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Pre-Life Plans, Tasks, and Agreements

“Why is this happening to me?”— This is a question we tend to ask ourselves when things seem to be going badly wrong, and we are suffering. It’s also one of the most commonly asked questions given to psychics, mediums and spiritual channels. And the answer given is quite often the same: that before we were born … Read more


What is Donald Trump?

Like many people at the moment, I am curious to understand what makes Donald Trump tick. And as a student of the Michael teachings, I want to do so from a spiritual perspective. The Young King To begin with, I have little doubt that Donald Trump is what we would call a Young King in … Read more

Box of papers

My first Michael reading, rediscovered

BACK IN THE LATE 1990s, just as I had started getting into the Michael teachings, I had a number of Q&A sessions with various Michael channels. I kept records of the sessions, printed them out, and filed the papers away for safe keeping … as any Scholar would. After several house moves, however, their whereabouts became unknown and … Read more

All That We Fought For

The Relating Manual – how to make your relationship work

How do successful relationships actually work? How can we sustain a positive and intimate relationship over years, even decades? A new website lays out the answers. I’m fortunate enough to be in a positive long-term relationship. Both my wife Emma and I share an explicit intention and commitment to make it work, to make it … Read more

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regeneration by asage at deviantart

What Shamanism Can Teach Us About Ourselves And Our Future

Reprinted with kind permission of The Mind Unleashed website. Image: Regeneration by asage @ I don’t often reprint other people’s articles, but this one by Gilbert Ross so inspired me to rethink my understanding of shamanism in today’s world that I immediately requested permission to share it here. The article was originally published on The Mind … Read more


2014: An inner journey

As we start the new year, I feel the urge to review and assimilate my own inner journey over the previous twelve months.   


A dream, awakening, and healing: (3) All shall be well

On September 8th, 2014, I found myself having a lucid dream. The dream was evidently orchestrated by some intelligence higher than my own, as they then proceeded to give me a spiritual initiation — an energetic jump-start known in Hinduism as shaktipat. At that moment I experienced full-on self-realisation and Kundalini awakening, and my life … Read more


The Nature of Arguments

  Many relationships run into arguments, from marital tiffs to inter-ethnic disputes, and everything in-between. Below is something that came to me all at once while pondering about relationship difficulties (as you do). I’m not sure where it came from, but I thought it worth sharing.


A dream, awakening, and healing: (2) Living with Kundalini

In the early hours of 8th September, 2014, I had a lucid dream in which I was aware that I wasn’t merely dreaming. In fact, I was in contact with spirit guides who proceeded to give me a Shaktipat initiation. This not only gave me a full-on experience of Self-Realisation, it also triggered a Kundalini awakening. Now … Read more


A dream, awakening, and healing

Me + M.E. (July 2014) Ok, this is pretty phenomenal. And I don’t often say that when it’s just about me. Some of you will know my recent history. I have been badly troubled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. since 2008. It’s a massive depletion of energy, which I’ve described as feeling like a frail 90-year-old … Read more


Cynicism – bad for the brain?

It has already been found that a cynical outlook is linked to heart disease. Now, research shows that people with high levels of cynicism in later life are also more likely to develop dementia.


How to spot an Artisan soul

Oh yes it can…


Dying To Be Me: an incredible NDE

DYING TO BE ME My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing by Anita Moorjani ANITA MOORJANI first came to the world’s attention when her near-death experience (NDE) was highlighted on the NDE Research Foundation website. [1] Her experience is remarkable not only for the life-changing and life-affirming insights she brought back with her, … Read more


Children with past life memories wanted for TV

Are you a parent whose child has experienced past life memories? Has your child ever mentioned memories of another life?

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‘Michael Speaks’ — the 1970s group transcripts are finally published

The Center for Michael Teachings announces the release of print versions of the original Michael transcripts from the 1970s — Michael Speaks: The Legacy of Sarah Chambers.


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