Reincarnation: the 35 steps of soul evolution

35 Steps

According to many spiritual teachers, all human beings are, in reality, spiritual beings on a human journey. We reincarnate as human beings in order to evolve as souls.

Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of All That Is. It is a long journey, but that’s okay because the soul is eternal.

Soul Evolution

The soul’s journey is really a process of evolving. This means growing in consciousness, steadily progressing through different levels or stages of consciousness. How do we grow in consciousness? Through taking on challenging experiences in physical form. These cause us to make important, “soul-searching” choices and call upon us to discover our inner resources. But why in physical form? Why would a perfectly happy spiritual being decide to inhabit the physical realm with all of its limitations and difficulties? It is precisely so that we can experience the state of what feels like total separation from others and from the rest of reality. Only by going into this physically separated human form can we know ourselves as beings in our own right, and not just as … well … undifferentiated blobs of energy. Being physical throws our experiences and choices into extremely sharp relief in a way that is not possible otherwise. This is how we learn who we are and how to become all that we are. In other words:

Choice and the ramifications of choice provide the essential lessons of life. In a very real sense, you choose to be here in order to make choices.

Messages from Michael

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

The 35 Steps

We are here to know ourselves and be all we can be, step by step. And according to the teachings of the entity known as Michael, there are 35 steps to the reincarnational process. The body and personality you have now are merely the vehicles you have chosen for this latest step in your journey.

But why 35 steps? Why not 36 steps? Or 10? Or 100?

It is simply because, according to Michael, we go through five major stages of evolution through reincarnation. And, within each stage there are seven increments or levels to be completed. (Yes, it is rather like a computer game.) 5 x 7 = 35. 35 steps Each single step requires a whole lifetime to complete. In fact, each step usually requires more than one lifetime. Typically, the entire journey of 35 steps takes well over a hundred lifetimes. So let’s look at the journey in more detail. We’ll start with the five major stages of soul evolution through reincarnation.

The Five Stages

The Michael teachings describe a sequence of five “cycles” or stages of soul evolution. They are named after the stages of human development:

Each of these five corresponds to a specific level of development in capability and self-awareness within the individual soul. As the soul goes through each stage, the focus changes, more experience is gained, and consciousness expands. Michael Newton Incidentally, the same pattern of soul evolution has been identified by the hypnotherapist Michael Newton (right). His groundbreaking research was published in the best-selling book Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Llewellyn, 1994). The books by Newton and his students draw upon thousands of transcripts of people who, under hypnotic regression, have re-experienced being between lives. From the higher perspective of their soul they are able to explain what happens after death and before birth. This includes information about the levels of consciousness through which reincarnating souls evolve. What Newton and others have discovered is that souls between lives exist in light-form, and that each soul emanates a particular colour of the spectrum which indicates its current level of consciousness. The spectrum begins at white (all colours) but then goes through red, yellow, green, blue, to deep purple and violet. From low frequency to high frequency. The least evolved souls — the “newbies” — have a pinkish hue. The oldest souls — those nearing the end of the whole reincarnational cycle — have a blueish hue. Although the spectrum is a continuum, Dr. Newton has found that it can be divided into five distinct stages or levels of evolvement, from Level I to Level V. These can be mapped onto the five stages given in the Michael teachings, from Infant soul to Old soul.

So, for example, souls in the middle (or third) stage of reincarnation are referred to as “Young souls” in the Michael teachings and they are at what Newton would call “Level III”. They will have a yellowish or golden hue. (As an aside, both Newton and the Michael entity also identify higher levels of soul evolution which do not involve reincarnation.) The stages of reincarnation (or soul age) can also be likened to the stages of metamorphosis we see in nature, such as egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly. In reincarnation, though, what changes is not the physical form but the mode of consciousness, especially the form of self-awareness and — as a result — the way of relating to others.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Soul age characteristics

Soul age affects how an individual lives, thinks, acts, and comes across to others. Stage 1 — Infant Souls

Infant souls focus on immediate survival needs. They flourish in simple environments close to nature, such as remote tribes or rural, pastoral settings.

In the context of modern society, however, they can come across as uncivilised simpletons or yokels, and may even be deemed to be psychopathic or have some sort of developmental disorder.

Psychologically, infant souls are naive, impulsive and “pre-conventional”, acting on impulse or habit with little or no thought for consequences.

Because they lack both social understanding and self-inhibition, they are capable of committing antisocial or immoral acts without any sense of wrongdoing. As such, they do not fit well within modern society and may end up in prison or in psychiatric units.

While they may lack the moral principles, social graces and cultural understanding of older souls, Infant souls are in a sense completely innocent, being without pretense or agenda.

Stage 2 — Baby Souls

In contrast to Infant souls, Baby souls think a great deal about the rights and wrongs of their actions. Their lives are about safety, security, structure and order — rigidly so. They like to live in communities that are highly principled and “civilized” (think of the Amish).

Baby souls come across to older souls as rather “square” – strictly conventional and conformist. Both their beliefs and their actions are largely rule-bound, so they are often ultra-conservative, traditionalist, orthodox, upright, moralistic, religiously devout, and mindful of law and order.

That said, they will occasionally give in to temptation, or temper tantrum, and break the rules themselves — but then might find themselves tortured with guilt and shame.

They are acutely aware of the rights and wrongs of people’s actions, including their own, though they have little insight into the motives behind them. Bad behaviour is sinful, and that’s that.

Stage 3 — Young Souls

Young souls tend to be extravert, outward-bound, worldly, frenetically energetic, brash, competitive, political, ambitious and individualistic. Life at this stage is about thinking for oneself and asserting oneself as an individual.

Young souls are more ego-driven than others, keen to make their mark in the world. They are generally attracted to some form of worldly success — fame, fortune, power, glory. In fact, they are more fearful of death than souls at other stages, and those who aren’t sure about life after death may be anxious to make a big impact on the world stage, to create some kind of symbolic immortality for themselves.

Young souls cling to their own opinions, with a certainty that their own perspective is the right perspective, and their way ahead is by far the best way. They are very aware of their own agenda but do not really question it.

Stage 4 Mature souls Mature - woman

Mature souls tend to be more reflective than younger souls, with a growing understanding of self, growing empathy for others, and a desire for authenticity in both. Life is less about proving oneself, and more about exploring “right relationship”.

Mature soul consciousness is no longer egocentric, in the sense of being limited to one’s own perspective and agenda, but is capable of accommodating multiple perspectives and different agendas. In fact, there is now a tension between “what I want” and “appreciating what you want,” or between the personal and the interpersonal.

This makes life much more complicated — sometimes overwhelmingly so. On the one hand, mature souls reject narrow-minded values. Yet on the other hand, they are able to empathise with whoever holds those same values. Fixed opinions are replaced by a sense of ever-shifting perspectives — “It all depends on how you look at it”.

This disappearance of solid ground can be hugely stressful, but it kicks off a search for deeper meaning and self-understanding, whether through art, psychology, philosophy or spirituality.

Mature souls tend to question everything, including their own motives, and are prone to do a lot of soul-searching (literally).

Stage 5 — Old Souls mooji 140

Old souls tend to exude some degree of depth, gravitas or wisdom that is quite obvious. In children, it can be most striking (think: old head on young shoulders) For having moved beyond the stresses and conflicts of the Mature soul, Old souls have a growing sense of inner peace and freedom — the freedom to enjoy being very much in the world, but not of it.

Compared to younger souls they are relatively calm, measured, untroubled and stable, unattached to social structures and cultural expectations, being sure of their own existence and inner strengths and their compassion for others.

On the other hand, finding themselves in a world that is so conflicted, chaotic, frantic, and superficial can be utterly depressing.

For Old souls, the aim of life is to find true self-expression and fulfillment. As such, they tend to go their own unique way in life, letting go and letting be, in a detached way that may seem very weird and eccentric to younger souls.

Late-stage old souls find themselves consciously participating in the evolution of all-that-is, and often focus on teaching spiritual wisdom with great compassion.

Note: These descriptions emphasise the differences between stages. In reality, though, there is a gradual blend from one stage to the next. A person at the start of the Mature stage, for example, will act mostly like a Young soul but with elements of Mature soul nature beginning to emerge.

The lessons of each stage

Here are the five stages of soul evolution through human reincarnation, together with the typical learning experiences associated with each stage:

soul age focus 2 450

So we begin reincarnating as Infant souls, complete novices at physical existence. At this first stage we are largely in a state of incompetence and terror, frankly. But through experiences and choices we learn and grow. We steadily progress from being Infant souls to Baby souls to Young souls to Mature souls. Finally, we enter the fifth stage as accomplished Old souls, the experts of human existence.

