How to spot an Artisan soul

Oh yes it can…

Since starting this website I have had some wonderful exchanges with many readers. (Plus a few that have been frankly disturbing…). Some of these exchanges have evolved into collaborations of one sort or another.

One of my most insightful and entertaining collaborators is a guy named Rowan. He and I have had many fruitful discussions about the Michael teachings, and in particular about the way facial characteristics can often reveal an individual’s innermost essence (i.e. soul type and casting).

As an Old Priest, Rowan is quite intuitive and has been developing his ability to sense people’s essence and overleaves. He is very assiduous in his research, determined to hone his skill.

Every now and then Rowan sends me an enormous collection of photos of historical figures, people in the news, actors, pop stars and – I have to say – more than a few Z-list celebrities I’ve never heard of. A typical email starts: “Hey Barry, here’s 170 faces that I think are Warrior-cast Scholars – what do you think?” (Cue two hours of ultra-slow broadband while the photos download.)

Anyway, Rowan has given me his permission to start sharing some of his own insights, and here is one that made me laugh out loud.

He sent me an email with 40+ photos, and simply said “I have stumbled upon a rather easy way to spot Artisan as the primary role.” He didn’t say what it is, however, but left it for me to figure out. Hehe. See how long it takes you to get it too.

How to spot an Artisan…


















Did you spot it? Yes, of course, it’s geek chic specs!

Clearly, while Sages go for huge, flashy designs, and Priests are drawn to round wireframes, for Artisans there seems to be only one option: the ever-ironically-fashionable thick-framed hipster glasses — a retro-reference to the ultracool shades worn in the Beatnik era … Which I now know all about thanks to Rowan and places like

Wayfarer glasses

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28 thoughts on “How to spot an Artisan soul

    • ….and? So these glasses were popular and if you buy pair – people will think you’re ‘cool’ – it’s following ‘the trend’ – I don’t get the point at all.

    • There is no point beyond light amusement. It tickles my funny bone, and hopefully some of the readers’ too.

      Perhaps the punch line ought to be made explicit:

      “If, like me, you spend a borderline-obsessive amount of your time trying to read other people’s spiritual and psychological makeup, then look out for these specs as the wearer is bound to be an Artisan”

      Hopefully, however, most people get that I’m not seriously suggesting a one-to-one relationship between soul type and spectacles type. In reality I suspect that, using this clue alone, our hit rate would be less than 50%.

      My next post is going to be much more serious – how to spot an Old Scholar by their socks.

    • I don’t know why, but these kinds of glasses just piss me off. But socks… a Scholar soul, I can totally get into socks! 😉

  1. That’s funny – I almost bought a pair for myself a few years ago and really liked how they looked, but they were so popular and associated with “emo” that I didn’t want to fall in with the fad and chose something else. As a trade off, the side frames are wide and black. This artisan didn’t want to look like everyone else at the time. 😉

    This is another subject really, but it made me think of one role I have trouble with…I’d love to find an easy way to spot female warriors. I could be totally wrong, but a few that I’ve thought were in that role tend to be proactive in gathering people around them – be it family or friends – act as a leader and are very protective of those in the circle. Knowing them well I don’t see them as kings – they’re just very good at bringing people together. For me, it’s easier to spot the blunt gaze of a male warrior than a female’s.

    • Hehe. Artisans got to be original, eh? Even if they all sometimes do it the same way.

      Female warriors – I’ll put together some examples of faces. I’ll let you know when done.


  2. I really wish someone would read me. I have many details about myself that would help but I, for some reason can’t piece them together.

  3. Hi Barry!
    I just want to ask this pressing question in my mind… is it possible for a soul to reincarnate only after, say, a hundred years? And, oh, what do you think Elizabeth Taylor’s soul type is? She comes off to me as a Priest, but what do you think? Please reply to my two questions ‘coz I’m really serious… and another one, how can I send my photos to you so you can look my face over and tell me what do you think my soul type is..
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  4. Guilty as charged! Artisan here and I’ve been wearing these types of specs long before it was fashionable to do so.

  5. “If, like me, you spend a borderline-obsessive amount of your time trying to read other people’s spiritual and psychological makeup, then look out for these specs as the wearer is bound to be an Artisan”

    Barry, This is me as well. Are you an old soul?

    • 5th level Mature Scholar, + goal of Growth in this life — I “need” to understand everyone and everything!

  6. I guess I should have elaborated. 🙂 I also spend a borderline-obsessive amount of time trying to read other people’s spiritual and psychological makeup. Barry, Are you an old soul?

    • Hi Lissa – no, I’m a Mature soul. Specifically, a 5th-level Mature Scholar. 🙂

  7. I have just recently been reading your articles. It’s funny that I seem to be more of an inadequate idealist if that makes any sense at all and my wife is a dyed in the wool cynic.
    Just on a quest to deal with my own issues.

