35 Steps

According to many spiritual teachers, all human beings are, in reality, spiritual beings on a human journey. We reincarnate as human beings in order to evolve as souls.

Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of All That Is.

It is a long journey, but that’s okay because the soul is eternal.

Soul Evolution

The soul’s journey is really a process of evolving. This means growing in consciousness, steadily progressing through different levels or stages of consciousness.

How do we grow in consciousness? Through taking on challenging experiences in physical form. These cause us to make important, “soul-searching” choices and call upon us to discover our inner resources.

But why in physical form? Why would a perfectly happy spiritual being decide to inhabit the physical realm with all of its limitations and difficulties?

It is precisely so that we can experience the state of what feels like total separation from others and from the rest of reality. Only by going into this physically separated human form can we know ourselves as beings in our own right, and not just as … well … undifferentiated blobs of energy. Being physical throws our experiences and choices into extremely sharp relief in a way that is not possible otherwise. This is how we learn who we are and how to become all that we are.

In other words:

Choice and the ramifications of choice provide the essential lessons of life. In a very real sense, you choose to be here in order to make choices.

Messages from Michael

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

The 35 Steps

We are here to know ourselves and be all we can be, step by step. And according to the teachings of the entity known as Michael, there are 35 steps to the reincarnational process. The body and personality you have now are merely the vehicles you have chosen for this latest step in your journey.

But why 35 steps? Why not 36 steps? Or 10? Or 100?

It is simply because, according to Michael, we go through five major stages of evolution through reincarnation. And, within each stage there are seven increments or levels to be completed. (Yes, it is rather like a computer game.)

5 x 7 = 35.

35 steps

Each single step requires a whole lifetime to complete. In fact, each step usually requires more than one lifetime. Typically, the entire journey of 35 steps takes well over a hundred lifetimes.

So let’s look at the journey in more detail. We’ll start with the five major stages of soul evolution through reincarnation.

The Five Stages

The Michael teachings describe a sequence of five “cycles” or stages of soul evolution. They are named after the stages of human development:

Each of these five corresponds to a specific level of development in capability and self-awareness within the individual soul. As the soul goes through each stage, the focus changes, more experience is gained, and consciousness expands.

Michael Newton

Incidentally, the same pattern of soul evolution has been identified by the hypnotherapist Michael Newton (right). His groundbreaking research was published in the best-selling book Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Llewellyn, 1994).

The books by Newton and his students draw upon thousands of transcripts of people who, under hypnotic regression, have re-experienced being between lives. From the higher perspective of their soul they are able to explain what happens after death and before birth. This includes information about the levels of consciousness through which reincarnating souls evolve.

What Newton and others have discovered is that souls between lives exist in light-form, and that each soul emanates a particular colour of the spectrum which indicates its current level of consciousness.

The spectrum begins at white (all colours) but then goes through red, yellow, green, blue, to deep purple and violet. From low frequency to high frequency. The least evolved souls — the “newbies” — have a pinkish hue. The oldest souls — those nearing the end of the whole reincarnational cycle — have a blueish hue.

Although the spectrum is a continuum, Dr. Newton has found that it can be divided into five distinct stages or levels of evolvement, from Level I to Level V. These can be mapped onto the five stages given in the Michael teachings, from Infant soul to Old soul.

So, for example, souls in the middle (or third) stage of reincarnation are referred to as “Young souls” in the Michael teachings and they are at what Newton would call “Level III”. They will have a yellowish or golden hue.

(As an aside, both Newton and the Michael entity also identify higher levels of soul evolution which do not involve reincarnation.)

The stages of reincarnation (or soul age) can also be likened to the stages of metamorphosis we see in nature, such as egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly. In reincarnation, though, what changes is not the physical form but the mode of consciousness, especially the form of self-awareness and — as a result — the way of relating to others.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Soul age characteristics

Soul age affects how an individual lives, thinks, acts, and comes across to others.

Stage 1 — Infant Souls

Infant souls focus on immediate survival needs. They flourish in simple environments close to nature, such as remote tribes or rural, pastoral settings.

In the context of modern society, however, they can come across as uncivilised simpletons or yokels, and may even be deemed to be psychopathic or have some sort of developmental disorder.

Psychologically, infant souls are naive, impulsive and “pre-conventional”, acting on impulse or habit with little or no thought for consequences.

Because they lack both social understanding and self-inhibition, they are capable of committing antisocial or immoral acts without any sense of wrongdoing. As such, they do not fit well within modern society and may end up in prison or in psychiatric units.

While they may lack the moral principles, social graces and cultural understanding of older souls, Infant souls are in a sense completely innocent, being without pretense or agenda.

Stage 2 — Baby Souls

In contrast to Infant souls, Baby souls think a great deal about the rights and wrongs of their actions. Their lives are about safety, security, structure and order — rigidly so. They like to live in communities that are highly principled and “civilized” (think of the Amish).

Baby souls come across to older souls as rather “square” – strictly conventional and conformist. Both their beliefs and their actions are largely rule-bound, so they are often ultra-conservative, traditionalist, orthodox, upright, moralistic, religiously devout, and mindful of law and order.

That said, they will occasionally give in to temptation, or temper tantrum, and break the rules themselves — but then might find themselves tortured with guilt and shame.

They are acutely aware of the rights and wrongs of people’s actions, including their own, though they have little insight into the motives behind them. Bad behaviour is sinful, and that’s that.

Stage 3 — Young Souls

Young souls tend to be extravert, outward-bound, worldly, frenetically energetic, brash, competitive, political, ambitious and individualistic. Life at this stage is about thinking for oneself and asserting oneself as an individual.

Young souls are more ego-driven than others, keen to make their mark in the world. They are generally attracted to some form of worldly success — fame, fortune, power, glory. In fact, they are more fearful of death than souls at other stages, and those who aren’t sure about life after death may be anxious to make a big impact on the world stage, to create some kind of symbolic immortality for themselves.

Young souls cling to their own opinions, with a certainty that their own perspective is the right perspective, and their way ahead is by far the best way. They are very aware of their own agenda but do not really question it.

Stage 4 Mature souls

Mature souls tend to be more reflective than younger souls, with a growing understanding of self, growing empathy for others, and a desire for authenticity in both. Life is less about proving oneself, and more about exploring “right relationship”.

Mature soul consciousness is no longer egocentric, in the sense of being limited to one’s own perspective and agenda, but is capable of accommodating multiple perspectives and different agendas. In fact, there is now a tension between “what I want” and “appreciating what you want,” or between the personal and the interpersonal.

This makes life much more complicated — sometimes overwhelmingly so. On the one hand, mature souls reject narrow-minded values. Yet on the other hand, they are able to empathise with whoever holds those same values. Fixed opinions are replaced by a sense of ever-shifting perspectives — “It all depends on how you look at it”.

This disappearance of solid ground can be hugely stressful, but it kicks off a search for deeper meaning and self-understanding, whether through art, psychology, philosophy or spirituality.

Mature souls tend to question everything, including their own motives, and are prone to do a lot of soul-searching (literally).

Stage 5 — Old Souls

Old souls tend to exude some degree of depth, gravitas or wisdom that is quite obvious. In children, it can be most striking (think: old head on young shoulders).

Having moved beyond the stresses and conflicts of the Mature soul, Old souls have a growing sense of inner peace and freedom — the freedom to enjoy being very much in the world, but not of it.

Compared to younger souls they are relatively calm, measured, untroubled and stable, unattached to social structures and cultural expectations, being sure of their own existence and inner strengths and their compassion for others.

On the other hand, finding themselves in a world that is so conflicted, chaotic, frantic, and superficial can be utterly depressing.

For Old souls, the aim of life is to find true self-expression and fulfillment. As such, they tend to go their own unique way in life, letting go and letting be, in a detached way that may seem very weird and eccentric to younger souls.

Late-stage old souls find themselves consciously participating in the evolution of all-that-is, and often focus on teaching spiritual wisdom with great compassion.

