Casting – Your Place in the Cosmos

(and how it affects your purpose in life)


In addition to our core essence or soul archetype, each of us has additional tendencies at the soul level that influence our way of being. It’s all to do with the “casting” of unity into diversity.

I am often asked if it is possible to identify with more than one essence role or soul type. In fact, it is almost impossible not to.

Take me, for example. I am a Scholar soul in essence, yet I have a way of being a Scholar that is somewhat like a Sage. Okay, I am nowhere near as outgoing as a typical Sage. In fact, I am generally quiet and studious like a typical Scholar. But put me in a room filled with Scholars and I will stand out from the rest as being relatively outgoing, fun-loving, witty and expressive.

How so?

It is all to do with how souls are organized (or “cast”) into groups.

Soul groups

First of all, each of us belongs to a family or team of souls — our own little family group, all of the same essence type.


I, for example, belong to a small group of Scholars. If you are an Artisan, then you will belong to a small group of Artisans.

In the jargon of the Michael teachings, this small group is sometimes referred to as a cadence. (More on this below.)

Our cadence mates are our spiritual siblings — our closest soul mates.

Secondly, each member of a group has a distinct role to play within the group.

This team role is equivalent to one of the seven archetypes (King, Scholar, etc.). Why? It’s just how consciousness naturally self-organizes, having these seven different ways of being that can interact with one another. It happens as the One becomes many, like light going through a prism (creating the seven essence types), and it happens again as the souls within each type organize into groups.


The entire cosmos can be likened to a beautifully elaborate musical performance, a vast symphony. At the highest level, the symphony unfolds as a sequence of movements — these include the stages of soul evolution. Within each movement there is an interplay of notes and chords that can be harmonious, dissonant, melodic, rhythmic, and so on.

The first movement is where the original, undifferentiated oneness breaks down or fragments into a multitude of different souls (the single, harmonious vibration separates into many different tones ). The overall universe is still in harmony, but at the micro-level there is great divergence in vibrations.

In the lingo of the Michael teachings, this cosmic movement of creation, from unity to diversity, is referred to as casting. Think of actors being cast into roles for a play. Or perhaps, think of molten gold being poured (cast) into molds to make beautiful objects, all made from the same substance (gold) but each unique in its own way.

The last level of unity or harmony before complete fragmentation is the cadence, a set of seven.

Casting and Planes

Why “cadence”?

In music, the word cadence refers to a configuration of notes or chords that bring closure to a piece of music, such as a song. In the Michael teachings, a cadence is the lowest or final level of fragmentation and casting.

Soul evolution

Once reincarnation gets underway, dissonance sets in. At times, each soul is like a musician stubbornly playing his own tune, regardless of the rest of the orchestra.

But then spiritual evolution continues apace towards the restoration of harmony (unity) as the fragments (souls) gradually seek their ideal place and play their perfect part in the overall symphony.

This reintegration into rhythm and harmony begins where the fragmentation ended – the cadence.

Ultimately, each soul comes to know itself as integral to the whole performance, the entire Tao.

So in addition to being the expression of some archetypal essence (King, Server, etc), we are also cast into specific positions within soul groups, each of us playing a particular function within our own team.

Each of seven positions resonates with one of the seven archetypes:


The casting roles/functions within any soul team consist of:

  • 1st / Server-cast: care, nurturing
  • 2nd / Artisan-cast: creativity, inventiveness
  • 3rd / Warrior-cast: action, productivity
  • 4th / Scholar-cast: research, knowledge
  • 5th / Sage-cast: expression, wisdom
  • 6th / Priest-cast: vision, inspiration
  • 7th / King-cast: command, decisiveness

Imagine, for example, a soul group (or cadence) made up of Artisans, like the one below.


Within this group, one will be a bit like an inspiring coach (the Priest-cast Artisan), one will be a bit of a knowledge specialist (the Scholar-cast Artisan), and so on. There will even be one Artisan in the team playing an inventive, Artisan-like role (the Artisan-cast Artisan).

They are all Artisans at core; that is their primary nature. At the same time, though, they will each have this other, secondary quality that comes from their casting. The ratio of the two energies (essence to casting) is probably something like 70:30.

Coming back to myself as an example, I am a Sage-cast Scholar. So along with my primary thrust as a knowledge-obsessed Scholar I also bring a Sage-like energy of outward expressiveness. This means that as a Scholar I love to spread my knowledge about in a way that is both lucid and entertaining.

Here is an incomplete list of some more real-life examples (caveat: some of these are my own tentative assessments). I will add more as I become aware of them:


  • 1st / Server-cast Servers:
  • 2nd / Artisan-cast Servers:
  • 3rd / Warrior-cast Servers:
    • Nelson Mandela
  • 4th / Scholar-cast Servers:
    • Jonas Salk (US medical researcher – developed polio vaccine)
    • Florence Nightingale (English nursing pioneer & statistician)
  • 5th / Sage-cast Servers:
    • Ammachi
  • 6th / Priest-cast Servers:
    • the Dalai Lama
  • 7th / King-cast Servers:
    • Queen Victoria


  • 1st / Server-cast Artisans:
    • Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys band)
  • 2nd / Artisan-cast Artisans:
    • (i.e. William James Adams Jr., musician/producer)
  • 3rd / Warrior-cast Artisans:
    • David Beckham?
  • 4th / Scholar-cast Artisans:
    • Jim Henson (TV puppeteer),
    • Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish 17C painter)
  • 5th / Sage-cast Artisans:
    • Mozart + Michael Jackson (or pos. Artisan-cast Sage)
  • 6th / Priest-cast Artisans:
  • 7th / King-cast Artisans:
    • Miles Davis (jazz musician)
    • Rudolf Nureyev (dancer)


