New book explores ‘The Lennon-Brontë Connection’

The Lennon-Bronte Connection

The Lennon-Brontë Connection is the follow-up to All You Need is Love. That was the book in which an ordinary Canadian health-care worker, Jewelle St James, shared her extraordinary search for the truth behind her inexplicable grief after the death of John Lennon … and her discovery of a past life in seventeenth-century England.

During her investigations, a number of psychics had spontaneously suggested to Jewelle that John Lennon had also been a reincarnation of a certain Branwell Brontë. Branwell was the tragically wayward brother of the celebrated literary sisters of nineteenth-century England. Through her research, Jewelle was struck by the similarities between John Lennon and Branwell Brontë – not just in character but also even in their physical appearance.

John Lennon(L) and Branwell Brontë (R)

John Lennon(L) and Branwell Brontë (R)

Reading this, in fact, is what kicked off my huge fascination with past-life facial similarities. I wrote about my own analysis of the facial and other similarities between Lennon and Brontë here: John Lennon – the reincarnation of Branwell Brontë?

In this engaging and highly readable book, Jewelle brings us bang up to date with all this and a lot more besides. She also goes some way to correcting the notorious bad-boy image we have of Branwell Brontë, someone to whom history has not been very kind.

Personally, I am left with little doubt that John Lennon was a certain John Baron (b. 28 March 1656) in seventeenth-century Sussex and Branwell Brontë (1817–1848) in nineteenth-century Yorkshire. There was also a life in World War II which Jewelle has written of elsewhere (see Jude), and I suspect there were several lives in-between which have yet to be uncovered.

JewelleWhat I find striking is that at no point does Jewelle (right) try to convince the reader that any of this is true. Much of her retold journey, in fact, has been about dealing with her own stubborn doubtfulness. Though her life is positively filled with synchronicities and symbolic messages, some vaguely coincidental, some loud and clear, she remains an endearingly reluctant messenger.

Jewelle and I had some fruitful exchanges with each other on numerous occasions before she started the book and then while it was being written. It was a very nice surprise for me to then see references to this website in the book!

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