Michael Jackson – the reincarnation of Mozart?

In a book written in the 1970s, it was stated matter-of-factly that the young pop star Michael Jackson was the reincarnation of the musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And it now seems that MJ himself may have believed this to be the case. Could it be true? If so, then it appears that this soul has for some reason relived a very similar life pattern.

At first glance, they are very different people. Mozart was Austrian, born January 27, 1756 in Salzburg. Jackson was an African American, born August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. Nevertheless, the similarities in their life histories are quite striking:

  • Both were born the seventh child in a very musical family.
  • Both were musically talented from a very early age. Mozart had mastered his first keyboard piece just before his fifth birthday; he was the toast of Viennese society by age 7 and soon became a child star all over Europe. By age 8 Jackson had already taken over singing lead vocals in the Jackson 5. He was deemed a prodigy with “overwhelming musical gifts”.
  • Both missed out on a normal childhood, spending the entire time immersed in a punishing regime of practicing, touring and performing, all imposed by a strict father. Mozart’s father believed that it was his God-given duty to exhibit his talented children throughout Europe, giving at least one performance a day, though this almost cost the boy his life on several occasions. Michael Jackson was physically, verbally and emotionally abused by his father from a young age, enduring beatings and even whippings. However, he also credited his father’s strict discipline as playing a large part in his success.
  • Both later fell out with their father and went their own way. Mozart’s ambivalent attitude towards his father continued to dominate his private and professional life as an adult.
  • Despite periods of great financial success, both were prone to extravagant over-spending and later struggled with debt.
  • Both maintained a child-like personality in adulthood.
  • Both enjoyed dressing flamboyantly and keeping a variety of pets.

Spot The Similarity

I initially thought there would be little or no physical similarity between Mozart and Jackson. However, I read that Mozart was described as small, thin and pale with large, intense eyes and a soft speaking voice which could be very powerful when required. All the same could easily be said of Michael Jackson. Bear in mind also Michael Jackson’s penchant for flamboyant 18th century European-style costumes…

I also then learned that Michael Jackson used a very intriguing alias when he contributed a song (Happy Birthday, Lisa) to an episode of The Simpsons. The writing credit for the song is given to one W. A. Mozart!

So, all this inspired me to gather some pictures of the two and make some direct comparisons. Obviously, there are racial differences: Mozart was Caucasian, Jackson was African American. Moreover, Jackson’s face was altered substantally over the years by his plastic surgery. Nevertheless, I believe there is a very similar quality or “feel”—like it really is the same soul looking out of both pairs of eyes. See what you think.

Mozart and Michael Jackson in childhood.

W A Mozart and M Jackson

In the picture below, Michael’s nose appears to have been airbrushed — possibly by the record company at the time to make him look less “black”. A sign of things to come, weirdly.

W A Mozart and M Jackson

Mozart/MJ (3)

Mozart - Michael Jackson 2 500

This alleged death mask of Mozart (below) was found in 1947. Mozart died at the age of 35, possibly from complications stemming from strep throat. A panel of experts concluded in February 2000 that Mozart died of natural causes. Interestingly, in light of Michael Jackson’s death, some have pointed to malpractice on the part of Mozart’s physician, Dr. Nikolaus Closset (see comment below by LisaG). According to Wikipedia:

A suggestion is that Mozart died as a result of his hypochondria and his predilection to taking patent medicines containing antimony. In his final days, this was compounded by further prescriptions of antimony to relieve the fever he clearly suffered.

Mozart's death mask (actually a copy found in 1947)

Here (below) is a comparison between the death mask and a weirdly similar 3D scan of MJ’s face. Apparently, this 3D facial scan was made at Michael’s behest in 1996, when he was 37 years old. (The actual scan data was recently put up for auction on eBay for $1.5m!) Mozart was a lot chubbier than MJ, but the underlying structure and general “tone” look very similar.

Below, the death mask is compared with pictures of MJ around the same age. Note how the features are in very close alignment — the corners of the mouth, for example. Notice also the way the chin is asymmetrical in both cases. (MJ’s later augmentation of his chin removed this asymmetry.) Aside from Michael’s reshaped nose and eyebrows, the basic facial geometry looks identical.