  • 1st / Server-cast Warriors:
    • Colin Powell (US general/statesman)
  • 2nd / Artisan-cast Warriors:
    • Diana Ross
    • Prince Charles?
  • 3rd / Warrior-cast Warriors:
  • 4th / Scholar-cast Warriors:
    • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 5th / Sage-cast Warriors:
    • Judi Dench
  • 6th / Priest-cast Warriors:
  • 7th / King-cast Warriors:



  • 1st / Server-cast Scholars:
  • 2nd / Artisan-cast Scholars:
    • Vladimir Horowitz (classical pianist)
  • 3rd / Warrior-cast Scholars:
  • 4th / Scholar-cast Scholars:
  • 5th / Sage-cast Scholars:
    • John Edwards (U.S. Sen.)
    • Joe Morton (actor)
    • Jorge Luis Borges (Argentine writer)
    • Vasco da Gama (Portuguese explorer)
    • Barry (me!)
  • 6th / Priest-cast Scholars:
  • 7th / King-cast Scholars:
    • Ben Affleck
    • Ken Wilber
    • Michelle Obama


  • 1st / Server-cast Sages:
    • Troy Tolley (Michael channel)
  • 2nd / Artisan-cast Sages:
    • Vaslav Nijinski (dancer)
    • Isadora Duncan (dancer)
    • Andrew Cohen (ex-guru)
    • (pos. Mozart & Michael Jackson?)
  • 3rd / Warrior-cast Sages:
    • Confucius
    • Madonna
    • Tina Turner
    • Lenny Bruce
  • 4th / Scholar-cast Sages:
    • Rachel Maddow (TV host)
  • 5th / Sage-cast Sages:
    • Shepherd Hoodwin (Michael channel)
  • 6th / Priest-cast Sages:
    • Prince (singer)
    • Nick Sweeney (Michael channel)
  • 7th / King-cast Sages:
    • Orson Welles (actor-director)


  • 1st / Server-cast Priests:
    • Mahatma Gandhi
  • 2nd / Artisan-cast Priests:
  • 3rd / Warrior-cast Priests:
  • 4th / Scholar-cast Priests:
    • Barack Obama
    • James Baldwin (writer)
  • 5th / Sage-cast Priests:
    • Pierre Trudeau (Canadian PM)
  • 6th / Priest-cast Priests:
  • 7th / King-cast Priests:
    • Ed Harris? (US actor-director-producer) ~ or possibly Priest-cast King


  • 1st-cast / Server-cast Kings:
  • 2nd / Artisan-cast Kings:
    • Cate Blanchett (Australian actor)
    • Donald Trump?(US politician)
    • Richard Branson? (UK business magnate)
  • 3rd / Warrior-cast Kings:
    • James Cameron (US film director)
    • Mitt Romney (US politician)
  • 4th / Scholar-cast Kings:
    • Jake Chapman (UK university lecturer, and a friend of mine)
    • Deepak Chopra?
  • 5th / Sage-cast Kings:
    • Alice Miller (Swiss psychologist)
    • Lucy Lawless (NZ actor),
    • Gore Vidal (US writer/politician)
    • Simon Cowell? (UK music/TV magnate & talent judge)
  • 6th / Priest-cast Kings:
    • Saladin (Sultan of Egypt & Syria), Ed Harris?
  • 7th / King-cast Kings:

So, this is why we can usually sense more than one archetypal energy within ourselves, though one will be predominant (the core essence or soul type) and the other will be secondary (the casting). Your casting is like an outer layer of archetypal energy enveloping your core essence, affecting how you operate as that soul type. Or to put it another way: your essence is how you exist, how are within yourself. Your casting shapes show you convey or interpret your essence in the context of relating to others.

I say we can “usually” sense more than one because there are of course some souls who have the same archetypal qualities both in their essence and in their casting. An Artisan who is cast into the Artisan-like team position, for example, will be almost ludicrously creative and inventive. They will also be more easily recognisable as an Artisan than, say, a King-cast Artisan, because they will be much more like the Artisan “stereotype”.

(I dare say is almost certainly an Artisan-cast Artisan — not only is he inventive and imaginative in himself, but he is also inventive and imaginative in the way he conveys himself to others)

The bigger picture

Not only are our souls cast into positions within groups, but our groups are cast into specific positions within larger groups, and so on and so on… Ultimately, we all belong to the same infinitely large cosmic family, yet each of us has a unique place within it.

It would be of no value to the Source to create billions and billions of clones. Instead, each and every evolving consciousness has an absoluetly unique presence in the great scheme of things, a bit like the way each computer on the Internet has a unique IP address.

There is not another soul in the cosmos with the same quality of presence as you.

99 thoughts on “Casting – Your Place in the Cosmos

  1. You show a soul group of artisans, what if a soul group of sage-cast artisans, being the “same” would it get split again? to where you have priest-cast/warrior-cast/artisan. and again since they would be their own group, they would split again, one example being king-cast/priest-cast/warrior-cast/artisan, so on until you have parts of all seven?i almost equally exhibit all traits from all classes just using what is best suited for whatever situation i am in for the day, really have no one set that i can see. I’m almost positive im an old soul, but i think somehow i have regressed because of some self identity crisis idk, issues pertaining to my childhood that im still coming to terms with. i have been wise beyond my years, i literally have lived lifetimes in dreams, whole lifetimes in just hours, but i have had this severe case of depression since i was about 8, as a child not quite understanding society and really disappointed with human kind in general. I know i want to reincarnate forever, not for myself, or anything to do with anything material, but to help people move on and get to new stages in their life/lives. This page ( ) actually made me cry… i hardly ever cry as i take things as they come as lessons to be better. but that is me. Someone i once knew, who i knew very well and respect, even though i treated her poorly due to my personal problems, told me a few times randomly that im an old soul, and i never took it seriously, and one day after not talking to her for years we talked and she mentioned it again, and it has stuck to me. She was always exploring her personality/spirituality, but not when she first told me. she seemed like a normal person then after the events that caused our split she became very spiritual, but she always had a knack for knowing things that pertain to things like this. so i know she was right. many times she has randomly blurted out things that came to pass. The thing that brought me to this site, was a dream i had tonight, ive already put too much here to post the whole dream, and what i came to believe it means, but the jist of it is i have a duality(presumably my false self warring with my true self) and i need to cut this away from myself because for some reason im holding it too closely, but it was also very specific that once i cut it away im not to throw it away, but keep it close by and cherish it. I dont necessarily think im here to do anything world changing, but i do know, and ive always known, that i am here to help people. even in relationships where i was horrible, always something good came out of it somehow for the other person, teaching them things they needed to know and ultimately happier for thier future, but the time for teaching like this is over, and its time for me to figure my own shit out and get back in tune, and allign myself correctly, because i cant go on like this much longer its destroying me. and destroying the people around me, i cant pull any good out of it anymore, i dont know if there is anything called instant karma, but if its possible i have it. i think karma from past lives is just barely keeping me afloat compared to things i do in this life, and if i keep going this way my instant karma is going to overcome my past karma and i will drown.

