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Enlightenment Intensives

If you have ever wanted to experience for yourself a moment of genuine spiritual awakening, or if you simply want to know who you truly are, then an Enlightenment Intensive could be for you. Highly recommended.

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New Year Enlightenment Intensive

The best way to start a New Year: in touch with deepest Truth.

A standard 3-day Enlightenment Intensive + ½ day of integration.

Location: Bath, England

Dates: 29 Dec 2015 -2 Jan 2016

Further information:

a d v e r t i s e m e n t


Goals:  The driving force of the personality

Modes:  Your way of doing life

Attitudes:  Your way of viewing life


Soul types: The seven roles in Essence

Casting – your place in the cosmos

Reincarnation:  The 35 steps of soul evolution

Reincarnation: Case studies

Highly rated

The seven soul types: What do they look like?

In search of harmony: A life-between-lives regression

Dark, satanic mills: A past life regression

Reincarnation: the 35 steps of soul evolution

Michael Jackson - the reincarnation of Mozart?

John Lennon – the reincarnation of Branwell Brontë?

Recommended book

Spiritual Turning Points

A Metaphysical Perspective of the Seven Life Transitions

Amazon link


Victoria Marina-Tompkins


Xlibris, Corp. (January 25, 2011)

A groundbreaking look at the Seven Life Transitions --

  • Birth
  • the Terrible Twos
  • Adolescence
  • Mid-life Crisis
  • Life Review
  • Dying
  • Death

-- through the lens of the Michael Teachings, Shamanism and Astrology.

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Spiritual Turning Points


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a d v e r t i s e m e n t