The Artisan soul

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The Artisan is one of the seven soul types or roles in essence. Artisans have a natural talent for creative expression, bringing to life new and original ideas.

The creative spirit

Artisan souls represent the essence of creativity and invention. They have a fertile imagination that drives them to explore new perspectives and combinations. They also like to realise (to ‘make real’) their ideas in interesting, tangible forms which they can present to others.

As such, Artisans are often drawn to professions where they can work with the invention, design and construction of new products, new styles, new methods: engineering, fine art, crafts, graphics, fashion and other forms of novel expression, more subtle forms including poetry, dance, modelling and athletics.


In society at large, Artisans drive progress in art, technology, entertainment, fashion, and so on. Traditionally, they have worked as society’s architects, builders, decorators, craftsmen, smiths – the skilled trades. In the modern world, they are also leading-edge creatives – vloggers, game designers, experimental artists, and so on.

Many great actors are Artisans. Acting provides a vehicle for exploring alternative ways of being. At the same time, many Artisans would prefer to disappear behind a dramatic image or role than to have nothing of themselves to express.

Elizabeth Taylor - oscar
Elizabeth Taylor

As with Sages, the energy of Artisans is expression-oriented — turning inner thoughts and feelings into something that can be perceived and enjoyed by others. But whereas the Sage focuses on the broad expression of popular wit and collective wisdom, what the Artisan expresses will tend to be unique and personal, the product of specialisation and experimentation.

“Happiness… it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” ∼ Vincent Van Gogh

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ∼ Albert Einstein

“I dream for a living.” ∼ Steven Spielberg

Artisan looks

In terms of their facial appearance, Artisans tend to have heart-shaped, almost child-like faces, with soft, droopy, dreamy-looking eyes, and an “intrigued” expression.

Note, for instance, the similarity between the following Artisans, despite their very different fields of expression.

This facial expression can vary between dreamy playfulness (see Marie-Antoinette) and one of struggling with complex thought processes (see Vincent Van Gogh).

And virtually all Artisans will wear these at some point:

hipster glasses

( See – How to spot an Artisan soul )

Artisans – especially female Artisans – like dressing up and often go for striking hairstyles and clothes as a way to explore and express their individuality.


This attracts attention and serves as a creative outlet, though it can also serve as a bold alter-ego for the more reserved personality inside to grow into.

Many male Artisans go for unkempt-looking hair and fuzzy beards.

Kit Harrington
Kit Harington


The Artisan mind

Artisans have a way of reinventing life — i.e., whatever comes into an Artisan’s life can end up being new and improved. In a sense, Artisans live on the edge of chaos, which is the fertile zone in terms of creativity.

In fact, they are the only soul type to operate on multiple simultaneous channels of input (one looking at the current situation, the others following alternative trains of thought). Hence, their attention always seems to be going off in several different directions at once.

To non-Artisans this can all come across as strange and incomprehensible. Kings and Warriors especially might see them as “scatty”, “spacey” or “ditzy”. Their behaviour, like their thought processes, can sometimes seem pretty erratic.



Positive and Negative Poles

[As a reminder, any manifestation of consciousness has both a positive pole and a negative pole. The positive pole is an expression of the true self or soul; the negative pole is an expression of the false self or ego.]

The Artisan is adept at crafting things from imagination and spends much time in their vivid and active inner world – in fantasy. The Artisan’s basic focus could be described as “applied imagination”. When it comes form the heart this leads to creation, the gift of genuine creative fulfilment. But when it comes from ego or fear it leads to artifice or craftiness – for example, using highly inventive lies or fantasies to deceive others for personal gain.

Another manifestation of negatively applied imagination would be to create a fantasy scenario and then step into it and believe it as though it were real. This is self-deception or delusion – when fantasy takes over from reality. Other roles are not so susceptible to these manifestations because they are less “involved” in their own imaginations, and less easily drawn away from reality. But an Artisan can easily get sucked into living in a world of fantasy or delusion, out of touch with everyday reality. Words commonly used to describe such people include “scatterbrained” and “ditzy”. An experimental writer, musician or artist might come to believe that anything he or she does, no matter how weird or nonsensical, is important simply because it is new and different.

In the positive pole of creation, however, an Artisan’s inventiveness and applied imagination are sincere, ingenious, insightful, and of value to others.

Artisan Soul Evolution

As a reminder, all souls progress through five cycles of self-evolution in physical form (see: Reincarnation: the 35 Steps.)

Artisans are society’s designers and architects – both literally and metaphorically. Artisans therefore find their feet on Earth during the second reincarnational stage, which is about organisation and structure. Baby Artisans, good with their hands, are usually drawn to crafts like metalwork, woodwork and other manual skills. One example from the entertainment field is the American singer and Christian activist Pat Boone.

Young Artisans

In the third stage, Young Artisans like to turn their creative and expressive talents directly to the pursuit of worldly success, fame and fortune. Painters and sculptors, for example, will look for prestigious, high-earning commissions. Some will use their own body as a medium of expression. Well-known Young Artisans in the entertainment field include Elvis Presley, Cher, Bruce Lee, John Travolta, Lisa Kudrow, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kim Bassinger and Victoria Beckham.

Mature Artisans

Mature Artisans are drawn to use their creative expression in more meaningful ways, e.g. to understand and explore human emotions. They can be bohemian, highly inventive, perhaps avant-garde, and are often ahead of their time. Well-known examples include Michaelangelo, W. A. Mozart, Vincent van Gogh, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Lloyd Wright, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Woody Allen, Leonardo di Caprio, Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, and of course Michael Jackson.

Old Artisans

Old Artisans seek to explore and perfect their own unique approach to creative expression. What they express tends to be increasingly philosophical and spiritual. Examples include the writer and activist Alice Walker who was well known in a previous life as the writer Walt Whitman; and the artist Paul Gauguin, who appears to have reincarnated as Dutch artist Peter Teekamp.

