New book explores ‘The Lennon-Brontë Connection’

The Lennon-Bronte Connection

The Lennon-Brontë Connection is the follow-up to All You Need is Love. That was the book in which an ordinary Canadian health-care worker, Jewelle St James, shared her extraordinary search for the truth behind her inexplicable grief after the death of John Lennon … and her discovery of a past life in seventeenth-century England.

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The Swiss mystic and his big Red Book: the secret world of Carl G Jung

As Carl Jung’s mysterious masterpiece, The Red Book, is finally published, a new biography portrays the psychologist as a modern-day mystic.

Carl Jung For much of his life, pioneering psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875–1961) presented himself to the world as a rational, no-nonsense scientist. If he appeared to have any interest in mysticism or the occult, it was purely academic: just a way to help him understand the symbolism appearing in his patients’ dreams.

In truth, however, Jung was every inch the modern mystic.

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Groundbreaking study of near-death experiences by renowned cardiologist

A Dutch hospital cardiologist’s best-selling study of NDEs is now available in English.

From 1977 to 2003, Dr. Pim van Lommel (b.1943) worked as a cardiologist at the Rijnstate Hospital, an 800-bed teaching hospital in Arnhem in the Netherlands. He published several professional papers on cardiology, and, in September 2006, he received a Life Time Achievement Award at the World Congress on Clinical and Preventive Cardiology in New Delhi.

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Lovers’ reincarnation story told in new book: ‘Lifetimes Ago’

Lifetimes Ago: A love story inspired from past life memories, by Susie Schecter

(published by iUniverse, March 15, 2010)

Susie Schecter is a writer and teacher based in Orange County, California. In 2001, she and her new boyfriend experienced several “meaningful coincidences” around the start of their relationship. “This feels like it was meant to be,” he said. They decided to turn to hypnotic past life regression to uncover whether they were soul mates or if they had ever met in another life.

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Your Soul’s Plan [book review]


Your Soul’s Plan

Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

Robert Schwartz (Frog Ltd, 2009)

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Why is life so hard?

Why do we have to suffer?

Why do very bad things sometimes happen to very good people?

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