How can I speed up my evolution or skip levels in order to stop reincarnating?

It is neither possible nor desirable to skip levels or lessons. It’s like asking ‘If I skip classes will I graduate sooner?’

While many people think that evolving as quickly as possible has some sort of merit, this is not the case. Neither our souls nor the divine cares how quickly we evolve from stage A to stage B. Evolution is a process, not a finishing post.

We are all very eager to evolve, but as souls we do not mind how long it takes in terms of physical time. We evolve only by going deeply into the process, not by somehow jumping out of the process. We can accelerate, or decelerate, or pause, whenever we like. But the sense of needing or wanting to hurry up is purely a function of human fear and illusion within the perceptual limitations of time. The soul’s awareness is unaffected by time.

(I would also add that this is where I think the spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen was barking up the wrong tree for decades. The idea that there is some URGENT NEED to evolve RIGHT NOW springs entirely from human fears and misconceptions, and has no meaning from a spiritual standpoint. I once did a cheeky sendup of Cohen’s conversations with Ken Wilber, which went down well with some of Cohen’s followers, though not with Cohen himself.)

7 thoughts on “How can I speed up my evolution or skip levels in order to stop reincarnating?

  1. Perhaps people want to speed evolution up, and Andrew wants us to evolve right now, because they want the world to be a better place. I’d be generous and say there’s a worthy compassionate impulse behind that.

    It’s a little bit depressing to think that in the year 3000, to use simplistic stereotypes of the soul ages, there’ll still be lots of baby souls blowing buildings up, young souls making zillions of dollars while crashing the economy, and mature souls having freak outs over something insensitive that somebody said to someone!

    I understand that from the perspective of eternity a million years of incarnation is just fine. But humans have always had an idea of paradise, a hope that one day the world will be peaceful and harmonious. I think that wishing for that is good and enlightened too.

    • Why depressing? You’ve only focused on the negative poles of the Baby, Young and Mature soul ages, but there’s equal chance that they’ll all be in the positive poles – Baby souls living peacefully in quiet religious communities, enterprising Young souls competing to create the most amazing technology (medicine, spaceflight), empathetic Mature souls now in the majority ensuring global peace and harmonious relations.

  2. I feel stuck like someone who is playing a video game and cannot get past a certain point in it or like the main character of the film Groundhog Day who relives the same day at least thousands of times. I have been feeling like this for almost a year (although my soul may have had this feeling for a longer time). Now I fear I can never finish my evolution and always reincarnate to the same point, being unable to learn my lessons.

    • That’s been my challenge too. I don’t like suffering and want to master letting go of it and be a peace more then anything. I get inpatient with the slow process, especially when it involves suffering.

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