A gallery of Artisans:

Artisan women

Halle Berry
Halle Berry
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton
Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman

Paul Gaugin
Paul Gaugin
Josh Krajcik
Josh Krajcik
Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom
Jude Law
Jude Law
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods
Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake
David Beckham
David Beckham
Michael Caine
Michael Caine
Walt Disney
Walt Disney

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94 thoughts on “The Artisan soul

    • Artisans, like all soul types, evolve through all soul ages, from infant to old.

      Does that answer your question?

  1. Yes, thanks for answer. 😀
    I always though it is older souls, because their eyes are always very deep. And I always stare longer.

  2. I was channeled as a 5th Old Artisan with Sage ET. In looking closer to Mature soul traits, I feel I’m very much Mature (restless, self-tormented, seeking, searching, etc) and not live-and-let-live and passive/detached as Old are said to be. Do you think my channeling is accurate in this photo?

    • HI Brian, I’m a 3rd old Artisan who also has a Sage ET 😀 But I was channeled as manifesting the soul age of mature 5 and 6…so you can still be 5th old but maybe youre not manifesting that soul age right now – it means your maximum potential that you can be right now…but the soul has its reasons for manifesting lower ages..perhaps you are going through some lessons now where the mature perspective works…also, we have to work through the stages in each life to reach the highest one…a baby has to act like an infant and a teenager like a teen etc…I’m 22 and hopefully by the time im like 35 or so id be closer to manifesting my true soul age…I read somewhere that around 35 old souls have a better chance of manifesting it.

      Hope this helps,

    • Wow, sorry brian, I somehow totally overlooked you question here until I saw sofia’s response, Sofia is correct, of course, in that one could be manifesting lower than one’s true age… That said, though, yes, you do look to me every inch the Mature Artisan.

  3. When the soul was “made”, it from the beginning was made as King, Priest, Sage, Scholar, Warrior, Artisan or Server soul or it in the one definite moment choose to become for example as Artisan soul – after some life experience? It seems, that from the beginning all souls are as Scholar souls, which assimilate all that are around for better understending itself and others… or we live many lives and choose other peoples (who are different kind of souls) and learn from them?

    Sorry about my English…

    • Hi Eva

      As I understand it, roles emerge at the same moment a soul comes into being.

      In the beginning, there is essence or spirit, pure consciousness. When a part of this decides to experience its own existence and evolve through its own choices, it “fragments” into many points of consciousness. These are individual souls, and each has its own perspective, its own experiences, and its own ability to make choices.

      It’s similar to a lightwave transforming into many particles. And just as white light splits into the rainbow spectrum of different frequencies (colours), so spirit divides into many consciousnesses with different frequencies. These correspond to the archetypes known as Kings, Priests, etc.

      The split is not ultimately real, however, for in moments of spiritual enlightenment we can experience the “wave”, the underlying wholeness and unity of all beings. For example, as an individual being I am clearly a Scholar (I love knowledge), but in spiritual experiences I know that the real “I” is deeper than that, the original essence that is forever whole.

    • It means that the soul is only a part or “fragment” of one spirit or consciousness. And if I am the artisan soul, does it mean that the other parts of my consciousness can act like a king, priest or warrior souls and be right now in this world? If it is so – how big is the possibility that I met my consciousness souls and recognize them or they even are around me all the time in every incarnation?

      Terms “soulmates” and “one consciousness souls” are synonyms or term “soulmates” is related to something else?

    • Yes, the soul is a fragment or spark of a greater consciousness. If you are an artisan soul, then you specifically carry the imaginative and creative aspect of consciousness. But the other aspects are also available as we reincarnate. These are termed “overleaves” – the energies we add to ourselves in each human life. For example, in the life to come an artisan could take on the goal of dominance to act more like a king, or the spiritualist attitude to perceive life more as a priest does.

      Yes, in each life you are likely to work with your soul mates (those who came into being at the same time as you, as fragments of the same light source). Early in our incarnations, as infant souls, we might incarnate together in large groups (as tribes or communities) until we find our feet and eventually feel more confident to go our own way as individuals. As young and mature souls, we will have relationships both with our closest soul mates and with others we just happen to meet along the way.

      There are all kinds of relationships to experience with our soul mates: parent-child, master-servant, helper-helpless, victim-perpetrator, and so on. Each is an opportunity to experience life from a fresh angle with a lot of intensity, and in each case we will experience one side and then the other side of the relationship.

    • Hmm… if I hurt someone beside me, it means that I in deeper level hurt myself, and if I do and say good things to others – in deeper level I make happier myself… but why sometimes is so difficult to remeber it….

      And thank you Berry for your answers and your blog – I think that it is interesting and helpful for many people, who search answers of these fundamental questions.

  4. Hiya Barry,
    I’m a seventh level Old Artisan soul who is near reunion with her twin flame. This is definitely my last physical incarnation. Actually much more than that, I am also the spiritual leader of my soul group. Every batch has one, they’re just not as known through contractral choice as jesus or buddha, but the skills and capacity is the same. I like to say: same job description, different company. I have been finding my soul kin, and they have been finding me for many years now, extremely moreso since my soul healed and i blossomed into spiritual consciousness. It has been the most amazing almost 2 years, and you wouldn’t believe the amazingly talented and world famous artisans who are my kin. All of us have found or know and are doing the twin flame dance with our twins or through meeting me are about to embark upon it. I wanted to thank you for your website for helping to flesh out my knowledge on soul levels and types. As well as helping my kin and others outside my family i am now able to identify soul ages of most people i meet and accurately the types amongst old and mature. It’s all about LOVE. There is no spoon…

  5. i beleive im an artisen old soul… Im 16 and i quit going to highschool this year, in hopes that ill someday be playing the blues in austin tx.

  6. Hi,
    I’m trying to find out what age level my soul is on. I think I’m anywhere from 6th or 7th level young soul to 3rd or 4th young soul. I think this because I believe that I have a good deal of empathy and I feel myself looking through other perspectives and I also feel like my soul is searching constantly for… ..something. I don’t know…I’m a teenager but I often feel older and more enlightened than my peers. But at the same time I do not believe I am fully mature soul because I feel I still have some of the qualities of a young soul. I’m not sure you think?