As infant souls we learned about choices having to do with survival, as baby souls choices having to do with moral codes and ethics, as young souls choices having to do with mastery of achievement, as mature souls choices having to do with relationships, and as old souls choices having to do with the nature of oneness with the Tao. An infant soul would therefore not understand the choices of an old soul although an older soul would likely have more understanding of the nature of younger soul choice having had them.

Michael, via Victoria Marina

To look at each stage in more detail see:

Stage 1. The Infant Soul

Stage 2. The Baby Soul

Stage 3. The Young Soul

Stage 4. The Mature Soul

Stage 5. The Old Soul

Soul levels in the human population

The six or seven billion people on the planet span the whole range of stages, but the average is said to be somewhere just past the mid-point of stage 3 (see chart below). In other words, this world is currently dominated by Young souls whose primary focus is competitive self-advancement.

The seven steps within each stage

Within each stage there are seven discrete steps to go through. In the Michael teachings, they are called “levels”, so in each stage we proceed from 1st level to 7th level. Calling these “levels” can be a bit confusing (since Newton refers to the five major stages as “levels”), so I sometimes prefer to call them “steps”. So each stage of reincarnation has seven distinct learning steps. For example, we begin the whole journey at step 1 as Infant souls, learn that lesson, then undertake step 2 as Infant souls, and so on. On completing the 7th step of the Infant stage, we then begin the 1st step of the Baby stage.

35 steps

The early steps in any stage are about experiencing life at this new stage of evolution, learning the essential lessons through appropriate experiences. The later steps are about expressing those lessons, demonstrating this level of consciousness in action. For example, in the Young soul stage, the first three steps — from 1st level Young soul to 3rd level Young soul — are about discovering the meaning of free will and self-determination; the last three steps — 5th level Young soul to 7th level Young soul — are about demonstrating the meaning of free will and self-determination in action. (The middle step — 4th level Young soul — is about consolidating the lessons learned.) The first step or level of any stage is like putting a toe in the water; the final step is like teaching others how to swim:

1st Level Initiation into the new stage. “Toe in the water.” First glimpses of the new consciousness. We come to recognise that there is a whole new way of being ahead of us, and we respond to the call, even though as yet it is beyond our comprehension.
2nd Level Building foundations. Wading in and out. Comparing and contrasting the old and new consciousness. We come to understand what is essential and different about this higher level, though it still remains ‘ahead’ of us, not quite within us.
3rd Level Rising to the challenge. Taking the plunge. We determinedly commit ourselves to actively embrace and explore the new consciousness.
4th Level Integration. Relaxing into it, “enjoying the water.” We now identify ourselves with this way of understanding self, life and others – this is our truth. We fully incorporate and consolidate the new consciousness into our own being.
5th Level Expression. Splashing about – “Look at me!” We openly share and communicate our new, true sense of self and of life’s meaning. We feel drawn to broadcast our truth, to “go public” with it.
6th Level Demonstration. Giving value and benefit to others. “Being a life guard.” Our new consciousness is put to the test. We also burn off any outstanding karma incurred in the earlier steps of this stage.
7th Level Mastery. Peak performance. We have complete understanding and control of our awareness at this level. We know exactly what we are doing. We may feel like a role model. Hmm… What’s next?

This sequence of seven steps is repeated through each stage, making 35 steps in all from the beginning of reincarnation to the end. In case you’re wondering, I’m at the 5th level of the Mature soul stage. My current life’s lesson is about outwardly expressing my Mature soul consciousness.

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

Many lives

So, we start our evolutionary journey at level 1 of stage I (as “1st Level Infant souls”) and end it at level 7 of stage 5 (as “7th Level Old souls”). There are 35 steps in all. And each single step requires at least one lifetime to complete. A single step can be done in one lifetime but often that’s too big a stretch, so an initial life may undertaken as a taster, followed by one or two more which really go for it. Sometimes a life is interrupted, and the soul will just have to start over in the next life. Also, some lives are undertaken for reasons other than the specific intent to develop. For example, one lifetime might be undertaken primarily to assist another soul in their development. And some lives are taken on primarily for the death experience, for karmic reasons. These can be very short, of the order of days, weeks or months. Taking into account all the gaps spent in the non-physical state between lives, a single step is typically accomplished in about 100-300 years of Earth time. The whole journey of 35 steps usually takes well over 100 lifetimes. Hence, the whole journey is likely to take of the order of 7,000-8,000 years, but possibly a lot more if the population is low and opportunities to incarnate are few.

Questions and Answers

Coming back again and again sounds dreadful. Why don’t we just give up and be done with it? Can’t I just decide that this is my last time?

You cannot skip any of the steps, nor would you want to (from the soul’s perspective). You wouldn’t rent a movie but then skip to the final credits just to avoid the whole process of sitting through the movie. In fact, it’s more like a computer game. You are playing the game because you want to, and at some level you actually love it. And you know perfectly well that you need to master one level before you can move on to the next level. That’s what the game is all about.

Who says?

There’s no tyrannical deity controlling the game, forcing you to keep at it, deciding who gets to “graduate” and who doesn’t. It’s just the natural dynamic of life and the evolution of consciousness. A tadpole cannot suddenly transform into a full-grown frog. A baby human cannot suddenly take on a professional career or family responsibilities. There’s a natural, inevitable sequence to go through. And we’ve all signed up for it.

But why? What’s it all about?

Well, at the level of spirit or essence, all is one, all is love, all is joy. This is all very nice, but consciousness longs to experience more and more of what there is to experience, the utter richness and fullness of life.

How does it do that?

By fragmenting into zillions of conscious entities, each of whom has its own experiences and perspective, and each of whom can make its own choices about what to experience. Any soul can choose to continue being submerged in all-that-is, albeit with little sense of self. Alternatively, any soul can choose to undergo the experience of life in a separate physical form, interacting with other souls in their own physical forms. This is the ultimate way to experience oneself as a self.

And that’s why we are here?

We have all made this choice: to use the human form as a vehicle to help us become more conscious of ourselves as the amazing beings we are. The aim is to experience every possible experience that enables us to emerge more and more consciously and fearlessly as ourselves. We begin as helpless infants for whom the experience of separate existence is quite terrifying. But we end as autonomous, self-realised beings for whom human existence is the most amazing way of being, feeling joyful and free and sharing love with the whole of life.

More frequently asked questions

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1,170 thoughts on “Reincarnation: the 35 steps of soul evolution

  1. Greetings Alex,

    I think Ama’s comments were succinct when it comes to your described “possession.” I’ve been given a wealth of food for thought and information from Barry, Ken and Ama as well as others that have shared their experiences and thoughts here. I don’t comment much because people like Barry, Ken and Ama are so thorough and frankly spot on in their commentary. I would take a moment here to thank them for their great contribution to us all, thanks you guys! Since you are open to more experience, I would suggest you go back through the archives to find some incredible eye opening information shared over an extensive period of time.

    You describe that you experienced your “awakening a year ago” by definition awakening would imply the experience of being awake is on-going. It just sounds like you feel your initial “self realization” is a point of accomplishment, though it is a powerful experience to awaken, it is, as Ama suggests “It is not inevitable, as if you have no choice in the matter, it is based in how you deal with the world, yourself, and every other living person, on a day-to-day basis.” Being awake gives you opportunity to keep evolving and maturing your soul. There is a wealth of amazing information you can use to help shape your experience. From Yogananda, Michael Newtons, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, Robert Schwartz – Your soul’s plan. Tolle’s Power of Now, the Tao Te Ching on and on… Newton’s Journey of Soul’s is based on thousands of clinical study of his patients sharing their “lives between lives.”

    As Ama mentioned you chose your birth sign and further you chose the body in which you incarnated. All of this was your starting point in this life so that you (your soul/higher self) may experience particular things. In particular we chose to reincarnate to balance our karma and most of all we are truly here as part and parcel of the Source to experience itself.

    The keys are to live this life like everything that happens was your choice. Even the greatest tragedies hold within them a greater good, all the “travesties” are part of the big picture and actually highlight the good and regardless of how they hurt we will have to find a way to accept. Perhaps your lack of feeling means on some level you know that all serves a greater good and everything will be all right. Without the dark there would be no light. Most if not all great spiritual teachers tell us to “Love all that arises.”

    You have awakened and what you awakened to is that you came here to evolve your soul. To me the two greatest questions one can ask are; who am I and what is my life’s purpose? The answer is, YOU ARE IT and your life’s purpose is to live in the present moment, this is the art of Being. I always caution people to be careful not to make spirituality your “story” and a replacement for your old story. All we have to do is realize the thoughts in our head are not necessarily who we are. Fill it all with love. We can experience the beauty of all that surrounds us and remember that negativity is just louder and if we choose we can use it to highlight all the good. We just gotta keep coming back to the value of just living in the present moment.