I promise you this doesn’t work so neatly with, say, Bach or Beethoven! (Or, for that matter, with the face of, let’s say, John Lennon.)

So, if this apparent reincarnation from Mozart to Michael Jackson is valid, then this one soul has managed to become both the greatest musical composer the world has ever known and the most popular musical entertainer on the planet.


Other lives in-between?

What about between the lives of Mozart and Michael Jackson?

According to various channels, in terms of the soul/personality classificatory system used in the Michael teachings, Mozart was a “3rd level Mature soul” and MJ was a “5th level Mature soul”. Incidentally, their soul type was originally said to be Sage [in Messages From Michael], but the consensus now is that this is an Artisan soul. Michael Jackson has recently been channelled (via both Holly Coleman and Troy Tolley) to be a Mature Artisan soul with, during this life, a goal of Acceptance, a Spiritualist attitude and a mode of Passion, and with the chief feature of Self-deprecation and possibly Self-destruction. He also had “a very etheric, frail Solar/Neptune body type with high female energy.”

Anyway, the terms 3rd level Mature and 5th level Mature refer to stages in a soul’s evolutionary development. In each soul’s path of reincarnation it passes through five major evolutionary stages, much as human beings grow into adulthood: (1) Infant soul, (2) Baby soul, (3) Young soul, (4) Mature soul and (5) Old soul. So “Mature” describes a soul in the 4th stage.

Now each stage consists of seven distinct growth steps (making 35 steps in all — see table below). Each level of growth involves a unique learning experience, and that learning experience requires a whole lifetime to set up, undergo and assimilate. In fact, it often takes two, three or four lifetimes to complete a single step.

35 steps

So, if this is the same soul, then it went through the third level of the Mature soul stage as Mozart (step 24) and later it went through the fifth level of that stage as Michael Jackson (step 26; incidentally, I’m at exactly the same step). In which case, there must have been at least one life in-between when the soul underwent the fourth level. So it seems likely that in the 167 years between Mozart’s death in 1791 and Michael Jackson’s birth in 1958, the same soul would have incarnated at least once.

Eston Hemings Jefferson

I have recently come across the work of past-life researcher Walter Semkiw who consults a spirit guide through well-known medium Kevin Ryerson. Semkiw has enquired into the past lives of Michael Jackson. Although the Mozart connection was not confirmed, Semkiw has also been told (through Ryerson) that Michael Jackson had a nineteenth-century incarnation in the USA. On this occasion, the soul had been “a highly talented and well-known mulatto musician” who was “a son of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings.”

Sally Hemings was in fact an African-American slave owned by Thomas Jefferson, the U.S. President. It was widely claimed at the time that President Jefferson fathered several children with her after his wife’s death. (Sally Heming’s descendants can still be found today.) Eston Hemings (1808-1856) was the youngest of these, and most historians now believe that Jefferson was indeed his father.

Eston Hemings, born a slave, was granted freedom at the age of twenty-one by Jefferson’s will. He initially pursued a trade in wood-working with his older brother Madison, another likely son of Jefferson’s. In 1832 Eston married a “free woman of color”, Julia Ann. Approaching thirty, Eston moved with his family to Chillicothe, Ohio, starting a new life as a professional musician. He played violin and lead a successful dance band who were much in demand all across southern Ohio. In 1852, amid rising racial tensions in their locale, Eston and family moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where they changed their surname to Jefferson and were registered as white.

Unfortunately there appear to be no portraits of Eston. However, a newspaper correspondent wrote of him in 1902:

Eston Hemings was of a light bronze color, a little over six feet tall, well proportioned, very erect and dignified; his nearly straight hair showed a tint of auburn, and his face, indistinct suggestion of freckles. Quiet, unobtrusive, polite and decidedly intelligent, he was soon very well and favorably known to all classes of our citizens, for his personal appearance and gentlemanly manners attracted everybody’s attention to him.

Source: www.pbs.org

It was once remarked that the bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson in Washington looked just like the mulatto-coloured Eston in the flesh.