    • Hi

      I know what you mean. It is totally normal to have some qualities of one stage mixed in with those of earlier stages as well. You may well be a mature soul (sounds likely), yet on the day you were born your “manifestation” as an individual consciousness in the physical world had to begin from scratch, like a 1st level infant soul. (This applies to all – a 7th level old soul might have a great deal of wisdom and compassion, but as a new born baby he/she lacks the physical, mental and social abilities needed to manifest such qualities.)

      It’s like if you could take a slice through our consciousness you would see rings like those inside a tree, the central one being equivalent to 1st level infant, the next being 2nd level infant and so on. We keep adding new rings as we grow, develop and manifest more and more of our consciousness in life, but up to a limit – we plateau out at the level we have achieved thus far. The plateau is typically achieved in middle age – we feel the inner impulse to achieve it around age 35, at the same time setting aside any earlier levels we might have become wrongly identified with. In other words, we try to grow up and act our true (soul) age.

      I am at my 5th level mature plateau, yet I can still touch into the infant, baby and young soul “rings” inside me.

      The stretch from being born to the mid-life plateau depends of course on the soul level. When a baby soul reaches their plateau, they haven’t gone very far compared to an old soul.

      In addition to gradually manifesting our true soul age in life, we can also have peak experiences which show us what life looks like from a higher level than our own. For example, we could take some LSD and, for a moment, see as a buddha sees. But because we lack the structuring within our own consciousness to hold it, the experience cannot last – we must return to your own level after having such a “glimpse”. Gradually building that inner structure is what our reincarnation and soul evolution is all for. We are all creating ourselves into buddhas.

  7. “It does really work …does it!”

    Leave Mozart alone!! Let his soul rest in peace, none of this reincarnation stuff!!

    Not MJ or J Lennon or anybody else, or kidney patients..:-
    )( .Mozart was Mozart that’s all. Accept it!

  8. Hello Sir! I’ve been a longtime reader of this site, just a silent one. Your articles opened my mind, made me more conscious and just gave light to everything that happen to me. Anyway, I am quite sure that I am an artisan, though sometimes I feel like a Scholar too. I am 18 now and when I was younger, around 14-16 yrs old, I was more like a scholar,researching and studying just about everything.Thats when I got into History and reading some Philosophy. I critisized people and even the society and teenagers for ignorance and shallowness,it felt like my very own Enlightenment period. But then as years passed, my hunger for learning mellowed and I got into arts more. Now I am studying how to paint and I do it or at least draw or sketch everyday, I also write little novels and when I feel an emotion strongly, I love putting it into words to make a poem. Now I am thinking of studying how to sculpt. And reading the description of an artisan soul is like reading things about me, I love singing too and I tend to close my eyes while doing it,just feeling the song, and my voice. I’m very artsy in dressing too, I dress differently from everyone around me, I don’t follow trends and even the weather instead they follow the styles I do. Everytime I see an artwork, I am always drawn and wonder how its made. I am so convinced that I’m an artisan, I almost always live like one. But still, I feel like a scholar sometimes, I am also like the one everyone go to in school to know and ask something and I never failed to answer everything. Some even see me s a genius thought I think its just because I study things they’re not even interested in. Oh I also study dancing, just almost every form of art interest me.
    I’d like to send you a picture just like everyone else does. is it alright with you? And if yes, where can i send?
    Anyway, I am very grateful to you for sharing all these things. You’re helping many people and my way of thinking matured alot by just reading this blog. Thank you very much!

    • Hi there beatlesbug! And, thank you for the nice feedback.

      You certainly sound very much like an Artisan. Feel free to send me a pic (or a link to one) via the Contact link on the website. (I’m not writing the address out here simply in case the pesky spambots jump on it.)

      Note that it’s usually easier for me to “get” someone with several photos rather than one. Also, I can’t promise anything – some people i find easy and obvious, but some leave me stumped. And teenagers can be quite tricky (sometimes the face isn’t quite “settled” into its natural form.) But I’m happy to give it a go.

      Cheers 🙂


  9. Hi Barry,
    I stumbled upon your website earlier today, and cannot stop reading! I am so intrigued, I was having a conversation about religion, past lives, etc. with my boyfriend the other night and this is where google brought me.
    After reading a few articles, I think I can pinpoint myself definitely as an artisan soul (music is pretty much my life), but I am not sure what cast; sage, server, scholar, or priest. I am far from aggressive or assertive, so neither warrior nor king are in the running. Also, I think I am a mature soul. I do have, though, both young and old soul tendencies. However, an old soul seems a little too evolved and at peace for me, and a young soul may only come out during this stage in my current life because I am only 17.
    This brings me to my question; would you be able to look at a picture of me and give me a little enlightenment? I understand it may be hard simply because of my age, but you seem to be really good at this from what I have seen. Also, I read about the ‘channeling’ above; is that on this website, or do you have to go to a medium/psychic/clairvoyant for that? I apologize if it is on this website, I only just started exploring it!
    Here is the link:

    • Hi Caroline

      After perusing several photos of you I have settled on Priest-cast Artisan, the same as my wife as it happens. At first something told me Scholar-cast, but I now realise I have this unconscious tendency to associate dark hair with Scholars, for some reason. Anyway, the beaming energy coming out of your eyes suggests Priest-cast Artisan to me. Age – can’t tell, either Mature or Old.

      Sorry that I can’t be more specific. There is a list of channels who do this for a living at the bottom of this page:
      There is also a more comprehensive listing here: – but I have no experience with most of them.