Note: These descriptions emphasise the differences between stages. In reality, though, there is a gradual blend from one stage to the next. A person at the start of the Mature stage, for example, will act mostly like a Young soul but with elements of Mature soul nature beginning to emerge.

The lessons of each stage

Here are the five stages of soul evolution through human reincarnation, together with the typical learning experiences associated with each stage:

soul age focus 2 450

So we begin reincarnating as Infant souls, complete novices at physical existence. At this first stage we are largely in a state of incompetence and terror, frankly. But through experiences and choices we learn and grow. We steadily progress from being Infant souls to Baby souls to Young souls to Mature souls. Finally, we enter the fifth stage as accomplished Old souls, the experts of human existence.

As infant souls we learned about choices having to do with survival, as baby souls choices having to do with moral codes and ethics, as young souls choices having to do with mastery of achievement, as mature souls choices having to do with relationships, and as old souls choices having to do with the nature of oneness with the Tao. An infant soul would therefore not understand the choices of an old soul although an older soul would likely have more understanding of the nature of younger soul choice having had them.

Michael, via Victoria Marina

To look at each stage in more detail see:

Stage 1. The Infant Soul

Stage 2. The Baby Soul

Stage 3. The Young Soul

Stage 4. The Mature Soul

Stage 5. The Old Soul

Soul levels in the human population

The six or seven billion people on the planet span the whole range of stages, but the average is said to be somewhere just past the mid-point of stage 3 (see chart below). In other words, this world is currently dominated by Young souls whose primary focus is competitive self-advancement.

The seven steps within each stage

Within each stage there are seven discrete steps to go through. In the Michael teachings, they are called “levels”, so in each stage we proceed from 1st level to 7th level. Calling these “levels” can be a bit confusing (since Newton refers to the five major stages as “levels”), so I sometimes prefer to call them “steps”.

So each stage of reincarnation has seven distinct learning steps. For example, we begin the whole journey at step 1 as Infant souls, learn that lesson, then undertake step 2 as Infant souls, and so on. On completing the 7th step of the Infant stage, we then begin the 1st step of the Baby stage.

35 steps

The early steps in any stage are about experiencing life at this new stage of evolution, learning the essential lessons through appropriate experiences.

The later steps are about expressing those lessons, demonstrating this level of consciousness in action.

For example, in the Young soul stage, the first three steps — from 1st level Young soul to 3rd level Young soul — are about discovering the meaning of free will and self-determination; the last three steps — 5th level Young soul to 7th level Young soul — are about demonstrating the meaning of free will and self-determination in action. (The middle step — 4th level Young soul — is about consolidating the lessons learned.)

The first step or level of any stage is like putting a toe in the water; the final step is like teaching others how to swim:

1st Level Initiation into the new stage. “Toe in the water.” First glimpses of the new consciousness. We come to recognise that there is a whole new way of being ahead of us, and we respond to the call, even though as yet it is beyond our comprehension.
2nd Level Building foundations. Wading in and out. Comparing and contrasting the old and new consciousness. We come to understand what is essential and different about this higher level, though it still remains ‘ahead’ of us, not quite within us.
3rd Level Rising to the challenge. Taking the plunge. We determinedly commit ourselves to actively embrace and explore the new consciousness.
4th Level Integration. Relaxing into it, “enjoying the water.” We now identify ourselves with this way of understanding self, life and others – this is our truth. We fully incorporate and consolidate the new consciousness into our own being.
5th Level Expression. Splashing about – “Look at me!” We openly share and communicate our new, true sense of self and of life’s meaning. We feel drawn to broadcast our truth, to “go public” with it.
6th Level Demonstration. Giving value and benefit to others. “Being a life guard.” Our new consciousness is put to the test. We also burn off any outstanding karma incurred in the earlier steps of this stage.
7th Level Mastery. Peak performance. We have complete understanding and control of our awareness at this level. We know exactly what we are doing. We may feel like a role model. Hmm… What’s next?

This sequence of seven steps is repeated through each stage, making 35 steps in all from the beginning of reincarnation to the end.

In case you’re wondering, I’m at the 5th level of the Mature soul stage. My current life’s lesson is about outwardly expressing my Mature soul consciousness.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Many lives

So, we start our evolutionary journey at level 1 of stage I (as “1st Level Infant souls”) and end it at level 7 of stage 5 (as “7th Level Old souls”).

There are 35 steps in all. And each single step requires at least one lifetime to complete.

A single step can be done in one lifetime but often that’s too big a stretch, so an initial life may undertaken as a taster, followed by one or two more which really go for it.

Sometimes a life is interrupted, and the soul will just have to start over in the next life. Also, some lives are undertaken for reasons other than the specific intent to develop. For example, one lifetime might be undertaken primarily to assist another soul in their development. And some lives are taken on primarily for the death experience, for karmic reasons. These can be very short, of the order of days, weeks or months.

Taking into account all the gaps spent in the non-physical state between lives, a single step is typically accomplished in about 100-300 years of Earth time.

The whole journey of 35 steps usually takes well over 100 lifetimes. Hence, the whole journey is likely to take of the order of 7,000-8,000 years, but possibly a lot more if the population is low and opportunities to incarnate are few.

Questions and Answers

Coming back again and again sounds dreadful. Why don’t we just give up and be done with it? Can’t I just decide that this is my last time?

You cannot skip any of the steps, nor would you want to (from the soul’s perspective). You wouldn’t rent a movie but then skip to the final credits just to avoid the whole process of sitting through the movie. In fact, it’s more like a computer game. You are playing the game because you want to, and at some level you actually love it. And you know perfectly well that you need to master one level before you can move on to the next level. That’s what the game is all about.

Who says?

There’s no tyrannical deity controlling the game, forcing you to keep at it, deciding who gets to “graduate” and who doesn’t. It’s just the natural dynamic of life and the evolution of consciousness. A tadpole cannot suddenly transform into a full-grown frog. A baby human cannot suddenly take on a professional career or family responsibilities. There’s a natural, inevitable sequence to go through. And we’ve all signed up for it.

But why? What’s it all about?

Well, at the level of spirit or essence, all is one, all is love, all is joy. This is all very nice, but consciousness longs to experience more and more of what there is to experience, the utter richness and fullness of life.

How does it do that?

By fragmenting into zillions of conscious entities, each of whom has its own experiences and perspective, and each of whom can make its own choices about what to experience. Any soul can choose to continue being submerged in all-that-is, albeit with little sense of self. Alternatively, any soul can choose to undergo the experience of life in a separate physical form, interacting with other souls in their own physical forms. This is the ultimate way to experience oneself as a self.

And that’s why we are here?

We have all made this choice: to use the human form as a vehicle to help us become more conscious of ourselves as the amazing beings we are. The aim is to experience every possible experience that enables us to emerge more and more consciously and fearlessly as ourselves. We begin as helpless infants for whom the experience of separate existence is quite terrifying. But we end as autonomous, self-realised beings for whom human existence is the most amazing way of being, feeling joyful and free and sharing love with the whole of life.

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901 Responses to “Reincarnation: the 35 steps of soul evolution”

  1. 1 Darla 16 Jun 2015 at 9:24 pm

    Most infant souls end up in jail or in a nut house?? Which I take to imply’s classism, racism and corporate greed has no role in the disproportionate number of minorities and poor people in prison. When you say they cannot function in a civilized society, would you consider a country built on compition, thievery, war and murder, civilized?
    The photo you used to dipict an infant soul is also questionable.
    If you answered yes to any of my questions, then I infer, from the information that you put forward, That You my friend are an infant soul.

    • 2 Ken Kaplan 17 Jun 2015 at 1:54 am

      I’m going to be pretty direct and I’ll let Barry answer as he wishes because my sense is you are not on this wave length and don’t wish to be at this time, which is OK The heart of this emerging philosophy, of which this site and books like “Journey of Souls” are expressions is that the normal “victim perpetrator cycle”( good guys-bad guys) is an illusion. That somehow “they” are responsible is not seeing deeply enough into how things work. That for a world of contrast and separation to work, dark and light have to both exist. There can be no “combustion”, no forward movement unless both roles are played.

