What happens after our last reincarnation?

What will happen to us after we complete our reincarnations, having reached the end of the Old soul stage?

Throughout the reincarnational process, each soul can be thought of as a “fragment” of a greater whole. During reincarnation, the fragment seeks to fully realise itself as an individual in its own right.

After reincarnation, the self-realised soul now comes to unite its consciousness with others from its own “family” of origin as they also complete reincarnation. This occurs on the mid-Astral plane. In all, there will be around 1,000 soul-mates converging like this.

Once all members of the entire “family” or “entity” has completed and reunited, there are two further stages of evolution to undergo — stage 6 and stage 7. These take place in the non-physical realms.


Stage 6 and the Transcendental Soul

In the 6th stage, a higher order of consciousness emerges on the Causal plane. Here, the wisdom, life experiences and understandings of the entire reunited group are integrated, forming a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts — a “Causal Body” or “re-integrated entity”. Any sense of fragmentation now disappears.

Many channelled teachings are from souls undergoing this stage, including the Michael teachings.  The being we call Michael is actually a re-integrated entity made up of precisely 1,050 souls who have completed their reincarnations and are now going through the 6th stage.

Through this cycle, the souls experience a unity of consciousness in which their individuality, while still there, is no longer important. Collectively, however, they will still perceive a difference between self and other, or created and creator. That difference is finally resolved for good in the second post-reincarnation stage

There is no need for souls at this level to reincarnate. However, the group can elect to send a representative into physical life as a way to educate and inspire human society in some way. An incarnate soul from a re-interated entity is known in the Michael teachings as a Transcendental Soul. In history, however, we recognise them as realised masters. Examples include:

  • Socrates
  • Mohammed
  • Gandhi
  • Paramahansa Yogananda

Such individuals tend to have easy access to the higher moving or “tantric” Center, in the sense that they know how to bring spiritual energy into their mundane life.

Transcendental souls (from stage 6) will sometimes incarnate to herald and prepare the ground for the coming incarnation of an Infinite soul (from stage 7).

Stage 7 and The Infinite Soul

Stage 7 is the final stage of evolution, where consciousness finally merges with the infinite presence and eternal life force of all-that-is — the Tao.

By the end of this stage, the consciousness of souls is effectively at one with the creative power of the universe. Individual thoughts give way to infinite consciousness; individual feelings give way to infinite bliss. The consciousness now comes to experience and know itself — paradoxically — as both creator and created, both the source of evolution and the end product.

Again, there is no need for such souls at this level to reincarnate. However, on rare occasions they can descend into physical manifestation to help jump-start a mass shift in consciousness.

A manifestation at this level, known as the Infinite Soul, is an embodiment of ultimate Truth, Love and Unity — in other words, an Avatar or a living god. Examples include:

  • Krishna
  • Buddha
  • Jesus Christ

An infinite soul is a representative from the upper causal plane, who is, in turn, channeling through a universal quality from one of the three high planes: love, truth, or beauty. — Michael Chat with Shepherd Hoodwin: Soul Age, Part II

It is not that the Infinite soul will inhabit a human body from birth. Personalities are not designed to sustain that amount of energy. Rather, a self-realised soul (i.e. a 7th-level Old or Transcendental soul) will incarnate and then, at a prearranged moment in adult life, give way for the Infinite soul to manifest, either partially or completely, for the remainder of that incarnation.

Siddhartha Gautama, for example, was a realised soul who in adult life gave way to the Buddha, a manifestation of perfect Unity.

Jesus of Nazareth was a fully realised King soul who in adult life gave way to the Christ, a manifestation of perfect Love.

From what I can gather, even after the final stage we are forever free to choose to undergo the whole grand cycle again for the sheer thrill of it!

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  1. Am I the only one that finds the thought of the loss of individuality depressing? Maybe I just don’t understand it well. I like the idea of connection but I’m not too comfy with becoming merged.
    Excellent sight you have here.

    • Loss of individuality … It’s not loss of self, as I understand it; it’s a gradual expansion of the sense of self to include others, all life, the universe, the source. It’s like awakening from a dream. At the end of each incarnation you as a soul wake up from the dream of being a single, mortal, human personality. At the end of all your incarnations you you wake up from the dream of being an individual soul fragment – you are still ‘your self’, it’s just you recognise it as the very Self of all that is. Your earlier adventures in separate identity are all still part of ‘you’.

      Thanks btw!

  2. Thank you for replying! It’s really profound and hard for me to wrap my head around but I really appreciate you explaining it!

  3. Hello! I stumbled upon your site quite some time ago, and continue to read for the fun of it. The things you cover make a lot of sense to me, and I’d like to think I’m not the only one! A lot of wonderful insights to ruminate on. Thanks!

  4. The last comment mentioned if we would like, we can start the process all over again. However, from what I understand, once we gain knowledge when it comes to spiritual growth, we never lose it. Thus, how can one go from an old soul (last stage) and return back to an infant soul? I do not think it is possible. In this lifetime, I remember a lot from previous lives as I think we live them simultaneously. How can those possibly be wiped out?

    • Hi. It’s not that we go from being an Old Soul back to being an Infant Soul, exactly. Finishing off the Old Soul stage only means that we are done with reincarnation. Or to be more precise, incarnating in the same physical form no longer holds any great learning value. After completing reincarnation we continue to evolve non-physically, and in unison with our soul mates, into more and more expanded consciousness. There are further stages to go through until – in effect – we know the creator/source as ourselves and vice versa. There is no distinction between oneself and infinitely many others – we are all God, the big “I am”. And there is always the option to go forth again into the experience of fragmentation.

  5. Thank you for your response. What you had said is what I had felt to be true in my heart.
    Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

  6. Although I knew I was “me” at an early age, it took over fifty years to reach the point where I longed to consciously re-connect and live the remainder of this life as my “true self,” vs. as my developed personality/ego self. I am also very tired of life in general and prefer to be alone to contemplate my existence, and to transcend this physical realm while still here to experience true love, joy, peace and happiness from my Soul’s perspective.