  10. Hi Barry,
    Im a mature artisan 3rd stage or level..I love your site!!!I keep finding myself coming back to your site for mere fact that it seems to be the only one active and that I love the writing skills you bring to the interpretation of Micheal… I do have a hard time with the absolutes in yours and others interpretations tho.. Specifically,,reincarnation thru dogs ,cats, horses, dolphins ,bird etc…any of these could bring unique experience to the sole helping it to evolve..I didn’t need Micheal to tell me my sole was real and lived for eternity…The key word is eternity…you cannot comprehend forever without realizing time is an illusion to the sole… there fore spending time as an ant, dog or elephant really my have no other meaning to our sole than to just try it… because inevitably …you really have nothing better to do. But the big question for me is how do we really know that Micheal is telling the whole truth and doesn’t have an agenda of its own. Knowing That the Bilble was written and interpreted by man and has been used to control and profit off the masses … how can you be so sure or confident that the original interpretations of Micheal where not influenced by man .very curious…thank you…also .. Not sure about my casting can i send you pictures?

    • Hi Tim

      Feel free to send pictures, though be aware I can’t promise anything – some people are “obvious” but some are very difficult. Do you have any theory about yourself?

      Well, I have a hard time with absolutes too, as does anyone past the Baby soul phase and old enough to think for themselves! I actually resisted buying into the Michael teachings when I first came across them (c.1998). Having learned the power of self-discovery – finding things out for oneself by looking within oneself – I was reluctant to take on any new external belief system. But so much of it chimed that I decided to “play” with the concepts to see if they made sense in my everyday life. I could see how I’m definitely a Scholar and others aren’t for example. So I gradually made room for the concepts in my own mind, all the time testing and validating.

      There are some aspects of the teaching I don’t much bother with because I can’t see how to mnake use of them in my everyday life. Casting for example – I can see the value of knowing that I’m a Sage-cast Scholar, but I haven’t yet found a way to make much use out of knowing the deeper and deeper levels of casting. (Maybe you need to be an Old Soul to do that!)

      The Michael teachings have long emphasised that souls are “fragments” and that reincarnation is ultimately a journey of re-integration. They state that a wave of newly-cast souls will find an intelligent physical species to “adopt” as their learning vehicle of choice. The complexity of the brain is important – we have to be able to make rational choices over and above what our animal instincts and conditioning would have us do. So on the land there is only homo sapiens (other homo lines having become extinct) and in the sea there are the various species of cetaceans: whales and dolphins. Those of us who are currently human will stick to this species so long as it is of value; those who are cetaceans will stick to those species.

      I don’t think incarnation into another kind of species such as a horse or bird is “against the rules”, and certainly not impossible – it’s just for an evolving ‘fragment’ soul that it could only be for the novelty value; i.e. there would be no learning value to be had in living a life of instinct with no capacity for symbolic thinking and self-conscious rational choice. It would be a severe case of “retardation” for an evolving individual soul.

      That’s how I understand it, but I don’t insist on anyone believing this or any other point. I am always ready and willing to learn that any given concept is wrong. After all, as you point out, the Truth is beyond all concepts… For me, the Michael teachings are a framework that provide a conceptual bridge between my inner experiences of Truth and my outer personality in this illusion.

      I have also learned to treat all the information purportedly from Michael as “uncertain” unless and until I find out if/how it makes sense. In other words, healthy skepticism. The channels themselves are only human – they do make mistakes, they might not be as pure as we would like, and they sometimes disagree amongst themselves. Even Michael has often said (through these channels) that a typical channel is only 85% accurate. So… for me it’s about taking a mature approach, judging for myself what to accept or reject, investigating and validating wherever possible.

      There is no agenda on the part of Michael that I can see other than to provide information. There is no organisation to join, no cult, just a bunch of individual channels and a growing population of ‘students’ (people who are learning and personally applying the concepts). And the core message boils down to: you are free to choose, and that includes whether you accept these teachings, or any part of them, and in any case the point of the teachings is to see if one can validate them for oneself.

      Hope this makes sense!


  11. It makes perfect sense! Thank you very much One last question , if you would…I cant help but to believe that if we are correct ,, the fact that their is no heaven or hell, just the astral plane between lives.( then causal and so on) That more people wouldn’t just say I’m ready to go back now(suicide) once enlightened. Or that they would want to go out with a bang… because there really is no consequence…Do you think or know if there’s a higher than average rate of crime or suicide with enlightened souls.
    Thank You again

    • If you’ve actually become enlightened, then by definition you wouldn’t have any desire to cause harm, nor to go out with a bang. You would understand your oneness with all-that-is and perceive the sacredness of every other being’s existence.

      Interesting question though, as Jesus was arrested and executed for sedition, so I guess that makes him an enlightened criminal. And Gandhi committed lots of ‘crimes’ as defined by British Imperial law – he was arrested and beaten a lot.

      So I guess an enlightened individual can commit crimes, but in the sense of ignoring man-made laws that seem meaningless or unjust, not in the sense of “I’m gonna shoot every bastard I hate and then shoot myself!”


  12. I identify with both the artisan and the warrior. It is possible to be both? More so the artisan I believe.

  13. Hello there,

    I was wondering if you could help me. I have figured out nearly all of the elements of my overleaf and age (old, cynical, contentment, arrogance, etc.) but I just can’t decide which soul type I am. At first, I thought I was a Priest – when I was younger, I was always fascinated by spiritual development and all things paranormal and esoteric. I was also trying to convert everyone to whichever religion/philosophy I currently believed in (imagine a 13-yr old doing a Spanish Inquisition. yeah. it was pretty hilarious. but uh, I don’t do that anymore). I nearly saw myself as a some sort of enlightened messiah slash spiritual guru. I know, right. In middle school. I don’t even… Nevermind. Seeing as I had this whole interest in spirituality, I naturally thought I would be a Priest, as the description seemed to match perfectly. A few months later, I came back to this website, and I thought about it again. Whereas I used to be very much like a Priest as a child, it seemed to kind of… Disappear overtime. Over the period of a few years, my personality went through more changes than I can count. It was all very dramatic and I felt like I was going through a speedrun of all the lessons from my previous lifetimes. Finally, the drama stopped, and I realized I’m an old soul (which is strange enough, seeing as I’m 17 now, and I saw it mentioned somewhere that old souls usually don’t display their old-soulness until their thirties). Nowadays, I don’t give a damn about what other people believe in. I became a taoist about a year ago and since then, well, I live happily in my La-La-Land where all the dreams come true (goal of contentment, hell yes). My interest in esoteric stuff has almost disappeared (almost, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I swear, of all the crazy spirituality websites out there, this is the first sensible one). And my Artisan tendencies, which as a child were not very profound, have started to come out. I was always drawing, ever since I can remember; but it was just a hobby. Now, it is more than that; it’s an art, which I try to perfect and bring to another level. I suddenly became interested in dance and writing (especially the latter; whenever I write, I’m like in a whole different world altogether). I fell in love with poetry which I previously hated. I daydream all the time and lose myself in music. I have all these ideas, this inspiration that burns inside my soul; I need to express myself. I used to be clueless about what I want to be, and now I know – I want to make art, whether through writing novels, or otherwise. Even my eyes changed – from passionate and piercing (Priest) to soft and aloof. So, in conclusion, I have no idea what just happened. Am I a Priest, an Artisan, a Priest-cast Artisan, an Artisan-cast Priest, or what? I would be very grateful if you could give me a hand in this. And sorry about the length of this post. in case you need a photo.