    Great blessings to you,


    • Thank you for commenting 🙂

      I love researching different spiritual practices and experiencing things that reaffirm my beliefs but I guess it is important to ground myself. Sometimes the reality of all of this hits me and I begin to adopt an apathetic outlook on life. What do you do to keep yourself grounded while staying enthusiastic about life? I am not suicidal or anything I just find myself saying “what’s the point?”

    • I would say that finding your own reasons to be enthusiastic would be the point. There is no universal purpose other than to find joy in being, and there are infinitely many ways to enjoy being. Exploring the best of what life has to offer you, and the best of what you can offer others. Apathy sets in when something that used to drive us no longer holds meaning because we’ve grown up a bit and seen through it. We set aside false motivations and find our own true inspiration.

    • There are actually 42 steps to soul evolution & they don’t come in levels at each stage. Once you die your soul then begins it’s learning phase of what the corporeal person had done wrong. This is where the levels of the soul come in. It’s before the soul reincarnates.
      Each incarnation lasts 999 years but could be slightly less depending on the souls ability to learn

  2. Hello again Alex D,

    I would be interested to know your experience of your spiritual awakening. Wes’ comments about self-realisation might be a better description? I don’t actually remember an ‘aha!’ moment in my early life, but when the angels first came and talked to me there were about three weeks worth all at once. 🙂 I was 35 at the time.

    The intense moments of ‘oneness’ can be fleeting, and may fade over time, but that is normal too. We are supposed to focus on living this lifetime, in the moment, day by day, and not have our heads in the clouds chasing angels and ‘enlightenment’ .. in the long run, we are already enlightened, we are simply enjoying periods of wearing ‘blinkers’ blocking parts of our belief system, so that we learn from the lessons of karma, perhaps by reliving certain events, rather than just going ‘I recognise that bit, now I ‘forgive’ and move on’, which is great in many cases, but can sometimes be more like lip-service, and then have the events come up and smack you in the back of the head afterwards, when we repeat a lesson we should have looked more deeply into.

    I remember the headaches. When we are not totally in control of our spiritual energy we can expand rapidly, contract rapidly, and mess up our energy. It can be called ‘burnt out’ .. and it too is a lesson. There’s a strong one in not forcing your kundalini energy to rise early – that can do real damage (that’s the energy that travels up your spine). What do you actually do when you get that feeling of ‘oneness’, apart from sit in awe, and are there particular times you experience it, such as during meditation? Perhaps one of your life lessons is to learn to control your energy output under all circumstances – which can mean you are capable of losing your temper quite frequently, and not always for logical reasons.

    I’ll quote Wes here: “The keys are to live this life like everything that happens was your choice. Even the greatest tragedies hold within them a greater good, all the “travesties” are part of the big picture and actually highlight the good and regardless of how they hurt we will have to find a way to accept.” – And learning to “Love Anyway” all people, regardless of their behaviour towards you, can be an incredible challenge, but perhaps if we all did this, the world would not now be fast sinking into ‘hell’.

    Becoming the “I AM” is not an ego ride. The greatest compliment we can pay one another is “I am You” .. to walk in another’s shoes and see the world as if through their eyes. I am presently pondering an odd event, that supposedly happened on the 20th June, the day before my 54th birthday, where everyone on the planet, because of some cosmic alignment, was suddenly supposed to be ascended to 5th dimensional energy .. and straight into the heart of peace. For those people already on the 5th, they were going to the 12th dimensional energy. Instead, the day after, which was my birthday, the world fell into worse chaos, which continues to escalate .. as if we had somehow gone into cascade failure? And the person who channelled this wonderful message of ‘profound change’ … I wonder how s/he feels now? If we spend a lot of time saying ‘everything will be allright’, but don’t make our own effort to make things ‘allright’ for ourselves and those around us, we end up lost .. we are not going to be rescued by any aliens this time, or God .. we, as mature spiritual beings having a brief physical lifetime, are more than capable of rescuing ourselves – so why don’t we?

    When the numbness of your spiritual awakening wears off, and it will, you’ll fall back into old patterns, but perhaps, with a wiser head now, you will see the patterns and not repeat the behaviours that encourage them .. then you will begin to feel enlightened, if only from moment to moment. But do remember .. one of my favourite phrases “before Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; after Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water”. I shall now go and put some chopped wood on the fire (its winter here in Australia), but my husband did the chopping .. perhaps he is the enlightened one and I am only dancing in the shadows, or do we take turns. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the amazing insight you guys.

    I think (because I am not sure) my spiritual awakening was ‘triggered’ by me giving advice to one of my classmates. I noticed that he agreed with almost anything because he desperately wanted to be liked by people. I saw myself in him and opened up about me having low self esteem in high school and eventually learning how to love myself enough to not need validation from others. I saw the aha moment in his eyes and continued my work. A couple of minutes later I found myself looking around at my other classmates while thinking to myself “I love everybody”. I even felt unconditional love towards my professor who I thought was an asshole at the time.

    I went home and stayed up all night reading about new age philosophy until it was time for class. As I was sitting in my car researching the signs of a spiritual awakening on my phone I heard a voice tell me to “go that way”. I walked in the direction he/I told me to go and met up with an old friend that I haven’t spoken to in a long time. After I got that friend’s number I went on to have the best day of my life. In one of my classes I thought about a girl who had a crush on me back in high school but, because of the self esteem issues, I dismissed all of the signs. As I walked to my next class I ran into her. Apparently she ended up going to the same college as me. A lot of interesting things happened that day but I can summarize it as the day I realized I loved everything.

    To answer your second question Ama when I get that feeling of ‘oneness’ I usually end up sitting outside and listening to my surroundings. It’s like I can hear everything around me with extreme clarity. I also find that my eyes naturally lower; it’s similar to being high on marijuana. It’s very difficult for me to put into words.

    Until I watched Matt Kahn’s videos my spiritual journey consisted of me chasing the feeling I had on that day. It is analogous to a drug addict chasing his first high. Now I just meditate once a day and look out for opportunities to perform “random” acts of kindness. Fortunately for me, being nice to everyone isn’t that difficult. I grew up with a mother that was emotionally abusive so I’ve learned that the best way to deal with someone who comes at you with negativity and anger is to be so calm and collected that they end up matching your energy.

    Thanks again 🙂

  4. Hello Alex,

    Grounding is an actual process of connecting yourself between earth and ‘heaven’. I also think of it as ‘keeping myself real’. The continuing weird and unusual events of my life are only part of who I am. Right now the ‘expert in the paranormal, spiritual & metaphysical teacher’ (me) is about to run for a Shire Councillor position in the election in October. I am on various committees to benefit others. I keep contact with friends and family, some of whom only know me as Ama Cooke (my married name) and do not share my understanding of the world or Spirit.

    I apply the principles I live by “love one another” and “I shall do no harm” to every facet of my life, even in times of great personal trial. Even when I am angry or heartbroken and struggle to cope with both emotions.

    As I watch the heartbreaking events on the News, seeing people struggle in war torn countries, not just because of their own countrymen (and women) but also because of invading forces from various countries, including my own, I ask myself ‘where is the love’ and grieve for humanity in its entirety .. because each of those people is Myself in some form ..

    And then I go outside into the world through my doorway and I try to do good for others, inspire people, try to make my small part of the world a better place. Perhaps if each of us did that, instead of focusing on the incredible negativity (fostered so willingly by many media outlets) we might make the profound changes for the good that I know humanity is capable of.

    The point for me is that I chose to live this life, at this time, during this struggle to express our true selves .. and the only way I can do that is be the best person I can be .. whether I end up flat on my face or not. We have to take the chance to live .. so when I feel down about something, I go and do some physical activity .. like gardening (oh my garden .. we have had so much rain we are sloshing and the weeds have taken over .. in a sense we are surrounded by clover (literally) .. but the rains will stop again (not soon I hope, since the farmers need it right now) and I’ll be back out there hunting for beauty among the bright green leaves .. perhaps I’ll find a ‘four leaf clover’ and make a wish for peace for the world, again.

    As strange as that might sound, I am not an optimist – I am a realist. In a world gone mad, the only way we can save it is to change ourselves for the better .. so don’t let yourself get ‘down’ if you can help it. Instead focus on the good you can do today, which is in front of you, and find happiness in it. It might take a bit of practice, but we can all do it when we try, even if we have to get a little medication to help (if a person suffers from a mental disorder).

    Love & Peace

  5. Greetings again Alex,

    In answer to your question I wanted to offer you some things that work for me. I know you meant staying grounded referring to staying balanced emotionally but as Ama mentioned it is also a method of connection to the Earth through grounding. Grounding can be physically done by taking your shoes and socks off and connect to the Earth by standing on the grass, sand, dirt…you can literally wrap your arms around a tree. Sounds odd but grounding connects you to the Earth and opens you to the entire Cosmos. Conversely when you meditate that should be done without grounding as the magnetic pull can interfere.