      Therefore there is no “them” or “us” because there is only one thing disguising itself in roles to play all this out. And nothing ultimately is not where it should be.

      I am a medium and have had a lot of communication with deceased conservative political figures (Nixon, William F Buckley, others) and they have reinforced this view strongly, to give up the “enemy” position. This does not mean one gives up one’s concern for injustice and ‘evil” but it reframes the perspective as to not blame someone for the role they have taken on.

      Otherwise, one becomes trapped in the very web of hostility and anger one projects onto the “evildoer”. Why do you think great Masters have such equanimity? If you think they are naive fools, I would encourage you to think again.

      I work in recovery with substance abuse and mental health clients. This model works for me because I can see the infant soul level of many of them.

      We ordinarily can’t see the soul back story of individuals and events. If we could we would go “Oh, I understand the order behind everything”.

      The issue of soul stages is not to demean anyone. It is only to illuminate the landscape. Do you deny that the baby soul designations fits fundamentalists to a “T”? Or the Young soul explanation?

      You appear to be a mature soul. You’re doing a good job.

      Read the book I i suggested along with Your Soul’s Plan” by Robert Schwartz.

      If all this offends you, then I think you are not in a compatible place and I for one am not going to argue these things. I spent enough time with the atheists at Salon, which you might like, and its a fruitless discussion.

      Good luck.

      • 3 Barbara 26 Jun 2015 at 12:37 pm

        What is the purpose of having no recollection of past lives and/or lessons previously learned?

        • 4 Ken Kaplan 26 Jun 2015 at 2:36 pm

          Almost all mystics of every stripe will give you the same answer. The purpose of this physical creation at the highest level is the experience and investigation off *separation*, the illusion that that which is one is many.

          If there is complete remembrance, no “cosmic amnesia”, the drama loses its power. By forgetting this is in reality a kind of movie which we are in, we immerse ourselves in the profound power of each moment and the experiences and lessons of each life.

          Imagine going to a movie in which you knew the ending and all the plot points. The entire structure would crumble. By perceiving temporarily this is real, we feel its potency. Its what gives the entire thing its drive.

          We all remember soon enough when we cross over. The big transition now is at a mass level remembering is happening in the physical. This is called “awakening”. When one awakens, one is coming to the end of the grand cycle or one comes with a specific conscious job to do. The forgetting and “normal life stuff no longer applies.

          That’s why for truly advanced souls, young soul stuff like making money and personal ambition have little value. Service to others becomes the goal.

          If we look at Jesus for example, we can see his short life was planned. The job was done. Gone. His only reason for being here was service. Hanging around to “enjoy life” for him had no value whatsoever.

          He had graduated from that.

        • 5 Tasha 25 Jul 2015 at 5:37 am

          I would say so we start with a blank slate each time. Therefor, our tests are untarnished and we get to see what we are really made of. If we consciously knew how we had done in previous lives, we’d be able to say “well that was not a good way to do that in the past.” However, if it has really sunk in to our very essence, we would not make the same mistakes as we did last time. Sort of like not being able to cheat on a test. – Perhaps our past mistakes were not completely understood. The only way to know for sure is to see if we can pass the next test without previous knowledge. I’m not sure I worded that too well.. but perhaps our subconscious is our souls memories. If the soul learned the lesson fully, we’d pass the new test. If we didn’t quite grasp it fully, we’d need more lessons.

          • 6 Ken Kaplan 25 Jul 2015 at 11:30 am

            Yes I would agree with you in essence. But I would invite you and others to expand beyond the idea of strictly “tests”. This is a unique experience in all of existence, this Universe. It fulfills a very interesting purpose. Therefore a huge part of being here is not just “learning” but the *experience* of it. The fantastic, amazing, thrilling,sometimes frustrating, even horrific experience. And who is the experiencer? Which leads to who are we? We ARE that experiencer having this grand exploration.

            Yes within this vast dance, game, ride -whatever metaphor we choose, to have a “fresh start” in the new life without prior memory is crucial, otherwise the power, immediacy, and impact of what we choose both to experience and learn (or have the opportunity to learn) would be lost.

            And you are correct. As the soul assimilates its experiences and grows, what it is finished with becomes completely internalized into its being, part of the fabric of self and it naturally is moved on or moves on to whatever the next phase is.

            I just want to buffer the idea of only “tests” and “mistakes”. Its much deeper and wider than that. My own experience is there is a deep love behind all of this.

    • 7 barry 17 Jun 2015 at 10:00 am

      There is no doubt that classism, racism and corporate greed play a role the disproportionate number of minorities and poor people in prison, especially in the US. I do not believe that I have implied otherwise.

      The reason why an infant soul might end up in jail or in a “nut house” as you charmingly call it is PRECISELY because of a “civilised” society’s unwillingness to accommodate those who do not fit the template of so-called civilised citizens.

      In a civilised society, by definition, you have various abstract systems in place: the centralisation of power, the organisation of labour, the trade in goods and services, the stratification of social classes. Competition, thievery, war and murder are inevitable side effects, along with laws, taxes, religions, money, economy, the threat of invasion, militarisation, expansionism, public amenities, private property, class conflicts, urban decay, policing, law courts, political power struggles, assassinations … In other words, the whole of human history since civilisation began.

      The photo I have used is of a reconstruction of an early human, an ancestor of yours and mine about 2 million years ago.

  2. 8 Sister Grumpy 16 Jun 2015 at 11:38 pm

    There is an alternate view that (we) spiritual beings are not “put here” in order to evolve to perfection by learning lessons in successive lifetimes, but that each soul was created already perfect–in the image and likeness of God/Spirit–and has taken on a physical interface (adapted to life on Earth) because s/he wants to have that experience. Does that not seem more likely?

    • 9 Ken Kaplan 17 Jun 2015 at 1:27 am

      My experience and learning is that it is “both/and” as to what you say, not “either/or”. Who are “we”. Is there ultimately an “I” or “we”. At this level we really know so little.

      So “we” have to be perfect expressions of “God” (All that is) for there is no other “thing” that exists. However All That feels the creative desire to experience each and every potentiality of its unlimited unmanifest state. Therefore there is no end to the potentiality of what is brought into existence. This physical Universe is but one small expression of that potentiality and its predominant characteristic is *separation* -individuation*, the illusion of many.

      Into this then the arc of evolution of the soul becomes a grand journey. The essence, yes, is always the perfect self. It _allows_ itself to take on the experience of this individuation and “stages” of growth. Within the game they are real. Otherwise the drama cannot happen.

      It sounds crazy, but if one is only undifferentiated perfect bliss all the time, it gets boring.

  3. 10 Sister Grumpy 17 Jun 2015 at 7:32 pm

    That is why I can’t believe in an eternal afterlife in heaven.

    • 11 Ken Kaplan 17 Jun 2015 at 7:45 pm

      The word “afterlife” is a misnomer. What is termed the “other side”, which also has extraordinary diversity and levels of expansion into reunion, is the natural habitat outside of complete merger. Individuation occurs throughout the Cosmos, physical and non physical to varying degrees. My experience is it is quite prolific.

      Perhaps we are just dealing with semantics but we are already in and of an eternal life. This realm creates the illusion of time and separation, as if it is real _apart_ from its true nature. That is impossible. The wave cannot *not* be party of the ocean. Ever.

      That’s why all mystical traditions insist “heaven” is here-now. There is no other place one can be. The game here is forgetting-remembering.

      Perhaps you were thinking of “heaven” in the more traditional sense.

