Power
  • chief features — Arrogance and Impatience

According to José Stevens, Donald Trump is a Young King soul with:

  • goal — Dominance
  • attitude — Realist
  • mode — Aggression
  • center — Moving
  • chief features — Greed and Arrogance.

The most detailed profile comes from Troy Tolley. In this reading, Trump is a Yong King soul with:

  • goal — Dominance
  • attitude — Pragmatist sliding to Stoic/Cynic
  • mode — Observation sliding to Aggression/Power
  • center — Moving, Intellectual part
  • chief features — Arrogance and Stubbornness (that also slides to Greed and Martyrdom)

Troy’s reading adds that the soul age is 7th-level Young, but manifesting as 5th-level Young.

From my own limited observations of Trump, I would probably go for goal of Dominance, attitude of Pragmatist, mode of Power, Moving center (Intellectual part), and certainly a chief feature of Arrogance very much in the negative pole.

There is also some casting information in Troy’s reading: i.e. the soul of Trump is a Sage-cast or 5th-cast King (which makes sense given the showmanship), and is from a Server-cast or 1st-cast Entity, which would indicate an ability to support the common good (as the personality perceives it).

Overall, these profiles suggest that there is a huge drive for preeminence going on here. An ambitious Young King still seeking to demonstrate his dominance over all competition at the age of 70, evidently with a great deal of success (at least in his own eyes). But add to this a strong undercurrent of Arrogance (needing to appear invulnerable to avoid displaying any actual vulnerability), and a narcissistic character style seems almost inevitable. In fact, psychologists have started using video clips of Trump to demonstrate a textbook case of narcissism.

Focusing on Trump’s personality from an everyday perspective, it is easy to be judgemental and lose both objectivity and compassion. There is nothing wrong with that per se (we are all free to judge one another as we like). But I personally cannot feel satisfied in my understanding of someone until I have appreciated their individuality from a spiritual perspective. After all, Trump is a divine being like all the rest of us, finding its way into ever-expanding consciousness by participating in the often harsh lessons of human life.

At the spiritual level, I suspect that the soul of the man called Trump has a pre-life plan to participate in a massive drama that will highlight certain choices now facing the American psyche. Collectively, the USA has had a victorious ‘Young King’ self-image for more than a century. But if (say) John F Kennedy personified the positive aspect of that archetype as a bright, bold, heroic leader, Trump appears to personify its negative potential as a bullying megalomaniac.

As the world in general gradually moves from a Young-soul-centric phase into a more Mature-soul-centric phase, the USA appears to be struggling with how to begin reconciling those two worldviews, and doing so very loudly and visibly on the world stage. My guess is that the prospect of a President Trump is part of our collective grand plan to understand where we have come from over many centuries, recognise that we are at a potential turning point, and decide where we want to go next.

I am also curious to see if there are any Mature souls in Trump’s entourage undertaking the key developmental challenge of the Mature soul stage: honourably serving a corrupt master.

“Love him or hate him, Trump is a man who is certain about what he wants and sets out to get it, no holds barred.” — Donald Trump (describing himself)



PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILES — updated 21 Nov 2016

I have just stumbled upon this psychological personality profile of both Trump and his rival candidate Hillary Clinton. To clarify, I drew the graph below myself based on trait scores for each candidate as esti mated by ten personality experts using the 6-factor HEXACO model of personality.

The HEXACO model is an extension of the standard 5-factor model used by many psychologists to asession personality. The six components of HEXACO are:

H – Honesty/Humility (v Selfishness)

E – Emotional stability (v Neuroticism)

X – eXtraversion (v Introversion)

A – Agreeableness (v Hostility)

C – Conscientiousness (v Impulsiveness)

O – Openness (v Closedness/Resistance)

We have no way of knowing if the experts’ judgements are accurate. They are, after all, based upon the candidates’ public behaviour rather than their private thoughts and feelings. But to me at least, they seem to intuitively make sense.

