The seven soul types: what do they look like?

I’ve been adding some pictures to my pages about the seven soul types (as described in the Michael teachings). Specifically, I’ve done seven facial caricatures to show what each one tends to look like (at least to me), highlighting and exaggerating the main features — the Scholar’s prominent brow, for example, and the Priest’s intense eyes.

Below I’m showing them all together on one page, with a number of famous faces as representative examples in each case.

Now, I’ll readily admit that it’s quite easy to find exceptions to the rule. Yes, you can probably point to a famous Priest soul incarnation who looks nothing like the Priest ‘stereotype’ shown below. Fair cop. Not all Priests have definite almond-shaped heads. But I see this is as a general approximation, a pattern, not a hard-and-fast rule.

And of course, head/face shapes will vary according to body size. Going by shape alone, for example, a Sage who is small in stature like Miley Cyrus looks a bit like an Artisan.

— a d v e r t i s e m e n t —


But that’s just the shape. You can still spot the Sage in Miley Cyrus because a Sage’s face has also a firm, elastic and shiny quality (as it’s always on the move) while an Artisan’s tends to be soft and very ‘composed’.

And in the Sage’s case, of course, the motor-mouth is always a dead giveaway!

You have to look at the whole package — not just shapes but also tones and movements.

See what you think.



Servers are gentle, genial souls. Facially, they often characterised by a rounded head, sometimes potato-shaped, with soft, sagging features and smallish, tired-looking eyes. Rounded shoulders are also typical.

The Server’s baseline expression varies between one of sorrowful pity (when they focus on the common woes of life, like Mother Teresa) and sweet, innocent cheerfulness (when they focus on serving the common good, like the Dalai Lama). But either way, there is a basic vibe of harmlessness.

Typical traits: accommodating, caring, modest, dedicated, unassuming, homely, downtrodden, melancholic.

Elizabeth II

Desmond Tutu

Desmond Tutu

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

Albert Schweizer

Albert Schweizer

Catherine of Aragon

The Dalai Lama


Artisans tend to have heart-shaped or cup-shaped faces, together with a dreamy, unfocused, faraway look in their eyes. Where Sages have a starry twinkle in the eyes, Artisans have mysterious portals into their inner worlds.

Their facial expression tends to look very composed, as though they were sitting for a portrait (indeed, many models are Artisans). The mood of the expression can vary between a childlike playfulness and a very broody look of being lost in deep thought, as though contemplating some tricky arithmetic (which I suppose Einstein frequently was).

Artisans have a habit of creating a striking image for themselves which both attracts attention and at the same time serves as an outer façade behind which they can hide. This includes a tendency to go for distinctive hairstyles and clothes.

Typical traits: inventive, imaginative, innovative, fanciful, idiosyncratic, flaky, ditzy.

Marilyn Monroe

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Woody Allen

Woody Allen

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell


Warriors look distinctly solid and physical, tough, firm-skinned, perhaps leathery, and very much at home in their bodies. The head-shape can be quite straight, a bit like a jar.

Like Kings, Warriors tend to be hard and angular, but the telling features are the low eyebrows and the ready-for-action expression which varies between “Yeah, let’s do this!” and “Nobody screw with me!”

Typical traits: forceful, assertive, loyal, combative, feisty, determined, ruthless, vicious.

Judi Dench

Judi Dench

Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini

Frida Kahlo

Mike Tyson

Salma Hayek

Clint Eastwood


Scholars tend to look intelligent but somewhat unexpressive and socially detached. They usually have a large, flat forehead and relatively hollow, deadpan features. The mouth is naturally shut rather than open. In contrast to the Sage, the Scholar’s face looks like it isn’t used much for expressiveness.

The eyes can look deep-set, partly because the Scholar’s attention is usually somewhere inside their brain rather than out there where the action is, and partly because the prominent brow can overhang the eyes, adding to the Scholar’s observing-rather-than-participating look.

With Scholars, it’s all happening inside the head; their mind is always busy processing, absorbing, learning. Overall, I would say Scholars have a look of benign detachment.