    • Hi alicia,

      Yes, I see exactly what you mean.

      A Priest-cast Artisan hopes to express their original perceptions in ways that inspire and uplift. (“My creative gift should inspire positive change”). An Artisan-cast Priest hopes to inspire and excite in ways that make hidden truths explicit (“My inspirational gift should be expressed perfectly.”)

      While it’s always tricky with teens, my best guess in your case would be Priest-cast Artisan, the same as wife as it happens. Like her, it seems that your Artisanly urge to explore the infinite possibilities of self-expression finds its particular focus in this Priestly sense of a higher reality, rather than vice versa – at least at this point in this life!

      You have a striking degree of self-awareness for your age, btw. You must be in or near the 3rd “internal monad”, I.e. the third big turning point in the inner self during life. This one is the differentiation of self from the family/background of origin, and identification with a self-made adult identity. For Young souls this is the key challenge, and can be a huge struggle. For Old souls, it’s a piece of cake.



    • Thanks for your reply!

      I suspected as much, but I wasn’t sure if I came to the right conclusion. It seemed rather strange to me, that I jumped from being a 100% Priest to an Artisan for no particular reason. But it makes more sense now to say that in a way, I am both. I always try to give my art more depth and spiritual meaning, in order to try and communicate my feelings to another person via pictures or writing. I no longer have any need to go and inspire others (in fact, I hardly ever feel like doing anything. at all. I’ve no motivation whatsoever… unless something is fun, or involves art); instead, I focus on self-expression and leaving my mark on the world.

      As for my self-awareness – it didn’t come without a price. Whatever my bastard of a soul was thinking at the time, it made me go through a series of psychological issues that nearly resulted in a suicide. It was due to the fact that I was friends with very strange people, mostly mature souls, who had a lot of trouble themselves – I seemed to be a magnet for people with depression, schizofrenia, borderline and any other disorder you could think of. And because I found them fascinating, and I wanted to help them, I didn’t realize that they were projecting their emotions and suffering onto me – and being a pretty empathetic person, I took the hit quite hard. How ironic – they got better, and I was driving myself into madness. Not something I would recommend to anyone, though it did raise my awareness lightning-fast.

      Also, I really do feel that I should thank you – you website was a great help for me. For a long time, I wasn’t sure what was real, and what was an illusion. I tried to search for an answer, reading tons of those idiotic spiritual websites that offered “The Great Truth™ ” but in reality were just a ton of bullshit, excuse my language. I didn’t realize that at the time, though, which only made me extremaly confused, furious, and certain that there is something very wrong with me and why on earth wasn’t this happening to other people. Especially before I knew that my goal was contentment, I was so annoyed that I couldn’t get anything done, or achieve anything major. I was never popular at school, and people didn’t give me much attention (being interested in astrology, I could never understand how come I’m a Leo and nobody gives a damn about me), even though everyone knew me vaguely for my drawings. I was always a bit of a social recluse, which certainly didn’t help with my depression. However, that’s thankfully behind me – I learnt a lot from this website, so you can count me in as your personal cheerleader. Please, do continue to add stuff on this website, cause things like that, you know… They can actually save someone’s life. 🙂

      Okay, now that I forced you to read my awfully sad and touching autobiography, I have another question – how does one know which stage he’s at? As in, if I’m an old soul, how do I find out if I’m on stage one, or stage seven, or whatever? Is there a way to know?

      ~ Alicia

    • Hehehe. Rest assured that whatever trouble your bastard soul got you into in your early years will eventually make complete sense as you come to make good use of it in your mature years. Our life plans are cunningly designed to trigger our emotions in early life and thus our motivations in later life.

      As to the specific stage/level. I have no direct way of telling. Sometimes I get it intuitively, but I usually have to know the person well. Or I have to be stepped back far enough to see the whole picture of how a person’s life is shaping. I am sure that there are positive and negative adjectives that can be applied to each of the 35, but I haven’t seen or figured out what they all are yet. But to give an example, 7th level Baby is typically “smug”, rather pleased with their mastery of rightness. 4th level mature, I think, is typically reflective/pensive.

      You can of course always get a channelled reading from some of the excellent sources mentioned at the bottom of my page on the Michael Teachings.

      PS – I’ve had a number of people telling me that this site has saved their life. It’s pretty mind blowing to think about it!

    • Oh, but it makes sense already. 🙂 After I somewhat recovered from this whole drama, I took my time to reflect on what just happened, because I wanted to understand the reason “why”. And when I did… It all made sense. Every event had a particular reason, and a particular effect on me. When looked upon individually, these events make little sense – but once I observed the bigger picture, I saw that perfect, intricate pattern that was designed to make me the person I am today. Every person crossed my life for a reason; even the people that caused my mental problems. *Even* that idiot of a neighbour who broke into my house and caused me a half year trauma and insomnia (I think he was pretty traumatized himself, since he fell right out of the window, hehe. he. yeah… I probably shouldn’t find that funny, should I…). I don’t feel sorry for myself anymore; the madness is gone (well, most of it), and the passionate hatred I had towards God and life is gone as well. I forgave these people and it felt like a burden was liften off my shoulders. But I still think that my soul is a bastard. And I swear that it found my suffering absolutely hilarious. I know it did. And I would kick it in the face, if it had one. I’m not exactly acrobatic enough to do that to myself.

