The Priest soul

The Priest is one of the seven soul types or roles in essence. In life, Priest souls seek to serve a higher good by being a source of inspiration to others.

“I Have A Dream”

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” — Gandhi

“I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.” — John Lennon

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” — Barack Obama

More than any other soul type, Priests feel a sense of mission, a higher calling, a need to make the world a better place. They do so by igniting and galvanising the same sense of purpose in others.

Like Servers, Priest souls are both inspired and inspiring. But whereas Servers feel driven to help specific individuals in need, Priests feel driven to move everybody on to higher things. To give an analogy, if Servers like to dig others out of holes, Priests like to lead others up mountains. They stir, inspire and arouse change by openly proclaiming their vision of a better way.

The raison d’être of any Priest is to serve the higher good — that is, whatever the individual Priest envisions as the highest good for all. Different Priests will define the highest good in completely different ways, particularly as they evolve through the soul ages. The thrust, however, is always the same: to catalyse change in others, to promote a better way of being.

Positive and Negative Poles

[As a reminder, any manifestation of consciousness has both a positive pole and a negative pole. The positive pole is an expression of the true self or soul; the negative pole is an expression of the false self or ego.]

In the positive pole, a Priest soul can be impassioned and compassionate, a good shepherd lovingly leading his flock to better pastures, and a guiding light to all. Perhaps the most famous example of this in recent times is Gandhi, whose path of non-violent resistance to tyranny inspired civil rights movements all over the world. Another prominent example would be Martin Luther King.

In the negative pole, however, a Priest can descend into manic zealotry, being intensely self-righteous and preachy, determined to convert everyone to a single vision whether they like it or not. “I know what’s best for everyone – my way is the only true way!

Moreover, the Priest’s sense of a higher ideal or better way is not necessarily everyone’s idea of a good thing. It can even be “evil” by most people’s standards. Adolf Hitler is probably the prime example of a Priest manifesting this “dark side of the Force”, the negative pole of the essence.

Priest Characteristics

Facially, Priests tend to have almond-shaped heads and intense-looking eyes. Their expression can vary between one of stern disapproval (when they focus on what’s wrong) and rapture (when they look to the possibilities beyond).

There is often an enigmatic, other-worldly gleam in a Priest’s eyes that can be quite mesmerising. (See the Gallery of Priests at the bottom of this page.)

Being so committed to what they envisage as a better way, Priests have a habit of seeing where others are going wrong and trying to put them right. Having this sense of a higher good or better way constantly in the back of their mind, current life events and situations are often judged in relation to it. It can be hard for some Priests to utter a sentence without seeming to include some sort of inspirational insight — or perhaps just a moral lecture.

They can also be taken aback to find that others aren’t immediately on board with their vision of a better way. As a result, they often have a stern look in the eye that says something like, “There is much wrong with the world … why can’t you see it? There is obviously a better way … why aren’t you making it happen?”

Professionally, Priest souls are naturally attracted to leading roles in religion and spirituality. However, any role which allows them to inspire, rouse or ignite people in general will work just as well.  A children’s football coach, for example.


Being the singer of a rock band is an ideal occupation for some, providing many opportunities to inspire crowds and audiences with a provocative social message. Think of Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Sting and U2’s Bono (above). The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair started out in a rock band before turning to politics.

Priest Soul Evolution

As a reminder, all souls progress through five stages of self-evolution in physical form (see: Reincarnation: the 35 Steps).

The Baby Priest

“It is our duty to be righteous.”

In the second stage, many ‘Baby’ Priest souls are drawn to mainstream religion where they tend to become fundamentalist preachers, teachers and missionaries with a sense of God-given duty to do good and fight evil. They can be somewhat naive and harsh in how they interpret their mission, and tend to frame moral choices in extreme black-and-white terms, e.g.: “Only people who hate God have sex before marriage.”

Again, an extreme example in the negative pole would be Hitler, whose vision (approved by God of course) was of a German homeland in which all ‘inferior people’ were eliminated or enslaved. However, we should be clear that while Baby Priests do tend to be ultra-conservative by nature, this does not rule out a capacity for compassion.

US televangelists Jerry Falwell (1933-2007) and Oral Roberts (1918-2009) are other well-known examples.

Jerry Falwell - Oral Roberts

The Young Priest

“There is a better way … my way.”