  4. 12 Sister Grumpy 17 Jun 2015 at 11:47 pm

    I grew up in a small, church-going Methodist family, but I have not believed in the traditional heaven and hell since I was in my late teens and was introduced to the concepts of reincarnation, karma, and the cosmology of the eastern traditions. Much later, I read books, studied esoteric teachings, and as a member of a New Thought church, was exposed to much metaphysical discussion. I have read some of A Course in Miracles and even the Urantia Book, etc., but I don’t see how the writers of these books can claim to know of hierarchies of ascended masters, through which they have been given the knowledge that they are passing on. Some go so far as to claim that nothing in the physical world is real, but a projection of our minds.
    Knowing that “solid” objects are actually made of energy particles with a lot of space between them, I can accept that in theory, but I also know that our physical minds and senses are able to perceive and interact with these objects, and to us, they are as real as our own bodies are.
    What I am trying to understand now, as death approaches in what may be just a few years, is whether there is any continuity to consciousness as I take my last breath. Stories of near-death experiences abound, but has anyone actually died and returned to tell about it? No, I don’t believe there is a heaven where good people go to live in eternal bliss with all their friends and relatives who have already passed on. To what purpose? How boring! Nor do I believe in a hell where bad people exist forever in torture and pain. We make our own hell right here.

    • 13 Ken Kaplan 18 Jun 2015 at 2:26 am

      First I applaud you for your journey. For me, and I teach about this, there are a number of vectors that point more than strongly to the nature of “heaven”, or more accurately the realms beyond the physical. And of course philosophies contradict. Buddhist reincarnation is different than Hindu for example. I personally think the Course in Miracles Cosmology is deeply flawed, for very specific reasons related to the receptivity of the channels and the context of the time it time out.

      But I think one can be too literal or too wedded to the idea of “proof” in the physical. I read a scientist who said “one anecdotal experience does not constitute evidence, however we may consider that cumulative, especially in the thousands or more that coincide, do.”

      For me there are 5 converging vectors that give us a picture of what happens after death. The first are NDE’s. The second is the experiences of hypnotherapists skilled in life between life regression such as Michael Newton in Journey of Souls and Joel Whitton, among others. The third are the myriad of experiences of mystics and even ordinary people who have profound mystical experiences. (Such as reincarnational memories that upon investigation reveal startling accuracy,) The fourth is the knowledge brought forth by mediums and psychics. And the 5th are spontaneous utterances of children.

      Together they give us a pretty strong composite picture. Part of the gift of the West now is the representation of technological thinking to these things in ways that were not investigated or communicated before. I call this the “technology of consciousness”.

      The “landscape” or terrain they reveal is anything but boring and everyone goes for it is the natural home of the soul and there is no hell. But there are varying degrees of consciousness and it is just as fertile and full of purpose and activity as here, perhaps even more so. Or as a little girl once said, “People think that when you go to heaven its easy. It isn’t. Its hard work”.

      I recommend Journey of Souls (Newton) Life Between Life (Whitton) and Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves (which got me into all this.to start with) I also recommend Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz and Return From Heaven by Carol Bowman.

      Last, the idea that no one has returned from death to tell us about it is not true. Yogananda’s teacher, Shri Yukteshvar resurrected before him in the flesh in a hotel room in Calcutta and revealed to him much about the realms beyond this. His account is very consistent with much of the others mentioned here.
      You can find the chapter online here http://www.crystalclarity.com/yogananda/chap43.php

      Finally, I am a medium and the experiences I have had validate that in some form , what we call specific soul survives death, is quite knowledgeable about what’s going on with us, is filled with wisdom. and is not bored in the least.

      The other side is not “amorphous” in any way shape or form.

      • 14 Sister Grumpy 24 Jun 2015 at 4:10 pm

        Thank you, Ken. This is like stepping back from the precipice of death left by the scientific method, in which there is no place for consciousness to go. I knew and believed what you are saying several years ago, but have witnessed such a horrendous process of decay and disintegration of all societies recently, and seen and heard of such atrocities being committed both by terrorists and “normal” people, that it has become hard to believe we are not what we appear to be–an isolated planet where life arose from a chemical soup and evolved to a form capable of thinking about itself. As such, we cannot conceive of a beginning or ending of our own conscious existence, but we also cannot demonstrate scientifically that there is any awareness beyond those limits (NDEs and hypnotic regression notwithstanding. How do we know that such experiences are not imagined or recalled from having read, viewed, or heard of such events, even as children, and retained them in memory?)
        I see the popularity of movies, books, and TV series about horror and the worst possible aspects of the “supernatural,” and I do not understand why people would enjoy this kind of “entertainment,” since I do NOT. But maybe it is as you say, that there must be darkness in order for the light to show up. There is so little light right now, that the darkness must be plumbed to its rotten depths, to allow what little light is present to shine.
        There is a new TV series on TNT now called “Proof,” about a dying young billionaire willing to pay a doctor to find out what happens after death. It promises not to indulge in horror, but has already had one episode about hallucination due to a brain lesion. Interesting, but I do believe that by finding this site, I have stepped back from that precipice and am ready to embrace the mystic path again. Again, thank you!

        • 15 Ken Kaplan 24 Jun 2015 at 6:12 pm

          Dear Sister,

          I too have been watching “Proof” The show has a conundrum. It cannot “prove” anything, so it tends to present both sides of the argument. It is my experience people are going to believe what they want no matter what the “evidence”. So 42% of all Americans do not believe in Evolution. On the other side, not matter how profound or startling the “evidence”, a “scientific fundamentalist” will never believe or accept that something other than neurology of the brain is responsible. I think the show in the end is pro afterlife, but subtlly.

          You mention the show with the lesions, but the implication was the dead wife was guiding her husband to heal from her knowledge from the other side. The first episode had the little girl replicate Eban Alexander’s condition (Bacterial meningitis) in which the brain cannot function. She then knew of the true grandfather in detail that the grandmother had never revealed to anyone. Whether this is an actual case history does not matter, for there are thousands like it.

          At present we will not get scientific proof because the technology is not advanced enough to deal with the higher frequencies of the “soul”. So its a catch 22., “I have this (relatively) primitive technology but with it you have to show me effects that will be years in the future”. This is absurd to me. Its like going back in time 200 years and saying, in the future there are these devices that transmit waves so people can see and talk to one another. The Puritan says “prove it or we will burn you here and now”. How can one do that?

          About things being so wretched. They’re not. Because media has become so overwhelming, it appears as if things are far worse than before. This is an illusion. There have been several studies on this. Here is one article.

          It is actually startling how less violent this place is, how far more opportunities are emerging for those who did not have them, and how far less tolerance there is for attitudes and behaviors just decades ago, much less 50-60 years ago

          My big concern for humanity is not violence, but climate change and environmental issues. But I have hope.

          Remember the ideas here are extremely cutting edge and involve an advancement in connection to light that allow for inspection at a very high level. Because it runs counter intuitive to “normal” human thinking. We are transitioning and still have one leg in the 3rd dimension and one leg in the 5th.

          IMO the scientists are the worst. Because they refuse to be open. Skeptic is not zealous

          John Edward told a story about a young boy who had died and when he came though he told his parents to look at a certain picture they took while in Israel. He said in his light body he stepped in front of the camera so they could see a glow of light block the landscape. They found the picture and it was exactly as he said.

          If I have a hundred of these accounts, plus my own, i will not yield to the demand that these things must be found in a test tube. And yet, those who cannot be open, cannot be for a reason. Its not personal. I would read the description of atheists as mature souls here on the site.

          Let us see in 5 years what’s what. In 1963 no one ever would dream that 1967 was on the horizon. It was still galaxies away, but moving very fast. Then the Cosmic comet hit and nothing was ever the same

          Think not? This site, this type of thinking is the progeny of that era. Look at the expansion since then. The ripples are still moving outward.

  5. 16 Misty 22 Jun 2015 at 9:19 pm

    I have a question. While all this makes a lot of sense to me. I am left wondering where psychotics and murderer’s fit it? When I did a past life regression once, I was living the life of a well known murderer. It was an awful experience. I was living in the killer’s mind and I knew immediately that his head was ‘not right’ as I put it. I question whether this was actually my past life or simply some transference, but regardless. Why would one choose the life of a criminal or a killer?

