Manifestation – a big one

21 August 2009

My wife and I both got into the Abraham teachings at the same time, via separate routes. For me, Ask And It Is Given was one of those books that seemed to want me to buy it when I was browsing in a bookshop one day. In my wife’s case, she had been reading a different book entirely but noticed that it had been inspired by “the Hickses of Texas”. We tracked down the reference and found that it was Esther and Jerry Hicks, authors of Ask And It Is Given. Esther is the medium who channels the group-being known as Abraham.

I have written previously in my spiritual journal on our first experiments with manifestation and the law of attraction.

Over one weekend in early 2006, my wife participated on an Enlightenment Intensive, a super-charged growth process which we have been both using and providing for many years. One of the things she got from it was the inspiration that we could manifest a large house in which we could not only live in greater comfort but, more importantly, run our own Enlightenment Intensives. At the time we were living in a narrow cramped house with a new addition to the family. It would certainly be nice to have a much bigger house. And running Enlightenment Intensives was something we had done so far by hiring far-off venues, always at great cost, leaving us practically broke.

So one day we did a joint visualisation. Big house. Nice group room. Plenty of sleeping space. Nearby area for contemplative walks. We talked about how good it would be to have all this, how much better things would be, how much better we would feel.

The next day, we had a visit from our friends and neighbours down the road. We knew already that they were buying a large plot of land with another family, somewhere to build their own houses. But now, they were telling us, the other family were about to drop out—so would we like to come in instead?

We were astonished. If we had the land, we could build almost any house we wanted.

Just one problem: we didn’t have that sort of money lying around.

No problem, say my wife’s parents. We’ll lend it to you.

So within a couple of days we went from wondering how it might ever be possible for us to manifest this large house of our dreams to becoming land-owners with carte blanch to build what we liked on it.

Then came the hard work. It took us a year to design and plan the house, and another year to actually build it. My wife project-managed the house build and it left her exhausted. But in October 2007, we finally moved in.

And another year later, we ran our first Enlightenment Intensive at home.

When I say “this stuff really work”, I really mean it. Just be prepared for the hard work and upheavals that can come with a major manifestation!


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4 thoughts on “Manifestation – a big one

  1. Do intruding thoughts make bad things happen when we are in the “Vortex”? I have had Quito some success with manifesting during the first week,the problemas is that constante my mind get invaded by thoughts of my house burning and me ” feeling good” about it but i always think”i dont what this to happen and it will not”. PLEASE answer

    • I think the key is the amount of (a) conviction to a thought, combined with (b) the absence of emotional conflict, or to put it another way the consistency of thought and feelings. Thoughts with no real conviction behind them don’t have much “pull” unless they are highly charged with emotion, accompanied by images of it coming true. In your case I would be asking myself where these intruding thoughts are coming from within you, and why.

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