Obviously, skin colour and racial identity were issues during this life. Could this be related in some way to Michael Jackson’s skin disorder, vitiligo?

It also looks like this life, if we assume it was a past life of MJ, could have developed this soul’s great love of dancing.

An earlier incarnation?

Charles Coypeau d'Assoucy (1605-1677) In addition to receiving the information about Eston Hemings Jefferson, Walter Semkiv was told that Michael Jackson had a previous incarnation in seventeenth-century Europe as the French musician Charles Coypeau d’Assoucy (1605-1677), shown right. D’Assoucy was a talented and generally successful musician, entertainer and poet, but he was often in trouble, quite possibly over a certain fondness for young boys. (No comment!) He was also part of a circle of artisitic free-thinkers which included Molière and Cyranno de Bergerac; they liked to shock audiences with what was at that time regarded as a flamboyant, unrestrained style.

So, it’s entirely possible that the soul who was Mozart and Michael Jackson had an earlier incarnaton as Charles Coypeau d’Assoucy. If d’Assoucy and Hemings are valid, then we could have a sequence of lives as follows, perhaps with some missing:

  • Charles Coypeau d’Assoucy (1605-1677)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
  • Eston Hemings Jefferson (1808-1856)
  • Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

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148 thoughts on “Michael Jackson – the reincarnation of Mozart?

  1. Message from Michael…..
    Michael…….. “Mozart was one that I admired and since I have returned back on this side of the veil (if you wish to refer to it like that), I see I am of his family, where he has had his imprint, his influence over me and how I have also been assisted by an energy known as Ascended Master Kuthumi who has been influencing both Mozart energy and myself. It is rather intriguing to see now I have the observer point to view things that I am no longer bound by just a human point and human view. I am able to view aspects at great heights, great compassion, understanding and I see that there is really no separation of a soul of this type or soul of that type, but we are just one soul grouping that comes from the core being of the centre of the Universal touch, the Godhead, the God source, the source
    of all things, the light of the universe, from there we all breathe and we have this eternal connection which is where we are connected to many various expressions and this was my and this was my message, this was what I tried hard to say, but failed in so many many ways but I am so relieved and so happy that I have touched so many lives, so I asked that those that have been touched by my life, touched by my words, by my songs, that they would continue to give my message that there is love and if we have love then we are definitely most assuredly on the road to peace”

  2. An interesting speculation! I’m both a fan of MJ and Mozart, and I’ve always made the parallel between the two!
    Both were toted around by their over-bearing fathers (who both, can be argued, lived vicariously through the success of their respective children) and both exhibited a seemingly otherworldly knack for music: if the scene from “Amadeus,” is at all accurate, Mozart was able to memorize, note for note after one playing, the welcome piece that Salieri wrote in Mozart’s honor… MJ also knew every one of his compositions (at least the major ones)note for note, measure by measure.
    If you watch any video of him vocalizing the percussion, melodies, and vocals for songs like “streetwalker,” “billie jean,””the girl is mine,””who is it,” and “tabloid junkie,” (to name a few) all at once in a flurry of sounds emitted solely from his mouth (beatboxing and vocalizing simultaneously,) you get the sense that he possesses a deep and almost instinctive knowledge of musical structure.
    Also, check out MJ disguised as a chubbier white man in his short film for “ghosts”
    it looks eerily similar to the mask of Mozart!

  3. Are you nuts? Mozart was a genius. Michael Jackson could barely pick out a tune on the piano. This whole article is ridiculous. Please stop insulting Mozart with your insane theories.

    • Laurel, you seem to know very little about the talents, skills, and accomplishments of Michael Jackson. Even just a little familiarity with the opinions of those he worked with in the music and entertainment industry, across his 45 year career, will provide ample evidence of how respected his abilities were.

      You might also refer to his albums’ liner notes, which credit him with instrumental performance on quite a few of his recorded songs. He was very low-key about playing the several instruments that he did play. He may not have been virtuoso on them but his ability to vocalize entire compositions, including every bit of the instrumentation involved, stunned everyone who was privileged to hear him “perform” in this way.