    • Hi John

      There are several reasons why one can identify with different soul types. There is something of what you say about multiple layers of casting, but it’s sort of the other way round as far as I understand it. First, the souls of seven types (roles in essence) come into being, then they organise into small groups, larger groups, still larger groups and so on. So you could have an Artisan, say, who becomes the Sage-cast Artisan of a small group, and that group is, say, the Priest-cast group within a larger group, and so on. However, each added layer of casting has a smaller direct influence on the individual.

      Another thing is that, while we come into being as this or that type (Artisan, say), over many lives we set out to experience life from all angles. A King, for example, has natural mastery but can learn how to be more accommodating of others, like a Server. And vice versa. So by the time one is an Old soul, there is likely to be greater balance in one’s abilities and tendencies.

      You might want to look up the Bodhisattva Vow – the Buddhist commitment to remain incarnating so as to help liberate all other beings. I have a friend who “remembers” (at a feeling level) making the Vow in a past life, and it certainly seems to have been a major driving force in his adult life.

      I’d be interested to know your (physical) age, as you may be at a turning point at which it is common for a person to want to shed their false personality and commit to being true to themselves.


    • Because a Spirit can’t fuse with a soul.

      you know who you are, throw aside the words and just feel.

      well your souls a wreck, so was mine. but i kinda like hanging cause i made good freinds with it.

      a scholar would believe in the possibility of a vessel holding more then one spectrum of light…tough but possible.

      it can happen in the creation of a vessel where two randomly cross paths while crossing over.

      and the

      ah, this is old. but not the moment of your afflictions. if you see this you should respond.

    • U remind me of me and your probably a priest type, karma from past livez should not keep u down if you follow your heart

  2. I think I’m an Artisan with a Sage-cast, but I also relate with the Priest-cast. Do you think you could help me pinpoint which is accurate from a picture?

    • Hmm… first impression was Sage because of the big open smiley face, but the problem with posed photos of course is that a lot of people do a big cheesy smile! However, when I look at your eyes I think I see Artisan. The open warmth and radiance suggests goal of Acceptance (as well as possibly Sage casting). And actually my wife’s face is quite similar to yours — only, you know, more female! — and she is an Artisan with goal of Acceptance, so that could be it. (I also looked you up on Twitter and found a different photo – same great expression though! A soft, warm, expressive Artisan is my guess.)

    • Thank you for your help, I’ve been reading a lot of your posts/articles and I feel like I can relate to Artisan, Sage, Scholar and Priest. I’m definitely a dreamer who spends a lot of time creatively immersed in my mind and I tend to think on several different channels/perspectives at once. So I think Artisan describes my soul, my goal of seeing everybody’s potential and trying to accept all that is probably explains why I relate with the Priest, and the fact that I can be very detached and able to be in the Mode of seeing Reality as it is and knowledge as beautiful might explain why I can relate with the Scholar. As far as personality goes, I’m quiet until I am ready… then I become like a Sage. Haha, I’m everywhere I guess. Now I am trying to determine if I am as old of a soul as I thought; because I feel like I was in Atlantis at one time, I think I’m towards the end of the Mature Soul stage or maybe in the early stages of Old. Then there is a part deep inside of me that questions “does it really matter?”

    • As far as my eyes, I have been told that they are very warm….. but my gaze sometimes seems aloof, haha.

  3. Barry, Fascinating stuff! I am a priest (no, in real life!) whose each and every friend would tell you is a Scholar. I half believe it myself, and this is how I scored in the testing. Question. In my 63 years of the present lifetime I have had extremely close relationships (soul group depth) with three souls … the really captivating “Hey, I know you” kind of experience. One was an Artisan/Warrior, and the other two Scholar Warriors. All three are/were military officers. (I am ex-military myself.) An awful lot of what I read in Warrior sounds like the “real person I have hidden deep inside.” If I’m a scholar … and I agree with that wholeheartedly, why would I be “hanging out” with a soul group of Warriors? I’m not complaining, mind you, but am awfully good a “pulling the wool over my own eyes.”

    • Hi Kera
      Three possibilitires come to mind, which could all (or none) be true:
      1. You could be a Warrior-cast Scholar. (I’m a Sage-cast Scholar.) If you are a Warrior-cast Scholar, then I imagine your thrust would be to accumulate knowledge with a drive to use it in action, productively, assertively. All of which would make the priest “career” an interesting choice – how well does it sit with you?
      2. It’s possible that over your many lives you’ve been in a lot of wars and actually developed a taste for the military, and made “friends” with a number of Warriors who, naturally, are drawn to the front line. Scholars have a natural affinity with Warriors – both have a single-minded focus, though the Warrior’s focus is on DOING while the Scholar’s focus is on LEARNING, but generally we Scholars find Warriors easy to get along with – they are so much less complicated than the other roles. So you might have past life resonances going on.
      3. It’s also quite possible that your soul belongs to a large group that consists of Warriors and Scholars, so you have “co-evolved” with them as your soul-mates over the millennia.

