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Hi, I’m Barry. I’m a psychologist exploring the hidden depths of human nature. 

Combining psychology and spirituality with a wealth of personal experience, my aim is to inform, inspire and occasionally entertain anyone who has ever wondered … “Who am I?”

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In my twenties I would laugh in the face of anyone who had any kind of spiritual, religious, supernatural or paranormal beliefs. I thought I had it all figured out. … A turning point for me was a direct experience of my essence, my real innermost being, in 1991.

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Latest blog posts:

Insight into good states

9 April 2007 Often when I achieve a high, good state, I wonder how on earth I got into it…

A difficult time

8 March 2007 Whoa — a lot’s been happening this year. Basically my dad had an operation that left him…

Ups and downs

18 October 2006 I’ve read the second abraham book (The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intention) and am nearly finished the…

“Getting” what I want

23 September 2006 My energy is still great as a result of meditating and allowing – I mean, really great.…

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Enlightenment Intensives

Enlightenment Intensives ~ A 3-day process of awakening to the truth of who we really are. Highly recommended.

The Michael Teachings

The Michael Teachings ~ A comprehensive framework linking human personality and life events to spirituality and soul evolution.


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