      Then too, there’s the fact that, at the time of his passing, Michael Jackson was working with internationally known classical composer David Michael Frank (“Composer David Michael Frank…received a call from the star’s assistant two months (before his passing) about collaborating again. Jackson invited Frank to his home in Los Angeles’ Holmby Hills, told him he was working on an instrumental album of classical music and asked for help with orchestration.

      “He had two demos of two pieces he’d written, but they weren’t complete,” says Frank, who adds that he was impressed with Jackson’s knowledge of classical music. “For one of them, he had a whole section of it done in his head. He had not recorded it. He hummed it to me as I sat at the keyboard in his pool house and we figured out the chords—I guess this recording I made is the only copy that exists of this music.”

      A few weeks ago, Jackson called to see how Frank was progressing on the orchestrations. “He mentioned more instrumental music of his he wanted to record, including one jazz piece,” Frank says. “I hope one day his family will decide to record this music as a tribute and show the world the depth of his artistry.” http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/268221/exclusive-michael-jackson-was-working-on-two-albums)

      No, a comparison of Mozart and Michael Jackson is not nuts.

  4. what is the cause for rebirth since Reincarnation is only for Great Prophets, and how much time it takes from One life to another.

    • Reincarnation clearly isn’t only for Great Prophets.

      The cause of rebirth is a soul’s desire to experience and evolve through the dualities of physical life.

      The period between one life to another is typically several decades, but at the moment it can be much briefer (many souls are very keen to be on Earth right now).

  5. Michael Jackson’s life and Mozart’s match up to be creepily similar. Michael Jackson and Mozart were a lot alike, just born in different times. Michael Jackson definitely had his own style but Mozart probably inspired him with his music, too.

  6. Also, when talking about Michael Jackson as a creative person/artist, please do not forget that he was as much a tremendously gifted and creative dancer as he was a musician. I think we cannot talk about Michael without looking at him move.
    Of course, Mozart was not a dancer, but reincarnations would not be 100%, right? 🙂

  7. … also, MJ was said to feel the music flowing through him when dancing or rather he felt BEING the music. Mozart was also conducting as we all know. Dancing and conducting seem to have a lot in common, with both you are totally immersed in music and through your bodily movements, recreate and form the music.

    • Thats a great point – never considered that dancing and conducting are both about physically embodying the music so that others can also really see it, hear it and feel it. Thanks Sonni

  8. Can someone explain to me why I hate Mozart? Lol. I like Beethoven better. It is not about music. Somethi ny about Mozart runs me the wrong way. Not sure what it is.

    • Well, in terms of character Mozart was quite silly at times, a bit of an overgrown kid, whereas Beethoven (being a Scholar type) was rather serious. Perhaps?

    • hehe, no I was being very serious, there are many similarities (not necessarily physical, but emotional and spiritual talking), at least that’s what I feel in my heart

    • D’oh!
      Sorry Gina, I just get a lot of people here saying things like, “And I suppose you believe Justin Bieber was Tchaikovsky too.”

    • I get the same feeling in my heart when I hear Beethoven’s piano songs, as the ones written/played by Axl (piano, and essence of some of the songs), also both have been misunderstood, had unrequited loves, severe in their actions, and to what they feel is justice/or should be, both are loners (in a way), I certainly feel a connection between them, and a I don’t what that has always led me to believe they are one in spirit… like kindred spirits.. shrugs don’t know I was just wondering…

      P.S. I have sent you two private messages (or better said private comments regarding two different subjects, would appreciate your input)

    • Hm, some interesting similarities there. But looking at them, Beethoven is a typical Scholar of the gruff-looking type, while Axl is clearly (to me at least) a Priest. Maybe they have a soul connection we don’t know about.

  9. Hi, Barry..

    I really enjoy your site. I’ve read, though, that John Lennon was actually Mozart in a past life (as well as Branwell Bronte). I guess anyone can speculate all they want because both MJ and John aren’t here to confirm or deny it. Interesting to ponder, though, and not far-fetched seeing as both were talented musicians.

    • A lot of people seem to make that association, but I can’t see how it’s possible.

      For one thing, John Lennon is/was clearly a Priest type soul, while Mozart + MJ are both clearly Artisans (or Artisan-cast Sages according to some).