    • Barry, Thank you so much. You have given me a good deal to think about. I will do some heavy meditating on all this. I am SO glad our paths have crossed in the ether! Much to think about ….

  4. Barry, Me again. I neglected to tell you in the above that this present life for me seems like a classic Type 3, especially submission and perseverance, not to mention cynicism … and a martyr complex that occasionally blots out the sun.

    • It would be unusual to have all of the same kind at once. We usually mix them up: a type 1 goal, a type 4 mode, a type 6 attitude, etc. But if you have… wow.

  5. Hi, Barry, I have enjoyed reading this and have been reading and learning about this for quite some time, because I believe our time here is, indeed, a classroom for our soul. I read where you looked at Frank’s Facebook photo and was just curious if you would be willing to attempt the same for me. I have a pretty good feeling of what kind of soul I am, but really would like someone else’s input. My current profile photo is actually a drawing of a photo of me, and I am not smiling, though I usually do; however, I think you will be ale to click on my profile photos I have used in the past – there are many. If, for some reason, you cannot see any other photos, please let me know and I will gladly switch out my photo for a more “standard” one. Just curious and thanking you in advance!

    • Hi Shelly

      My impression based on nothing but those photos is Sage, maybe a Warrior-cast Sage. Confidence level: 30%. 😮

      What are your thoughts?


    • Hi, Barry! thank you so much. I believe I am definitely a sage. In the descriptions of the sage, I meet every single description of that, including being extremely verbose, able to speak publicly with no prepared script, I admit I like to be the center of attention, on and in, and I am a – taa daa – teacher! However, I am really wanting to go back to grad school again to become a licensed clinical social worker in clinical psychology because I want to help others develop insight into some of their problems, so we will see. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!


  6. Came across the website last night on my quest for some soul searching and rapidly felt in touch with the Michael Teachings & the essence of Reincarnation via Levels/Steps. Eye have always known that my purpose in this particular life is to bring about change, via opening the doors of spirituality in oneself, for my generation in the form of music. I’ve been aware of this for quite a while; realized my profession would be that of a musician when eye were an 8 year old child but didn’t quite understand my reasons and what eye plan to accomplish until eye became a young adult.
    My father was sentenced to a 35 to life sentence while my mother was pregnant with me. He had a niche for music but was unable to fulfill his desires primarily due to the imprisonment. I’ve been described by most I’ve come across as being charming yet mystifying; imaginative yet aloof. Individuals tend to really appreciate & enjoy the music I’ve been fortunate enough to record, but to myself it’s all beginners material and my dominant potential has yet to have been reached.
    Music flows throughout my soul, a personal goal of mine is to learn how to play as many instruments as possible in this lifetime. The Artisan is definitely my soul group; and eye believe my cast has to be that of Sage. This would make me out to be a Sage-Cast Artisan…just like someone eye deeply admire and consider to be one of the most precious souls to ever grace planet Earth: Michael Jackson. Eye can identify myself as being a Young Soul, not absolutely sure what level but that is bearable at this point in time.

    I’d find it incredibly beneficial if you were to give your impression on what you sense is my relative Soul Group and Casting.

    Here’s a few pics of myself:

    Peace & Love.

    • Hi Terrence,
      I’m impressed at your ability to identify yourself! Thanks for the photos and…Yep, clearly Artisan, and with a flamboyance that does also suggest Sage-cast, and your eyes also suggest Young soul to me.

    • Hi Rolly
      It’s often difficult to tell from one photo, but in your case I would certainly guess Warrior.

    • Warrior and/or artisan casting. I’ve also studied your overleaves article. Seems like I’m in Observation mode with a Pragmatist attitude. Wonder if you see any scholar casting.

    • Hi Emeka,
      Yeah, have to admit I’m torn. My main reaction is Warrior, as there is that “nobody fucks with me” look that is so typical. Of course, Artisans can wear that same look as well as part of their public image (David Beckham springs to mind), but away from the cameras Artisans are generally more dreamy-eyed and child-like, and I don’t get that sense about you. (At least from the 5 or 6 photos I’m looking at.) Only in this one – – do I see anything that might make me go with King. So… *stroking chin* … I lean towards Warrior. Possibly Artisan cast, but have to be honest, I’m not confident!
      Have you tried the test at Quibblo?

    • Took your quiz and a few others at It’s very close between Warrior and King. Warrior slightly edges out King. Artisan is a far 3rd.

      I’m sure I’m on the action axis so Artisan’s out but is definitely there either as a primary or secondary casting.
      I’m leaning secondary because my drive to be in charge and just get things done far supersedes my need for creativity or inventiveness.

      My initial thought was I was either a Warrior-Cast King or
      King-cast Warrior based on the descriptions. Couldn’t decide which. Along with some artisan influence.

      Unsmiling I look mostly like a warrior, yes. Smiling you can see the King influence. (Father’s a clear King and all my siblings have some king/queen influence)

      More smiling pics:

      I could see myself as a King/Artisan Cast Warrior.

      What would that sound like?

      I do plan on eventually buying channeling. The rest of quiz results are:

      Mode: Power (maybe observation)
      CF: Arrogance
      Centering: Physical/Intellectual
      Body Type: Solar-Venusian-Saturnian
      Soul Age: Young

  7. Not a lot of question in me my core essence is artisan, but I’ve got a lot of traits consistent with both warrior too, thanks helping me clear this matter up.

  8. This entire webpage resonates very strongly with me. I am very grateful to have stumbled upon this wealth of information. I find it most accurately fits my belief system. Thank you for sharing this wonderful, informative website!

    I feel as though my soul may be confused, for I have felt that I might fit into the ‘Sever’ category, but none of my facial features fit the physical description. I also feel that I may be telling myself that I am a server, because the general description of ‘sever’ moreso fits my social persona, though I realize that one’s place in society or the way in which one presents one’s self within society can manifest a false sense of identity in terms of truly realizing one’s soul type. I find myself vacillating between soul-type and caste possibilities, though I will not include them in this post at the chance that it may create a slight bias for those who would potentially respond to me.