Trump/Clinton HEXACO scores

In summary, Clinton scores as fairly ‘normal’ (average for the population) on Extraversion and Openness; a bit higher on Conscientiousness; a bit low on Agreeablenes; distinctly low on Emotional stabilty and especially low on Honesty/Humility.

All of Trump’s scores are far from ‘normal’. He scores very high on Extraversion, very low on Conscientiousness and Openness, and extremely low (next to zero) on Honesty/Humility and Agreeableness.

24 thoughts on “What is Donald Trump?

  1. It occurred to me that we can say something positive about Trump – there is a way in which he is psychologically healthier than many people. That is, he has absolutely no suppression or repression of his anger.

    Most people repress their anger to a degree – they beat down that urge to say a harsh word or shout. But because their anger isn’t acknowledged it is eventually projected onto others and turned back onto (retroflected) towards the self. This is the real root of most depression and anxiety – a refusal to be open with oneself about anger.

    Trump has none of that. His anger is totally uninhibited. He doesn’t need to do any work of owning his rage. All he needs is to experience love and change his angry habits to loving ones. But the initial step of re-owning the repression is not something he has to do.

    This doesn’t change the fact that he would be catastrophic as President – indeed a key reason anger is repressed is to stop us constantly fighting everyone in the way Trump does. But it does seem to me that he must be someone with few unconscious motivations – certainly he could never self-hate, for example. That is really hatred of others just unacknowledged. Trump is uninhibited in that regard. If you follow at the psychoanalytic view of things he is passed the first step of owning your real feelings.

    • The last person that had no suppression of his anger & wished to make his country great again was Adolf Hitler. Look at his manorisms the way his right arm keeps raising. He was born the year after Hitler allegedly committed suicide. So the question should be who is Adolf Hitler.

  2. “I am also curious to see if there are any Mature souls in Trump’s entourage undertaking the key developmental challenge of the Mature soul stage: honourably serving a corrupt master.”

    I seriously doubt it.

    I know 5th stage is supposedly when you affect others on a larger scale, but my gut tells me Trump is a “young”, young soul. Like 3rd stage perhaps. I think 7th stage is unlikely because more of the beginning mature stage would bleed in.

    However Trump was more liberal and reasonable earlier in life, displaying none of the Baby soul fanaticism. It is said he has been on speed for 25 years, and some of his more natural restraint may have eroded, and what we are seeing is a drug influenced or enhanced disturbance.

    Kennedy was a speed freak also.

  3. Is it a coincidence? More than once now Stephen Cocconi, also someone connected with the Michael Teachings, has referred to Donald Trump, and cites him as a typical example of the King role. Both in his Michael Cards, and elsewhere on his site.


    Cocconi has also discussed this man in more detail.

    King Overleaves As Attractors For The Victim-Blamer Class


    • How is that a coincidence? I did a thorough search for references to DT in relation to “Michael teachings” and “overleaves”, and Stephen’s was one of them.

  4. The coincidence (I assumed) was that two people that are involved with the Michael Teachings both felt it was important, independently of each other, to examine this character and make their findings public. On a broader note, everything is a coincidence anyway, since all time is simultaneous and the way we perceive personal time in chunks that appear to make narrative sense is a perceptual illusion.

  5. But what about the election? Why these Two “opposites” of a man and a woman where Trump is selfassured masculin but somehow more honest than mrs Secretary seaming so put there by someone Else and yes, dishonest?? Is it the being an Artisan that makes her feel so extremly malplace or is it my subjective feeling?

    • Were you implying that him being self assured and masculine would make him less honest? Feminine and masculine traits can both equally be dishonest or honest IMO

  6. Hi there Barry and all. I have not been getting any of these comments on my email since July 30. I always look forward to the comments and the discussions. I thought I would check in and see if there is any insight on why I have not received any emails. I rechecked both of the comment notification boxes, so hope I get the upcoming comments.