Young Priests like Oliver Cromwell, Aleister Crowley and Napoleon Bonaparte tend to approach life as a sort of heroic crusade, with themselves as the hero. Their basic thrust is ambitious and progressive, using their vision and fire to achieve positions of influence, whether within religion or elsewhere. They know for sure that their way is right — it’s just a matter of getting everybody else to come on board.

Young Priests

The Mature Priest

“Together we can make the world a better place.”

Mature Priests such as Barack Obama, Karl Marx and John Lennon like to inspire others to some genuinely beneficial purpose: to change society, to save the world. They tend to look earnest and like to be thought-provoking.

As mature souls, they are more sincere and sensitive than young souls, who tend to be brash and competitive. They also come to realise that not everyone automatically shares their Priestly sense of purpose. There are many others with completely different ideas about what would make for a better world, and each has validity from their perspective. Hence, a mature Priest sets out to justify his or her vision. It must sound reasonable to others.

I find it interesting that a number of Mature Priests are also outspoken atheists — Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and Richard Dawkins are famous examples. The mature soul cycle is a stage in which, at some point, traditional organised religion tends to be rejected wholesale. The individual needs to find his or her own sense of truth. For some Priest souls, always looking for a higher ideal to serve, this can lead them to idealise the higher truth which they find in reason. The Priest, being a Priest, is then compelled to evangelise about the rejection of religion in favour of science and philosophy.

The Old Priest

You can create a better life your own way.”

Old Priests can display great compassion as they perfect their mastery of inspirational energy, whether in religion, the arts, philosophy, whatever. They tend to have a very warm gleam in the eye.

Many of the great, highly adept spiritual teachers and gurus are late-stage Old Priests. Rather than seeking to impose one way or one vision, their general thrust is to enable others to rise above whatever it is that has kept them from living a better life. They become catalysts of positive change.

A gallery of Priests

Oprah Winfrey
Denzel Washington
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch
Uri Gellar
Peter Cushing
Carl G Jung
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Leo Tolstoy
Charles Manson
Geri Halliwell
Geri Halliwell
Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
Peter O'Toole
Peter O’Toole
Byron Katie
John Lennon
Tony Blair
Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud
Martin Sheen
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Rudolf Steiner
Barack Obama
Frederic Chopin
Frederic Chopin
Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins
George W Bush
Christopher Walken
Bob Marley
Bob Marley
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte
Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler
Martin Luther King
Marianne Williamson
Alec Guinness
Alec Guinness
Nancy Reagan
Joan Baez
St Dominic
St Dominic
Anne Rice
Anne Rice


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89 thoughts on “The Priest soul

  1. Just wanted to say I love the site! I find this stuff fascinating, to see who people were in past lives and where I am in relation to this; I got Priest in the quiz which I feel is correct. Stage wise I feel mature but not sure where abouts during the stage.
    Its very reassuring to know that every person has chosen what they experience so I no longer feel the horrible guilt I used to at others suffering although I don’t take pleasure from it!

  2. I’ve been browsing your site and I must say it’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve noticed that the Priest soul type resonates highly with me, especially the old soul’s path. From my experiences it doesn’t seem like there are many like me out there and from this website it doesn’t seem like there are many anyway, but I hope I get the chance to meet a few along the way.

  3. Given that Priests tend to be Inspirational leaders, s it a safe bet to believe that all inspirational leaders are Priests? Just asking because I have heard about Frederick the great, and I believe he is the GREATEST military leader EVER! (Sorry about the exuberance, I am only 12 years old!) Anyhow, can you help me? Is Frederick the Great a Priest? Or is there more to this inspiration quality than I thought?

    • Hi Matt

      Much to my embarrassment, another reader just pointed out that I had left your question unanswered. Very sorry – I remember looking into Frederick the Great and then must have got distracted.

      Anyway… I would say that anyone can have an inspiring effect on others without even trying. Inspiration is a process involving two or more parties. There’s one person who does (or says or looks) something in particular, and then there is the other person who finds that inspiring. The first person might not have intended it to be inspiring, and might not even care. But if the first person is a Priest, then it is likely that they are deliberately setting out to inspire – to arouse widespread interest and motivation and commitment.

      So, what this means is that if you find X inspiring, it is not necessarily the case that X is a Priest.

      I have not found any reference to Frederick’s soul profile, so I can’t give a direct answer about him, but my first impression on looking at his portrait was King soul.

      I hope this finally answers your question!


