What information do you get in a Michael reading?

You can ask Michael (via one of the channels) pretty much anything, but the best place to start is to ask for an overview of your own soul and personality characteristics.

This is known as a “Michael reading chart”, or an “overleaves chart”, or an “essence and personality profile”. The word “overleaves” refers to everything that isn’t part of your eternal essence, but overlays your essence as you reincarnate as a human personality. So a personal reading/chart is a description of your eternal soul or essence plus your current-life personality or overleaves.

It will usually include at least the following items:

  • Your essence role (= soul type)
  • Your soul’s age and level (stage of reincarnation)
  • Your soul’s casting (cosmic position)
  • Your essence twin and task companion (soul mates)
  • Your goal
  • Your mode
  • Your attitude
  • Your centering
  • Your chief feature(s)
  • Your body type

The profile is usually given as a verbal description, though it could also be in the form of a table showing where you are within each aspect of essence and personality.

For example:

  • Role: Scholar
  • Age: mature
  • Level: 5
  • Casting:
    • position: 5
    • row / cadence 1
    • block/ greater cadence: 1
    • side: (Truth/Love-Energy)
    • raw number (nnn)
    • entity: 3
    • cadre: 1
    • greater cadre:42
    • cadre group or energy ring
    • greater cadre group
    • pod/node: 408
  • Essence Twin: Scholar, incarnating in next decade, mentoring agreement planned
  • Task Companion: Artisan,currently incarnate but no plans to meet in this life.
  • Goal: Growth
  • Mode: Perseverance
  • Attitude: Idealist
  • Centre: Emotional (Moving part)
  • Chief features: Impatience + Self-Deprecation

Explanation of terms used

Fragment: Another word for you or any other individual as a soul, one that is still evolving. Often a reading will use this way of describing you in the third-person (“This fragment is a Mature Scholar …” ) rather than refer to you directly in the second-person (“You are a Mature Scholar…”).

Role: Your soul’s archetypal nature, or soul type, also known as role in essence. Example: “This fragment is a Priest soul.”  The options are: King, Priest, Sage, Scholar, Warrior, Artisan, Server/Slave.

Soul Age / Level: Your soul age is your current stage or cycle of evolvement along the journey of reincarnation, from Infant soul to Old soul. Each stage usually takes one or two thousand years to complete. Often a reading will include your soul’s current level (1st to 7th) within  that cycle. This represents a specific step within the 35 steps of soul evolution. Example: “This fragment is a 2nd-level Mature soul.” (The 2nd level of the Mature cycle is step 23 out of 35)

Casting: The relative positions of souls within their own soul families or groups, as well as the position of groups within larger networks. (A concept somewhat similar to birth order, but applied at multiple levels.) The Source or Tao “casts” itself into vast networks of evolving consciousness. Each soul is a specific individual “node” within the “network”.

Casting adds to each soul’s archetypal energy, giving it a unique place in the cosmos as well as a particular energy “signature”. A soul’s primary energy is defined by its archetypal role in essence, but  casting influences how that is expressed. These influences can be visualised as concentric circles around the soul. The innermost circle represents the soul’s own group; the soul’s position within its group is the strongest casting influence. The outer levels of casting have gradually less influence.

The casting positions (1st-7th) correlate with the seven archetypal energies:

1st: Server

2nd: Artisan

3rd: Warrior

4th: Scholar

5th: Sage

6th: Priest

7th: King

(No position or influence is “better” thank any other.)

In a Michael reading, casting information is generally given as a set of numbers starting with the soul’s own position (1st-7th) in its group (or “cadence”). Next is the group’s position 1st-7th within its larger group (“greater cadence”). Another key influence is the position 1st-7th of the soul’s entire collective (“entity”) within its entity group. So for example: 5-1-7 would mean “This fragment’s casting is the 5th/Sage position within its cadence, which is the 1st/Server-cast cadence of its greater cadence, and is in a 7th/King-cast entity.”



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