  7. Were just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year. Running over the same old ground of how we found, the same old fears, WISH YOU WERE HERE!! The conscious mind, once fully aware, is trapped inside itself until your physical realm wastes away, hence the reason for beings wanting to constantly self destruct themselves and others. If there’s no pearly white gates to a kingdom in the clouds filled with infinite devine bliss then this has become another shit show to the original faires and unicorns shit show! 😆😒 the shit show sequel, and we all know how the seconds never better than the first. If I have to create my own fantasy and make myself believe it then that takes the fun out of it! Seeing is believing! They are windows to the soul! Arise! Awake! Come forth! Judgement Day is upon us

  8. I have been searching for answers for as long as I can remember. As I’m sure most people are. I have drew my own conclusions based on many odd happenings and feelings I’ve had in my life. The Michael teachings are very similar to what I believe. My only problem with all of this or any religion or belief system is WHY??? What is the ultimate purpose. Why do we need to experience all the things in life. What is there after the seven stages. That scares me the most. What are we being prepared for…and why are there more souls being created. Will it ever end. It almost feels like someone building an army and we are all going through a boot camp of sorts to create the perfect soldier.

    • You are asking very legitimate questions from a human perspective, but the answer requires a different perspective.

      As human beings we see that life is short and painful, death is tragic and inevitable, and we think, shit, if some higher power is behind it all then they had better have a bloody good reason for setting it up this way.

      But whenever the doors of human perception are opened, suddenly we see the bigger picture very clearly. Each of us is the creative force of the universe itself evolving in consciousness and self-awareness. Each of us is an instance of the universe waking up to the joy of existence.

      As yet, most of us are barely awake. We open our eyes and see nothing but people and objects and events that are beyond our comprehension, but which nevertheless affect us. We see ourselves as victims of life rather than as creators. That’s just the nature of consciousness when it has yet to fully discover its own true nature.

      It takes a multitude of different life experiences for us to get how we are powerful creators rather than passive victims. It takes a multitude of different life experiences to realise that we can create joy rather than suffering. And that’s precisely why we choose to be here.

      We are not being prepared for anything. This isn’t The Matrix, or a prison camp, or an endless wheel of torment. Unless, that is, we BELIEVE it is, in which case we will perceive it that way until we choose not to.

      This is a game world for infinite varieties of consciousness to encounter and explore and ultimately enjoy their own existence.

      We are here because we want to be. We want to wake up to the full light of our true nature, not wallow in darkness. Our purpose is to make our own choices, learn from each and every experience, and enjoy more and more of our freedom to create whatever experiences we wish for ourselves and others.

      Life is as we make it, and we all have the potential to experience life as joy, freedom, greatness, beauty — whatever we like — from the moment we decide to create it that way.

  9. Dose this means that there’s no being responsible for the creation of our souls? In other words that there’s no God?

    • God or no God … It’s a matter of perspective, really – how we come to frame our spiritual beliefs, perceptions and experiences.

      In normal everyday life we generally perceive ourselves, others, and everything else as many separate things, and we perceive how different things can interact in different ways – physically, intellectually, competitively, cooperatively, sexually, and so on. That’s pretty much life as we know it ordinarily.

      So that’s our normal baseline, and if we have a spiritual belief system, or a spiritual experience, then we have to somehow integrate that perspective with that baseline (if we want it all to make coherent sense, at least).

      One of the functions of religion is to teach “the unenlightened masses” how to make sense of ordinary life with the aid of a spiritual belief system. Many – perhaps most – people go through life with no spiritual experience or personal contact with the spiritual dimension; their only spiritual sense is the belief system they have acquired from their religion. Typically, they will integrate their spiritual beliefs by simply assimilating them into their baseline perspective. In other words, their spirituality becomes an extension of everyday reality, the sense of separation. The spiritual dimension is framed as a *separate* reality beyond this one, a realm called Heaven; and the universal intelligence or cosmic consciousness driving it all is personified as a *separate* being, an almighty God.

      Personality also comes into play. People who have a nervous disposition might personify God as an all-seeing, all-knowing cosmic chief of police. Those who have a humble or dutiful nature might personify God as a merciful master to be served. People who have a more wilful nature tend to personify God as an almighty King, whom it is best to be allied with.

      But then, it is always possible in life to have a transcendent experience providing direct insight into the reality behind the curtain of our ordinary perceptions. Either by deliberate truth-seeking or by sheer accident (spontaneous awakening), we can suddenly realise the ‘hidden truth’ – which may or may not match our existing religious beliefs – that the sense of separation is an illusion, a trick of the senses and mind. We might also realise that, behind the illusion, what really exists is an infinite/eternal intelligence, meaning, or purpose that unites ourselves, others, and everything else.

      Those who have a near-death experience, for example, often come to realise that our human minds create a version of existence that is like a dark soap-opera, whereas our eternal consciousness (which is what we are beyond the body) is an integral part of an infinite consciousness.

      Some people catch glimpses of that ‘hidden’ reality, or the beautiful light of cosmic consciousness, but not enough to identify their own consciousness/being with it. In those cases, the individual will tend to say “I have seen God”. Which is perfectly valid. They have witnessed the cosmic creative consciousness that is running the show, and God is the traditional name for that within most religions. What they have yet to recognise, though, is that they too, in essence, are an integral part of that same cosmic creative consciousness.

      It is possible, however, for people to directly experience their own identity with the divine, or the life force, or the light. For those who do, it automatically challenges the baseline perspective altogether. The sense of separation from anything at all, including God, is to them clearly a false sense.

      In this case, they will need to reconcile their insight into unity, divinity, and non-separation with the continuing sense of division and separation provided by the senses and the mind.

