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  1. Please I wanted to know, is there any known way a living body could be used to retrace its true soul if trans located?

  2. Hi Barry,

    I just stumbled upon your website and it is quite amazing… looking forward to diving in. Thank you for your love for Truth, and for others, that motivates you to create this resource!

    One question I have: how do you determine what is true?

    In case you’d like to join a public Facebook conversation I started about this:

    Otherwise I look forward to your reply below. Thanks!

  3. Hi there. I saw where you said there was a lack of warriors taking your quiz and to leave a comment for you about our results; well sir I am indeed a warrior soul in essence. An old soul as well. I knew I was a warrior soul before I took the quiz, however I’m really having a hard time figuring out my caste. I know it’s either priest or artisan, but I see both in me so much I don’t know which is the prominent. Guess it doesn’t matter too much though, because there’s no real way of knowing right now. So why try to keep figuring it out instead of keeping on keeping on with what you got. Ha ha I see lots of other people have though, so why not get an experts advice if you’re willing to. I don’t have any social media to send to, but i would be happy to email you a picture if you’re willing to give me your opinion. Thanks for all the knowledge sharing!

    • I’ll take a look, but can’t promise anything. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s beyond me! But you can always get a proper reading from one of the channels. I’ll email you the address to use.

  4. Hi Barry. I am wondering what´s your oppinion and/or knowledge of one of the greatest poets of all times – frenchman Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891)(and if you don´t know him, then could look up film of 1995 were Dicaprio portrayed him in Total Eclipse), what was his role in essence, soul age (and- or cycles) and perhaps what´s become of him after 19th century. Thanks.

  5. I am a former Christian looking for answers for eternity, and reincarnation. I do believe that this body dies, but I also believe I will move on, but how>

    • Hi Steven,

      Perhaps the thing to understand is that YOU are not your body – never have been. You are a living consciousness that has adopted the body of Steven this time around, to learn certain lessons, have certain experiences, and face certain choices. After the death of the body of Steven, you will naturally find yourself back in the realm of heavenly light and love that is our permanent home. Then, after a while, you will plan your next excursion to Earth, choose your human personality, and adopt the appropriate body at the time of its birth. Then, you will start life afresh as a little human being, probably not remembering a single thing about your life as Steven, but subconsciously carrying within you whatever lessons were learned in that life, as well as all your previous lives.

      Hope that makes some sense of things


  6. Hi
    I need to know how to apply the personality type which is fulfiller and the personality colour which is indigo to the personality structure, if there is a chart or diagram it will be so helpful. Thanks a lot

    • Hi Karim

      Sorry, I can’t help you there but perhaps if you raise the comment on another page here you might get a response from someone more knowledgeable.

  7. Can you comment on life path numbers? Much of the conventional reading I’ve come across says the higher the number the older the soul tends to be. But how can this be true when it doesn’t seem to follow for many people?

    Just wondering what you thought. Thank you!

    • Hi Kate

      I confess I know very little about numerology and astrology, but I was intrigued so looked up the meanings of the numbers on the Web.

      I noticed that different websites seem to quite give different descriptions, at least to my eyes. But overall, I don’t see any correlation to soul level. What I do see are different “drives” that could represent (in terms of the Michael teachings) role in essence and/or life goal and/or mode, but not in any straightforward way that makes sense. For example (based on http://www.alovingspace.com/pages/nr3.php) I would say:

      1 sounds like the goal of Dominance for a Young soul
      2 sounds like the goal of Acceptance
      3 sounds like an Artisan in mode of Passion
      4 sounds like a Server in mode of Caution
      5 sounds like the goal of Growth
      6 sounds like the goal of Dominance (again)
      7 sounds like a Mature Scholar
      8 sounds like a Young soul with Greed
      9 sounds like an Old Server
      11 sounds like a Mature Priest or Sage with Emotional Centering
      22 sounds like a Mature King, kind of…

      I notice that a different form of numerology called Soul Plan Reading or Soul Contract Reading is surging in popularity. As far as I can tell, it’s an approach that takes the analysis of names to a whole new level. It really seems to get at your current life plan and overleaves. Looks very interesting, so may be worth a google!