    • I am definitely an inadequate idealist too, so it makes perfect sense.
      (My full set = Growth, Idealism, Perseverance, Self-Deprecation + Impatience)
      Hmm, idealist + cynic … Just curious: Does that make for a perfect balance or for endless misunderstandings?

  8. Do you watch the UK X-Factor? There’s a finalist on it, Lauren, who wears those glasses when out and about (

    She was described by one of the judges as an “old soul” and at 17 has a very powerful voice ( I wonder if she’s a mature artisan soul who is going to have a big impact on music. Would be great to know your thoughts.

    • Hi Oliver

      I do indeed watch it. In fact we are hooked on it every year in our house. And the talent is extraordinary this year!

      ( Non-UK folks see: )

      Lauren Platt ( is a very obvious Artisan coming from her essence. And she has the specs!

      I’m pretty sure Jack Walton must have a pair up his sleeve too.

      The X factor is great for spotting the types and understanding how they operate. For instance:

      – SAGES will always connect primarily with the audience.
      – ARTISANS will always primarily connect with the song.

      Sages will start off “performing” rather than coming from the heart, so they have to be coached in how to connect with the song and express it with felt meaning.

      A brilliant example of this in the current competition is Stevi Ritchie:

      Stevi is so happy-go-lucky I suspect he has the neutral goal of Flow/Contentment. Also, Passion mode, Idealist, emotional centering, CF is possibly Self-Deprecation.

      “…he certainly has the gift of the gab. And by that, we mean, he will not stop talking until he’s literally told to shut up.” – Huffington Post

      Artisans will instinctively connect with the song, coming from the heart. Mature Artisans may also add a unique twist to it too. But because of this intense connection to the song’s meaning, Artisans often sing with their eyes closed, so they have to be coached in how to connect with the audience and perform a bit.

      Sage-cast Artisans and Artisan-cast Sages offer the full package ready-made. Michael Jackson of course was a Sage-cast Artisan. In this year’s X Factor, Andrea Faustini from Italy strikes me as another. He’s both adorable and incredible:

      Seeing Jessie J the other night, I thought she’s probably a Warrior-cast Sage.

      As for the judges, I’m thinking –

      Simon Cowell — King!
      Louis Walsh — Server!
      Cheryl F-V — Warrior? (+ Acceptance)
      Mel B — Warrior! (+ Dominance, hence Scary Spice!)

      And Dermot O’Leary strikes me as yet another Warrior.

    • Thanks for the detailed reply, as always. That’s such a great pithy summary of the difference between a sage and an artisan when singing. On this year we had the young souls (like Chloe) who really just wanted to be famous, but also a few who have a gift and are offering it to the world.

      I’d say Louis probably has the goal of either contentment or acceptance as he is not very critical as a judge. Simon perhaps rejection? Likes to give his opinion, doesn’t care who hates him.

      Andrea is a great performer no doubt. Definitely the goal of acceptance, as everyone just naturally likes him!

      I don’t know exactly what it is but I feel Lauren is so powerful when she sings; there’s times when it’s like she’s channelling some higher spiritual energies. When she’s not singing she just talks and acts like a normal Essex teenager but something amazing happens for the two minutes or so of the performance. This light and energy just takes over.

    • Totally!

      PS – I remember SyCo once saying he “really enjoyed saying no to people and explaining to them what’s so awful about them.”

  9. Looking at this it seems a year and a half after the last post. I have OCD and my obsession lately is people’s soul age, secondly, their roles….including my own. I can’t figure it out. Sometimes I think I’m old, sometimes young, but most of the time I assume mature for various and obvious reasons.

  10. Hi Barry,

    I love and appreciate your website and work so much. I have learned so much.

    I was wondering what your insights are on Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees. He passed away in 2012. He strikes me as an artisan because he often spoke of how he sang from his heart. He also used to sing with his eyes closed quite a bit, especially in the 1970’s. He did not really like dancing on stage either.

    From the age of 50 onward, he seemed to favor wire-framed glasses, often with a blue tint, rather than the ones displayed here for artisans, although I have seen a picture of him wearing the artisan-type glasses you displayed. He was in his 40’s at that time. I wonder if you see priest or scholar in him? I would really love to hear any thoughts you have on him.

    Thanks so much,

  11. This is so funny, I got Artisan in all my tests, I felt an Artisan, all my relatives, friends, colleagues and enemies saw me as an Artisan, and now I realized I am just half a one!! I could say it is due to having very healthy eyes, but that is an excuse, I need to buy such glasses (even without the lenses) in order to feel myself again!! Thanks for sharing, Barry!

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