    I would like to include a picture of myself (though perhaps not the clearest photograph, it is what I have for now), hoping that an outside party may bring me a sense of clarity on the matter.
    Thank you.
    -Bailey R.

    • Hi Bailey

      First, to answer the question … Based solely on your photos … ARTISAAAAAAAAN! I’m fairly confident about that one! Unless you’re a Server cunningly pretending to be an Artisan. There is an inspirational quality in the mix there as well, if I’m not mistaken, so possibly Priest- or Server-cast Artisan, but I feel less confident on the casting.

      Anyway, I’m really glad that you are finding good info here. Vacillating is a good word – it’s as if, when we are young and trying to find our place in the world, we have an intuitive sense of the seven roles and try each one out for size, seeing what fits. It was a relief for me to get that I was a Scholar – I gave myself permission to indulge my bookish nerdy side and stop trying to be a cross between a King (specifically James Bond)and an Artisan (John Travolta … ahem!).



  9. Hello,

    My name is Luciana and I just love your site. I have no doubt That I am a Scholor soul. I saw me inthe discrepion. But I am also sse me in somethings at heArtisans. Especially that thing abaou fantasy word.. But I thik iam more like a scholor. Includy smome peple told me Iam cold and distant..

  10. Is it possible to be a server, as well as a scholar? I love to research different things, and also like to help out when and where I can.

  11. … On the Michael Teachings site we see they will write something like this: Warrior/Priest – Artisan Cast. … what is the second type? The Priest? … Is this the Essence Twin? Thank you.

    • Yes, the Essence Twin. Essence Twins are the classic “twin souls” or “twin flames”, which means — in the Michael teachings — souls that have identical or at least very similar casting (though belonging to different entities), and being in similar “birth positions” in their respective entities they have agreed to follow and support each other’s evolutionary progress – like a sort of buddy system.

      I haven’t gone into the ET influence much as yet, but many emphasise a soul’s Essence Twin as providing at least as much influence on their energy mix as casting. (Assuming, that is, the twins have a different essence roles.) Different channels will give a profile in slightly different ways, but many strongly emphasise the essence twin, as in “So-and-so is a 3rd-level Mature Priest, Warrior ET, 6th cast in cadence, from a 3rd cast entity.” In the Yarbo books, the ET influence was rarely if ever given as part of a basic profile.

      As far as I understand it, the ET influence is largely “off-planet”. Typically, Essence Twins get together between lives to compare notes from lives just lived, and give each other advice & encouragement. They don’t often get together in physical life so much because it’s all just a bit too intense and confusing — “How come it’s like we know each other inside out?” (think, for example, of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton).

      More usually, we work through tasks in physical life with another long-term soul partner known as a Task Companion.

      If you get a channelled reading, the reading might include information about your Essence Twin and Task Companion (e.g., are they presently alive or off-planet, and if alive are they known to you personally).

      There are several other soul relationships/partnersips we can all have. My wife and I are what are known as “Travelling Companions” – we enjoy journeying together through life (literally and metaphorically).


    • Thank you so much, Barry. Very helpful! I hope you write about all of these different relationships ~ ET, Task Comp., Traveling Comp., etc. Very, very helpful. I suspect my husband is one of those; very easy to be with instantly. Asked me to marry him after just 6wks of dating, and we have been going 11 years strong (for the most part). Very interesting!

    • B

      How did you come to find out that your wife was a Traveling Companion? Did you channel that? Or have a channel tell you? I am very curious because I would like to discover any connection my husband has to me; it would bring me peace to have more understanding …

    • Told by a Michael channel, or rather told by Michael via a channel (Troy T.), back in 1998.

      It totally fits. I have 3 agreements with her: (1) mating; (2) karma repayment [positive karma – my turn to support her creative explorations following a life in the 1200s when she did it for me]; (3) facilitation – we alternate at leisure between supporting each other in our growth.

      Do get a reading from one of the channels!! Highly recommended. Suggest you look at my page on the Michael Teachings for initial suggestions.

    • That is really neat. I like the detail given by Michael. I am planning on seeing a Michael Channel. I will ask about my relationship with my spouse. … I am sure there is something there. When we first started dating I had very, very strong de ja vu (twice over the course of a couple of wks I think it was). Both times I was left feeling dizzy. Its not uncommon for me to have intuitive impressions, but I remember one of these as being especially strong. … I always wondered how we might have known each other before~

  12. i commented on another page a while ago, now i got some new pictures i really find this really interesting and need to know what my soul type(s) are..

    i can be entertaining ( sage)
    i can be uplifting ( priest )
    i can be decisive,commanding ( king )
    i like gaining knowledge ( scholar )
    i love music ( artisan )
    i like helping people ( server)
    i love sports and challenges ( warrior )

    i wanna know which are the most dominant.
    maybe you can add some real life examples on how these soul types act in a conversation etc
    i would really appreciate it i love this site.

    here are my pictures,i got no smiling pictures at the moment haha

    • Hi tunde

      My first impression: Priest, maybe Artisan-cast.

      I will add more details as you suggest, though I have so much to write at the moment I wouldn’t hold your breath for it. Have you done the quiz?

    • that would be GREAT, yes i did and i always resonate with priest and warrior the most, but i feel like im a little bit of everything. do you need more pictures?

    • *laughing out loud*. well, yes i understand you got to keep the business running, im not sure if the chart will help me and its like 50$ -.- i just resonate and think this is better then any other ” personality” type test( the best facts )

      i just observed simon cowell (photos with women,interviews etc) and he ALWAYS leads, never leans in, you can really see this presence in him ( king like ) same with sean connery

      your first impression was that im a priest but i don’t want to get in religion AT ALL although im spiritual and i meditate.

      is there more information i can read? i really want to know which is my dominant soul type.

      here are some other pictures, i won’t bother you again.. hope you can tell me


    • I’m sticking with either Warrior-cast Priest or Artisan-cast Priest. But if you want to be sure then you really should get a $50 reading, you cheapskate!