      Some, I’ve noticed, try to deny the existence of anything that isn’t obviously divine or perfect or whatever. This is valid, but they are overlooking the fact that the ordinary sense of separation is no accident; it’s also part of the perfection. (I struggle to remind myself of this every single day.)

      So, is there a being responsible for our creation? Yes. Is that being separate from our own being? No. How can that be? Because it is the nature of consciousness to create experiences for itself, and that includes the experience of being a zillion souls.

      As an analogy, the oceans are made of water, as are the clouds of water vapour droplets which evaporate from them, as are the raindrops which fall from the clouds, as are the rivers of rainwater which flow back to the ocean. All part of a global system of water that is static in some parts and continuously moving in others. Souls are like droplets and God is like the ocean. As such, we might be physically separate from the ocean, but we are nevertheless one with it in essence (water). We can identify ourselves as existing outside of the ocean (God) or as existing always within the global system (cosmic consciousness).

  10. Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge with clarity and beauty in the true spirit of Oneness. My question is what happens when a soul that has gone through the very last stage of evolution, i.e., the infinite soul level, decides to fragment? Is that experience only akin to that of Christ or Buddha in the latter part of their lives? Or could it take on a physical body and become forgetful? Can there be regression from infinite soul to infant soul as well? Or is the flow always in the direction of growth alone?

    Also, in your water-ocean analogy, I feel that while the Abrahamic religions would compare ocean to God, the Eastern philosophies consider water to be God. Would you be kind enough to comment on that dichotomy as well please?

    • The infinite soul is a massive collective consciousness without fragmentation, one that is fused with the comic consciousness of all that is, that which we call God or the One or the Tao. It’s not that “a soul” decides to undergo the whole cycle again — it’s the divine impulse to do so because it’s what best serves the consciousness of the One.

      Water analogy: just different levels of perception. Most religions tend to personify the divine as a separate being. A big boss-man. Or in this analogy, a far-off ocean, unreachable by mere mortals. This reflects the level of insight of the teachers themselves.

      The non-dual version of Hinduism, advaita vedanta, sees only ‘water’ everywhere. In this analogy, water is formless creative intelligence; the ocean, rivers, clouds and drops are are forms of water. Buddhism regards all form as illusion and exalts the formless. Vedanta tends to see equal value in both form and formlessness – the two are identical.

  11. It seems there is still an end unless you want to kick around for the sheer fun if it. To me the question is what is beyond the human reincarnation? Is there something so glorious we are satisfied beyond belief or is all this for some greater scheme or beginning of something we have not been able to comprehend yet? It feels the explain action it about achieving a goal. But what exactly does that goal mean? I equate it to a gold medalist like phelps that has broken records beyond imagination and yet he is still a human gold medalist. Asking what’s next. Not sure if I am making sense to anyone.

    • It’s not that there’s some great reward or party awaiting us after all our reincarnations are over. The realm that is ultimately satisfying beyond belief is actually our home between all of our lives. We do not leave that perfection lightly. We come to Earth, into human form, for good reason — to experience contrast, conflict, duality.

      The aim of reincarnation is not to finish reincarnating. The aim of reincarnating is to become conscious enough to create our own Heaven on Earth, to bring the reality of perfect love and truth which we know between our human lives right here into our human experience. “To bring love where love appears not to be.” It might happen only in snippets, but when it does it is sheer joy. This sort of contrast (from darkness go light) cannot be experienced in our nonphysical Home, which is pure Light.

      At some point it no longer serves us to reincarnate – we’ve done our best at facing and transcending the dualities. Now we are self-realised souls. What serves us now is to focus on supporting younger souls who are still trying to figure it all out, and to work towards merging with the divine — not evaporating into the void, as some imagine, but consciously reawakening our identity with the One.

  12. Nice sharing… thank you… but, how about after the last reincarnation? Is there any reincarnation again? I’m sorry just wondering…

  13. Who is creating souls? What leads to the creation of souls i.e new ones every now and then? Because if souls get old, then in a particular time period all souls will get old and achieve the mission

    • Creation isn’t an event but a constant process, a cycle. There is no end to the mission – the mission is the eternal exploration of existence in infinite variety.

      The “who” behind it all is, if you like, the mind of God, the cosmic consciousness of all that is. However, that consciousness is not in any way separate in essence from the souls which are birthed from it.

      Souls do not literally get old, they just get wiser and more aware. As older souls “cycle off” (having finished reincarnating), more new souls are spawned out of the oneness. It’s a perpetual circle of life!

  14. I always have been taught that there are 7 planes of existence and between each plane there are 7 spheres, and as humans we are on one of the a sphere of the 3rd plane. The 4th plane is pure Astral and spiritual and after reaching that plane we can either choose to reincarnate or not to reincarnate. It just may take over 5000 years to get off this 3rd plane to advance to the higher planes. I have had two OBE (out of body experiences) so I know that the spirit can see, hear and travel. I have not had this wonderful experience in over 40 yrs so either I am not deserving of it or it is not necessary for my development. My health issues I know are Karmic related because all the stupid medical Dr’s know is drugs, drugs and more drugs that I refuse to take. They never try to determine the underlying cause of illness and only want to treat the symptoms because big Pharma fears curing disease because it affects their drug business. They do not teach curing disease in medical school only treating it with drugs.

  15. After reading this I still have one question. After dying do we remember all our previous reincarnations?

    Also…great posts! This is a great website with the right information. In my heart I accept this to be true. Because I know it is true.

    • After dying it takes us a while to dis-identify from the life just lived. We still think we are “Barry” or whoever. First we let go of the body and become free-floating consciousness. A soon as we realise that we are physically dead but spiritually alive, we are ushered to the Light. There we review the live just lived – which is a sort of ‘core dump’ of all our memories and experiences. That way we let go of the mental aspect of the life. Finally, we undergo a refreshing energy re-set in which we let go of the emotions from the life. So basically we let go of the physical body, mental body and emotional body associated with that personality. After that, we are able to regain our memory of previous lives and also have clear visibility of the lives to come (or at least planned to come, subject to change).