    • 17 Ken Kaplan 22 Jun 2015 at 9:57 pm

      If this theory here is correct or has merit, we must go to the origin of why it came into existence. The cutting edge thought (Not so cutting edge perhaps as the Vedas were on to it as well as those such as Seth) is that the deep impulse arose within ALL THAT IS to experience separation and individuation at a profound level. As Conversations With God puts it,
      “God” said, “Hmmm, what would it be like if I allowed myself to experience myself as that which I am not? What if out of complete oneness I created a realm of contrast, here-there-up-down, black-white, good-bad. That would be fascinating.” Thus physicality was born and to ALL THAT IS, if one is to experience, experiment with , Inspect and investigate every inch, every angle of this new thing, the *separation*-illusion, then every angle must be so done.

      Evil as we construe it is a human invention. The antelope does not say ,”Look at those evil Lions”. Everything is just part of what is.

      If we add on the Michael piece of the human soul journey, we see a progression from Infant, or “beginning Souls” to deeply mature””Old Souls”. There is no better or worse, only stages of the journey. Therefore, in the human form, all these angles must be played out. From the human perspective it can be horrific. From the Soul’s perspective it adds to the depth of the experience as the deepest dark must be plumbed as well as the greatest light.

      Since our true nature is immortal, it is like a movie, one in which we forget who we are. Thus the “God” part of us becomes the consummate diamond cutter. How interesting that if once you were a disturbed murderer, how far you have progressed that there is no attraction any more for any of that. Karma is complex. The reasons behind things are many layered,
      Here is Yogananda’s take


      “Some say that God (consciousness) doesn’t know evil, because they can’t explain why a God who is good allows robberies, murders, disease, poverty, and other terrible happenings that are going on constantly on this earth. And yet, evil provides the contrast that enables us to recognize and experience goodness. Evil had to be, if there was to be any creation. If you wrote a message with white chalk on a white board, no one would see it.

      There is another angle about duality, or good and evil that I want to explain to you. If a movie producer made movies only of angels (of only goodness), and showed them in the movie theatres morning, noon, and night everyday, he would soon have to close up his business. He (the producer) has to produce variety in order to attract people’s attention.

      The bad man makes the hero look so much better! And we like plots that are filled with action. We don’t mind looking at exciting movies about danger and disaster, because we know they are only movies (a mere appearance on a screen). If you could see what is going on behind the screen of this life, you wouldn’t suffer at all. Life is a cosmic movie (projected within the screen of consciousness). I look at the beam of God’s light, which is projecting these scenes on the screen of life (consciousness). I see the pictures of the whole universe coming from this beam….”

      The forgetting is important because without it, the profound immersion into it would not have the value that it does. It has to feel real. However as we awaken, we realize more and more the love behind everything, even the twisted mind of a murderer.

      • 18 Misty 24 Jun 2015 at 12:55 am

        Thank you so much for sharing Ken! I finally read the whole excerpt and my mind is at peace. I truly feel that it is my goal this life to step into a life of a mystic. On my way to practice some Kundalini yoga now!

        • 19 Ken Kaplan 24 Jun 2015 at 1:39 am

          Good for you.

  6. 20 Barry waterfield 23 Jun 2015 at 2:48 am

    I am beginning to come to the conclusion that what we call our soul is in reality energy. And following this through I am forming the opinion that there is positive energy and negative energy, or good and evil if you will. Mass murderers such as John Wayne Gacy in the States and to a lesser extent Fred West in England are, in my view , essentially evil or negative energy and when they come round again, if they do, they will be evil again.The problem is , for me at least, what is there to be learned from all this, why bring us into being to experience it?In short, what do we do with all this experience when we’ve passed through it? Would it not be kinder, assuming that word has any relevance to an almighty being , to let us sleep on in a state of unknowing. It is quite evident to me , and it must be evident to all thinking people that the planet we are unfortunate enough to find ourselves on is designed to fail, dog eat dog, war after war, calamity after calamity, but why? What sort of circus are we the unwitting prisoners of? And just what is the true nature of the ‘Ringmaster’.

    • 21 Ken Kaplan 23 Jun 2015 at 4:36 am

      I am a medium. I can say categorically that on the other side, all is love and there is no time. I have had dozens of abusers come though and universally they are deeply apologetic and want to assist in setting things right. For those not ready yet for that insight, they sleep.

      There is an unimaginable technology of the “soul” behind all of this. It fits coherently in a way the human intellect cannot fathom. You are just not seeing the back story. We all have been cruel, we all have been kind. There in no inherent evil.

      I cannot convince you of this. You are speaking from the eyes of the human condition which cannot make sense of it That is your right.

      The purpose of this time, of this knowledge is to offer the opportunity to get past that. It is not easy for it is completely counter intuitive to human thinking and demands great work.

      A great law of this Universe is we see the world we choose to see.

      • 22 Barry waterfield 23 Jun 2015 at 8:33 am

        Thank you for your reply.

        I hope you’re right.I think if this is a test, then I have failed it, I am tired of it in a sense. I think I do believe in some sort of spirit, but I still come back to the question why? Why bring us into being? What is the point of it all? And the thought of reincarnation frightens me to death ( pardon the pun ) surely that must be the realisation of pure hell, to have to come back.Is Karma somehow involved in our choices.

        I referred to John Wayne Gacy earlier and I do wonder whether there was a degree of pre destiny with the last victim. But who would choose to come back and go through all that?

        If you are right, then I hope we can choose to say no to further progress and remain asleep for all time, in my case preferably with my cat.

        • 23 Ken Kaplan 23 Jun 2015 at 1:29 pm

          There can be no failure. You have infinite time. If you want perspective on “why” all this read the link to the Yogananda piece above. Beyond that I’d recommend “Journey of Souls, the classic by Michael Newton who got info directly from thousands of clients in hypnotherapy, or Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. If you’re open, they will dispel the sense of ‘capriciousness” and cruelty you are feeling. Everything has purpose and meaning. Everything. And love is behind it. The great illusion is the task of uncovering the truth. Its simple, but not easy. There is a quote from Journey of Souls.
          “No one said it would be easy. They just said it would be worth it.”

          When one sees the back story of why souls do what they do, its like, “Now it all makes sense. I never knew it was so elegant.” But we forget to feel the power of this life and when its unpleasant, its really unpleasant
          Think the sand in the oyster tat makes the pearl.

          • 24 Barry waterfield 23 Jun 2015 at 7:39 pm

            I am more concerned to find a way to opt out from further incarnations, and certainly a way to avoid any God head or other being. I want to sleep for eternity, to come back to this earth would be my idea of hell and to have to mix with other human spirits pointless. I have hated my time here and get to hate it more as time passes by. I don’t want any ultimate reward just a cast iron ‘get out of jail free ‘ card.An eternal sleep with my cat, would be my preferred choice, God can keep his marvellous creation and invite other fools to the party..

            • 25 Ken Kaplan 23 Jun 2015 at 7:52 pm

              Bad news. There is no opt out card. Just isn’t. Good news. From soul perspective it looks different. Caution:Suicide carries consequences that make it worse next time in. wouldn’t go there. Look I understand your anger. I feel it too. Have had a very hard year.
              Paul Simon once said “Breakdowns come and breakdowns go, what are you going to do about it.”
              You can rant the rest of your life and come back and confront the same stuff all over again, or you can begin now to ask how do I deal with this in a reasonably productive way.
              Reality is not going to bend for you unless you raise your vibration. Those are the rules. Its a hard lesson for all of us.
              Good luck.

              • 26 Barry waterfield 23 Jun 2015 at 8:33 pm

                I’ll just hope you’re wrong.

                • 27 Ken Kaplan 23 Jun 2015 at 9:32 pm

                  Make the best of it. You’ll find out eventually. Meanwhile rent “Defending Your Life”, a romantic comedy starring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep.