Typical traits: curious, knowledgeable, analytical, dry, pedantic, detached, aloof.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Marie Curie

Ken Wilber

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

Emma Watson 200x280

Emma Watson

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh


Sages’ facial features are often unusually big, open and elongated or elasticated, perhaps even cartoon-like. In addition, they often have a twinkle of mischievous merriment in the eyes, as though itching to tell a joke or share some scandalous gossip.

The face is a key means of expression and the Sage’s face is always ‘on’. Their cheeks tend to be a prominent feature, rounded from lots of smiling and joking. The whole face is like an inflated balloon.

Young-soul Sages are all eyes and teeth with their big, sparkly smiles. Old-soul sages like Osho are more mellow and look like, well, happy sages.

Typical traits: eloquent, witty, gregarious, flamboyant, effusive, attention-seeking, loud, verbose.

Miley Cyrus

Peter Kay

Ainsley Harriott

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Whoopi Goldberg



Priests tend to have almond-shaped heads, and cat-like eyes that point forwards very directly. I’ve also noticed that the eyes can sometimes seem ‘upside-down’, with the upper lid being more open than the lower. Also with Priests, the corners of the mouth often look sharply pointed.

The Priestly facial expression suggests a strongly felt desire to make things right or better. This typically varies between one of stern disapproval (when they focus on what’s presently wrong with the world as they see it) and rapturous enthusiasm (as they focus on realising some higher potential).

The Priest’s gaze often has an inflamed, hypnotic intensity which can look strikingly beautiful — or strikingly sinister, depending on where the Priest is coming from.

Typical traits: fervent, visionary, hope-inspiring, earnest, uplifting, preachy, sanctimonious, fanatical.

Christopher Walken

Christoper Walken

Uri Gellar

Uri Gellar

Oprah Winfrey

Barack Obama

Tony Blair

Carl Jung

Carl Jung


Kings tend to be distinguished by a solid-looking block-like head with ‘meaty’ or ‘granite’ features. There is often a broad, muscular, well-defined jawline.

The face reveals a self-assured, commanding expression with a very masculine look of authority that says “I know exactly what I’m doing,” — the flip-side of which is a scary, withering look that says “You don’t know what the hell you’re doing, do you?” Or as Simon Cowell often says: “What the bloody hell was that?”

Typical traits: commanding, masterful, self-assured, decisive, harsh, autocratic, imperious.

James Garner

Sean Connery

Sean Connery

Simon Cowell

Sandra Day O'Conner

Sandra Day O’Connor

Katherine Hepburn

Katherine Hepburn

Sarah Palin

And finally…

See if you can guess the soul type of this handsome psychologist and blog writer:


Further reading

If you’d like to read more about the seven soul types and how each one operates at home, at work and in relationships, I can strongly recommend this book —

7 PERSONALITY TYPES by sociologist/counsellor Elizabeth Puttick, Ph.D. (Hay House, 2009).

Amazon link

346 thoughts on “The seven soul types: what do they look like?

  1. Barry,

    Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put online concerning the Michael teachings. I first looked into them years ago and, today, something led me here and I’ve been spending, literally, hours reading up on them and now plan to go back and read the original books. I forgot just how deeply all of this spoke to me, and on such esoteric levels.

    Also, would you mind taking a look at my face & giving me your thoughts on my soul type, based on your research into the face shapes that go with the 7 types? I tried figuring it out myself, but I’m terrible at such things.

    Again, thank you for all of this and for sharing your knowledge with the world! Cheers.

  2. Hello Barry,
    I was wondering if you could please respond to my post from May 22nd about how I think many murderers have been the priest soul type. I named some in my post.
    Lisa Lynn B.

    • Done (belatedly)
      I think what distinguishes priestly murderers from others is that they have some sort of grandiose “justification” for their actions

  3. It has been amazing coming back into the Michael teachings after first reading about them over 10 years ago, and I really would like to know my soul type. Could anyone have a go at helping me figure out what it might be, based on my face type? I’m terrible at such things!

    Thanks everyone and, most especially, to Barry for putting all this online and sharing it. You’ve helped re-open some doors that had become stuck closed in my mind. You don’t know how much reading this site has helped rekindle some old beliefs and stir back up lost passions.

    • My guess is Server, Jean-Paul, perhaps Warrior cast.

      I seem to get relatively few Servers here reading this site, so a big welcome to you!