      Priests don’t necessarily get into religion, by the way. Rather, they inspire, uplift, and preach. Some do so within a religion, or do so about spirituality. But many do so through politics, football coaching, artistic works, psychology, rock music, whatever…

      Interestingly, virtually all of the world’s most outspoken ATHEISTS are Priests – Richard Dawkins, Sigmund Freud, etc. Ironically, they preach and evangelise about atheism! They want to convert the masses!

      Many charismatic rock singers are Priests.

      Tony Blair and Barack Obama are both Priests.

      Denzel Washington is an example in the acting profession.

    • how would an priest-artisan cast act and be in groups of people? or even priest-warrior because its opposites, seems very contradicting

    • There are no contradictions!

      A Priest inspires, serves a higher ideal, shows what’s possible, and gives hope. An Artisan-cast Priest does so with originality and a unique style. A Warrior-cast Priest does so with force and courage.

  13. Hi Barry,
    I think I am a warrior cast server. Currently I am 31 and struggling to find my path as far as my career goes. I would appreciate any career example with my essense and cast combo. Not that I am not doing the thinking, it’s all what’s in my mind lately. Tnx.

    • My wife is the careers expert, but off the top of my head here are some thoughts:

      Police officer (tends to attract warriors and servers alike, as does the military – more attractive to young soul than mature soul)

      Sports physiologist

      Nursing, counselling or other healing support work in a military context

      Overseas emergency aid work

      Running adventure camps for school kids

      Social work in deprived areas, especially with gang problems

      Admin/managerial work for a highly competitive business (again, not so much if you’re mature)

      Need more??

    • Tnx Barry, that was very helpful. Sport, counseling, healing, social worker all sound very attractive to me 🙂 I have another question, how can I make sure that I am recognizing my cast and essence correctly?

  14. Hey, Barry love the site tons of interesting information to digest, so thanks. I’ having a hard time figuring out my soul type tho and I was wondering if your expert eye can help. I think I may be artisan with a scholar castor vice versa , maybe a server but its tough because a lot of these sound like me in some way. Would you be able to check out my profile at and tell me? Thanks

    • Hi Marquis,

      Well actually I’m torn between the same three – Artisan, Server and Scholar, probably in that order. Based on one photo I might have thought Scholar-cast Server, but based on another I’d probably say Server-cast Artisan. Sorry I can’t be of much help. Have you tried the quiz?


  15. Hello, I’m a big fan of your work!

    I’m really interested in Charlie Chaplin’s soul age and soul type he led an interesting but controversial life. I hope you include the man that help created Hollywood!

    • Based on Chaplin’s stirring “dictator speech” plus portrayal of the dignity of a tramp, I would imagine him to be a priest-cast artisan.

    • Scholar – as a soul, one whose cosmic role is focused on studying, researching, gathering data, collating information and keeping knowledge. As a human personality, a Scholar will tend to be studious, academic, bookish, curious, knowledgable. Not necessarily a ‘nerd’ – it depends upon other aspects of personality that are manifest.

      Casting affects how the soul plays its role. A Priest-cast Scholar will go about being a Scholar with an emphasis on promoting the well-being of others. In other words, “I naturally study, but what I prefer to study most are ways to uplift people.” Or: “my purpose in life is to acquire and share knowledge that inspires human progress.” Something like that.


    • Great article Barry. I thought before we were split from large groups into smaller but read here we arrive as one and then choose to form our own groups. Shows again just how much free will choice we have.
      I thought before Essence Twin was the 2nd biggest influence but now I read it is actually the first casting is actual. Is the Essence Twin then of the same soul role?
      ps> Priest-cast Scholar seems to fit me to a tee: in my spare time I study anything I can get my hands on to deepen my knowledge of human virtues-vices – Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas, Maslow, astrology, Swedenborg, Michael, etc… I always though such a hobby was the most normal thing in the world but through Michael teachings have to come understand why others may instead want to perfect their guitar / photography technique, play sports, do charity work, etc (!)
      Also combined with being an Old Soul, I strongly feel the urge to leave a legacy of my studies in human virtue-vices by improving the existing level of knowledge on this subject.

  16. Hi Barry. I’m , relatively, new to all this. However, I’ve always had a knowing that there was more to my existence beyond this reality. By the descriptions I’ve read, I’m definitely a scholar. However, there are varying degrees of sage, priest and definitely warrior. My father, who has transitioned, said when I was born, “God” told him I am a seer and my twin brother ( I’m female) a great leader. I’m currently expanding my inner-standing of my gifts which surpassed that which is taught and accepted by Christianity ( the church). How would you factor in my gifts?

  17. Something I don’t quite understand–does our casting change from lifetime to lifetime? Or is that part as permanent as the main soul type?

    Also what does our soul group “do”? Like do we meet up between lives, write up reports? I haven’t quite caught that part.

  18. Hey barry how do we identify our family. If say, I am a sage cast scholar, that means there are 6 others who are the im the group, would I know them? Or would they be passer Bys?

    • If you want precise information, you can explicitly ask a Michael channel: “Is so-and-so one of my soul mates?” or, “Where are each of my cadence mates at this time?”

      Otherwise, while you’re incarnate, you can go by an intuitive sense of recognition and familiarity. You might find yourself thinking, “Here’s a person I immediately feel close to and trust – yet we’ve only just met.” That’s generally a good sign.

      Bear in mind that at any given time, any (or all) of your siblings could be between lives rather than incarnate, and even those who are incarnate may not be geographically close to you. Or, they could be at a very different life stages. For example, one of them could be your grandparent and another could be the kid next door.

