SUBMISSION is one of seven possible goals in life, chosen by a soul before taking birth. It drives the personality to become committed to serving a specific leader or cause.

A lifetime of devotion

Submission means yielding or surrendering one’s own will — to another person, to a cause, to a higher power, whatever. A soul chooses a goal of Submission when, for whatever reason, it wants to relinquish its own will and/or serve the will of others in the life to come.

As the ordinal action goal, Submission is all about being instrumental, being a facilitator, an enabler. Submission is the complementary opposite of Dominance, the cardinal action goal. Those with a goal of Dominance seek to be a leader; those with a goal of Submission seek to be a follower.


The word ‘Islam’ means submission. While not every Muslim is born with a goal of Submission, it is probably fair to say that acting as if one has the goal of Submission is the Islamic ideal (assuming that one submits to Allah).

Having the goal of Submission

Typical traits: conscientious, attentive, submissive, deferential, dutiful, obedient, compliant, obsequious, subservient

Those with a goal of Submission will deliberately place themselves in the service of either a leader or a cause. Because they tend to put the needs of others first, it can seem almost as if their lives are not their own. However, the “object” of their devotion is very much their own choice. For one it could be a political cause, for another it could be a religion, and for another it could be a charity.

Some lives of Submission are spent in service to a family member — a husband or a father, for instance. Some, in contrast, are spent in service to a whole nation or an ideology (think of Gandhi, for example).

The outstanding feature of those with Submission is their single-minded devotion to one thing, Their entire energy seems to be given over selflessly to a single purpose. Their mission in life is to facilitate something which they feel is more important than themselves.

(This approach to life sounds very similar to the Server soul’s way of being. However, the person with a goal of Submission seeks to serve, possibly in spite of their other qualities, while a Server simply does it. The Server does not necessarily look for something or someone to serve; it will happen anyway — family, friends, clients, strangers, all are opportunities to serve. The soul who incarnates with a goal of Submission, however, wants to attach themselves to a specific person or a cause that is in need of a committed follower.)

Warrior souls are natural followers of leaders, though not usually in a submissive sense — they tend to be loyal soldiers rather than devoted servants. Warriors who take on Submission for a lifetime, however, do become somewhat soft around the edges. Think of Pope John Paul II (right), for example.

Submission: positive and negative

Positive pole


Negative pole
Devotion. Commitment. Dedication. Subservience. Docility. Obsequiousness.

The positive pole of Submission is a state of willing devotion — you are consciously committing yourself to some other person or cause, and this gives you a real sense of fulfilment. The object of devotion is entirely your choice. If you are a Scholar, for example, you could spend many years devoted to a particular field of study and thereby make an invaluable contribution.

The negative pole of Submission is a state of unwilling subservience — you are prone to cringing servility and slavish obedience out of a fear of failure. The solution, if this is the case, is to slide to the positive pole of Dominance, which is leadership. That is, you take charge of your own life again by identifying your sense of purpose and deciding for yourself what is required. The decisions you make will affect others (hence this is a state of leadership), but as a result you will be better able to devote yourself to the cause.

Submission: some famous examples

Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa
Deng Xiaoping
Deng Xiaoping
Nancy Reagan
Nancy Reagan
Dwight Eisenhower
Dwight Eisenhower

Dobby the House Elf

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4 thoughts on “Submission

  1. I have this goal i think. Mostly this is how it is.However, can i change my goal mid-way in life. Can a soul change its goal mid-way in life? What if i find myself serving ( submission) out of fear and can i then chose to have a new goal? How does it work. Thank you!

    • Hi kruti

      Well, first thing to say is that submission out of fear is exactly what defines the negative pole of Submission (subservience, subjection). Fear removes choice, or at least hides it from view. So one option is to find a way to get into the positive pole of Submission (devotion, commitment, veneration) – which means consciously identifying and CHOOSING a person or thing (a cause, a movement, an organisation) that you can willingly commit yourself to, wholeheartedly and selflessly. That might lead you to immense satisfaction and fulfilment.

      On the other hand, yes you can change your goal, just as we all regularly shift through the attitudes (cynical, stoical, etc) at will. Free choice always overrides fixed plans. Changing goals is a bigger job than changing attitudes, however. It’s a bit like turning a large ship onto a new heading, and it may feel like you’re going against the current if your whole self isn’t “on board” with the change in direction. But it’s doable if it is a conscious, heartfelt decision.



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