  8. Hi!
    I tried sending it via the form but it didn’t confirm sending, so sorry if you get this multiple times (‘:

    [No problem – it’s simply that comments with links in them are held in a queue for processing by me. Otherwise there’d be nothing but ads for viagra all over the website. –B]

    I was wondering if I could pick your brain for a moment. I am having slight trouble figuring out which soul type (or types) I am.

    The ones I relate to most are artisan and priest, however when I took the seven personality types quiz I came back with equal answers for sage artisan and preist.

    Just a little bit about me to help: I am 22, female, aquarius ram, and have been described as a sin eater (?) before, as I have recently started recyling energies through meditation (still not sure on that as I could not find much info). I am quite an artistic person, music and art, wanting to use that art to help people.

    not sure if these will help also:

    Thankyou so much for your help, I have learnt so much from your site!!


  9. I seem to be a sever soul, however when going through things on the artisan,I felt a surge?, spark?, something of unexpected recognization. Is that normal? Or am I experiencing something like an amputee having sensation in his prosthetics?

    • Hi Dariel

      Assuming I found the right Facebook page (you’re in Michigan?) and deviantArt profile, I think I see a Young Server with Artisan casting. In other words, you like to serve/nurture others, but with a creative, expressive flair. Make sense?


    • There could be more than one person in the world with the same name as you. I was checking I had the right one.

  10. Hi I’d like to ask you a question. I am a Christian but I feel like my faith isnt telling me all that their is to know. Every couple of days I get this horrible feeling that takes over my entire being that I will at some point after dying or living a few more lives etc, that eventually my soul will cease to exist. Is this true? It really scares me. And I know that control over ones life is just a figment of my imagination but will I cease to exist? Will there be a point where I have learned all I will learn through incarnations and then God says..”OK no more of you as a soul.” Please help. I really want to get these thoughts out of my head. I know I sound crazy but I just have to find out. A friend of mines said that its the devil trying to conquer my soul. Any information that you can offer is greatly appreciated.

    Be well


  11. I tried to send you a private message, but I don’t know if it went through. Your Information is so interesting I’d like to share it in my October minister’s message in our newsletter. May I have your permission?

    • Hi Beverly,

      I did get back to you on email, didn’t I? I’ve been been rather distracted of late.

      For the record, you can find some citation at the end of the article on ‘What is personality?‘ — just before the Notes/Further Reading section, there is a drop-down thing called “Show citation details”. I should probably add something like that to every page!


  12. hy, I don’t no were to start really it’s lyk I have been guided to your site as of findin out I had all the symptoms of a spiritual awakening to a karmic relationship to your site were the priest and old soul is just me I have always thought I could see the spirits howeva I have always been scared Iam 35 and a feel like a don’t no who Iam anymore and were this site is taking me I feel so alone on this matter I wud like it if you could clear a few things up for me and I supose clarify this is really happinin to me .. Thanks so much kelsey

    • Hi Kelsey

      Yes, I can see the lack of clarity in the way you have written, so hopefully we can help you find some. What exactly is it that you want to know, or check out?


  13. Hi Barry,
    My mom passed away the summer of 2013 of cancer. My husband held her hand at the time of death and had an out of body style experience. He walked her to a place of soul sorting…a gate that he drew for me. There were three angelic beings sorting and pushing people off a bridge for recycling, as he called it. People trying to climb back on the bridge and failing. The scary part—when he told the story, I pulled up a photo of a french sculpture of what he was about to draw on the iPad: “The Gates of Hell” and giggled because I’m pretty sure I’d already done the drawing/picture with him before. And, it was what he drew, only poorly because he is a horrible artist.

    The next day, he started telling me of things that were revealed. He said a bunch of souls were tossed into a “cup” and dumped out saying “find your way home”. This occurred 10,000 years ago. He didn’t understand it totally but referred to it as “Michael said….” and then proceeded to tell me that my daughter and I are warriors, my dad a king, and my mother a servant.

    He told me that I am done. I am an “original” who could go home, and they want me back, but I refuse to go home, choosing over and over again to recycle and jump off the bridge. He said his job was to bring my daughter, sister, and me back home but I check out every life between the age of 35 and 45, by choice.