    All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry are all forms of fear and are caused by too much future and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness are all forms of non forgiveness and are caused by too much past and again not enough presence. All artists whether they know it or not, create from a place of “no-mind”, from inner stillness. This gift is from our ability that we tap into staying in the present or the very Now. We often have forgotten what the plants, trees, rocks and animals know – living in the actual moment without thought of the future or carrying a burden of the past.

    We all admire and aspire to “live in the moment” but most of us only getting fleeting moments over an entire lifetime! When we are playing music, engrossed in sport, making love, skiing down a mountain…we feel the most alive because the mind has been quieted and we have let go, we are deeply in the moment. I think our main goal in life is or should be to practice the art of Being. This is accomplished through self observation. When the negative thoughts described above arise we can view them like an impartial observer, hmmm…why do I feel this way? How did this thought get there? And who created it? The answer is of course YOU! It is caused by nonacceptance, assigning blame or any other form of it just keeps us in a noncreative and debilitated state. You are the problem NOT the situation that triggered it. Eventually anything that causes you to feel negativity will have to be accepted or you will carry it into all you do and those you encounter. This is why we practice acceptance and forgiveness. I’m not saying we should enjoy being treated badly or enjoy tragedy but instead we must learn to accept it and even better is when we can appreciate it as a reminder to appreciate the positive. In this way we become a beacon of light for the benefit of all. Each morning I get up I say: Today I choose Love. It’s a choice.

    So I strive to:
    1. Stay present and recenter by realizing breathing requires no effort. Just breathe. I say repeatedly I am Love and I choose Love.
    2. I observe and monitor the thoughts and come back to the present and further I treat my thoughts like I would a child, I say thank you for trying to protect me and I love you.
    3. I go outside and PERCEIVE, I literally drink in the trees the birds, flowers, mountains, ocean, stars. I am careful to not name them and categorize them, I just PERCEIVE and I cast love from my heart toward all I witness. Nature is a great place to recharge and feel Source connection. As Ama said nature is a special place.
    4. I smile and practice sending love from my heart for myself and the benefit of all.
    5. Doing charitable work for others is a strong way to find your balance and benefits you as much as it does those you help. It is not the act of giving bread that is nearly as important as the shared mement of being.
    6. I meditate and go into my sacred place. Meditation is a pure form of revitalization maybe more important than sleep.

    Finally I will say that the word enlightenment conjures up the idea of some super-human accomplishment, and our ego likes to keep it that way. It simply is your natural state of felt oneness with Being. It is the state of connectedness with something immeasurable and it is indestructible, something that paradoxically is essentially you and yet is much greater than you. This is really finding your true nature beyond name and form. When we suffer from the inability to feel this connectedness we feel the illusion of separation from ourselves and the rest of the world around us. I actually love the Buddha’s definition of enlightenment as “the end of suffering.” Being is the eternal ever-present One Life which is beyond the myriad of forms of life. Being is not only beyond it is deep within and can be found in every form as its essence which is invisible to the eye but it is indestructable. We can’t really fully understand it with our mind but we can feel it. To regain awareness of Being and to abide in that state of “feeling-realization” is enlightenment. Our greatest obstacle is our identification of mind we overcome that through observation and centering in the present.

    Blessings Alex!!!

  6. Barry… I just want to commend you on your presentation of this information. I have come to understand a great deal about the concept of reincarnation and the journey we find ourselves on, yet, the information that you have shared here is more than I have ever come across. You have helped countless others and now you have assisted me with some important aspects of reincarnation that I truly needed to see. It wasn’t as if I didn’t know this information, you just reminded me of the facts. I will be forever grateful for your efforts to educate a new generation of humans to the reality that we find ourselves. Keep up the great work… slowly but surely the consciousness of man rises. 🙂 Namaste

  7. There is much sense to this! I’m greatful for the knowledge you shared which helped give me that much more understanding to what I already felt, or believed in, within my own intuition. Thanks again!! It was greatly needed!!


    This is pure bullshit!

    You cannot be reincarnated as anything other than a human, plain and simple. And, you certainly do not have a choice.

    You cannot choose to stay or go on.

    While he is not tyrannical, He is a deity whose job is to maintain the equalibrium within the cosmos. This is the Creator, whose the nicest supreme being your ever want to hang out with. Sure, he has some omnescience, but please don’t hold that against Him.

    He is as easy going any individual there is. The most accurate representation of who He is that I’ve come across, is the personification of Toto, in the wizard of Oz. The “the wizard of Oz” is an allegorical foretelling of the fourth ” Battle of good and evil that must be fought to end the Age”, and Dorothy is the personification of the Messiah, who wears the Ruby slippers symbolizing the fact that she is the heir to the throne of the House of David. This is why they cannot be removed.

    The wicked witch of the west is the chef CIA officer on the west coast and the flying monkeys are the embodiment of the corp of the CIA.

    The scarecrow, tin woodsman and cowardly Lion are reprsentitive of the soldiers of the New World Order.

    Anyway, sorry about the tangent. Back to toto.

    Think about the representation of the Old Man as toto. He is always close by. He never bothers anyone. Never in anyone’s business, but comes right away if you call to him.

    The notion of Toto as Brahmin symbolizes “divine right” of the true Messiah (Dorothy)

    That is who checks your ticket at the gate, once you possess enlightenment and next move through the “bright light” after you lose your “vessel”, due to age, damage, or disease. Your soul, aura, chakras and consciousness move through the light and you can either ascend if you possess the understanding, or you are escorted to your next existence.

    The average number of trips is twenty two existences for a mortal, seven for a immortal and six for a divine individual.

    We are allowed to keep our understanding that we have accrued during our previous existences but all humans are subject to the “chair of forgetfulness” where our slates are cleaned of memories.

    Some divine individuals do have very vivid past live memories as the upper caste of humanity does possess considerably more then the ten percent of their brain that mortals are yoked to. They have five times that, plus their hemispheres are not kept out not sight of one another.

    “Divine” is the embodiment of a deity in one of the many pantheons that have existed in our history. The Titans and Olympian deities, the Celtic and teutonic and every deity from the lowly Korean kitchen god, all the way up to the Old Man, are, everyone, still out there, someplace as there is no “death”. We are a conscienceness without end. This will be the understanding that the individual that Christianity refers to as “Christ” or “Messiah” will use to “raise the dead”. It is not a physical act, it is an understanding.

    The more superstitious a culture was, is directly proportional to the number of deities they possessed in their reality.

    While we are allowed to make our way to enlightenment on our own, there is currently a hitch in that giddy up. We are swiftly approaching the end of the Age, or “Yuga”. There will be no more transmigration as there will be no time or earth.

    These Ages are finite periods of time that is based on the procession of the equinoxes. The current Age is the “Kali Yuga” and is the last Age. The Kali Yuga is one procession of the equinoxes in length. This one is 25,700 years and began shortly after the flood of Noah. They have all culminated in a “flood” event. The second age was the “flood of Manu” and was he result of an impact in the laptev sea. The scar in the earth can still be seen on satellite imagery. The land mass of the Eurasian continent was nearly another twenty five percent larger then is now. The continental shelf of the north is what was high and dry prior to that impact.

    This is the last one and it will be a thirty mile wide comet that will impact in equitorial Amazonia. (The chixalub impact was a half miles wide).

    It will come to pass in the blink of a geologic eye.

    It is time to get your karma polished up like the Queen’s tea set.

    Just sayin.

    Anyway, there are no “baby souls” or any kind of quantifying progressive steps to finding enlightenment.

    Also, to answer wes’s question about “life’s purpose”. This is one of the understandings that the church attempted to quash as the answer implied “immortality and the cycle of samsara, and was contradictory to their “forgiveness” lie, so it is something that was lost under the feet of the crusaders of Christiandom. The true meaning of life is to get the hell out of here. This is a place where the individuals who do not attain “enlightenment” get left. They are incapable of finding the understanding

    Now, that’s much more interesting than the thirty five stages bullshit?

    Why do individuals spread misunderstanding like that. Do they perceive that as power over others to run that kind of game?

    By the way, did I mention, I’m Dorothy?