      For another thing, it looks like Mozart/MJ was busy being Eston Hemmings Jefferson at exactly the same time as Lennon was in his former life as Branwell Bronte.

      Cheers Jo!


    • Hmm.. Interesting…

      Well, I’m inclined to believe that John was Mozart. It just resonates with me, personally, but we can agree to disagree. 🙂 I always take what “speaks” to me and disregard the rest.

      Thank you, again, for a most interesting site, Barry! I appreciate everything you do here and learning more about spiritual things. xx

  10. Barry,

    From Walter Semkiw’s website, the deep reason that Michael had a connection with young boys was that during a previous incarnation Michael was a child soldier enlisted in the Children’s Crusades around 1212 A.D. Michael lost his life in battle in that incarnation and he carried this deep wound/trauma for 800 years. That is the reason that in his incarnation as the French musician Charles Coypeau d’Assoucy he also associated himself with young boys.

    Here is the quote from his website :”Ahtun Re explained that Michael Jackson’s experience of losing his life as a child soldier in the Crusades led to an emotional trauma that has persisted for 800 years. His loss of childhood in battle led to an urge to never lose his childhood again, which led to the creation of his Neverland Ranch.”

    “Indeed, it is very likely that some of the children Jackson hosted at his Neverland Ranch were reincarnated child soldiers from the Children’s Crusades, children that Michael knew in that past era. ”

    I find this very interesting. I have no way of validating it but I would say I highly resonate with what is said here. I believe that a lot of things we do have a very deep reason at the soul level, which may be entirely different from what our conscious mind knows.

    Best regards,

  11. Nuts, nuts. How do you want a reptilian-archon to be the reincarnation of a genuine soul in search for the Truth?
    Why in the world do you think Mozart joined the freemasons? He was searching for the Truth and thought he had found it.

  12. It’s possible, but I don’t see any evidence from Jackson’s life of a past life. From what I can see, he was only dealing with the traumas and pressures of his upbringing in his life as Michael Jackson – his demanding, abuse father in particular.

    I think for there to be evidence of past lives you need things that can’t be explained by the circumstances of that life. Otherwise you’re likely looking at different souls who went through a similar life path. That life path isn’t evidence that it’s the same soul.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that there’s no evidence it’s true from Jackson’s life. Contrast that with, say, the artist Akiane Kramarik, who was brought up by atheist parents yet was painting beautiful pictures of heaven and Jesus at a young age. That cannot be explained at all by upbringing – something more is going on. I think presenting the evidence for past lives needs to be restricted to cases where the person acts in ways you wouldn’t expect from their upbringing – so that you need to bring in something more to explain how they got that way.

  13. I don’t think a soul like Mozart’s would ever be used more than once. That’s a flash in the pan kind of a human. Michael Jackson was a great performer, but I just don’t see any resemblances to Mozart, aside from the early age performing. But hell, you could even throw Harry Connick, Jr in the list, Sammy Davis, Jr as well. Ludwig Van Beethoven, there’s a man who started as a kid, had an abusive father, and died in his 50s. That’s more similar to MJ than Mozart.

    Do I believe in reincarnation? Yes and no. I think there’s something that we leave behind when we die, and sometimes that energy might latch on to somebody. Mozart left a great deal behind…but did his soul become part of Michael Jackson…it’s doubtful. Maybe, Michael Jackson was just talented and his over bearing father lit a fire under it. You can be pushed to do great things during bad times. That’s how war heroes are made. The most beautiful souls are the ones that have been dragged down too many times.

    Mozart had a knack for picking up music, but what he had that nobody else had was a musical genius as a father. His father taught him everything he knew. Mozart as a child got to do and experience things that most musicians don’t experience until adult hood.

  14. The most of the Mozart portraits which are shown here are not authentic, therefore every comparison with MJ is far-fetched (beyond the fact that there are no similarities, so you can choose for example also pics of Donald Trump or Barack Obama to claim they are all the same soul…yes…they look like human…but that´s the only common ground…but sorry, that´s not convincing). BTW the Mozart mask is very doubtful and to date there is no real evidence to be authentic as well.

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