      Anyway, thank you for answering my question. I think I will get a channeling some time soon, even though… Well… I had some bad experiences involving spirits, channeling, and that sort of stuff. But if I won’t move past my fears, then I won’t get anywhere, now will I?

      Also, I’m sorry for pestering you, but seeing as you are my only reliable source of information, would you mind answering a few more questions? I will give you a cookie.

      1. Do you think that animals can have soul types or overleaves, seeing as one cat has a different personality than the next, etc?

      2. What’s your opinion on astrology compared with Michael Teachings? Do you think that the theory of planets influencing one’s personality is false, if we say that it is the soul who chooses it? Or is there a connection? And I’m not talking about the stupid “You should avoid eating salad on Wednsday” magazine-type astrology, but the actual one. 🙂

      3. Is there something wrong with my vision? Ever since I was a baby (it’s actually one of my few memories from early childhood) I could see the air around me, well… Vibrate. It’s really weird, but it’s like I see all these particles stuck together instead of smooth, solid objects. This could be a result of me being short-sighted, but I doubt it, since I know short-sighted people who don’t see this. I actually asked plenty of people and they have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s only getting worse with time, and I can barely see anything at night – it’s all just vibrations *everywhere*. I thought I was going crazy until my best friend (oul soul artisian) told me that she started seeing these at night as well. Also, whenever I feel foreign energy/being (like a ghost or whatever) around me, I can make out its shape because the vibrations are faster. What do you think about that?

  14. I feel like I should care about relationships, but I just don’t. I care about individuals as individuals, not as what they are to me. I’ve always thought myself a Scholar because I like studying, but I am beginning to suspect that i am an Artisan… Perhaps an old Artisan working on self-karma from between the cracks. Sometimes I resent not getting the therapy I think I deserved because of my family issues, but I’ve always understood the reasons behind what was done, even if i didn’t like the reasons or have a way to change them. I think my family was a group of mature souls because of the drama, but I am now thinking they might have been old souls fulfilling personal karma… And I was part of that karma on more than one end of the stick/carrot. Now I am just waiting to die… to complete the cycle, Only it isn’t happening as quick as I imagined lol. I am only in my mid fifties, but I’ve lived a hard life and my body complains more than it pleases. I suspect my role is Artisan because I write – a lot. i have more unfinished novels than you can shake a stick at. It bothers me, sometimes, when I am in a Young soul mood, but not often enough to force me to finish any of my books. I also find myself disagreeing with people like the dali lama – how weird is that? I had a reason for commenting on this when I started – then my Somestimzers kicked in lol. ttfn

  15. Hi, im curious about Britney Spears is she an artisan? Because im a fan of hers she s my favorite pop star. And im curious if you know what her goal is? Maybe her goal is acceptance? And im curious what Beyonces goal is as well. It would be so cool if you were able to have a list of all the artisans and what their goal is and mode.

  16. I’m the definitive Artisan (I think), can you confirm? (

    I’m most certainly at the young stage. I’m presently 23, though at eighteen years old I was a published author and freelance journalist. Troubled youth, especially in regards to my sexuality. INFP personality type.
    If I buy clothing, it has to be something I’ve never seen on anyone else. I have articles of clothing that make people envious, and a flashy wardrobe — right now I have a scruffy beard, and I have ALWAYS had wild hair, matching your description perfectly.

    My current issue is that once I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish, (the article, and glowing feedback from the editor) I no longer had any desire to write to be published. I no longer care about being published, or being a better writer — as much as I would like to.

    I’m currently falling, as an Artisan, to the more negative trope — destruction… which is a flashback to my five year old self, who purposely burned his mother’s kitchen down, just to see what would happen!

    I have a ravenous interest in the Occult and esotericism, devil worship, and witches. I am currently studying Thelema and the history of The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn. I genuinely want to learn spells capable of causing people harm, which I think stems from a bizarre paranormal encounter my father and I had when I was just a child.
    Have you heard of Shadow People? The Djinn?

    In any case, do you know if it is common for this soul type to be involved in occult practices? Do you have any advice for getting me off of this path and back onto the one I was on before?

    • I should also add — the occult is often considered a childish, angsty phase… but I see no children practicing the occult. Most occult leaders are in fact very worldly, stoic, and educated.
      But I suppose that supports the idea that “warrior” types see us as “ditzy” or “spacey”, perhaps even childish.

    • Hi Alexander

      Yes, I see an Artisan alright, though with some solidity too which could mean Warrior-cast or King-cast Artisan.

      You say you identify with the Young soul stage, but just be aware that it isn’t until you reach 35+ that you finally rise to your full height in terms of your actual soul age (i.e. Level of self-awareness and empathy). In fact, at age 23 I would have seen myself as a Young Artisan, as I was so fixated on worldly success, power, fame – just waiting for someone to discover my latent creative genius (I don’t actually have one). But for the last 15 years or so I have known with clear certainty that I’m a Mature Scholar.

      As we grow up in each new life, we pass through all the levels of consciousness that parallel our previous soul ages. We start out as barely-conscious impulse-driven infants, which parallels the Infant soul age. Then through childhood we know ourselves ‘characters’ with a name and a role in our family/cultural setting, which parallels the Baby soul age. In late adolescence we feel a surge of independence, so we leave home and go seeking our fortune in the wider world, which parallels the Young soul stage. Then in mid-life, perhaps once we’ve settled into a comfortable lifestyle, we feel another surge – not for independence but for being true to our soul’s purpose, which parallels the Mature soul stage.