  4. I’m having a hard time figuring out which of the faces mine matches most. I’ve done some fiddling around, doing a black and white image helps me see the shape of the face more clearly than a normal color image. Let me know what you think.

    I’ve been torn between Scholar and Priest in my own analysis. Although it could be artisan with the shape of the brow.

    • I meant I’m not 100% sure. Because I don’t feel identified with king. But also my face is not that angular to be warrior maybe.
      I also don’t know because you were talking about the eyes, and I think mine are expressive.
      I want to find out what I am as to take into account possible strong ad weak points. Thanks!

    • Hi Valentina

      Well, the first thing I saw in photo 1 were big, dreamy eyes which is generally an Artisan thing. But in photo 2 there is a harder edge that looks more confrontational, suggesting Warrior.
      So to be honest I don’t know, but so far I’d guess Warrior-cast Artisan or Artisan-cast Warrior.

      If you want a real answer, of course, I recommend you get a reading from a channel:

      Cheers 🙂

  5. Hi, Barry. I’ve been obsessing over your site for a few days now. You’re an interesting man with cool insights.

    Do you think you can judge my soul type by this pic? I’m not putting a fake smile or anything, just a straight poker face.

    • Thanks a lot for your quick reply and the typing. It might explain a lot (love of sports and King types 😀 ), even though my secondary personality fits that of a Sage (lots of fun and laughter in a group setting – I am usually the one to crack jokes; and communication is my profession). All the best to you, Barry! 🙂

    • Priest makes sense, too (uplifting, motivational, inspiring change are keywords that ring true 🙂 ) Thanks again!

    • Thanks. I wouldn’t give too much authority to random strangers. He might use that line a lot ! That’s not to say he’s wrong. But when one person tells another “you look like an old soul to me,” they probably aren’t using the definition here but are simply recognising a person with greater-than-average depth, which will probably suggest mature soul or old soul as defined here.

      You certainly don’t look like a young soul to me as you do have an inner depth to the eyes. Chances are you’re s mature soul (this website attracts ’em), but not being psychic it’s hard for me to tell in one so young (in years).

      Nice to hear from you.



    I don’t know what I am. I do work at a daycare center, I went to college for Music Education. Knowledge is neat. I love building and creating things on Minecraft. Leaning toward Server, Artisan, something. I also share what I learned with the adults at the center. I am very introspective, I think a lot about the life-universe-everything. The very selfish rich people need a good kick in the pants. Life long learning. Administrators need to get in touch with struggles of children, teachers, and how brain works and develops. Nature contains good medicine. Many illnesses can be resolved through energy work and smart blending of natural medicines and western medicines. Everything is energy. The Sloot algorithm needs to be a thing, and used in good ways for technology. Clean energy is important, no more polution. Healthy food needs to be affordable. I have much digestive upset from gluten and lactose. Also, severly allergic to nuts. And I am just rambling. Maybe I am an artisan because I seem very scattered to some people.

    • Are you looking at my eyes, jaw or the police uniform, I know in different pictures people can look different. I can send another picture taken about the same time. I just want to see if you see a “Warrior” soul in another picture.

    • Hi Barry, I changed my profile picture and would like you to confirm warrior or something else. Sometimes a police uniform gets in the way of how a person is being perceived. I am retired now and maybe not so much the warrior anymore. Rather a peacemaker. I am sensitive with animals and humans a b D have many artistic talents. Thank you for your help a head of time. Can you also tell a souls age from a new photo? Diane

    • Hi Barry,

      My name is Mike, and over the past month, I have gotten into the Michael Teachings, and I am especially interested in understanding the visual patterns inherent in the each Role (in addition to the effects of Casting and Essence Twin). I am delighted to see that you as well as a few others are discussing this topic from the perspective that we have some capacity to visually discern various facial patterns that play a pivotal part in determining each of these essence components.

      Would you happen to know other channels or hobbyists of this general material who are also into the pattern recognition elements underlying the Michael Teachings and the various archetypes? I wonder if a larger group should be started up where many of us who are interested in this particular angle can collaborate on how we view various celebrity and non-celebrity faces and where we can begin larger discussions on the topic.

      If you have any feedback to this regard, I would really appreciate this.

