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Hi, I’m Barry. I’m a psychologist exploring the hidden depths of human nature. 

Combining psychology and spirituality with a wealth of personal experience, my aim is to inform, inspire and occasionally entertain anyone who has ever wondered … “Who am I?”

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In my twenties I would laugh in the face of anyone who had any kind of spiritual, religious, supernatural or paranormal beliefs. I thought I had it all figured out. … A turning point for me was a direct experience of my essence, my real innermost being, in 1991.

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Children with past life memories wanted for TV

Are you a parent whose child has experienced past life memories? Has your child ever mentioned memories of another life?

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The Center for Michael Teachings announces the release of print versions of the original Michael transcripts from the 1970s —…

Peter Higgs – the reincarnation of Isaac Newton?

Prof. Higgs, theoretical physicist known for the Higgs Field and the Higgs Boson

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Enlightenment Intensives

Enlightenment Intensives ~ A 3-day process of awakening to the truth of who we really are. Highly recommended.

The Michael Teachings

The Michael Teachings ~ A comprehensive framework linking human personality and life events to spirituality and soul evolution.


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