    • Thank you Jeffrey, I really enjoyed your very clever dip into the wizard of Oz. 🙂 I have always loved that book. My mother used to read it to us (my brother and I and half the neighbourhood kids) over and over again, by our request. You said it all in the first two lines. 🙂

  9. @Jeffery Barber you summed this up perfectly. I always new that there was more to just reincarnating over and over w/o a way out of this place. This place/dimension that we are currently in is getting stranger by the second. It’s disheartening to think that there is no way out. Although I am not a religious person I do believe that the Bible gives us a lot of useful knowledge, and has a lot of truth to it. What you typed makes all of this worth it, before it was kind of pointless, damned if you do, damned if you don’t!!! Can you please share more of what you know!! I am 36yrs old, what if I have failed already, How can we fix it to where we do not reincarnate back to this dimension/earth/here???

    • Read the material on which this site is based or read Journey of Souls. You will have your answer. The soul chooses to be here. It actually relishes the immersion into 3D. You just don’t remember. Everyone graduates. Don’t worry.

  10. @Jeffery Barber – I suggest you read Dr. Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”. Of the 40 or so books and even more websites I have studied, plus the 15 or so Psychic / channelers I have gone to – These books depict the most accurate events we participate in as eternal souls.
    While Source is in fact infinite and everywhere (I AM – before the Alpha and after the Omega, I AM, I always have been and always will be) – Not every soul was sparked simultaneously and yes we evolve with the purpose of integrating back to Source Energy of Unconditional Love. We are eternal from when we were sparked and have eternity to learn and evolve.
    When we incarnate and re-incarnate we create our own lesson plans to learn and evolve and usually evolve a little sooner than not incarnating. We also have free will both in a physical world and in the spirit realm. When not reincarnating, there are hundreds, if not thousands of jobs/professions in the spirit world to assist us and others in evolving – or we can “lay” on our “butts” (Actually we are just cosmic proton EMF’s in spirit) and learn nothing and remain static.
    When you return to spirit, you can verify the changes of earth as you will be able to observe the creation of earth and other physical phenomena as well as it’s demise.
    As Time as we know it does not exist in the spirit realms (5th -> 12th, maybe higher) I would imagine we can chose a time period 5,000 years (or whatever) from now to reincarnate here on earth or elsewhere and learn many different concepts to enhance our evolvement.

  11. …. in which case, Sam, I am going back in time and review a few events. Let the future take care of itself once I am dead. I want to have some fun.

    3rd eye gurl .. you haven’t failed anything. You, like my son, who is around your age, seem to see only a bleak future – but the turmoil in the world in the past, very similar to the way it is today, has come and gone over the millenias that humans have existed. Plan a bright future. Work for it. Nothing is handed to you on a plate in this dimension, there is always a price to pay .. so keep life simple, be kind to yourself and others, and look for the good .. and whatever else people believe in, in the end, really doesn’t matter. None of us know for certain what ‘will be’, regardless of which magical entity might or might not have told us at some time during our lives. We all create our own reality .. which is why we choose to be on this planet .. now that I remember from other lives. LOL You see, I am just like the others .. we all have our own stories to tell. And don’t take people like Jeffrey too seriously .. he was trying to be funny.

    Love & Peace

    • Ama can you please help me with something that I am currently dealing with. I am 36 soon to be 37 next month. I have been “awakened” and each day am becoming more and more awakened because I love knowledge and search for and research things on a constant basis. So I am just now coming to the understanding of just “being” and my negative thoughts being just that thoughts that I can choose not to acknowledge, which is something that I haven’t quite mastered yet. With all of that being said I feel lonely at times, and long for someone to spend my life with, someone to vacation with and just enjoy being with the good and the bad. It feels good to love and be loved. I often question why I have never had a serious meaningful relationship. I am a single parent that has raised my 12 yr old child from birth til now alone. I used to wish for a partner to help me raise him, most ppl I know who were single parents married while their child(ren) were still small, that never happened for me, so I never had the extra needed help and my son doesn’t have a father figure. Through the knowledge that I have gained in these last couple of years, I have finally been able to accept that, and it no longer bothers me as I now know that I chose this life and we chose each other and there is something to be gained from this experience that we have together as mother and son. But I still long for a husband. I have contacted several Psychics inquiring about my love life. I have been told by 3 different psychics that I have a blockage that was keeping me from finding love and that the blockage needed to be removed of course at a very hefty fee. I have recently started back working out at a gym with a personal trainer the fee is $180.00 bi weekly. However for whatever reason(s) my personal trainer is not charging me and I often catch him starring at me. I consulted with 2 different Psychics recently who told me he does like me and wants to date me, one of those Psychics told me that I had an invisible wall that is stopping me from going towards Love and that I always have a constant battle with love. I brushed her reading off and started working with my Rose Quartz because I still was not a believer in there being a blockage there with me. She was the 2nd Psychic to tell me that, and I’m thinking they were just after a quick buck, until I spoke with one 2 days ago. All I told her was my 1st name and day and month of my birth. She said she would call me back and with in 15 mins she called me back and told me everything that I had been struggling with thus far about my love life, I was mind blown because as soon as I said hello she got straight to the point. She told me that my personal trainer was my Soul Mate and that he was in love with me. She also said I had a blockage that was keeping him from coming towards me. She wants a fee of $375 to remove the blockages and assured me that I wouldn’t have anymore problems after she removes the blockages from my life. Out of the 3 Psychics that have given me a reading the cheapest to remove the blockages was $200, another wanted over 1,000 and the one that resonated the most with me wants $375.00. Is this for real? Why is this so expensive? Is there another way for me to remove the blockage without having to pay $375.00? Why would I long for love but have to pay someone cash to help me with finding my soulmate? People meet their Soulmates everyday for free, why do I have to pay to meet mine??? Ama can you please shed some light on this situation for me? I have always wondered why I have never found love or been in love, all of my relationships have ended in less than a year. And I just want to know if I chose to go through this WHY am I logging to be loved romantically if it’s not going to happen for me? If I don’t pay the Psychic to remove the blockage it won’t happen for me? Please if you can Ama provided me with some answers. Sorry this is so long.

    • I

      Regina. Ken here. Don’t mean to intrude. Use this if it helps.

      I think what the psychics are picking up on are some deep seated issues around intimacy you brought in to deal with. My experience is these take persistence and work on oneself to deal with. I too have intimacy issues and they need willingness and work with Spirit to overcome. This imo is just the way it is. Some of these clearings can help, but it is rare that a “push button approach” makes everything nice all at once.

      Sometimes we are not grounded in the reality of connection, and coming to grips with that is challenging, especially if our feelings are strong and we have not been in the game for a long time. So it is a process, not a “fix”.

      However I have a very low cost suggestion concerning your present situation. Ask your trainer if would he like to have a cup of coffee or tea with you as you would like to get to know him. If he is your soul mate he will say yes, and if you find establishing intimacy is not as easy as you would like, or there is some blockage that comes up, it will validate the readings and you will know you need to do more intensive inner work around this. I would not pay $1000 to anyone, but there are ways to more inexpensively clear and
      sometimes we do have to invest. Therapy or a women’s support group might end up being an option.You have to follow your intuition on this.

      And you can do both at once, date while dealing with whatever comes up. If he’s your soul mate, he will hang in there with you.

    • Hi Regina,

      Ken has give you a good answer. I agree with him about asking your trainer out for coffee. I also agree that I would not pay some psychic $1000, or even $375, to remove a wall that is supposed to be between you and a lover. The truth is, they can’t remove a wall that you have created around yourself as either a life lesson, or a form of protection, to stop yourself being hurt. There is no quick fix .. just a lot of charlatans making money out of vulnerable people.

      When I first joined the new age industry about 20 years ago .. and it IS an industry .. none of us would have charged anywhere near that amount for simple readings and healings. We all worked from the standpoint of Love, not profit. Nowadays .. a person seeking help is taking a huge chance when they lay out big payments for what they hope will be a final solution to a problem that ‘might’ have its feet based in an issue to do with intimacy, but might also have its feet in issues to do with faith, trust, hope, love of self (not just others), acceptance, empowerment, fear in many forms, or all of them to some degree … and that’s just a few issues off the top of my head. So the healer removes, or says they have removed, a ‘wall’ that is related to one of those issues .. and the client wonders why miracles don’t happen, the soul mate doesn’t suddenly appear and sweep them off their feet, and the romance isn’t instantly perfect .. because it doesn’t happen, and you seldom get a refund because you will be told you are still blocking yourself again.

      That being said, no one is perfect, and the man you have your eye on may see you as someone he thinks he can ‘fix’ (weight/strength wise), or just wants to fall into bed with you, rather than seeking a long term love relationship. So make coffee just coffee, and take your time to develop a relationship, without the sex, which tends to cloud a lot of issues.

      Back to the wall. We all put barriers around ourselves for very good reasons. They might be created in childhood, still present now although they are no longer needed. They might be brought into the world, in each lifetime, to be something that we learn to recognise and deconstruct. So here’s a long explanation of a quick lesson in deconstructing your walls .. and you have to do it, because you made them.