  16. Gives me trippy vibes haha, really good explanation, a guestion i have is when we come together as one do we remember the lives we lived and still can see our friends and family, is it like heaven?

    • Yes, we do remember the lives we’ve lived. Everything is stored forever in the cosmic memory banks. It’s just that we no longer identify with them so strongly.

      “Our friends and family” is a human perspective. We see and meet all of our soul mates between all lives, not just at the end of reincarnation.

      Our soul mates are not just our Earthly friends and family; they are also our Earthly enemies and rivals. We play different roles with each other in different lifetimes for the sake of exploring all possible experiences.

  17. Hi! Great insight you have there! But I’d like to mention my opinion if you do not mind, I believe that the moment one enters the 7th stage which is the last stage and full enlightenment as well as going into nirvana as the buddha has said, we never go back. It is because if I am correct, we become nothing and we become the universe spread out like space itself, therefore the only time we choose to come back and help others continuously is only when we are in the 6th stage, so no I believe we do not restart the cycle and we never go back again. We would not have that choice, unless as consciousness we choose to disperse ourselves and go back to stage one, I believe it is how new souls come about. Therefore saying that after the final stage we still come back is like a never ending samsara, because we would still have choice. So after nirvana there is no choice. I hope you provide more accurate information because inaccurate information can be very misleading to people and cause others confusion. I’m sorry if what I said has offended you. But as our last stage comes, the cycle stops therefore there should not be a choice to reincarnate again or else it would be a never ending cycle. Thank you once again for the knowledge shared. Bless you.

    • I simply provide the most accurate information I know. Buddhism, like all ancient religions and philosophies, is riddled with dogmas and doctrines. Buddhists tend to frame all of physical existence as a terrible lapse of consciousness into the grip of illusory form. This is a human misunderstanding. The phrase ‘never ending cycle’ implies that existence per se is a bad thing, something that is best avoided and escaped from. But this is not why we play the game of life. And we do play the game of life willingly and consciously.

  18. My question is now can we see god(our creator) after 7th incarnation??? And what really happens to the soul after 7th reincarnation , if the soul didn’t choose to reincarnate???where will the soul go???

    • Look around you now. Everything you see is God. Hard to believe? Look into the eyes of another human being and see the divine there. Or look in the mirror and see the face of God looking back at you. The idea that the divine is a separate person from the rest of us is not valid, just a human idea. After every lifetime, when we die, we get to see the full Light of the divine in all its glory — everywhere. That Light is ultimately all that is; it’s just harder to see while we are in physical form, but it is possible to feel it as ordinary love.

      Souls that do not choose to reincarnate simply stay in the Light, which is our eternal Home before, between and after all of our human lives.

    • Barry where is the divinity in the eyes of a killer? in the eyes of a child starving? where is the divine in war and all thats evil in this world?

  19. What religion is this? Hindu?
    It is fascinating the way this religion explains the why of the things, but i also find it selfish to think of ourselves so high to think we are creators and a fragment of God and that we come into the world to live and experience joy and struggles just for the “thrill of it”(i read this on another article about reincarnation) or like someone said to learn. But if we are god why did we created the world, to evolve or improve ourselves? If we are god and did this for ourselves wouldnt that be selfish? Learning for what? Learning is a human need to adapt to changes to respond accordingly to events in life. Also the world will die some day every planet has a lifespam so does the sun so when one of them dies there will not be a world to reincarnate in anymore, what then? Are we just gonna roam in the light aimlessly?

  20. Here’s what I don’t get.. how is this all known to be true by you? I’m not saying I don’t somewhat believe it because it all makes perfect sense to me but I’m curious how you know it to be true?

  21. Completely hidden from view by your own fears and judgements.

    Like this answer. Also in the presence of love fear and negativity cannot exist. Also when I first discovered God, It because I started meditating.

  22. Barry. Serious Question. I too believe as you do. Mostly anyway. Most days. Here’s the ? Are there malevolent souls? (fragments, spirits).. I know it May sound dumb or ridiculous to some. The collective, Light, God., is Pure Love, Unity. In other words we are all Love. But I can’t seem to push past my human belief of “Without Darkness there is no light”. Good /Evil.. Yin/Yang… In my mind that is part of the challenge, task, learning. Or at least I think this a lot of the time. Thank you in advance for a serious, descriptive answer. I appreciate your insights, teaching.

    • Are there malevolent souls? As I understand it, no souls are permanently malevolent. Earth is the place where we come to experience the darkness, both in ourselves and in others. Some of us go completely off the rails into psychotic evil behaviour, and after a life may hang around some place in Earth for many years as a malevolent spirit. But even that gets boring after a while, and every soul eventually feels the urge to move on to something else, a new way of perceiving things. So there are souls who act malevolently, but they are not intrinsically malevolent, just temporarily stuck in their ways.

  23. I would rather not exist than be forced into a world of pain for growth purposes. I never want to be in a God Head or create. I would prefer to never exist before it comes to that.

  24. Buddha did not make a decision to re-incarnate. He chose to stick around on higher planes and be of help to us below. He ascended and continues to ascend to still higher levels. The Ascended Masters are dedicated to helping those of us on earth and to helping the planet evolve as well.

  25. You sound Depressed Ed. I too get that way. Always looking for the definitive answer, so i can then choose to make my “exit”.. Don’t want to get cast into a Lake of Fire.. But maybe just maybe our past live were so Good. That we asked for this incarnation to see the other side of life. The Horrible part of it. Feel Better Ed

  26. The only part about this that doesn’t sit right with me is losing my self awareness just so I can “think” as one. I can’t look at it in any other way but us just becoming mindless. I thought the point of this was to learn, gain joy, and experience things for yourself as a soul. I assumed being a conscious being was the purpose of this.