      Just be open-minded to the form they might take.

      hope that helps

  19. Hi there Barry!
    I’m kinda new to new age concepts, in fact I first learnt about soul matrix in July. I knew that I’m a scholar cast sage through a trustable channel, in the same workshop I also learnt that my casting reflect the essence of my soul family, say, if I’m a scholar cast sage, my soul family will be mainly consist of scholars and sages. It makes me wonder if you’re one of the member in my soul family – as you’re a sage cast scholar. Let me know if you have any ideas!

    • Hi Nic

      My understanding is that your immediate soul family will be of the same essence role ~ in your case, all Sages. So you are the 4th cast Sage in your “cadence” or “row” of Seven Sages.

      Do you have the rest of your casting info?

      And out of interest, are you getting this from Varda H.?



    • Regarding my casting info, if you’re referring to my goals, fears, centerings etc. in my matrix, yes I have got all of them. I got it from a spiritual life coach in Hong Kong and her name is Yoroko Chan.

      I have really limited knowledge towards this system, but in my understanding, soul family consists of more than one roles – don’t know if I got the concept correctly or not.

    • Btw, I visited Nick Sweeney’s website yesterday, seemingly he is from a soul family called the “sweetheart entity,” which is mainly made up of priests and servers, so I guess the theory that “a soul family can consist of more than one role” is somehow supported by evidence.

    • Some points of clarification as you’re a relative noob to this system:

      The goal, mode, attitude, centring and chief feature — collectively referred to as “overleaves” — are traits that we adopt for one lifetime only. In other words, bits of personality that overlay our inner essence or soul. We have to “clothe” ourselves in a particular set of overleaves for each new life. We choose them so as to fit and support our current life task/plan.

      Your essence is unchanging, constant — it’s the core of you that is also part of the Absolute. This includes your role in essence (soul type) and your casting (position in the creation of souls). Even though we are all of the same essence, and are all expressions of the One, our role and our casting make us utterly unique.

      The only part of your essence that could be said to change is your evolving consciousness, which is indicated by your soul age.

      Each of us belongs to a small family of 7, all of the same role. At the same time, our family belongs to a much larger configuration of souls known as an entity. An entity consists of about 1,000 souls. Each soul is a “fragment” of an entity until it completes reincarnation and then re-integrates with its entity mates, eventually forming a complete whole, an integrated entity rather than a fragmented entity.

      An entity usually consists of multiple roles. As an example, the Michael entity (main source of these teachings) is a reintegrated entity consisting of 1,050 souls of two types – Warriors and Kings.

  20. All sorts of flavors. So many. Like jelly beans. We be beans but in different shades, even similar shades have different flavors and smells. Oh look, there is a giant jar of jelly beans. Now there is one big jelly bean, the jelly bean of all jelly beans. And it is white, and tastes like sheer heavenly bliss.

  21. By a cadence, do you mean a specific group of souls that you know? And can we choose our casting during our life?

    • “Cadence” is a name for our own soul group or family group of 7. (I think the choice of word is to do with the “musical rhythm” of creation and casting.)

      Casting is a bit like birth order – it’s how we came into being, how we exist in relation to our soul mates. It’s not something that changes. It’s what gives each of us a unique energy signature.

    • Hi barry, wow thanks for your post being here so that I could stumble onto it! I don’t know what my casting is but I am told that I am an artist (trustable channel). Before I was told this, I thought I was definitely NOT an artist, I thought I was closer to a server or perhaps a scholar and deep inside I never really liked the artist type and didn’t think they related to me. After I am told this I realized that I have some deeply embedded creative and inventive abilities in me but I feel that I have a heavy helper, server and scholar archetypal energy inside. Would this be that I have either of those as a casting with an artist essence? and is the fact that I feel the artist within me so hidden underneath the other energies part of a lesson that I have to learn about in this life?

      A link to my photo is below. How can you tell by photos BTW? Is it energy given out by the photo?

      Another thing to note, I have been reading the book The Archetypes of the Soul for several years …. When I started to read the book I was ecstatic about learning the Michael teachings in depth after I had heard about it in radio shows. For some reason, some pages really astounded me and I kept rereading them and thinking about them. And at several points, I just stopped reading (sometimes too busy or just forgot) and I just wonder whether any part of me is trying to resist learning about these teachings… Thus glad to find this post 🙂

      Thanks so much.

    • Hi sae,

      Well, you certainly look like an Artisan at first glance, but there is also an uplifting energy there which could suggest Priest-cast Artisan (or possibly vice versa – it can be hard to distinguish role from casting sometimes). I don’t see the quiet gentleness of a Server, but the more expansive service of a Priest (as well as the “poise” of an Artisan).

      But it is easy to make a mistake from one photo – I usually just give my first impression but then recommend getting a channelled reading. I’m curious as to who was your channel (I know the German translation in Archetypes of the Soul is “Artist” rather than “Artisan”).

      I don’t think putting the book down is resistance. I find that I also occasionally put the books down and stop reading, but it feels right. I will have a spurt of reading, taking in a whole lot of new (or even old) information, but then I have to stop reading and digest it, especially as I try to see the information in the world around me. Once I have assimilated the things I’ve already read, I feel ready for a new reading “binge” and pick up one of the books!

  22. Hi Barry,
    I’m really curious about this idea of a cadence. I love the people in my life but am often struck with a sensation that I don’t belong here and I desperately long to connect with “my people”. Do you think this could be because no-one from my cadence is present in my current life? I often wonder about that, and will definitely get a channeled reading at some point to be able to ask the question, but just wondered if you had any insight.
    Thanks so much for the great site,

    • It sounds very likely. Sometimes the people we live with are our close soul siblings (cadence mates) but as we come to need more variety of human experience and interaction, we may also “need” to be raised by or among people who aren’t on the same wavelength.

      It’s often the case that the circumstances of childhood serve as a negative example which prompts us to define and create a positive alternative in later life.

      It’s also the case that Servers make up the biggest proportion of available parents. So if you’re not a Server there’s still a good chance that you’ll be raised by Servers. This can lead to a sense of not being with your own “kind”.