    The night she died (before he shared info) a group of floating, flying things came to me in my dream, grabbing me by the hand telling me in high voices “we need you”. It was all I could do to not go because they freaked me out. It was hard to actually wake up to stop it. They pulled hard.

    Anyhow, I am looking for any clarity in regards to my situation. There is more, but that is the gist. Any thoughts on this? Pretty please 🙂

    Thank you,
    Kathleen Nutter

    • Hi Kathleen

      This sort of deathbed experience is increasingly common, or at least is being increasingly spoken about (See for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg8WAv0YT9c). It is interesting to note that it was your husband, not you, who sat with her at this point.

      But to me the really interesting part of what your husband described is the reference to Michael, kings, warriors, etc. Is he aware of what are described here (on this site and many others) as the Michael Teachings?

      (I would love to hear more!)

      Anyway, to clarify your own dream experience:

      When someone we love is slowly approaching the transition from this life to the next, in our dream life we (as souls) may be called upon to assist, especially if the dying person has reservations about it. We don’t usually remember any of this soul activity in daily life.

      In this case, I suspect your mother would find reassurance in seeing a ‘familiar face’ before her transition, and perhaps your guides or soul mates were calling you to join in. However, it sounds like you were not fully asleep, or at least not in the deepest dream state – your conscious personality/psyche was triggered and was, as you say, freaked out.

      There are many kinds of spiritual experience that can happen (and only happen) when one’s psyche is sufficiently subdued. If the psyche is still active then mental associations will be triggered. For example, one can see beings of light who are really there, but then thinking about what one is seeing can trigger mental associations — beliefs, fears — around life after death, heaven and hell, etc. This in turn can lead to ‘projections’ of those thoughts as images.

      The same happens on psychedelic drug trips: genuine transcendent visions or revelations can become overlaid with personal beliefs and fears which will interfere with the clarity of the experience.

      Through training such as mindfulness exercises or meditation, the mind can be kept under better control.

      Death of course nothing but a swinging door to a higher plane, and I am sure your mother is in safe hands now, and as happy as can be.


  14. I am a Doctor of Education and a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina, USA.
    I have used your Personality trait scale from your article on the Big Five Factors, http://personalityspirituality.net/articles/what-is-personality/

    I am asking permission to copy this and cite it in my first book to be published called. Counseling and Creativity: Reflections. Please let me hear from you as to whether this would be ok with you. Thank you for your good article and time.

    George C Hage

    • Thanks for asking George. Yes, feel free to copy. If you look at the bottom of the page (just before ‘Notes / Further Reading’), there’s a drop-down link to citation details. (Looks like I ought to make it more prominent!)



  15. Hey i was wondering if anyone would ever respond to my post? It would be greatly appreciated.. If you dont want to i understand

    Hi I’d like to ask you a question. I am a Christian but I feel like my faith isnt telling me all that their is to know. Every couple of days I get this horrible feeling that takes over my entire being that I will at some point after dying or living a few more lives etc, that eventually my soul will cease to exist. Is this true? It really scares me. And I know that control over ones life is just a figment of my imagination but will I cease to exist? Will there be a point where I have learned all I will learn through incarnations and then God says..”OK no more of you as a soul.” Please help. I really want to get these thoughts out of my head. I know I sound crazy but I just have to find out. A friend of mines said that its the devil trying to conquer my soul. Any information that you can offer is greatly appreciated.

    Be well


    • Hi Jade

      Your friend is completely misinformed.

      The creator is a creator, not a destroyer. Your soul will never cease to exist.

      The fear you feel is part of the human condition. We come here to know ourselves “outside” of God, to know who we are as unique souls, perfect in our own right.

      We all fear being alone in the cosmos.

      None of us is ever alone.

      And, with beautiful irony, it is that human fear of aloneness that makes us seek each other out, to rescue ourselves and others from that very fear.

      There will come a point for you, and for each of us, where you will have learned all you could ever learn from being human, a physical being with needs, fears, and ego. Then the universe will rejoice at your sheer majesty.


  16. Thanks for your response Barry. Your points make sense.

    In answer to your question, my husband doesn’t subscribe to the principles of the Michael teachings or heard of it. He won’t read of it even now.