      3) When it comes to breaking down walls, a brick one is a nice example. So let’s imagine you see a brick wall. What colour are the bricks? Does the colour mean something special to you (e.g. red is for blood, or it could be for anger, or it could be for strawberries)? So, we have a red brick wall. When you touch the wall is it rough or smooth? Can you feel the shapes of all the bricks .. you created every one of them, so they will ‘feel’ familiar to you .. so the next step is to deliberately place (or sense, or feel) the emotion of the bricks on the wall. Are they all the same emotion (e.g. red wall, anger), or, when you touch them do you get a strong desire for something to eat? Very distracting .. not the time to have a sandwich, but it might be that you have an issue with your self image that manifests as overeating/overweight, with an equally strong desire to improve yourself, hence your visit to the trainer. Or is every brick a different colour, and all the emotions a jumble?

      4) Back to the red brick wall .. you have your hands on the wall. You can feel the emotion (or you sense it). It is anger. The whole wall radiates it. Every brick is angry. What is the quickest solution to anger. It comes in two parts – forgive yourself and forgive whomever made you angry. And you forgive in that order. It is all very well to forgive someone else, but if you don’t forgive yourself for allowing whatever to happen, you’ll find the issue will, in a sense, regrow until its a problem again. At this point in time you don’t need to know who it is you are angry with .. in the end we often find it is ourselves, more than others.

      5) Hands on the wall – the first thought that comes to my mind is ‘I love you’. If the mortar holding the bricks together is anger, then love dissolves it into nothing. We have to be willing to give in and allow it to happen. We have to be courageous, but we don’t have to be strong, just Willing to allow the change to happen. The wall has protected you from whatever hurts you experienced through all your love affairs, but now you are ready to really make a lasting commitment, and your wall is no longer needed. “I love you”. Take a deep breath, and let the air fill up your chest, and as it does, let the love fill up your heart, and flow down to your fingers and out into the wall. Do this breath and release three times, then relax, give yourself a shake and open your eyes.

      6) You will notice that I didn’t ask how high the wall is. The height doesn’t matter. Love reaches into eternity and goes everywhere it is sent, and everywhere it is needed. So that wall you built of your own energy, your own hurt and fear, is being transformed by your own will, to become a whole different energy .. the energy of Love.

      When we love profoundly we open the door to all sorts of different types of relationships, not just love affairs. We become more real. We become stronger. We become braver. We begin to trust more. We open our lives to change, and change comes, so that we can receive what we need and what we are willing to receive. It is always up to us.

      So .. short version of that long explanation.

      1) Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax.
      2) In your mind visualise, or tell yourself, there is a wall in front of you.
      3) Examine the wall. Decide on its colour, is structure, and the meaning/emotion of what it is built out of.
      4) Take another deep breath, and as if fills your chest, let your heart fill with love, let the love slip down your arms and out through your hands and fingers and pour itself into the wall.
      5) And the wall will dissolve ..

      1) Find somewhere you can sit comfortably, where you won’t be interrupted, during a time when you don’t have 10000000 projects you think you SHOULD be doing. Be deliberate, make a space in your life for this process, because you will do it over and over again, each time getting better at it, until it almost becomes automatic.

      2) Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, breathe out and relax. Inside your mind visualise a wall. What does your wall look like? What is it made of? Can you see through it? Is it a colour? Does it have an emotion attached to it?

      When I closed my eyes to visualise this scene, I got a wooden paling wall with a tall ladder in front of it. That means that I can climb over my wall .. which is nice. Sometimes you might see a brick wall, or a stone wall, or a metal wall, or one made of glass. It might be bamboo, or the paling fence. It could be a wall that goes around a park or a swimming pool, chain-links, something you can reach through .. it could be made of ice, or made of stars .. or anything. Your mind has no limits, and neither does your imagination. So .. go with whatever wall you see. And if you don’t ‘see’ a wall, at first, don’t stop because the process is not working .. instead, ‘decide’ what sort of wall you ‘would’ see, and go from there (eventually your mind will create the image for you).

      …. I am breaking off here for a moment because the webpage won’t scroll down far enough for me to finish this message and ‘post’ the comment. More in a moment.

    • Hi Regina,

      This webpage appears to be malfunctioning so I cannot finish my message to you, and the information already posted has come through scrambled, so could you email me privately and I’ll send you the whole message complete.

      Love & Peace

    • Greetings Ama… I emailed you last night, when you have time please check and respond.


    • Hi Regina,

      I am in Australia, probably in a different time zone to you, and have a busy day today (bright and early and COLD here .. for Oz), so I will answer tonight.

      Love & Peace

  12. Hey Barry and everyone else here too. I’ve been reading/focusing on these soul type things for some time now and they are propably the most accurate personality classifications i’ve come cross to. Anyway…i have always expected religious persons to be baby souls but recently i met these two pretty strange personalities that seemed very open minded and non-judgemental in a mature/old kind of way. they have very laid back lifestyle..smoke weed and seem like hippies but what weirds me out about these people that they are very christian. i can see that they find some balance to their life from it but when ever i ask them something like “have you ever thought that maybe all religions are just about the same thing” or that “I don’t think that Jesus wanted him to be praised but his words” . i’m just trying to show them pantheistic views but they just seem to block these things. They might answer “no jesus christ is the true savior” and it just confuses me a bit. are there soul stages on mature/old stage that adapt some certain religion to their life style without quostioning anything too much but also aren’t judging everyone who doesn’t share their views

    • Religious affiliation or practice by itself has no relationship to Soul Age. However an individual’s orientation to that religion probably will say a lot about it. Most fundamentalists are Baby Souls, most “regular, non zealous” religious folk are Young Souls. Your more progressive, liberal religious people are more likely Mature Souls. This would include Martin Luther King, the Berrigan bothers (Catholic anti war activists in the 60’s) and someone like John Shelby Spong, former Episcopal Bishop of Newark (you should read his book “Liberating the Gospels”). And then a few are Old Souls. Such as Padre Pio of Italy who performed extensive miracles, most likely Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, and poets like Kabir, who had both Hindu and Muslim followers. Yogananda, a “Transcendental Soul”; affiliated himself with HInduism, but without any dogma. Tich Naht Hahn is either an Old Soul or Transcendental Soul. Buddhism seems to attract more Mature and Old Souls.

  13. How does being aware of the journey process, while here now, in our human forms, affect our souls?

    Is this something that our souls had decided we should know about in this lifetime? In other words, did our souls feel this was the lifetime for a sort of discovery or an epiphany?

    Possessing the knowledge of the soul journey-process must have some direct impact on, and relation to, one’s journey. Does it suggest that one is further along?

    • Yes and yes imo. Law of Attraction at Soul level in action. However information is not transformation. But knowing of these things can bring a more higher order or “Old Soul” perspective, which helps in releasing one from the victim-perpetrator game and develop compassion.

    • The opportunity to become aware of the bigger picture is always an option to us while on the ground. Some are drawn to it and some aren’t. Some find it helpful and some don’t.

      We are more likely to want to know, and be able to understand, in those lives in which we have the goal of Growth – seeking ever more meaning, wisdom and truth through life experience. (I have goal of Growth in this life, hence a thirst for understanding. In my last life I had the goal of Relaxation, so wasn’t so interested.)

      It doesn’t seem to correlate directly with soul level. Edgar Cayce revealed a lot of past life information, and he was a Baby soul.

  14. @kenstories1 I can’t leave a reply under your name but I hope that you can get this message. I was in 2 relationships that left my spirit broken, one was what I thought at the time was my 1st love (I was a young adult but at that time I was in love) He betrayed me and cheated on me constantly. Married the girl he cheated on me with. Although he told her he did not love her she was the one willing to deal with all of his bs, so she won. I was left broken and it took me years to get over it. Fast forward years later about 3 years ago I entered into another serious relationship, it was over in less than a year, he was a liar, cheater, manipulative etc, etc. That ended and I was once again left broken. But at that time I had began my Awakening so un like the 1st time my spirit/heart was left broken I didn’t let it get me down, I didn’t hold any grudges on him and I told him in a letter that I had forgiven him for all that he had done to me, because I wanted to be free of that cycle. The next 2 relationships or flings after that I chose more wisely and used my discernment as to not make the same mistakes. Those ended but I was not left broken or sad actually kind of glad, I was not in love so I was not sad when the relationship was over. Im saying all of this to say, I recognized a possible pattern, broke/ Conquered that pattern, forgave and did not let my feelings and thoughts get the best of me because I wanted to be free of that energy. I am a little bit more aware now than before. I thought that since I had forgiven and moved on with not grudges held and personally forgave him that I would be freed from those challenges. In my mind I thought that i had passed that “test” because it was one of the most difficult times of my life and I was able to push forward and pick myself up and not be the “victim”. So that is one of the many reasons why I don’t understand why those blockages are there. I also don’t understand that if he is indeed my Soulmate then it should be ment for us to be together and we are destined to be together or so I would like to think. So what’s with the blockages? I guess the blockage would make more sense if i didn’t have a soul mate in this life time, buy since i do what gives? especially since i feel such a deep yearning for a romatic love. Thank you kindly for the advice! I do plan on asking him out as he is not charging me for his services and it is the least that I could do. I have already shown gratitude for his help by gifting him some crystals he is new to crystals and told me he would love to know more about them and their healing power and I plan to tell him more about them. I guess I’ve just been a lil scared and shy. Sorry for being so long winded, thanks again for the much needed advice!