  23. Hello- I’ve stumbled upon your website and have been reading a lot about all of this. It’s incredibly interesting to me! I’m struggling to figure out who I am exactly, though. I immediately identify with the Scholars and Artisans more than any other descriptions, but how do I know which is my essence and which is my casting? Or perhaps I’m missing out on a different type I could possibly be?

    Here are some photos; I was wondering if you would be able to help me based on physical appearance?

    Thank you for this, and for sharing your knowledge of this online!

    • Hi Alissa

      Distinguishing someone’s essence role from casting isn’t always easy. Essence is like a constant baseline (or bass-line in musical terms), while casting manifests as a bit of melody on top. So casting can sometimes be more in the foreground, but it’s not deep and constant like the essence.

      In your case I can also recognise both Scholar and Artisan, and I suspect Scholar is primary (the role in essence), but I could be wrong. Scholars like to wear neutral colours whereas Artisans (especially as young adults) generally prefer to look “different” by creating their own unique style.

      My son is an Artisan-cast Scholar as it happens, and his constant baseline is being naturally neutral and quietly smart, but on top of that he likes to bring a whacky creative edge to his “output”.

  24. I love this site so much! It’s fascinating! I resonate with a sage/artisan maybe priest cast with goal of acceptance. I’m an introvert but everyone always thinks Im a total extrovert. If you have the time (or the desire) can you guess from a pic of me? Also, totally appreciate your answering the comments. I’ve learned a lot from your replies to others!

    Let me know if you need different pictures! The acceptance goal in me wants me to make sure it’s super easy on you. 😉
    Thanks so much!

    • Haha. I would go with artisan, but not sure whether sage-cast or priest-cast. Your unicorn doodles etc are typically artisan, while the open face and wide grin could be sage-casting or goal of acceptance (or possibly both). What makes you suspect priest casting? My wife is a priest-cast artisan, and her deepest drive is to be utterly original but in a way that inspires others.

  25. Thanks so much for your response! I think what makes me suspect priest cast is that I always have the desire to inspire others and get the biggest pleasure from motivativatbg others to make positive changes. I’m often told by others that I “knew just what to say” to get them to move towards an action or change in attitude. I’m also described as having an energizing/charismatic presence in general. Which might be why being around other people can be so draining. I give it my all!

    I use to act and preform in musicals in high school and college and always did well any time I had to do public speeches or sales calls but after having kids I’m not as out in the public. I now choose to channel my creativity through writing by and painting.

    Do you recommend any specific readings that can be used for patenting and figurIng out my kid’s essences?

    Again thanks so much!

    • Kids, typically:
      A King is likely to assume he/she is head of the family from about age 2.
      A Priest is likely to dole out moral advice. (Think: Lisa Simpson)
      A Sage is likely to be the class clown, a show-off, an attention-seeker.
      A Scholar is likely to be bookish and quiet, not very sociable.
      A Warrior is likely to be tough and active, with a penchant for competitive games/sports.
      An Artisan is likely to spend free time either making stuff or off in some fantasy world.
      A Server is likely to be homely and helpful, and a bit judgemental too.

  26. Very helpful! Thank you. By that description my four year old is an Artisan and his two year old sister is a sage!

  27. Hi Barry, I’ve been reading your website and watching videos about Michael’s Teachings for the past couple of days and find them really interesting! My Dad is a Buddhist and he is always talking about spiritual evolution with us. I think I’m a (not sure about soul age) Scholar but I’m having trouble discerning my casting. Please can you help? Here are some photos:

    Thank you!

    • Hi Elaine
      Scholar for sure and, looking into your face, my intuition says Scholar-cast Scholar … which, if so, could be why you couldn’t figure out the casting!

  28. Hey barry, is tertiary the same as tertiary casting? Just a bit confused because you talked about primary, secondary, and tertiary influences but couldn”t match it up with the casting notes in the michael readings.

    • I’ve used the words primary, secondary and tertiary simply to explain the different degrees of influence that come from casting. The strongest (or primary) influence would be from one’s position in one’s closest soul group (‘cadence’/’row’/’inner circle’), then the next strongest (secondary) would be from the position of that group in its larger group (‘greater cadence’/’block’/’outer circle’), and so on.

      But there is an added complication:

      Some channels give an exhaustive list of casting data such as:
      Position #1-7 > Row #1-7 > Block #1-7 > Side (truth/love/energy) > Entity #1-7 > Cadre #1-7 > Greater cadre #1-12 …

      Some give a much more abbreviated form:
      Position #1-7 > Row #1-7 > Entity #1-7
      — these three figures being considered the most significant.

  29. Hi Barry, I’ve been reading a lot about the Michael teachings for a couple of months now. It came out of a general interest in studying past lives, which happened earlier on. I feel like I’m probably a Scholar or an Artisan, but I can’t definitively pick between the two. I suppose physically I look most like an artisan, but I feel drawn to knowledge and creativity in equal measure. I did take the quiz, by the way, and it said I was a scholar.

  30. Hey Barry.

    Are you sure we are limited to these labels? When honestly accessing my entire life I’d have to say I am integrated into a lot of these things.

    I resonate with Priest, Artisan, Sage, Scholar. Dominance, Growth and Rejection/

    I heavily research everything. Looking into data/knowledge/studying always looking to spout knowledge
    Life is a stage and I perform in multiple venues and have been known to be a wise fool.
    I feel the need to preach about my perspective in relation to all living things and have been told that I have a natural capacity for communication.
    Additionally a lot of people have trouble understanding me because of my inventiveness/absentmindedness or just thinking of 5 things at a time.

    Moreover, I feel I question whether it is possible to move through possible evolution phases faster than 1 per lifetime because I feel I have gone through all of young soul and am near the end of Mature now, if not already tapping into old.

    Perhaps I am ahead of myself, perhaps there is more to the picture?

    Thanks for this website it’s pretty cool

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