      If you’re a Young soul, that last transition will simply lead you to be more focused in your competitiveness – like, if you’re an Artisan, you’ll feeling a calling to be successful at being creative, for example. If you’re a Mature soul, in mid-life you’ll feel like questioning everything you’ve done so far, and wonder what it is you’re really here to do. (Mature souls are a lot more confused and uncertain than Young souls.)

      You might start to feel the first “prod” of self-questioning at age 28. I don’t know why, but it seems very common.

      What strikes me with the occult thing is that it is – in Young soul fashion – all about the use of personal will above all else. “How can I make the world become the way I want it? How can I make others do my bidding?” It’s all very 3rd chakra in its masculine form.

      Well, that’s where you are now, and who knows how long you’ll be there. Maybe for the rest of your life? Or, there may come a time when you realise that what’s missing from your whole fixation on the power of will is … The next chakra up. Your heartfelt empathy, compassion and respect for others.

      Please understand that I am not “against” the occult path you describe – I studied it myself on and off over several years. But I gave it up because this path is very much “me me me.” And it’s about control over things and people. That’s not a holistic kind of existence (even for a Young soul!). It’s a denial of the interconnectedness and value of all things,all people.

      Your fantasy desire to control others will automatically alienate you from others. Instead of seeing real human beings with individual differences that all deserve equal respect, you are projecting onto them something from your own childhood, and wanting to attack them as though they were lifeless, mindless dummies.

      If you want to leave this path, you must recognise that you are failing to perceive others as they really are, and also try to get the bottom of your destructive impulse. If destructiveness truly satisfies your Artisan curiosity, then find some other outlet.

      Hope this helps


  17. Would you say that Bob Dylan is a classic example of an artisan? He’s produced an enormous amount of songs in different genres, such as folk, blues, gospel, etc.

    His early work (like Times they are a changin) became widely used by political activists. However, unlike a priest Dylan himself never did much in the way of political activism and doesn’t mind his songs being used in commercial advertising (think how different a priest like John Lennon behaved!). He once said “The songs are my lexicon. I believe the songs” when asked about his religious beliefs. He’s also a painter.

    And he keeps his private life private. He doesn’t like to talk about himself that much (unlike a sage who is happy to expose everything, there’s a certain introversion and secrecy). I would say mature artisan for sure, maybe even old artisan.

    • Well, he has been described somewhere (I forget where) as a Mature Priest. This fits the political activism, the drive to change society. But at the same time, like Lennon and Bowie, he seems to have at least as much focus on the means of creative expression as on the message. So for me it’s a toss-up between Artisan-cast Priest and Priest-cast Artisan. His eyes are perhaps more Priest-like.

  18. Hi Barry.
    I don’t know who I am anymore. I am trying to find out my soul type but i am all over the place. Initially i thought i was a warrior cast server but now i think i might be a warrior or king cast artisan. Please let me know what you think. ?

    • First impression looking at all your photos .. Artisan-cast Scholar, or possibly Scholar-cast Artisan. Any resonance?

      You can always get yourself a proper reading from a Michael channel.


    • Tnx Barry for giving me another perspective. I’ve always been attracted to knowledge, but only the things i wanted to know about. Something to think about…
      By the way how to get a reading from a Michael Channel? I am in Mongolia.

  19. hey hello i just think louis tomlinson is a clear artisan. what do you think? i really want to know your opinion

  20. Thank you for writing such a great article, it really helped me understand myself and a lot of people in my life. I just wanted to point out that you have missed out a few very notable artisan old souls: Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Leonardo Da Vinci.

  21. Hi Barry,
    I have the characteristics of an artisan soul, but have been told i could be a transluscent soul. how would i be able to figure out which one i am?

  22. Didn’t even have to think about, what my soul personality is. definitely artisan. Before finding this page i just called it visual mind. Everything, that has ever interested me, has been about creating something.

    Can’t tell about casting for sure. Maybe artisan-artisan or artisan-scholar, cause i’m pretty introverted. Btw is introverted personality common, when it comes to artisans?

    This is going little off topic, but here is excellent free online book, if you are interested about spirituality and the truth:

    • Artisans can be introverted or extroverted, or neutral, depending on their casting and thier chosen in-life personality make-up. A Sage-cast Artisan with goal of Acceptance will be quite outgoing at one level (eg Michael Jackson), but then a mode of Repression or a chief feature of Self-Deprecation would make an Artisan more introverted.

      Unlike Sages, Artisans prefer to have the public’s attention on their creations rather than themselves. “Creations” can include the characters they play on stage. Interesting case: Johnny Depp is an extrovert while playing a character, but an introvert when being himself.

      Artisans risk a lot of rejection for their unique creations, which can cause reluctance to be seen.

    • Hey he could be an artisan- scholar. He did invent things.
      I wish I could figure out what I am.
      All of these different types I’m having a hard time figuring out where I fit.
      I at least am pretty sure I have ALL of the chief features. Except greed.

    • SP’s aren’t scholars, and they’re not inventors. They’re Artisans. Einstein was an INTP. NT’s are known as rationals.

      You can take the mbti test to figure out what you are. If you keep getting different answers, you’re probably a ISFP or ESFP. Both are artisans.

    • I’m not educated enough on this topic to understand your first paragraph – just found this website yesterday while looking for ways to stop my self destructive behavior.
      Thank you so much for telling me about the mbti test.

    • Have you seen Einstein’s eyes? Almost every Michael’s Teachings website has him as an Artisan. Sometimes they don’t agree on some people, but this one seems to be obvious.

  23. I think I’ve found a textbook example of an artisan. Watch the video below of Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web. Watch how his head bops up and down, how he keeps switching sentences. It’s like his mind has so many things going on he needs more than one mouth to get it all out!

    What do you think?

  24. Last week we lost another musical genius and an artist in the truest form, Prince Rogers Nelson. Everything about him speaks artisan, through and through. His music brought so much joy to so many. RIP Prince.