  15. But the biggest question is why can’t we remember what we have done in the past lives??? We are basically repeating the lives without even awear of this to start with – at least most of us don’t remember the past lives. That makes the whole evolution progress so so slow. What’s the point? You have to get advanced fast in one life and try to start at the highest level of your last life otherwise you may roll back to lower level soul… is this right?

    • No. Unless you regress badly which is unusual. What you gain you keep. Its like a school in which once you complete a grade you move on. Unless certain lessons are hard then you might spend more than one life on them. There is no fixed rule.

      The process is “slow” because it is extremely profound and deep. No short cuts. No A-Z. You don’t jump from Baby to mature Soul, for example, in one incarnation.

      You usually don’t regress and yes you start generally at the point you left off, or “fan out” on variations of what you have done.

      We don’t remember because it would defeat the purpose of the power of the learning and experiences we want. Thus each life is viscerally far more powerful by allowing soul forgetting. Makes it a pain in the butt often but serves the purpose well.

      Hope this helps.

    • Think about a small child who can remember every major incident from their previous lives, such as when they drowned in a sinking ship, burned to death in a forest fire, saw their entire family wiped out by plague; such as the time when they got lost and were eaten alive by wild dogs, the time they went on a drunken rampage and slaughtered innocent people, the time they were in a Roman arena and got torn apart by hungry lions; such as when they were in a battle and had the side of their head blown off, when they were attacked at sea and had both legs blown off; such as the time they were a teenage girl gang-raped by foreign soldiers, or when they were a child held as a sex slave by pirates, or the time they once raped a boy in front of his parents; such as when they had to torture someone even though they knew he was innocent, or when they were an innocent widow wrongly stoned to death by her neighbours for alleged prostitution; such as the time they were an elderly priest with an insatiable sexual appetite, or when they were imprisoned, abused, beaten, and starved to death in a POW camp …

      If we were to have recall of all of our other lives, we would be so distracted by all of the other scenarios, experiences, sorrows, pains, and personalitites happening simultaneously, we would in no way be able to focus on what this life here now is supposed to be about. We come here to live this life, not to remember the horrors of the past.

      Besides, it’s not the actual experiences that matter to us, but the lessons learned. After each life, the old personality is left behind as the soul absorbs any actual wisdom it can learn from its experiences. That wisdom is carried forward into future lives, not as explicit knowledge exactly, but more like implicit knowingness, or ‘instinct’.

      So while we don’t (usually) carry specific memories from life to life, we do carry our growing wisdom at a subconscious level, and use it intuitively. The more we manifest our intuitive knowing, the more we are being true to who we are at the soul level.

    • Love your answer Barry. Amy .. its sometimes to our advantage not to remember who we were in past lives, and sometimes its an advantage, or a challenge, to remember … given I remember all of mine, my cnfusion as a small child, speaking 2 languages before I spoke english, in an australian household .. led my family to labelling me odd and saying I would be locked up in a nut house (insane asylum) if I didn’t shut up about what I remembered, could see, sense or hear .. that family taught me so much about strength, courage, and determination .. after I began to grow past the fear of their condemnation. I raised my children to be aware of the unusual, but not to let it overtake their normal lives .. and they are both very interesting adults. 🙂

      It’s not what we were that counts .. its what we do in this lifetime, with, or without, a conscious knowledge of that information.

      Love & Peace, Ama

  16. I’m kind of late here but the soul levels defined by Michael Newton and Michael teaching are different; The Journey of Souls says 42% of Dr. Newton’s clients were level I, 31% level II, 17% level III, 9% level IV and 1% level V. So the infant souls are not identical to level I.

    With the recent population growth chances are that new souls (level I’s) are flowing into the Earth but they may not necessarily unfit in the modern society; from the findings of the Newton’s book and several other books on reincarnation I read, I think that most of them are likely to be leading easier lives than the older souls because the souls set goals, objectives and turning points in their lives which suit their levels.

    I myself took a PL regression the other day and as I talked with my Higher Self I got an impression that I am a fairly new soul so I may be level I (not such an infant soul as described on this article, though). Some of the toughest hardships I could ever experience in my country in this era somehow haven’t fall on me while they have on my neighbors and colleagues, probably because I am too young as a soul to tackle them… 😛

    • It is important imo to not try to bring a one to one correspondence to different “lenses”. Newton, for example, does not go into much detail in JOS as to characteristics of the Souls he categorized. in terms of soul age.

      Also, if you are communicating with your Higher Self, in no manner imo are you a younger soul in any system.

  17. Hello Arma, I found in th book Messages from Michael it states that when we experience agony or extreme stress that we can accelerate through soul level but it also state that if your depressed, it can stop your growth. Isn’t agony and extreme stress similar to depression in some way. Thanks!

    • Hi Felicia, having experienced both depression and ‘agony & extreme stress’, I can say they are not the same. There is a lot of fear involved with extreme paid and stress – that the pain won’t stop and the stress go away, and your physical body is put under tremendous strain by the speed your physical energy runs at during anxiety attacks. Depression is more like wearing a 100 tons of weight on your body, emotions and spirit .. everything is just too hard and you have to drag yourself everywhere, and struggle with every thought and action. You can lose all faith in the future, and other people.

      You can have both depression and anxiety/stress, and get depressed from being in pain, but I know plenty of people who remain happy even in extreme pain, and can be happy between anxiety attacks, because they know, or hope, there will be an end to what they are feeling, and they choose to remain upbeat and happy, and they might go onto medication to help (or be like me, try the anti-anxiety medication and end up sicker and more anxious than before, so no medication). There is also medication for depression that works in many cases, but sometimes not. But they are always worth a try.

      Now, if you believe that every experience in your life is a spiritual or life lesson, then you can learn from great pain and fear, and also depression. There are a huge amount of lessons – courage, physical and emotional strength, patience, faith, hope, allowing others to help you – particularly if you are used to be extremely independent and not rely on others, empathy, sympathy, compassion, adaptability, generosity, kindness .. other things. So you can use the experiences to leap frog your own growth, but you can also just curl up into a ball of misery and stay that way, and sometimes that might be the easier choice, at least for a while. Depression can make you want to curl up into that ball and just disappear, so you end up with two choices, remain hidden and get help. The asking for help can sometimes feel like be a tremendous problem, but its just another of those challenges we learn from.

      I hope that helps.

    • Perhaps the giving in to extreme isolation in depression is their reference point. That would make sense. Again, I would need to see the comment and context.

    • Agony and stress are characterised by intense emotion to the point of being unbearable. Depression is an absence of emotion and motivation – the opposite.

  18. These Michael Teaching’s soul level concepts make perfect sense to me.I live at the moment in Mexico which is mainly a baby soul country. I’m an old soul, I love it, but it frustrates me very much the way things are done. Why they don’t get organized, why they complicate things, and the violence.. The way men look at women is like they have never seen a women in their whole lives, The evil eyes they throw, its all too emotional and strange for me.Of course, nothing ever gets done. You have to teach them to get civilized from time to time, it’s quite tiring. Thank goodness I can move to Young soul countries, where things work out.
    I find I feel comfortable with the level of depth /intimacy of mature souls, and detachment/freedom of old souls, from time to time young souls are ok to share a laugh, and remind me to move forward in life.
    I love being an old soul and I’m deeply longing to reconnect with the rest of the fragments, I feel that we must get empowered at this point in time, to plant the seeds for the transition to the new earth. It’s becoming so unbalanced by too much baby/young soul programming.It’s our time to step in, even if we feel extremely world weary. We must find the strenght needed. Thank you. love to all.

  19. Hi Barry! I just “arrived” on your site and read like probably 6 hours without stopping. Your work is amazing and I started and I will try to support it when I can. After reading and studying so intensely on Michealreadings site and a lot of introspection and test I could conclude that I am a Mature Soul, Priest dominating 2nd Warrior 3.Sage. Now like a curios person that I am I still have a lot of question going thru my mind that I want t discuss with you and find out your opinion or insight about it, if your kind to do it.