      Thanks so much,

    • Hi Mike,

      I’m just catching up with recent comments after the Xmas & New Year break …

      As far as I know, I am the only one so far publicly pursuing the visual dimension of the teachings, particularly in faces. I have a natural affinity with visual patterns and geometry. I was first struck by the facial aspect when putting together pictures for my page on Artisans – I suddenly noticed that such diverse people as Marylin Monroe, Albert Einstein and Michael Jackson had the same basic “look”. You can overlay and blend their faces quite easily. Then I spotted the same was the case with other types – each has one or more distinctive facial characteristics. There are also a number of sub-types – such as what I call “long-faced Artisans” (like Nicholas Cage and Cher), and “round-faced Priests in middle age” (such as Sinead O’Connor and Rev. Jesse Jackson). I also note a visual resonance between types and animal species – many Kings have a lion-look, Warriors often look like birds of prey, Servers tend to look like cuddly herbivores.

      There have been times when I have struggled to “see” a certain individual as a particular type. For example, someone has been channelled as a Warrior but I just can’t see it in the face. I now have the confidence to suspect channelling error in such cases!

      To ensure valid matches between individuals and types, I try to “triangulate” as far as possible – if someone LOOKS like a Warrior, ACTS like a Warrior, and has been CHANNELLED as a Warrior, then it’s a safe bet that they are a Warrior. But if only 2 out of 3 give the same result, then I prefer to hold judgement. (Having said that, there are some examples I’ve given that are really 2/3 rather than 3/3. E.g., I always thought Prince Charles looked like a Server, but he has been channelled as a Warrior by at least two different channels. Perhaps a Server-cast Warrior in Acceptance, then?)

      As for a means of group collaboration, I’ll look into the options and get back…

      Cheers Mike

    • Thanks Barry for such a thorough response about how you visually investigate/read your samples. I find all of it incredibly fascinating, and as a fellow Scholar, I totally want to soak in and integrate all this material, as it really enhances the way that we can comprehend and interpret the human face (and its seemingly infinite variability). I also adore the pattern recognition that is inherent in this material, as my understandings of how each of these 7 archetypes manifest themselves physically increase progressively as I study the material more. Thank you for devoting this page and website towards elucidating many of these properties.

      With that said, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are quite a few others who also publicly discuss visual aspects of this material. Just to name a few people, I know that Shepherd has expressed (during his available MasterClass recordings) that he really focuses on the expressions in the eyes in order to help him reach a final determination of the Role (which may occur either before or during his channeling sessions). Also, within the community that teaches the Enneagram system, Katherine Chernick Fauvre and David Fauvre have recently given a talk (Enneagram Archetypes and Stereotypes: Exploring the 7 Archetypes Within Each Type) that correlate and contrast the visual information derived here with the nine Enneagram types. The way that they describe the material is very much from a visual archetype standpoint, and actually, their talk indirectly propelled me to get into the Michael Teachings (as I had already been pretty well versed in the Enneagram). I also have a good friend who has some really cool Pinterest collages that lay out the photos of people channeled with a given Role/Essence Twin/Casting triad, and the general similarity of these individuals in terms of their visual appearance is quite impressive. Plus, I believe that Dave Gregg also has a photo database of people channeled to have a given Role/ET/Casting combo.

      So I actually think that this topic has potentially quite a lot of positive momentum, and your insights really add so much to all this discussion. I think that your triangulation methodology makes a ton of sense as it combines visuals, channeling reports, and general Essence characteristics into one assessment of it all. This completely fits since the Role has to be a more pervasive component that combines physicality with how they would act in Essence.

      The patterns here are downright striking (especially about overlaying faces of a given Role and finding the similarity that you mention), and I think that your work as well as others’ is touching upon something quite fascinating about the nature and diversity of our faces and how they may open a portal into something larger.

      Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that all this is really cool stuff, and I thank you for bringing it to the light (via this website and all its insights)!


    • I actually got growth, although I tend to think that acceptance is right (rather than growth). I can see the logic in either one winning, but my feeling is that I am more often in the acceptance space (of being a nice, friendly, accommodating guy) rather than the growth space (of constant busy-ness and challenging situations). So right now, I go acceptance > growth unless something convinces me otherwise.

    • BTW, I noticed that my initial post (about networking with people who like to use this system visually) came up as a reply to a completely different post. Did you happen to see it or should I repost somewhere else?