                  • 28 Barry waterfield 23 Jun 2015 at 10:27 pm

                    It’s been interesting talking to you.

  7. 29 Wes Marcus 25 Jun 2015 at 2:17 am

    Mr. Ken Kaplan, I stumbled onto the article “Reincarnation: the 35 steps of soul evolution.” I was looking for varying takes on the issue of reincarnation, past lives and reincarnation going forward. I have been a “student” of “spirituality”, “self realization” in the effort to understand why I am here. In trying to understand the answer to why I am here the issue of God becomes a prevalent issue. I often say I never went actually looking for this information but rather that it found me. I am a TV producer, writer, director by trade and several books or teachings have come into my life through chance rather than me looking to find it. I have read Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi and much more. I found the information and insight you have shared to be of great value. Your comments are well written, detailed and filled with wisdom. I thank you for sharing and the references of several books. You are obviously a mature or old soul with much to share. Are you affiliated with the personality & spirituality site of Barry’s? I have been reading more about Barry and the P & S site, thanks Barry for sharing your passion and insight as well.

    I am very interested to learn more about you Ken, what you do as a medium and getting more great insight from you, is that is possible?

    Again, I profusely thank you so much for sharing the knowledge as it resonates deeply with me!

    • 30 Ken Kaplan 25 Jun 2015 at 2:34 am


      Thank you for your comments. This is Barry’s site. I came across it several years ago after I too had “stumbled into” what might be termed afterlife studies. Barry and I felt as kindred spirits and he graciously has kind of de facto allowed me to be a spokesperson or co spokesperson for this material and site. Our world views and life experiences are strongly aligned. I deeply appreciate the latitude he has given me.

      Communication, both oral and written is a gift of mine, I have been a professional storyteller most of my adult life, and I have presented on spiritual topics here in the Philly area for over 25 years.(A trainer and specialist in Early Childhood so I have done hundreds of presentations in that area also.) I currently am writing a book on the meaning of dreams.

      If you are interested in contact and more intimate connection, my web site (which I will be editing) is http://www.spiritualdreamcoach.com

      There you will find a pretty good description of most of what I am up to, which is fluid to a degree as I am following the flow of the Universe.

      Again thanks much.

    • 31 Ken Kaplan 25 Jun 2015 at 2:36 am

      P.S. If you are interested, there is an archive of all posts beyond the recent ones. Some of the discussions and interactions are quite informative and interesting.

    • 32 Ken Kaplan 25 Jun 2015 at 2:39 am

      It may take a few days as I left a website if you want to contact me but when one leaves a link, the comment needs moderation before posting. Thank you for your kind words.

      • 33 Wes Marcus 25 Jun 2015 at 6:26 am

        Thanks Ken, I will definitely check out the archives. Greatly appreciated! I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say you left a website but am assuming I may have a chance to connect with you in a few days after the “moderation.” I appreciate it and will keep checking and look for an email of course whenever is best for you.. Thanks again Sir!

        • 34 Ken Kaplan 25 Jun 2015 at 10:20 am

          Wes you can reach me and see what I do at spiritualdreamcoach.com.

      • 35 barry 25 Jun 2015 at 8:50 am

        Hi Ken and everyone

        Just to let you know I am up to my eyes in life stuff at the moment, looking after a sick child AND a sick wife. It’s pretty overwhelming, especially for a mere scholar (I would happily pay a couple of servers to move in and take over).

        Ken – Sorry for moderation delays; I’m tending to catch up at the end of each day. But a way around the whole thing would be to leave out the http:// part so that the system doesn’t recognise it as a link. Like this – google.com

        A reader can then copy & paste it into their browser address bar.

        • 36 Ken Kaplan 25 Jun 2015 at 10:21 am

          Thanks Barry. Been a tough time for many. Brutal Mercury Retrograde.

        • 37 Oliver 25 Jun 2015 at 12:51 pm

          Sending my best wishes to you all.

  8. 38 Sister Grumpy 25 Jun 2015 at 3:06 pm

    I sincerely hope that things are not going to h*ll as rapidly as they appear to be, but that we are simply being made aware of–in fact being bombarded with–every hateful, disgusting. psychopathic, and fear-producing event as soon as it happens, and it overwhelms our awareness of the good and normal. I will try to remember that the cruelty, ignorance, and atrocities of life in centuries past, and the savagery that was the way of surviving at the dawn of mankind, were much worse than what we see now.
    It will be interesting to see whether “Proof” maintains its high standard as the season progresses. If not, for me it will slip into that category of programming that I ignore: vampires, werewolves, zombies, followers of Satan (as well as vulgar comedy and “reality” shows) I do like well-done fantasy and sci-fi, though.

    • 39 Ken Kaplan 26 Jun 2015 at 3:26 am

      I heard it once said that the media will go to the ends of the Earth to find every negative and horror story available. The world is a diverse place. There are 7 billion people here. The majority live lives of decent happiness, raise families, go to work, find pleasure in life. If we give credibility to this philosophy here, everyone is taking on situations that suit there growth. Had any cops bust tough your door today? Any bombs dropped in your neighborhood?

      Being concerned for humanity and the planet is not to be paralyzed by the travails of others. This shooting in Charleston was terrible. 50 years ago it was official state policy and sanctioned throughout most of the country. No one gave two thoughts to it. We don’t have to go back to medieval times.

      Yes corporations are bad but I don’t see any Serfs literally bonded to the will of Feudal Lords here. I lived in the 50’s. McCarthyism was worse than anything now. Vietnam was awful. We had three liberal leaders KILLED in the 60’s.

      As for Proof. I like it. I can watch that stuff endlessly, like I can watch Long Island Medium. My concern for Proof is once you establish the tension between the two viewpoints, where do you go? Unless they have riveting cases, it will not last.

      Last week was muddled and not so good. Week one was very good. I liked the little girl saying to the Doctor . “they (angels-loved ones) told me not to talk to you any more.”

      Its still a very materialistically oriented society. Its not the 90’s. So it may have a short shelf life. We’ll see.

  9. 40 Sister Grumpy 26 Jun 2015 at 7:19 pm

    Yes, according to Luke 2:49, when Jesus was 12, his parents were searching for him, and finally found him in the temple talking to the scribes and Pharisees. “Why did you seek me?” he asked. “Did you not know that I must be about my Father’s business?”

    • 41 Sister Grumpy 26 Jun 2015 at 7:24 pm

      The above was supposed to be a reply to the comment that Jesus came into his life on Earth without any interest in personal ambition, and once his task was done, he didn’t hang around to “enjoy life.” (Even so, I believe that he was perfectly capable of enjoying it at times.)

      • 42 Ken Kaplan 26 Jun 2015 at 8:42 pm

        Yes. I’m sure he enjoyed life, probably more than most. But to my understanding for him (and many of us), its like contracting out a job. When its finished, there’s no point in not going home or on to the next one.

  10. 43 Amrita 02 Jul 2015 at 5:32 pm

    Do the animals, birds, plants, insects etc also are a part of the soul stages…

    • 44 Sister Grumpy 03 Jul 2015 at 12:25 am

      I have read an opinion that animals (and maybe insects, too) have group souls, since the higher ones are conscious, but not self-conscious. This may account for instincts that they have and the ability to communicate over distance or find their way home over several weeks or months.

    • 45 Ken Kaplan 03 Jul 2015 at 3:19 am

      This is such a tricky one. I do believe higher animals have souls and that there are group souls for the less developed. The issue of animal soul stages has many opinions. Michael Newton and Robert Schwartz believe the human and animal tracks are separate. It was channeled in Your Soul’s Gift that animals rarely cross over into the human field. They don’t like the emotional intensity and extremes it was said. The implication is they have their own track. Eastern philosophy insists everybody moves up the ladder being everything and the human track is the end development. Eastern hypnotherapists have found recollection of animal lives.

      I have an amazing friend who is more than an animal communicator, she is a portal to the animal consciousness. Her contention is they are as or more aware than we are but in a different way. She says transmigration between the worlds happens.