    He had his experience with my mom and said “many things were revealed to him”. I’m like, “huh”?

    He was “done” and fishing–as odd as that is. They pulled him and told him they wanted me and my daughter back. He calls me a jumper. I’m done, yet always choose to recycle on the sorting bridge.

    I said, “who are they?”
    “I don’t know who they are. Michael tells me.” He made me write down and record his story with my mom because he said he would forget it.

    I had thought it the archangel Michael and began an internet search. Then, saw all the the stuff he had taught me about warriors, Kings….slaves (my mom). He said my other sister is a demon, evil. I know that doesn’t fall into the teachings. He said the stuff I read to him on Michael teachings isn’t true all the way. It’s a piece of the puzzle though it is like pulling teeth engaging him in talk on the matter. FYI- we arent particarly religious.

    We met when I was 17 and married at 21. I’m now 40. Said I need to learn one thing: love-agape.

    We also shared a dream. He had it is a child, I as a married adult. There is a woman with a dark clock covering her head (think Snow White witch). She is walking slowly with three dark figures–children, following her. The backdrop is a city in shades of grey; destroyed and smokey. She stops and looks toward me. The voice in th dream tell me “Armageddon isn’t fire and brimstone, it is death by mouth sores. But, don’t worry, you’re okay.” He didn’t have the message but the same visual dream. So strange.

    By the way, I cant use the direct contact section. It will not go through properly.

    • Hi Kathleen

      Thanks for the tip about the Contact form. I was unaware of that glitch and will look into it.

      I am mildly blown away by what your husband got from Michael, although having recently been through a Kundalini awakening episode with many ‘paranormal’ elements, being blown away by coincidences, heavenly visions and revelations has become routine in this house!

      There is a lot to your telling of the episode which seems to leave a lot unsaid – understandably, given that you’re writing in a public forum, and with little or no knowledge of who I am or what these teachings are about. I will send you my home email address so that you can contact me if you wish to discuss this further in a more private manner.


  17. Hi Barry,

    I wrote to you privately but I don’t know if you received my message….

    Anyways, I wanted to have your opinion about Pistis Sophia… I found some frankly terrifying information in the text, and having read your articles beforehand, I find myself confused.

    Thank you kindly,


    • Hi Alex,

      Even those who’ve studied it in depth for decades call it “confusing”, so you’re not alone.

      The document known as “Pistis Sophia”, for those who don’t know, is an early Gnostic (mystical Christian) text, one of several. It was written in the first few centuries after Christ, before what we know today as Christianity and its doctrines had been set in stone.

      Gnostic teachings included references to the feminine aspect of the divine, female priests, mystical experiences, reincarnation, cosmology — teachings which were later viewed by medieval Christians as “heretical” and virtually eradicated by the Church’s genocidal war on heresy.

      Pistis Sophia (meaning Faith – Wisdom) gives teachings which, it proclaims, were given by Jesus to his disciples in an 11-year period following his resurrection. Among the closest disciples of Jesus, it states, were several women, including Mary Magdalene. Whether these teachings really took place, or are an invention of the writers, we have no idea.

      The text as a whole is not so much a gospel, more like a mish-mash of revelations about the beginning and end of history, the complex structure of the cosmic hierarchies, and how all this relates to the roles of Jesus and humanity.

      It refers to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus as a metaphor for the descent of the soul into darkness and its eventual re-ascent or “salvation”. The feminine aspect of the divine as a universal Mother figure is emphasised in the form of Sophia, a personification of Wisdom. I would guess that the myth of Sophia falling into darkness and needing to be saved is also a metaphor for the soul’s immersion in the early cycles of reincarnation. (The soul is also traditionally regarded as feminine, and Sophia could be interpreted as “consciousness”.)

      I suggest we should try to be realistic about Pistis Sophia. There are many texts of this type, and they are all good in some ways, flawed and annoying in others.

      Pistis Sophia contains a blend of insight and inspiration with complex morality lectures and the odd bit of cosmological fantasy. The passages describing punishments doled out to sinners in the afterlife are just fear-mongering nonsense (or maybe wishful thinking) designed to make would-be sinners think twice.