    • Hi Barry. I have a question that I’m not sure if it has been addressed on this page yet, and I’m very curious about it with regards to my pictures above and how it fits with how I am a Scholar (with discarnate Priest essence twin) with King casting.

      People have told me (and/or I tend to think) that my face looks highly similar to the faces of the following celebrities:

      1. Dave Buscemi
      2. Al Gore
      3. Sylvester Stallone
      4. Billy Joel
      5. Pete Holmes

      Some are probably better fits than others (and I personally think that Buscemi and Gore are the best fits).

      What I’m curious about is whether one might expect celebrity lookalikes/doppelgangers to have some resemblance (either in Role and/or in casting/essence twin) to the individual in question?

      How would you read the above celebrities (if you feel comfortable doing so) in terms of their Role, and if you have any feedback about the doppelganger question, I would be very curious to hear what you think about this.

      Thanks so much in advance,

  7. This is all fascinating to me and your website has been very interesting to read through.

    I started looking into past lives after seeing a BBC special on a little boy. I have read lots of blogs and forums including Journey of the Soul, which was very interesting. One thing I noticed is that no matter where I read, all the theories on past lives and death are so simillar…much more so than mainstream religions.

    So, thank you for your contribution!

    I think I know my spirit, but would love confirmation from someone who isbetter versed in reading these things…

  8. Just here to give my thoughts. I am a king soul and I look exactly like the picture and the discription is vague but definetly correct. also I was able to link the other soul types to people I know. Great job. Very perceptive of you.

  9. Hello

    Great article! I guess mine is like server but I’m confused between others. I can guess you’re a priest soul.

    My face is roundish with not so clear jawbone. It seems it will be server or artisan.

  10. I too found your article to be very well written, informative and interesting. After studying the faces i still am unable to guess my soul type and i would so much like a professional opinion. Could you take a look? Also if you could give me an idea of my soul age. I would so appreciate it. Thank you. Diane

  11. So grateful to come across this website tonight and looking forward to reading everypost over the next few weeks or months ( or lifetimes? 🙂 or however long it takes. Hoping you will be so kind to have a looksy at my instagram and tell me what u think, I believe i am a server because i look like that and (duh) i LOVE to serve and have been calling myself a “giver” for quite some time now. Also, i turn 30 on Saturday. Here is a link to a photo on my insta ->
    Please feel free to browse around my page, if something goes awry with the link my insta username is hotmessgoddess220. Hoping you have an insta as well! Thanks and love and light! Xo

    • Took me a while to see the Server aspect as you seem very cheerful, expressive, and not exactly camera shy 🙂 – but beyond that yes. Facially you do remind me slightly of a certain well known Server, the actress Samantha Morton – except that she almost never smiles for the camera!

  12. Hi Barry,

    First, I’d like to thank you so much for the work you do, the information and wisdom you make readily available to all of us. I’ve been immersed in this site since I’ve found it 3 days ago.

    The description of old soul really resonates with me… I’d love to know what soul type you think I am.
    Thank you❤

  13. I’d love to leave a picture to see what you think my soul type is Barry. I really enjoyed reading this post thank you!

  14. Hello Barry,

    How exciting, thank you for sharing this with us. I suspect I am a sage cast scholar because I enjoy devouring information, it’s all I naturally do. Read read ask ask. I should be sleeping right now . What’s your opinion? I have quite a chubby face and protruding eyes but a large prominent forehead , but fuller lips when I’m not smiling, perhaps the faces are slightly different.

    Peace and Love Barry

    • Hmmm, My gut reaction is Artisan based on your eyes and overall soft expression. You don’t look like you’re busting out of your skin the way many Sages do, and you don’t seem to have the Scholar’s look of holding a head full of heavy thoughts. But gut reactions can be wrong!

  15. Is it more challenging to identify faces for some ethnic group, e.g Africans who tend to have broader lips and features in general? Unless most of us Africans are artisans or servers!

    • No, I find them all equally challenging! Some people are pretty obvious, some are more obscure, and ethnicity doesn’t have anything to do with it as far as I’ve noticed. There are some population differences though – a relatively high proportion of Scholars in the U.K., Servers in China, that sort of thing. (Emphasis on relatively …)

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