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What is Donald Trump?

Like many people at the moment, I am curious to understand what makes Donald Trump tick. And as a student of the Michael teachings, I want to do so from a spiritual perspective. The Young King To begin with, I have little doubt that Donald Trump is what we would call a Young King in … Read more…

Box of papers

My first Michael reading, rediscovered

BACK IN THE LATE 1990s, just as I had started getting into the Michael teachings, I had a number of Q&A sessions with various Michael channels. I kept records of the sessions, printed them out, and filed the papers away for safe keeping … as any Scholar would. After several house moves, however, their whereabouts became unknown and … Read more…

All That We Fought For

The Relating Manual – how to make your relationship work

How do successful relationships actually work? How can we sustain a positive and intimate relationship over years, even decades? A new website lays out the answers. I’m fortunate enough to be in a positive long-term relationship. Both my wife Emma and I share an explicit intention and commitment to make it work, to make it … Read more…

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regeneration by asage at deviantart

What Shamanism Can Teach Us About Ourselves And Our Future

Reprinted with kind permission of The Mind Unleashed website. Image: Regeneration by asage @ I don’t often reprint other people’s articles, but this one by Gilbert Ross so inspired me to rethink my understanding of shamanism in today’s world that I immediately requested permission to share it here. The article was originally published on The Mind … Read more…


2014: An inner journey

As we start the new year, I feel the urge to review and assimilate my own inner journey over the previous twelve months.   


A dream, awakening, and healing: (3) All shall be well

On September 8th, 2014, I found myself having a lucid dream. The dream was evidently orchestrated by some intelligence higher than my own, as they then proceeded to give me a spiritual initiation — an energetic jump-start known in Hinduism as shaktipat. At that moment I experienced full-on self-realisation and Kundalini awakening, and my life … Read more…


The Nature of Arguments

  Many relationships run into arguments, from marital tiffs to inter-ethnic disputes, and everything in-between. Below is something that came to me all at once while pondering about relationship difficulties (as you do). I’m not sure where it came from, but I thought it worth sharing.


A dream, awakening, and healing: (2) Living with Kundalini

In the early hours of 8th September, 2014, I had a lucid dream in which I was aware that I wasn’t merely dreaming. In fact, I was in contact with spirit guides who proceeded to give me a Shaktipat initiation. This not only gave me a full-on experience of Self-Realisation, it also triggered a Kundalini awakening. Now … Read more…


A dream, awakening, and healing

Me + M.E. (July 2014) Ok, this is pretty phenomenal. And I don’t often say that when it’s just about me. Some of you will know my recent history. I have been badly troubled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. since 2008. It’s a massive depletion of energy, which I’ve described as feeling like a frail 90-year-old … Read more…


Cynicism – bad for the brain?

It has already been found that a cynical outlook is linked to heart disease. Now, research shows that people with high levels of cynicism in later life are also more likely to develop dementia.


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