      Like most scriptures, Pistis Sophia was undoubtedly written by human preachers and scribes, who — within their own very limited understanding — were trying to answer tricky metaphysical questions in terms of their own religion.

      I would say there really is no need to take it too seriously — just take whatever insights and inspirations serve you, and ignore the rest.


    • Thank you very much for your insight. I found great relief and answers to my questions while reading a lot of your articles (and those of the Micheal Teachings) and found that that text did the exact opposite…

      I’m profoundly glad to have found your website, it brought me peace and insight about someone in my life that I coudn’t understand and get along with – but had to.

      Thank you again!

  18. I want to help you see the paradox of I am, and how the consciousness of “me”, is the same and true consciousness of you… But is still a separate consciousness. But this does not make the truth of the multiverse any different. We are all one but still separate, one night sky filled with millions of stars at varying distances in a circular multiverse.

    Imagine you are sitting along a stream. The water is fresh and cool. You can see many fresh salmon swimming along the stream. Maybe it’s in Alaska as the salmon goes before its next journey into another life.

    From your vantage point, you see a certain point. This is your consciousness. You see the stream from a certain geometry, as the electromagnetic waves of light are perceived by your eyes, all the waves bouncing from the water, the grass, trees… You can hear the water, perhaps wind.

    Your friend or wife comes to sit besides you. She or he has very slight differences in their body. Perhaps they have a slightly different rod in their eyes that makes them see green in a slightly different hue. And perhaps the perfectly evolved hairs of their inner ear- perhaps they have one less. They are also sitting besides you. They see the stream at a slightly different geometric angle than you. The sun glints off the water and grass, and the electromagnetic energy, the waves of light reflect ever so slightly different and are received slightly differently into their eyes.

    This doesn’t change the ultimate truth of what exists in front of you: the fact that there is the momentum of water flowing in front of you, the warmth of the sun shining from the heavens over the Earth, the grass growing below you. This is the same truth regardless of who is there and how they are viewing it. This is the universal consciousness and we are all aware of this.

    Heaven exists within us. We know heaven- it is the illusion of separateness that keeps us from ourselves. Shed this illusion and you will find the universal consciousness while knowing your own unique consciousness. Nothing can destroy energy that is the universal consciousness and truth of the stream. There is no paradox, my brother.

    Peace always.

  19. That’s my real email just to let you know, and I have a few questions regarding the 7 Soul Types. I know I am a scholar, but I do not know my secondary role, I continue to take tests online and I received king, and warrior, except I do not know if I truly am a warrior or a king. I’ve read the descriptions on the book the 7 Soul Types over and over again and continue to read these articles on soul types to try and figure out what is my second role.() On my good days I feel powerful, too big, similar to a bull in a China shop, and I do not mind leading. I also tend to hate asking for help, even on the worst days, I read that is a characteristic of a king. I also tend to have two modes, first mode is, everything is my fault mode or im responsible for everything mode, and mode 2, nothing is my fault, it’s everybody else’s fault, my blame everybody else but me mode. There is no grey its one or the other the majority of the time. I do also tend to face my fears which in a way does make me seem similar to a warrior. But on my bad days I feel similar to a server. But I would hate to be a server for I hate feeling weak and hate accommodating %100 of the time. Thank you for taking the time to read this , this is great information that you provide the readers with . I think it would also be great, if you want and would like to, to write articles about each type about how they look and behave, when they are a child. Hope to hear from you soon.

  20. Hi Barry
    I cannot begin to describe what stumbling on your blog and Michael has done to.me..in a short span of a few days …I have cried..laughed..marveled at how it all reaonates…as something I always knew…It has halted me right in my tracks in the midst of contemplating a seperating from.my husband and father of.our beautiful.children.
    One thing confuses.me.though…i am.indian brought up.with an understanding of Hinduism and our beliefs in many ways resonate with these teachings. When I moved to Australia it all faded away and now back.in Asia (Indonesia)) it’s all flooding back into.my life. However all channeling (Michael, Seth or others I found about) seems to be based in the west. I am.also unable to find any channels..teachers or EI sessions anywhere in Asia…any inputs on this?
    Namaste and a heart felt thanks and a happy new year ..01.01..2018

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