    • The self-awareness you currently have as a human being isn’t the pinnacle state of consciousness. After this life is over, your current sense of self as a person called ‘Lucia’ will become assimilated into a grander sense of self as an ancient soul who has lived many such lives, and learned an incredible amount from them, and contributed to the continuous expansion of all-that-is.

      Eventually, your sense of self will expand even further as your consciousness integrates with those who have been evolving alongside you, seemingly as separate souls, but who are in fact more like different branches of the same tree.

      Far from becoming mindless, it is a case of becoming ultra-conscious. The human mind tends to struggle with the thought of merging because it sounds like loss of individual existence, whereas in fact it’s just the loss of separation. The ego equates individual existence with separation, and is therefore threatened by the idea of union.

  27. Hello Dear,

    Your website touched my heart, thank you, I’ve been looking for a while for this. I know Abraham-hick’s teaching, Eckhart Tolle, Michel Bernard Beckwith, Hans Wilhelm and many others, and there teachings led me to here. I was born in a very religious Family following Christianity and I began questioning everything around 3 years ago, and here I am now loving what you are saying. It was very tough on me and still, but I’m still going forward because once I experienced and expansion in my consciousness and it lasted 3 months and since then I was searching everywhere to find out what happened to me and get it back.
    Anyway 🙂 I have many questions in my mind, I wish can sit with you to ask and listen.

    you mentioned in a previous comment the following ” Each of us is an instance of the universe waking up to the joy of existence ” , do you mean that the Creator, or the mass consciousness, or the presence as you call it , is not fully awaken? fully presence? fully conscious? is it trying to explore itself through us?

    Another question, you mentioned that we are creators, and life is what we make, is it the same as using the law of attraction? can we create with our thoughts even if we are at a young stage of soul development? if yes, why do we sometimes ask for something and get something completely different, most of the time we get something better than what we ask, but this means that it is not up to us to decide what we want.

    is anyone assisting me personally? like the creator or guardian angels?

    thank you, I hope this is not too much

    • Another question popped up in my head,

      When we finally merge with the source, will we be able to remember our past lives? do we lose our identity?

    • Nothing is ever lost from the universe, including memories of lives past. But if we merge with source then it is no longer a case of “our past lives” or “our identity” but of information available to source.

    • Hi Chris

      I’m finally getting around to answering your questions —

      “do you mean that the Creator, or the mass consciousness, or the presence as you call it , is not fully awaken? fully presence? fully conscious? is it trying to explore itself through us?”

      This is far-out metaphysics but here’s what I got from a lucid dream:

      Think of all-that-is as consisting of not just source/creator, but also the created, and the processes of continuous creation and continuous evolution. The whole lot is the Tao, the way, the eternal flow of existence. The aspect that is the source/creator is fully conscious in a non-dual sense (there is no ‘other’, or even ‘self’; it just is). And yet, being of infinite creative potential, it is continually bursting with new instances of consciousness. Each one that comes into existence has its own unique perspective on reality. It isn’t separate from its own source, but has its own subjective perspective that adds to the total consciousness of the universe.

      It also has a desire for unity, because dualistic existence feels isolating. There is a tension between the blissful ‘slumber’ of undivided oneness and the ‘thrill’ of branching out on one’s own, the journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-fulfilment. Any individual consciousness in any moment can either retreat back into blissful stillness, or evolve forwards into more active consciousness. We actually do this oscillation all the time, e.g. between sleep and waking, between astral life and physical life, between relaxing and working, ad so on. This to-and-fro is the fundamental pulse of life at every level.

      So the whole Tao is both creator and created, both stillness and movement, both silent oblivion and a whirlwind of glorious creation. And each of us is like a mini-me for the Tao, freely exploring every option. Each soul is creating itself, discovering itself, defining itself, and exploring its own possibilities. And just as there is a silent non-dual awareness at the centre of all creation, so there is within each of us the eternal silent core where we witness our existence and become increasingly aware.

      “you mentioned that we are creators, and life is what we make, is it the same as using the law of attraction? can we create with our thoughts even if we are at a young stage of soul development? if yes, why do we sometimes ask for something and get something completely different, most of the time we get something better than what we ask, but this means that it is not up to us to decide what we want.”

      As creators, we create our own experiences. We can do this consciously, but mostly we do it unconsciously.

      Just asking for something doesn’t create it, or attract it into our experience. When we ask for something we are not being creators, we are being needy victims of circumstances. We are assuming that our experiences are dictated by external forces (e.g., God), and we are begging for a favour. But that very assumption is what is operating as our creative force. Our experiences are manifestations of our assumptions, not our peeves or wishes.

      Young souls would love to create for themselves a life of fabulous wealth, but very few do so, at least consistently. This is because young souls tend to lack insight into their own goals and assumptions, and how those relate to their experiences. Young souls are totally committed to their own goals but aren’t so aware of their ability to change their goals — they just pursue whatever is uppermost in their minds. They do tend to assume that they deserve whatever they want (hence greater material success than baby or mature souls), but they also tend to assume that their failures are caused by outside forces working against them.

      Older souls are more aware of the fact that creation is really co-creation. They tend to know what they want and experience it, but what they want isn’t the same as what young souls want. It’s more a case of, “We are all cooperating in a massive co-creation, and I want to be more conscious of my part in it.”

      “is anyone assisting me personally? like the creator or guardian angels?”

      The entire universe is an assistive infrastructure acting on our behalf. You also have personal guides and soul mates who are “on your side” in terms of encouragement and helping you to focus on what you came to do in this life, without getting too distracted or sidetracked. They tend to contact you in the dream state, but you can make it more conscious if you so wish.

    • I don’t think we are *supposed* to experience it, but we *can* experience it if we so choose (or if someone – our guides – figure it would be good for us). I experienced it myself in 2014 (http://personalityspirituality.net/2014/09/14/dream-awakening-healing-initiation-michael/), and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. My understanding is that kundalini awakening is what happens when the incarnate soul in human form opens up to its own soul energy, or true nature. This is why people who have near-death experiences often experience it – they’ve experienced the fullness of their own soul energy. That energy is part of who/what we are and is always with us — we fully experience it between lives. It’s just hard to sustain within the limited human body and mind. When it happened to me, I managed it to be open to the full energy for two months.

