Tarot and the Michael Teachings

Here’s a fascinating new take on the Michael Teachings –

Long-time Michael teachings student and channel Stephen Cocconi has been working on a set of Tarot divination cards based on the teachings.

A Tarot deck represents different archetypal influences that we can encounter during our human journey. But whereas the traditional medieval Tarot using symbols like Magician, Cups, Wands, Swords, etc., the archetypes represented in Stephen’s deck are all based upon the soul and personality energies as described in the Michael teachings.

Stephen (left) describes his new cards as “a marriage of the historic Tarot and the contemporary applied Michael Teachings.” The emphasis is on enabling people to change themselves. Just ask any question, draw a card, and see what you get.

Traditional Tarot cards can be drawn in both ‘upright’ and ‘reversed’ forms. In the Michael deck, these are known as the ‘illuminated’ or ‘shadow’ sides respectively, corresponding to the positive and negative polarities for every trait in the Michael system.

The new decks are expected to go on sale in early December, but they can be previewed online here:

You can even try asking the cards a question using Stephen’s online deck system here:

Or for a video of Stephen — a Sage in mode of Passion! — explaining what it’s all about, see here:

There you can also pledge a donation to support Stephen in bringing these cards to fruition.


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