Lovers’ reincarnation story told in new book: ‘Lifetimes Ago’

Lifetimes Ago: A love story inspired from past life memories, by Susie Schecter

(published by iUniverse, March 15, 2010)

Susie Schecter is a writer and teacher based in Orange County, California. In 2001, she and her new boyfriend experienced several “meaningful coincidences” around the start of their relationship. “This feels like it was meant to be,” he said. They decided to turn to hypnotic past life regression to uncover whether they were soul mates or if they had ever met in another life.

Past life regression is an effective technique used to go back in time to review people, situations or events associated with previous lifetimes. (I have written of my own recent regression experiences on this site.) The therapy works on the premise that we are eternal beings who have lived before, and that our present lives often provide opportunities to heal emotional wounds from past life events. It is not uncommon for people in a present relationship of some sort (husband-wife, parent-child, sibling-sibling, worker-boss, etc) to find that they have been together in other relationships in the past — sometimes with the roles reversed, sometimes in different roles altogether.

In an interview for the Orange County Register, Susie says that this book is her first-hand account of dealing with the possibility of reincarnation.

“The initial past life regression sessions and those that followed were more successful than either of us could have imagined,” says Susie.

The book tells the story that emerged from eight past life regression sessions, with details gleaned from subsequent research.

The story is set against the Great Depression in the USA. In Rensselaer, Indiana, in 1934, independent-minded teacher Elsie Wilkins meets handsome apprentice architect John McDonald and feels an immediate and intense chemistry. Before long, he has swept the off her feet:

Despite the fact that Elsie is still married to a man who abandoned her without warning, she and John begin a fervent courtship as all social mores fall away. As the Great Depresssion continues to wreak havoc around them, John and Elsie feel no hunger other than for each other. Just when their infatuation transforms to a powerful love, Elsie’s husband makes an appearance and suddenly, the joyful future they have planned together is threatened. Despite an unbearable tragedy, John and Elsie’s deep love for each other transcends sixty-six years proving that true love never dies.

One reader has written:

What a fascinating book! I loved it. It was poignant and moving. It dealt with the spiritual aspect of reincarnation along with telling a good story. The characters were true to life and it was well written. I also learned a few things about the 1930s. I would highly recommend this book.


2 thoughts on “Lovers’ reincarnation story told in new book: ‘Lifetimes Ago’

  1. I would hope the book about “coincidences” goes into some depth…..I have been working in the field of Past Life Regression Therapy for over 10 years now. My experience with clients and in my own personal experience is that such close relationships (as referenced in the book “Lifetimes Ago”) – past lives repeating or playing out in the present life in the same form or variations – is very common and mostly the rule.

    There are “soul groups” of souls that have chosen to act out various learning experiences through lifetime after lifetime. Often the roles switch where a soul that is the parent of one person (soul expression/personality) may reverse roles and be the child to the other in the next life.

    Husbands wives and lovers also play out many lifetimes of being together in the same outward roles while learning new “soul learnings” through the environment of those relationships.

    All part of each soul’s Return to the Self.

    Greg McHugh
    Author of “The New Regression Therapy”

  2. Looks like an excellent book, and I am looking forward to reading it! I am searching for more on this topic, and this looks great! This music video got my interest piqued, so I am looking into delving deeper:

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