  28. hi I like the way thing are said even though its a lot of a hardbrainer thing, reincarnation is still something hard for me to adknowledge, and so I’m really on the thinking of I do not know event though I’m really open and with no discrimination and also I like the way you talk you seem to bee very open and not someone to juste try to be right but more of someone that only puts on what and how hw sees things, I want to thank you on that.

    And so i’d like to know your point of you on that, I see you say the word soul, even though I understand it I prefer to say your (I) your essence put into action because soul has a meening of being the motor (also known as energy) of the body and so depending on what level whe talk about it we can says it dies with the body but still lives with the Tao because it has its print. But i’d like to know something

    And if you dont know the answer you can be really sincere I just want your point of you 🙂

    If lets say I have died and that I have integrated my highest self well wath happens when I’m in the Tao I’m Iiving like today where am I? I mean yes we live as one with the One (God) or Tao but is it as like a dream or on another level if I dont come back on earth do I still come back with a body on not just yet?

    dont know if its clear but I’d like to have some answers on this one

    thaks for everything have a great day

    • Hi Francis

      Q: “If, lets say I have died, and that I have integrated my highest self, what happens when I’m in the Tao, I’m Iiving like today where am I? I mean, yes we live as one with the One (God) or Tao, but is it as like a dream or on another level? if I dont come back on earth, do I still come back with a body on not just yet?”

      If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re asking about what it means if/when we finally transcend the limitations of ego or physical, human form (or form altogether) and exist in a state of unity with all-that-is. I get that you’re not sure about reincarnation, so I won’t dwell on that.

      As we sit here in our own physical form, and seeing around us a entire world of people and objects in physical form, it is hard for us to imagine that our true state is formless.

      We are essentially pure consciousness, and the universe is essentially pure energy, and our existence is the creative interplay of the two. Yet ultimately there is no separation or distinction between consciousness and energy. There is no point at which you stop and the universe around you begins. It only seems that way while we are perceiving things in physical form.

      That’s not to say that our true formless state is like a vacuum, and there is nothing to see or experience around us. When we realise the fullness of our highest self, we experience “self” and “other” and “universe” as a single but infinitely varied flow of experiences — a massive, rich, constant co-creation of experiences, all created out of “nothing” … by “everything”.

      For a once-lost consciousness to realise (remember) all this is marvellous and enlightening. But then a fully realised consciousness also comes to appreciate the nature of the cosmic “game”, what the Tao is playing at, the sheer thrill of the One becoming many and losing itself in the realm of form in an infinite number of dreams, only to wake up again after another round of experiences…

      I’m not sure if I’m answering the question you had in mind, but feel free to ask more.

  29. ya like the main question is that if I do not want to go back on earth even though I could like jesus, what happens next? I’m living in the universe but by being detached but with the hole as a consciousness. Because what I understand is that the soul needs a body to express itself and so when the body dies the soul just “dies ” actually detaches and goes back like a droplet in the ocean in the HOLE, but what do you do up there? DO you still have a new body or the same only pure ? I’m just questionning without jugement just trying to see point of views I like the way you take things without jugement and this is what I want, LOVE and harmony.

    thank you again and have a great day…

    • Ah, the perils of answering comments/questions one at a time in sequence without checking ahead…!

      The universe is teeming with an infinite variety of worlds, both physical and non-physical, which we can choose to experience at will.

      (As an aside – the Earth is said to be the toughest – the physical separation here is so brutal that we completely lose sight of our true nature … until we begin to see through the separation.)

      Between lives, or in the realm of light to which we return after this life, the reality we experience there isn’t bound by the laws of physics as it is in the material universe, but is bound only by our imaginations. The astral plane is like an artist’s studio, and we are the artists. The soul has the power to express itself through any body-form it wishes, and in any environment it wishes. You could compare to the holo-deck on Star Trek.

      That’s not to suggest that each of us lives out eternity in a separate private fantasy bubble of our own creation. There is no such isolation. Rather, like-minded souls will come together in environments of their own choosing and design.

      Those of us who are experiencing human lives will tend to adopt a human-like image to represent ourselves to others – not a physical form, but a visual semblance of the human form. If, for example, you want to appear like a cowboy with a big moustache, you can do exactly that. And we will tend to gather in Earth-like environments, or rather visual recreations of Earth-like places. (Greek temples seem to be a common choice.)

      Even when we drop all visual form, however, each of us retains our individuality, the product of our unique history of experiences and choices. Each of us is conscious light with its own unique energy ‘signature’.

  30. Barry, you mentioned that you remember some of your past lives. I remember mine too. Some have come to me all at once in tremendous visions, and one in particular was so powerful that the moment I remembered it, I knew my life’s purpose was to channel it into a trilogy. At the time, more than a decade ago, I was terrible at prose, but I made it my mission to improve so I would be an appropriate vessel through which this vision could emerge into the world. I have some guesses, but I have yet to fully understand why it needs to come here. I am a trauma survivor who lost everything – a lifelong musician and singer with a young career, stripped of my voice by the illness which nearly killed me- and I feel these losses and traumas, so early in my life, served a purpose, to jump start my journey to delivering this story and allow me more time.
    The story, in its entirety, covers two different lifetimes, several centuries apart. Each story contains myself and my soulmate, who I dreamed of and recognized during this lifetime upon meeting, and who I am now married to. Our genders switched in the past lives, but our archetypes are exactly the same.
    The clarity with which I perceived this vision is tremendous. I have met several people from the story, down to the nuance – – leaving no ambiguity about this being the same soul. My husband is one of them. I also envisioned three humanoid species on an Earth-like planet, and soon after the vision initially came to me, I ran into an old friend of my brother’s and felt compelled to reveal it to him – only to find out he was a linguist, 18 years old, and had already created several languages for a planet containing three similar species. We had both ‘recalled’ very similar concepts for each of the species, and as we work together to build the world over the years, we both experience the process as ‘remembering and channeling’ rather than strictly creating, and considering we keep discovering similar ideas even while living across the globe and sometimes not speaking for up to a year, the ‘memory’ process is self-evident.
    The planets I remember are both Earth like, but each has its own form of tangible magic which is more accessible than it is here for various reasons. My friend remembers only one of the two, but my husband finds both familiar.
    So my question is this: are your past life memories limited to Earth, and do you have ideas about whether people can journey to different planets to live out their soul’s growth patterns? I have intuited, learned or discovered many of the same ideas you have presented in these articles, so I am especially curious whether you have also remembered life on other planets.