    I know a lot of people are nervous of the election results. It was a wild ride and a ugly fight on both sides. Maybe this can have some comfort for those worried, my friend had a dream a year before DT announced his bid to run for the Presidency. He said that he would win the 45th election and lead our country out of difficult economic times and bring people together. I said Donald Trump? He’s not going to run! Wrong! Throughout the election I kept thinking about his dream and the media made it look like he didn’t have a chance. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. My brother said Trump seemed like the best choice because he was an outsider, not a part of politics and neither party liked him!

    I am curious what your thoughts are Ken Kaplan? Especially since you have had contact with people like Richard Nixon etc.?

    In closing I like to think that the more we move toward a more extreme left or right the more likely we are becoming just what we don’t want in the other. Forgiveness, acceptance and understanding that the light would not exist without the dark makes us realize all that happens is an opportunity to experience growth of our soul. Love everything that arises like it was our own idea is the best remedy to the things that hurt.

    Wes Marcus

  7. To Wes and others. I believe, contrary to Oliver that Trump is a highly disturbed individual with highly pathological narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies. Given who he has surrounded himself with (Sessions, Bannon, the extreme right, etc) the idea that he could pull us out of economic difficulties is slim and none. The last Republican Administration lied us into a major war, gave away all the $$ to the rich and crashed the economy. Americans, not the smartest people in the world, decided they wanted another bite of that apple. led by a serial liar. The Democrats are also a fault because of their abandonment of their populist roots and neoloberal coziness to big $$. (Which usually is Republican territory.)

    Here is a channeling on the purpose of the election. If Trump changes, one must remember he has surrounded himself with the most extreme of baby souls, and they rather would die fighting than change. (Like suicide bombers-also baby souls)

    Paul channels Michal – the voice of Unity

    “To All awakened souls
    Current events have prompted me to pay attention to the ‘voice’ of Michal in my head, and to share ‘his’ views.
    Paul Kroninger

    The Home Stretch to Unity

    Humanity is at the tipping point between competition (separation) and cooperation (unity). There is much going on now that is not what it seems. I would like to share spirit’s point of view which is very encouraging.

    Many are aware of the unity work going on around the world that is pulling us toward our goal of cooperation.

    Less are aware that we are also being pushed toward our goal. During the presidential campaign many less desirable aspects of competition were demonstrated that aroused much concern.

    Spirit’s view: The downside of competition was brought into the light of full conscious awareness for the whole world to consider. That which was previously held in the deep unconscious was made visible, no longer hidden under the veil of political and social correctness. The divisive consequences were obvious.

    Many examined their own beliefs and found them lacking. They also found traditional support structures to be inadequate. They are seeking a better way. More are turning to cooperation as a better solution. The light workers will be very busy guiding them!

    Both the honey and the stick are in use.

    It has been shared in the past that all separation based social structures must collapse before they can be replaced by those based in unity. View current events through this lens for a clearer understanding.

    Through ALL things is love revealed.


  8. Barry, simply outstanding work. My compliments. I appreciate you providing a comparison. No matter which is the most correct set, it is instructive for quality analysis and offers room for discourse.

  9. I love Trump. He doesn’t seem unloving to me. He seems to come from a much higher place of consciousness than anyone else I see on the television. So I supported him from day one based off my intuition. He seems to have a lot of integrity.

  10. as Always excellent work there barry !
    thise is how the vote parade went in my mind :
    drama in the white house : its either mr ego maniac or miss whe saw ,whe came ,he died…
    geee what should people vote for..
    i know.., lets just vote trump because its national freakshow in the whitehouse and…
    atleast he can talk about him self in the damn mirror without blowing up the world as hillary wants so she can gloat on milions of burned bodie’s while bathing in the sunlight..
    thise may not reflect the reality but thats just how i envisioned the vote show..

  11. Old priest cast artisan level 4 here. This is my take on it. This is not to try to get you to agree with me on this, different views are great, I just want to share my perspective.