      A friend was at a channeling and the consciousness said the highest being in the room was the dog.

      My sense is once on the human arc, you pretty much play it out. I do think animals have their own journey. Too many stories of meeting pets and animal friends on the other side.

      Exactly how this all plays out is still not clear to me. To be honest, I have my hands full being human so its not a big priority except to look at my role in such things as factory farming and meat eating and I have not been exemplary.

      • 46 Flower 16 Jul 2015 at 5:50 pm

        I think I have the ability to recognise people who had lived before .I can feel them and it is not always a good experience. Just wondering why

        • 47 Ken Kaplan 18 Jul 2015 at 12:21 am

          Everyone has lived before. You probably are psychic or extremely intuitive and are picking up some basics of core soul energy and unfinished business from previous lives. The essence of the soul is love, but at certain stages or periods, “bad stuff” is still being worked out.

        • 48 Helen (a diffferent Helen) 18 Jul 2015 at 12:39 pm

          Hi Flower
          I have had the same experiences too. Perhaps it is the working out of Karma? Unfinished business? Then again I am intuitive and clairsentient, so it could be just picking up others negativity. I think if you have known someone before, there seems to be a strong ‘pull’ to that person, if you know what I mean.
          Best wishes

      • 49 Z Keithley/storyworkshopsacramento 25 Jul 2015 at 10:58 pm

        I have had in my adult life, two cats who have lived together with me twice! The second time, they came separately & under different circumstances for me to take them into my household three weeks apart. I have had the good fortune of sessions with the Michael entity, & Michael told me these cat had, following their first lives and deaths living with me that they each and both “got a lot done” that first life together with me & decided to “try it again & get more done” of whatever they are working on. They came to my house , to me, from two different cities in California, and within three weeks of each other. Been with me about ten years & remarkable changes have come about in them in terms of friendliness & harmony. And continue.

  11. 50 Whok 03 Jul 2015 at 7:56 am

    Omg this sounds like it dripped right out of your ass

    • 51 barry 03 Jul 2015 at 12:01 pm

      Well, I do have a great ass.

  12. 52 Helen 08 Jul 2015 at 11:47 pm

    If souls are made to reincarnate(which I do believe), why are some souls just out there floating around, without taking a physical form?…for lack of a better explanation(and understanding, I suppose-lol). Also, what happens when a soul has fully evolved? Then, what?

    Ps- I loved this read! Thank you for putting your time into sharing with us. ☺️


    • 53 barry 09 Jul 2015 at 6:52 pm

      It’s not that souls are made to reincarnate, but that they choose to do so because they are drawn to it. There is also the compelling effect of needing to balance out karma.

      On the other hand, some souls REALLY take their time between lives. Some (mainly baby/young) leave their physical body but avoid moving back to their astral home for whatever reason (usually very misguided and terrified of what lies in store for them). It takes patience and ingenuity on the part of their guides to get through to them.

      What happens after the last life? – see http://personalityspirituality.net/faq/after-last-reincarnation/


      • 54 Ken Kaplan 09 Jul 2015 at 8:20 pm

        Souls don’t “float around” unless as Barry said, they have a hard time crossing over. Then they are known as “ghosts”. The other side, from all indications, is quite complex and technological but non physical, frequency, sacred geometry, sound vibration, cosmic crystal usage, etc. Souls spend a great deal of time in life review and study. Younger souls might sleep more or incarnate more quickly as they are less developed.

        Its hard for us to fathom but most souls want this experience, as challenging as it is. It is so different from “heaven”: Think cosmic amusement park-virtual reality ride of the highest order. Where a certain type of growth can be had like no other.

  13. 55 Helen (a diffferent Helen) 09 Jul 2015 at 1:52 pm

    Hi Barry & Ken

    Firstly, I’d like to say how much I enjoy this site. It has helped me so much and answered a lot of questions. However, I have still two more I hope you can advise on.

    For whatever reason, in this current life, I always seem to be around child souls – in family, work, past relationships. I say past because I just cannot tolerate the mind set of the child souls anymore and have had to cut ties as I find their narrow mindedness, regimentalism and general behaviour too much to tolerate. I wish as a mature soul I had more contact with old souls. I have known only a small few. How much easier life would be!

    Secondly, I am hoping to work with disabled people soon. I don’t want this to be a contentious question, but I have to ask. Why are some people born so terribly disabled? I.E. Can only eat, sleep and be incontinent since birth? They have to be moved via a hoist and cannot communicate in any way.
    Why? Is it karma, or 6th level? It would be a soul far braver than I to spend a lifetime in such a body. I found this level of disability too distressing, so am now going to help people less disabled (Autism & Down Syndrome).

    Thank you again for all the help you provide to less enlightened people like myself.

    I hope Barry your family find good health soon.


    • 56 barry 09 Jul 2015 at 6:43 pm

      Hi Helen, and thanks for that. My family and I seem to have slipped into a vortex of life challenges; we don’t know which way is up anymore. Hopefully levelling out now. At least it’s brought us closer together.

      Just a small point so that we’re all on the same sheet — child soul is another term for baby soul, I.e. Stage 2. The Michael books say “baby”, the Vasselman/Source books say “child” (in German). It probably makes more sense, but the term “baby soul” is perhaps too ingrained now.

      One thing you could consider is that your life is presenting you with this issue (being surrounded by souls on the “wrong” wavelength for you) precisely because you planned or asked that it do so. Perhaps at a soul level you recognise there would be a benefit for you in choosing to divorce yourself from this level of perception. That may take a degree of courage, as it means (in their eyes) you deliberately stop being “one of us”.

      Another possibility, just to turn it on its head, is that you have set yourself the task of “breaking through” this personal resistance to baby/child soul culture. In other words, the challenge is to get over it and love these people.

      I don’t which it might be, but you could look inside to see which option (or another) holds most resonance for you. You are free to choose either, and neither choice is wrong, so go with what gives you most satisafaction.

      Re. Disability

      Massive disabilities are probably down to karma — the soul is experiencing what it’s like to have (say) no arms and legs. That is NOT to say that those with such congenital disability do not deserve our care or compassion. Some are living of life of utter dependence purely to give another soul the opportunity to be their caregiver; they might swap roles in their next lives together.

      But if you do not feel drawn to work with that population, then that is your truth.

      For what it’s worth, it is said that full-on autism tends to indicate an infant soul who, at an early age, got so scared by the world that they withdrew inwardly.

      Hope this helps


      • 57 Helen 09 Jul 2015 at 7:04 pm

        Thanks Barry. Peace & Joy to you. xx

    • 58 Ken Kaplan 09 Jul 2015 at 8:23 pm

      I would recommend “Your Soul’s Plan” and “Your Soul’s Gift”: by Robert Schwartz. Barry is pretty right on and there can be a zillion reasons as to why souls take on infirmities.

  14. 59 Sister Grumpy 09 Jul 2015 at 4:37 pm

    In the animal kingdom, such disabled offspring are often killed or left to die by their mothers. They devote their energy to feeding, defending, and training the strongest. But I did see a TV documentary showing that apes will help a member of their group that is missing part of an arm surgically removed due to injury. So it is a step towards human development in primates.
    “Different Helen”–you seem to want to help older souls like yourself that (for whatever reason) have incarnated in defective bodies and brains. These people probably seem to be imprisoned and unable to express themselves fully because of their physical limitations, but they are capable of making progress, and are therefore not hopeless cases.
    Child souls are not yet capable of expressing on a higher level. They are still learning the basics and need firm structure–are attracted to it–in their religious, social, and political associations. Some will believe anything you tell them. Much later, they will start to think for themselves.

    • 60 Helen 09 Jul 2015 at 7:06 pm

      Thank you for your reply. Wishing you peace & joy too. xxx
      PS Why ‘grumpy?’ You seem anything but grumpy.