    • Question #2:
      In your experience, does it appear that time is linear, or is that human perception? In other words, could my next life take place in 152BC?

    • Well, time certainly appears linear in my (human) experience, but that doesn’t mean it actually is! As I understand it, time always seems like a one-way tunnel to us while we are perceiving things via the physical body: a three-dimensional sensory system cannot perceive the fourth dimension in any other way. But from the soul’s perspective between lives (… or on a mind-expanding drug…), time is more like a vast tapestry of interwoven possibilities; all possibilities exist and can be seen at once; some are more probable than others; but only some possibilities become actualities — the things we experience in physical life as objective events.

      When you say “could my next life take place in 152 BC?”, you are asking from the linear human perspective, but from the soul’s perspective I suspect that all lives are already “visible” on the tapestry of time. I don’t pretend to understand how it works non-linearly, but perhaps you decide to raise the probability of that possible life to the level of an actuality. From the human perspective, you must have made that decision over two thousand years ago, but from the soul’s perspective, its all “now”.

    • Q: are your past life memories limited to Earth, and do you have ideas about whether people can journey to different planets to live out their soul’s growth patterns? I have intuited, learned or discovered many of the same ideas you have presented in these articles, so I am especially curious whether you have also remembered life on other planets.

      A: While almost all of us here appear to be committed to the human species, I don’t think there’s anything to stop a soul or group of souls from choosing to switch from one planet/species to another, and back again. It’s a free universe! That said, I personally don’t have any recollections of other planets – my glimpses of past lives are limited to human beings in the last few centuries. But there’s also the possibility of recalling previous ‘grand cycles’, where one grand cycle is the completion of the whole journey from infant soul to old soul and beyond — according to some channels, most of us have done about a dozen of these before our current one, all on different planets.

    • Barry, thank you for your reply. Much appreciated. Your thoughts here are similar to my own intuitions and speculations.
      I have known since a young age that I was an old soul- not only because so many people told me, but also for so many other reasons. My eyes in my earliest pictures as an infant possess the penetrating stare you describe, leaving this unambiguous to others, though I personally don’t seek confirmation since it is obvious to me. I am touched by your work and find the descriptions ring true for my own experience, down to the detachment, and my ambition being about delivering a message from the cosmos rather than making it big ‘for myself.’ Based on your descriptions I’d place myself at the earlier incarnations rather than the later ones among old souls. Thank you for these articles and for responding.

  31. Hi Barry
    I am Anush Bisht .
    I had been very intrested in Michael teachings.

    The only thing I didn’t understood totally is when they say about hybrid archetypes .
    Please explain them
    If you know about them.
    Also tell me about preist/warrior archetype.

    • Hi Anush

      There are no hybrids exactly. There are the seven archetypal essence types (king, warrior, etc.), but each of those will have other archetypal influences based on their “casting” (the order of creation — see http://personalityspirituality.net/articles/the-michael-teachings/casting-your-place-in-the-cosmos/ ).

      For example, I am a Scholar, but my casting number is 5 (the 5th cast in a group of 7), which is equivalent to the Sage archetype, so I’m a 5th-cast Scholar or Sage-y Scholar.

      So a Priest/Warrior is presumably a Priest-cast (6th-cast) Warrior, or possibly a Warrior-cast (3rd-cast) Priest, depending upon which is meant to be the primary essence type and which is the casting influence.

      A Priest-cast Warrior would be inspired and inspirational in how they express their Warrior strength and confrontation.
      A Warrior-cast Priest would be strong and confrontational in how they express their Priestly inspiration to serve a higher good.

      I hope that makes sense!

  32. Hello Barry,
    First, I would like to say how grateful I am to stumble across your teachings. I have indeed felt very lost, and your explanations have felt extremely viable and have started to give me hope. A little background might be helpful, I am uncomfortable saying some of this, but I feel it is necessary to understand my position. At an early age going forward I had many issues of sexual/mental/emotional abuse, as well as my mom being murdered while in my early 20’s. Most of my family expected me to be a drug addict or dead by now as they just couldn’t understand me surviving through my past.

    Of course, my will to survive and thrive is strong, and I did just that. But, I’ve come to the conclusion that I do not want to reincarnate again, as I am terrified of living another life like this. I would like to just stay in the Light or happiness afterwards, and wish to not come back. From what you said, we make this decision for the most part, and this can be possible.

    The problem(s) are, if I am unable to forgive my mothers murderer, will I be forced to reincarnate again? I have been through much therapy and have come to terms with this reality. I do not like this man, but I do not spend time thinking/concentrating or sending any energy his way. I choose to remember my mom as her cheerful, kind, beautiful self.

    Perhaps these encounters have made me overly empathetic, but it literally hurts my heart to look around and see the pain in the world, the suffering of others will literally bring me to tears. It almost seems impossible to fix it, as greed and evil have become so intertwined and mainstream, it seems to go unnoticed the impact of corruption in our lives. In this light, I am trying to understand the statement:

    “Completely hidden from view by your own fears and judgements.”