    I can definitely see why Trump scares/offends a lot of people. He’s was always going to be bold and to the point as a young king. Many mature souls, much of whose focus is on accepting and understanding different people, cultures etc… understandably find his views on immigration hard to accept (the whole wall thing). You have to remember that he wants to limit Illegal immigration as much as possible and not legal immigration. In short the problem is not race, it is legality.

    To me, Trump seems to be a young king soul who does genuinely have a passion for political issues rather than a seedy hidden agenda only fuelled by self gain. After seeing interviews of a younger Trump, what struck me was that even as a young successful business man, his views stayed equally consistent throughout his life which gives me the impression of honesty. In a few interviews going many years back (70’s and 90’s I think) when asked about going for the presidency, he stated that he didn’t want to calling it a “rough life” and hoped that someone else would do what he thought needed to be done, and that he would only do it if he felt he had to. He is a man with his own views who has taken advantage of the wealth and influence gained over his lifetime (probably a 7th level young one) to give it a shot himself.

    The advantage of him being so wealthy is that he can fund the campaign himself, so he doesn’t need any funding from, I think as he puts it “foreign interests” (In my eyes mainly 7th level young souls with there own agendas(what most people refer to as the Illuminati)). This frees him up from having to make certain decisions that please these foreign interests, so now for instance he’s able to save companies from leaving the US for cheap labour, which obviously only ever benefits the elite and not the common people.

    This is just my take on it. It just gets to me how people seem to analyse the situation with a predetermined bias towards Trump which is more often than not fuelled by a very biased (and very funded media). Remember that many of the same people who funded Hillary’s campaign also fund large parts of the media.

    If you read all this sorry for the rant, I do have a priest casting haha

    • Edit: I recently got a channelling and it turns out I’m actually a level three mature artisan with warrior/king casting, a priest et and priest overleaves. Maybe it’s my warrior casting that makes me like Trump and it was probably my chief feature of arrogance that made me think I was an old soul as I was pretty sure haha, oh well at least I’m admitting it

    • “To me, Trump seems to be a young king soul who does genuinely have a passion for political issues rather than a seedy hidden agenda only fuelled by self gain.”

      6th level mature Priest here. Do you still have this perception of Trump one year later, in the midst of an investigation of Russian collusion, false statements made that are called “alternative facts,” a tax plan that will benefit big businesses in particular for Trump and his children, declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel knowing full well this would cause violence/protests/prolonged unrest, etc.? Just because he isn’t funded by 3rd party political interests doesn’t mean that he hasn’t pushed his own agendas. Don’t get me started on his behavior with North Korea, I’m happy we haven’t gotten into a nuclear war.

      I can’t get over how people believed Trump’s behavior would miraculously change once he was elected. You seem to believe we have a predetermined bias against Trump, but the truth is America is the laughing stock of the world. At least I can laugh instead of cry, right before he causes our economy to crash again.

  12. I disagree. Everything about him says King, zero Artisan. His eyes are very, very sharp and do not have that soft gaze that is typical of an artisan.

  13. “At the spiritual level, I suspect that the soul of the man called Trump has a pre-life plan to participate in a massive drama that will highlight certain choices now facing the American psyche. Collectively, the USA has had a victorious ‘Young King’ self-image for more than a century…Trump appears to personify its negative potential as a bullying megalomaniac”

    Let’s not ignore the multple nationalistic movements that are also gaining traction in Europe: Brexit, Lepenn, NPD, Forza Nuova, Golden Dawn, the various nationistic sentiments in Eastern Europe; we are already seeing these groups being emboldened in this “new era”. This is also happening in places in Africa where they are rejecting Chinese neo-colonialism. Maybe Trump is the catalyst for the rise of the right wing around the world in this new era. And, maybe that’s a good thing. Perhaps supporting nationalism for all peoples; i.e. True Diversity is better than blending all world cultures together, therefore destroying all the things that make each culture unique and special. Maybe that’s the lesson we are to learn in this era.

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