    I’ve never read any validation of this, just my observation. If Prince isn’t an artisan, I will be shocked. 🙂

  25. Prince’s overleaves and a couple of recent past lives, as channelled by Sarah Chambers c1998, are posted here on Arvin’s DREAMPOETICA website:

    — 5th level Mature Sage, 6th cast
    — passion mode
    — goal of rejection, mostly functioning in the positive pole of discrimination
    — a sceptic in the moving part of emotional centre
    — Mercury/Saturn body type.
    — chief feature of impatience with arrogance.

    In a recent life he was Scott Joplin the ragtime jazz musician.

  26. That’s interesting. I realize that our overleaves also define us, I have never seen a sage who was so painfully shy. lol

    • I know there are some sages who are shy and/or reserved. Due to overleaves and casting, of course.

  27. I do wonder if this is an error because I too see him as essentially an Artisan. The Sage-like flamboyance was confined to his stage persona. Otherwise he was a typical introverted solo creative perfectionist – like Michael Jackson – so I would have assumed Sage-cast Artisan not v-v.

  28. “SP’s aren’t scholars, and they’re not inventors. They’re Artisans. Einstein was an INTP. NT’s are known as rationals.”

    “The INTP personality type is fairly rare, making up only three percent of the population, which is definitely a good thing for them, as there’s nothing they’d be more unhappy about than being “common”. INTPs pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their unique perspective and vigorous intellect. Usually known as the philosopher, the architect, or the dreamy professor, INTPs have been responsible for many scientific discoveries throughout history.”

    that kind of sounds more like artisan to me rather than scholar. If you are artisan, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t rational. The mbti test sort of mixes the age and the personality. if you know what i mean

    • No no no. There are 16 personality types in the MBTI, and they fall into 4 different categories. SP’s, called artisans, Are ESFPs, ESTPs, ISFPs, and ISTPs. Rationals are the following: INTP, INTJ, ENTJ, ENTP. The other 2 categories are Guardians and Idealists.

      Age has nothing to do with the MBTI, and a person can’t be more than one personality. This is basic MBTI stuff. If you want to keep insisting, fine, but you really look like an arrogant dick, cause you don’t even know the basics of the system. Quit jacking off to your definition of an artisan and study the system.

    • MB types have nothing to do with soul roles, but mostly with soul ages. Intps are Old souls, it’s like 7th Old personality, basically. They can be any soul role. I am one myself. One of my friends has an intp boyfriend who looks like Old Server. I study faces for MB types, too. Imo Einstein wasn’t intp but estp, definitely Mature Artisan. Intps very rarely contribute to the society with their ‘inventions’. we just figure things out for ourselves, we have no desire nor energy to prove anything to anyone.

  29. Sry, if i sounded like a dick. nothing like that but with age i meant the soul age, that this site talks about. i just pointed out that doesn’t the intp have the features of artisan. Person can’t be more than one personality, but he still has the castings of the other ones+their life goals, modes etc can be different.. can’t really compare the two personality tests well, cause the other one has 16 personalities and the other has 7, so they kind of look it from little bit different perspectives. You know, what i’m trying to point out? The seven personality system might say from two different people, that they are both artisans while the MBTI test might put them in different categories cause of their differences. I studied the system, but it’s just different from this one.

  30. Can you give a quess about Salvador Dali’s (who i assume is an artisan with maybe priest casting…?) soul age, goal, mode etc.

  31. Hi Barry,

    Amazing website. I often find myself coming back to it for insight.

    My issue is that I cannot tell if I am a Priest or an Artisan. I have strong tendencies of both, and cannot tell which is dominant and which is the sub-type. My inner experience feels much more Artisan, so perhaps I am leaning toward that. When dealing with other people, however, I feel much more Priest.

    Though if I am truly honest, I feel as though I have attributes of all of the different soul types, sometimes feeling more like a scholar than anything, and often catching myself behaving like a warrior, sage, server, or king. I am sure this is common though, as human beings are complex in nature.

    Perhaps you can shed some insight on this. Am I an Artisan or Priest? And is it possible to have attributes of all of them or to belong to none of them (maybe as an 8th type? Magician? :P). Thank you in advance for your help!

    Here is a picture of myself I just took to help you:

    And you can see more pics on my profile if you like:

    Thank you!
    Yamen Hawit

    • Hi
      I would go with Priest-cast Artisan. You seem to have the open look of an Artisan. Also, the primary role manifests as who you are even when no one else is around, while the casting is more apparent in how you interact with others, which again based on how you describe yourself makes Priest-cast Artisan sound likely.

    • Well, I’m a Scholar and my my wife is an Artisan so I can give you a few pointers.

      At the risk of generalising, Scholars tend to read non-fiction and think logically. Artisans prefer to read fiction and go off into worlds of their imagination.

      Scholars are relatively dry and solid; Artisans are relatively fuzzy and fluid.

      Artisans daydream; Scholars analyse. Scholars analyse and analyse; Artisans experiment and invent.

      Artisans have a brightness and eccentricity in their demeanour because their existence is about self-expression. Scholars are more dry and dour. Nothing too extreme.

      Artisans freely use lots of adjectives, poetically, seemingly at random; Scholars are very pedantic about finding the most appropriate nouns and verbs.

      Both can be introspective, but an Artisan introspects in order to find a novel way of seeing things, while a Scholar introspects in order to figure out what something really really means.

      I remember being at an art class once. The teacher kept telling me to be more expressive, put my personality into my art, and I had no idea what he meant. I just wanted to draw what I saw as accurately as possible. Other people would tear up pieces of newspaper or throw things at the canvas; I thought they were just bad at drawing!

  32. Oh my gosh Alicia your life’s description that you described is so detailed totally set me off Bravo & sounds like me also,i feel happy knowing that their is another soul out there that see’s like in the better plan from a higher perspective,Anyway i’am just curious to know weather i am one also of those listed above & top also i’d glady offer my profile wall gladly kindly if you’d do so offer, I find the atticles very reshresing a souce of new inspiration hope you continue doing so Barry Cheers XD & WOW :O D:

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