    As it relates to this pain. I am unable to wrap my head around it’s meaning. Also:

    “As I understand it, no souls are permanently malevolent. Earth is the place where we come to experience the darkness, both in ourselves and in others.”

    What I am understanding is, that those who do abhorrent things in life are not intrinsically evil, but they will be reincarnated again and again until they figure out the concepts of Truth, Love, and Unity. Does this mean there is no “hell”, and what if humankind is unable to learn this process? Or maybe my perception of all of this is skewed and needs to be corrected. I just honest to God want good things for everyone on earth, and to do away with this pain and suffering already.

    Thank you in advance for your objectivity and kindness. It is truly appreciated.

    • Hi Cassie

      I can well understand the strength of your feeling, and admire your will to survive. (I think Mode of Perseverance is a given.)

      No-one is forced to reincarnate again. No soul is forced to do anything.

      But the soul usually has much greater perspective and wisdom than its human personalities, so choices such as whether or not to reincarnate may be viewed quite differently between lives.

      If you had no resistance whatsoever to the thought of coming back, that would be a sign of having learned all the lessons. Resistance means there is more to go. One lesson, for example, might be to see and accept the suffering of others without it upsetting you. You, as a soul, may also decide that it is in your best interest to incarnate again in order to learn (say) forgiveness.

      The desire to not come back after a difficult childhood is understandable but, from the soul’s perspective, a bit like a child’s desire not to go back to school after a particularly difficult day. This desire is springing from your human perspective of the experience, which is filtered by human fear and the ego’s sense of separation, as opposed to from the soul’s panoramic perspective which sees the unifying love and perfection driving the whole thing.

      In your case, your higher self (which is simply You minus the filters of your human body, mind, personality and ego) knew perfectly well what it was doing and probably knew all along that it would survive the ordeal one way or another.

      Negative childhood experiences are often set up by us so that we have the understanding and motivation to do something positive as a result. For example, you appear to be developing a deep sense of support for the downtrodden and a desire to bring goodness into this world.

      What I am understanding is, that those who do abhorrent things in life are not intrinsically evil, but they will be reincarnated again and again until they figure out the concepts of Truth, Love, and Unity.

      Yes — but it’s not that they “will be reincarnated”; rather, they will choose to reincarnate, again and again. It will be clear to them from their soul perspective that they have behaved abhorrently. That simply motivates them to come right back and do better.

      Does this mean there is no “hell”, and what if humankind is unable to learn this process?

      Indeed, there is no hell — apart from whatever we perceive as hell on Earth … which is precisely why we come here. Souls come to Earth because it is the only place where negativity (evil, hostility, corruption) exists, or at least seems to exist, in equal measure alongside positivity, which is the inherent nature (goodness, love, unity) of all that is.

      We can spend as much time as we like in positive universal perfection between lives. We then return to Earth precisely in order to experience negativity within ourselves, or to witness it being demonstrated by others, and thereby choose our own way of dealing with it in order to expand our own perceptions towards greater wisdom and compassion.

      Human beings exist within a duality of equal parts negativity and positivity. The negative side (the dark side of the Force, if you like) appeals to younger souls who are learning to exercise personal power, but are still ignorant of the consequences for others. This world is the only place where a soul may choose to experience negativity in order to learn of its own power, such as the power to abuse others — or the pain of being abused.

      We all want to do what’s right, according to our level of perception. Even those who do ‘evil’ feel that they are doing what’s ‘right’, at least for themselves, or for God, or whatever is the real value of life as far as they can perceive it. For example, Hitler felt that he was doing what was right — within his own very limited perceptions, being a Baby soul. Ridding the world of what he judged to be undesirable sub-humans seemed to him to be a valid mission. Having become locked into that mindset, the staggering cruelty, horror and inhumanity of it all was lost on him.

      The conflicting energies here on Earth allow each of us to make choices as to how we live and what we are going to create as our own reality. Everything occurring in our Earth lives is an opportunity for us to make decisions about whether to amplify the negative by resisting or fighting what is going on, or to amplify the positive by accepting it as a lesson in wisdom, and to find the positive aspects within the event.

      It is natural for you to want to experience only the positive for yourself and others, as you are increasingly in touch with your true nature. You have the freedom to make of your past experiences what you will, and to choose your current focus of experience, and how that plays out in future.

      I hope this helps


  33. Hi, Barry. I have a few questions myself pertaining to this thread. (1) So is the purpose of creation/life God wanting to experience? (2) If our goal is to uncover and portray the glory of God within us on this planet, does that mean we are, essentially, unrealized God wrapped in flesh? (3) Once God-realized, the ego is gone, the drop in the ocean then becomes (realizes) the ocean it really is, aren’t we absorbed since God is undivided? (4) So once God eventually realizes itself via countless human reincarnations containing pain and suffering, is all of that simply for God’s experience? I know I am probably missing some major big picture issues, so I would greatly appreciate your input! Thanks so much!

    • Hi Kim

      (1) Yes, the creator’s purpose in creating sentience is to explore the infinite possibilities of experience through free will.

      (2) Yes, we are essentially individualised sparks of the divine itself.

      (3) No, the aim of evolving in consciousness isn’t for the individual to disappear back into the source, never to be heard of again. The aim is for the individual to become able to consciously experience unity & divinity in whatever way as he/she chooses. (See #1)

      (4) Pain and suffering are not sought or required by the creator, but are created inadvertently by souls while they lack awareness of their true nature. But even this is part of the bigger picture. Souls come into human form precisely to experience the possibility of making negative choices, and to experience the consequences of negative choices. Every soul’s purpose is to learn from this choosing again and again in order to finally understand who they are as a divine being (in human form). In the earliest incarnations this understanding is completely absent, and many souls will create experiences that may seem like hell on Earth. The more that understanding emerges, the more they can use their positive creative abilities to make their own version of heaven on Earth. Just as a difficult childhood can motivate someone to be successful in later life, the darkness of earlier incarnations is what drives the joy to come in later incarnations.

      Hope that helps!

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