  15. 61 Sister Grumpy 10 Jul 2015 at 2:29 am

    “Sister Grumpy” is the pseudonym that I use for my church blog, where I have been known to express my opinion now and again. People always laugh when they hear it for the first time, but it has stuck, and now Google knows who I am.

  16. 62 Julie 11 Jul 2015 at 12:49 am

    How many centuries or millennia can a soul remain an infant soul? If someone now in our life time has an infant soul, did their soul just suddenly come into existence?

    • 63 Ken Kaplan 14 Jul 2015 at 6:49 am

      I’m going to defer more to Barry on this but share what I have gleaned. Soul development in my understanding is not completely linear or fixed but depends on the “intention” of the Soul. I do think one spends a fair amount of time in each stage, as at minimum, with seven substages within a stage, it would take at least 7 lifetimes to progress through a stage.

      My personal belief is it takes longer because the process is so profound. Michael Newton said from his experience 75% of souls do not actively plan their lives, their guides give them what would amount to an “itinerary” as from a travel agency and the Soul must agree to it. My sense is in the earlier phases the agreement probably is general so souls may move more swiftly into the next life. Not sure how much processing on the other side infant souls go through. The accumulation of experience would imo begin to “temper” the soul and move the maturation process so yes each stage could take millennia.

      To me there is still non clarity about the “tracks” All Souls come from Source and in a mysterious manner the “substance” of that which is undifferentiated becomes individuated. (or seemingly so), as the Ocean produces waves. Newton has a section where a person “remembers” how this is done.

      Eastern philosophy says one progresses through all forms of life with human being at the top. Eastern hypnotherapist clients have memories of animal lives. A psychic once told me my first sentient life was as a plant on another planet 65 million years ago.

      Newton and Robert Schwartz insist the human track stands alone as do other life form tracks. Until I have a personal definitive experience of it, I form no opinion.

      The essence now is here we are, wherever we have been. I do think that once human, human you primarily remain to work it out. My intuition tells me this particular focus has enormous value (one of many, not greater than) and that’s why souls are drawn to the human experience. I think it is one of the more fascinating rides in existence, although I can see that for animals and plants as well.

      From the highest perspective, the immensity of Bliss of it all must be beyond any understanding we can muster.

  17. 64 Gypsy W Wentworth 17 Jul 2015 at 4:05 pm

    I appear to be in the Mature stage and am wondering what we do at the end of all this…are you suggesting that we are a collective of good, therefore so is God, as we are all parts of God…beyond life in the body, do we ever get to meet up with others who we have loved and passed on?

    • 65 Ken Kaplan 18 Jul 2015 at 12:26 am

      Look above about 8 posts. Barry has a link to your first question. To the others, yes, yes, and yes.

      • 66 barry 18 Jul 2015 at 2:45 pm

        I should start paying you Ken! Right now I’m with my family on a much-needed break, literally lounging by a pool in the Mediterranean, baking in hot sunshine, sipping Malibu on ice, catching up on all the books I have been meaning to read but haven’t. Haven’t felt so positive since my kundalini die-off last November.

        I’m currently reading and thoroughly enjoying a great spiritual autobiography which I suspect you too will really like if you haven’t read it already — The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer.

        Back to normality soon, meanwhile: Chin chin!


  18. 67 Sister Grumpy 25 Jul 2015 at 6:36 pm

    In this lifetime, it was relationships for me. I was able to make lemonade out of the lemons, but the real lessons were that 1) I was with that person for a reason, a season, or a lifetime–as a trusted friend or soulmate–but not necessarily as a mate. 2) In the end, I realized that I was happier and better off living alone.

  19. 68 Sister Grumpy 25 Jul 2015 at 6:43 pm

    I would not want to carry a heavy load of past experiences into each lifetime, but I would like to have a sense of “been there, done that” so that I do not waste my time.

    • 69 Ken Kaplan 25 Jul 2015 at 8:49 pm

      Just a suggestion. Our ego based personalities create all kinds of desires or fears around “what comes next:, what we have left undone”, etc. My understanding is what goes on has no relationship to egoic perspective. The “technology” of all of this is way beyond the intellect, is incredibly elegant and precise, and is infallible. Whatever we think or don’t think about what we need or want has no bearing. No time is ever wasted as every experience is precious and has value. And we wouldn’t remember anyway so there is no point.

      • 70 Tanja 27 Jul 2015 at 3:34 pm

        I have found this to be very interesting, however I’m quite curious about hauntings, and spirits attached to objects. Why is this the case, and why haven’t they reincarnated?

        • 71 Tania 27 Jul 2015 at 3:43 pm

          I just wanted to add also, Destiny! Is our path already planned? I can predict futures, and I’m the real deal; would love to know how I do this. I have also had visions of different dimensions, different universes, entities, and ancestory, life to me is extremely complicated.

          • 72 Ken Kaplan 27 Jul 2015 at 6:08 pm

            My answer to your questions. Those who have not crossed over we call “ghosts”. They dwell in the Astral plane. Usually they do not cross because of intense fear, attachment to a place , person or even the Earth plane itself, or because of traumatic death. Lots of ghosts around battlefields. Having not crossed over, they can’t reincarnate until they release and go through the process on the other side.

            My understanding about destiny is we create and craft our lives on a soul level in agreement with others for experiences and learning but leave room for free will decisions. Usually those who predict the future pick up probability lines. If you are really good at it, you are able to be more intuitively precise in your selections or you are directed to things that can be more easily read. This is why so many psychics get mass events wrong.

            You do it because you had it when you came in. Its one of your destiny pieces. Not knowing you I can’t say what stage you’re in but it sounds like you are in an old soul stage. These gifts most likely were developed over many lifetimes, or else you are an advanced off world soul (ET) who has come to help at this time.

            • 73 tania 27 Jul 2015 at 10:16 pm

              Thank you for your quick response. I do consider myself probably more of a mature soul, ready to entre the old stage. I have seen my pass lives, and have connected with individuals who have been in my pass life. You are 100% correct with me be gifted from/ or before I was born. I could see things from such a young age. I communicate and work with angels all the time.I work with tribal people, who have no where to live, and have developed addictions. You are truly gifted yourself, as I believe I am here to help. There are entities, spirit etc that have joined me on this journey, and in many cases has asked for my protection. I feel inspired. I now know, and have been reassured, that what I am doing is for a better purpose in life. I really hope you have a wonderful day, and all the best (:

              • 74 tania 27 Jul 2015 at 10:32 pm

                Sorry for spelling errors/ auto text, past rather than pass

              • 75 Ken Kaplan 27 Jul 2015 at 10:53 pm

                Thank you and you bare welcome.

  20. 76 Z Keithley/storyworkshopsacramento 28 Jul 2015 at 12:21 am

    I’d like to hear more about Extra Ts waiting around & whatever. An example from someone
    one’s experience?

  21. 77 lily 30 Jul 2015 at 4:02 pm

    After the last step in reincarnation is taken, could the soul choose to come back to earth to experience elements of being alive so as to continue to gain knowledge? Also, do you believe time is linear? For example, could you reincarnate into another time that would offer you a unique lesson?

  22. 78 Tania 30 Jul 2015 at 10:51 pm

    Your post is a very upsetting post, and I’m feel terrible to hear this. I work with many individuals who have live the most horrible life you can imagine, however they are still here, and we are all sharing the same time. I don’t think any human has the capacity or intelligence to tell another what will be after we die. Please believe however, that there are beautiful things out there. The earth itself is spectacular, and it host some of the most beautiful animals and yes humans. If anything we need to listen to people like yourself. We are all one, and why we keep operating as individuals, and only caring for our own needs, we will keep coming back until we all learn that valuable lesson respect! We are all connected. I feel for you as I know that in my past life, I’ve lived a painful horrible life; however in this life I am much happier. Im now helping other people who are experiencing pain. I understand them and we have developed a connection. Please do not give up hope, cherish the most simple things in life, a walk in the part, the sun shining on your face, life is so quick, and before you know it, you will have a new one(:

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