    This are some of my questions that I did not find an answer on the site or comment section:
    1. Is it possible for our soul to go down on one of the 35 steps (for example from a young soul 6th to a young soul 5th, or 4th) according to what we do on Earth when we use our free will? What I mean is is there any responsability that we have regarding what we do on earth towards other people?

    2. If we have a responsability what is your input of the karma concept and “what goes around comes around”?

    3. Is there such a thing as a purgatory, hell, heaven and the soul can remain trapped inside it?

    4. Many things that are described here and that I`ve read in other comments tend to believe that our soul is emotional, that “it” has emotions that it gets back on earth to solve some emotional problems. People having near death experiences tell us about the idea that are no emotions when we leave the body and all is bliss and serenity.

    5. What is your input on suffering and is it necessarily to end suffering until we accomplish all the 35 steps?

    6. What is your take on attachements on material things that some teaching describe as being the cause of suffering in the world and cannot evolve if we still have these kind of emotions.

    7.Are there any other entities in the universe that dont have human shape (aliens) that are a part of what we call God?

    Thank you!

    • We all reply here. You’ve asked enough questions for about 10 books. Short answer to some from my experience

      1) Regression is possible but rare as the profound diversity of human experience is built in. Suicide for example leads to a redo, not regression. But I knew a woman when I was young who said she had been a cat in a previous life because of misusing spiritual power, which opens up another can of worms. In Yogic tradition movement between human and other forms is somewhat common. Here and in Michael Newton’s work it is not. Eastern psycho regression techniques reveal knowledge of animal lives.

      2) Too big for a short reply. The entire “technology of consciousness” as revealed by the Michael Teachings and books such as “Your Soul’s Plan” by Robert Schwartz and Journey of Souls shed light on the refinement of understanding of karma and exactly how it works. But yes we have profound responsibility and the Universe is quite adept at “distributive justice”. However it is much more than an “eye for an eye” and extraordinarily complex.

      3) Heaven (other side-natural home)- yes, purgatory- kind of but not in Catholic sense-Hell no.

      4) More complex than a simple answer. My father immediately upon death felt great remorse for his abusive behavior, but as he “reclaimed” himself in soul form those emotions were cleansed. The Soul imo “stores” unresolved emotions, issues and tendencies to work out in next embodiment but does not feel emotion as we do here.

      5) Suffering generally is part of duality and separation and is essential for experience, learning and soul expansion. However, Pain is one thing, suffering is another. A very advanced soul can feel great pain but not suffer due to it. As one moves closer to center, the issue of “suffering” diminishes. For all is seen as it really is, One, Connected,Love, and everything is here to support growth-no exceptions.

      6) Attachment in any form is problematic. This Earth journey is material. It is meant to be enjoyed. Clinging to outer form in any form (a spiritual way?) is not helpful. Material things in and of themselves are not the “cause” of anything.

      7) Yes and everything is part of and an expression of God, for there ultimately is only God. There is nothing “outside” of God

    • Hi Florin

      1. It isn’t possible for a soul to literally go backwards or down levels in evolution. The wisdom and perspective that is gained from lived experience cannot be lost; it becomes part of your very being.

      That said, in each life we begin from scratch as conscious individuals. As we grow from infancy through childhood to adulthood, we sort of find our way back ‘up’ through the levels until we plateau out at our current stage. At age 10, a mature soul will act more like a baby soul; at age 20, more like a young soul. Because of life circumstances and difficulties, some people don’t manage get all the way ‘up’ to their true level of perception; they are cases of arrested development, as it were. So for example, someone who is actually 4th level mature might get fixated on something in their late teens and then continue to manifest as, say, 6th level young.

      One of the issues that causes arrested development is not realising that we have free will. Another is not realising that we are individually 100% responsible for how we use our free will, and thus for every single thing we do to others. (We are not responsible for how others react or respond, however.)

      2. Karma is a teaching device that spans across lives. It teaches us that we are free to use our free will however we wish, but there are consequences when we violate the free will of others. This is because we are all interconnected as parts of a whole.

      If I murder you in this life, for example, there will be a disparity between us which we can both feel and which demands resolution. So then we will plan to re-balance ourselves in a future life, either by you murdering me or by me saving your life from another murder.

      3. Purgatory, hell – no, not unless one fully expects to see exactly that after death, in which case you unconsciously create it. It doesn’t really exist, it’s just a hallucination until you realise that it’s coming from nowhere but your own thoughts and fears. Our guides are on hand after death to help us to get past these hallucinations quickly without getting ‘trapped’.

      Heaven – again, if you fully expect to see a specific version of heaven (angels with harps, Jesus on a throne, etc), then that’s essentially what you’ll first see until you learn to be open to what’s *really* there – which ironically is a real heaven, only better – infinite love, intelligence and light. This is our familiar home between lives.

      4. Human bodies (well, most of them) experience the full gamut of emotions both positive and negative, from pain and misery to joy and love. When we are no longer in human bodies, there is no mechanism by which we can experience negative emotions. Our home is entirely blissful, peaceful, loving and joyful. The soul, however, is still attracted to human existence precisely because the negative emotions are so powerful as learning devices.

      5. Suffering is part of the human condition … until it isn’t. When we begin the steps, we are mostly focused on exploring our own free will – being selfish rogues. In doing so, we tend to create suffering for others. At the same time, others are doing the same to us, so we also experience the effect of others’ selfishness. As we progress, we will begin to create suffering for ourselves (e.g., guilt for all the suffering we inflict on others). Eventually there comes a point, or various points, where we want to stop creating suffering altogether. Some Warriors might become pacifists, for example. But it is an entirely individual learning process; there are no ‘rules’ or ‘requirements’.

      6. Evolution is a slow long-term process and we certainly cannot jump from (say) step 25 to step 35 in a single lifetime by giving up material attachments. For some people, giving up material attachments is exactly the right thing for them to do in order to take the next step. For other people, it would be completely irrelevant and even unhelpful. There’s not much point in teaching a young soul to never think of material success. The search for material success is precisely where their evolution is right now.

      7. All entities and non-entities are a part of what we call God. I don’t know of the shapes of any aliens, however, but I imagine many of them look nothing like us.


  20. Hello Barry!
    It has been a few years since I accidentally came across your website, which led me to The Michael Teachings. Well, I finally took the plunge & decided to have this information channelled to me by Shepherd Hoodwin. I was initially surprised at the result! I always thought I was a Mature 6th or 7th Artisan. Turns out I am actually a 3rd stage Old Soul Scholar!
    The overleaves I guessed correctly. I think because I have had such a difficult life, with much conflict with people, emotional & mental bullying up to the my early forties (I am fifty now), & Karmic events too, I thought this was a typical Mature 6th. I have been having Reiki, and literally, I do feel more like my ‘old’ self now (no pun intended)!
    What I dont understand is that I have lived 10 previous cycles. I thought it was just one – from baby to old? Also, what does Cadre/entity 4/4 Love Orientation mean?
    I am still very grateful and indebted to you Barry, for shining a light in the darkness. It has all been so illuminating. I am always on the quest for knowledge and enlightenment, not surprising, as I am a Scholar after all!
    Wishing you & your loved ones health & harmony.

    • Hi Helen

      Previous cycles:

      The core of you, the ESSENCE, is a pure spark of the Source, the Tao, the divine. That is who and what you are stripped of everything, including Role and Soul Age. To undergo a cycle of evolution, that innermost spark has taken on a particular Role (Scholar? Artisan?) which will see it evolve from Infant to Old and beyond. But a spark-essence can do that more than once, evolving through all the levels again but using different Roles. Each of these grand cycles is known as … a Grand Cycle. So “10 previous cycles” means you’ve been through the whole grand cycle 10 times before. It’s a bit mind-boggling and I’m not sure it’s the sort of knowledge one can ever apply to everyday life!

      Cadre/entity 4/4:

      As a soul you are one of a huge ‘family’ of other souls. There will be around 1,000 others who, along with you, make up an organised group or oversoul, known as an ‘ENTITY’. And just as there are 7 souls to a small soul group, there are also 7 entities to an entity group, or ‘CADRE’. So you are in the 4th entity of your cadre. That will add a subtle scholarly energy to your way of being. Likewise, your cadre is 4th in its own grouping…

      I’m not sure what ‘Love Orientation’ means without seeing your actual reading.

      I would add — I advise that if anything feels “off”, don’t automatically take the channel’s word for it and assume that you have got it wrong. This whole thing as far as Michael is concerned is about self-validation through self-awareness and self-examination. If we take readings at face value then we aren’t really applying the teachings. Take it as an opportunity to investigate and evaluate what feels truly valid to you.


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