    • Absolutely, yes. There is your essential role energy which is core and primary, but you are likely to have other influences going on. Think of it as your main soul type having the flavour of another type. So there are Priests with a bit of Server energy, Priests with a bit Artisan energy, and so on. For example, I am a Scholar but my secondary energy is Sage. As a Scholar, if I am in a room with a random group of people, I am clearly one who is introverted and obsessed with information. But put me in a room full of other Scholars, all basically introverted and obsessed with information, and I stand out as being extraverted and witty, like a Sage. The secondary energy shapes how your primary energy works in life. As a Sagely-Scholar, for example, my predominantly studious nature manifests as also wanting to communicate what I learn in an entertaining way. My wife is an Artisan, but with a Priestly energy – she is creative but wanting to use it to serve a higher purpose. It all adds to the rich tapestry of life!

  4. *a combination.

    I definitely am “guilty” of trying to save the world and even throw myself at the devil so to speak to make things right…I’m also preachy, well I used to be but now I’ve learned to keep it to myself unless asked for advice. Always felt like I had a mission. Spiritual and had many out of this world experiences, even heard an angelic voice in my sleep telling me I would be okay soon(I was ill at the time). Next day, I was okay and had to cancel a planned surgery! My eyes are very Priest like, shape of my face is almond too. What really makes allthis interesting is that I am also AB- like Jesus lol(according to the Shroud of Turin). I do have Sage traits as well…I guess I’m a Priest-Sage?

  5. Is it possible to be a combination of three soul types ? My primary soul type is priest my secondary is scholar my tertiary is artisan. Is this normal ? Is this the reason why I am in constant turmoil with myself ?

    • Yes but not necessarily. The primary outweighs the secondary something like 3 or 4 to 1, and the secondary would outweigh the tertiary to a similar extent – which would make the tertiary barely noticeable. Not totally unnoticeable though – I know what mine is (from a reading):
      Primary = Scholar
      Secondary = Sage
      Tertiary = Server
      So I gather knowledge with an emphasis on communicating it, and I do *that* with an emphasis on being helpful. Which absolutely makes sense in my case! So yes, you could have it right.

      But another factor to consider is extraneous influences. You can pick up habitual ways of being from your social environment. An artisan who happens to be in the army might act out of habit rather like a warrior, though he may have no warrior in his essence – it’s just a superficial layer (which he would feel driven to drop from around age 35, which is the start of the major transition phase in which our true essence seeks to break through any false personality).

      I’m not at all suggesting this is the case for you – it’s just something for you to consider in case you were unaware of it.

    • And just to add something with regard to inner conflict:

      In your essence, there is no conflict no matter what the primary-secondary-tertiary-ad infinitum make-up. At a personality level, though, it might feel like we have “conflicting” impulses – the priest in you wants to serve the highest but the artisan in you wants to focus on exploring creative possibilities. As you get older (again, passing through the mid-life transition phase), it all tends to fall into place. You acknowledge these “different” aspects of yourself as all being essentially and uniquely “You”. It comes to feel exactly right, and you deeply desire to actualise your specific combination of potentials.

    • Wow, thank you so much for this, it resonates with me as nothing has for a very long time. I have been living my life as if I was a server since my late teens do to circumstance. While never really feeling right, this has gradually started to feel very wrong as I get older. I am 36 now, and for sometime I have been convinced I was not doing what my sole required, and simply wearing a “superficial layer”(exactly!). I have felt rather down on myself about it, thinking how could I have been so wrong and only truly realized it now. It makes sense now. Thank you for this surprising new insight.

  6. I’ve seen Sigourney Weaver pegged as a warrior and Princess Diana as an artisan, but the rest seem accurate. hmm..

    • Yes, those two examples come from earlier Michael books. I recently saw the film Aliens and thought, hang on, that’s a Warrior – but probably a Priestly Warrior. With Diana, my jury is still out. In her youth, she used to have those puppy dog eyes that are so characteristic of Artisans rather than the “alien hypnotist” look you get with Priests, but she changed as she got older (don’t we all). So possibly a Priestly Artisan or an Artisanly Priest…

    • Your research is so inspiring and knowledgable that it’s great fun!
      Thank You. I found your blog while searching how personality defenses are such a large part of being out in the world, and I found the right site. As a mix of Soul types with Priest foremost, my Scholar is fascinated! I connect least with King and Warrior but initially thought I’d resonate most with Sage or Server. Got that wonderful tingly sensation upon reading Priest. Can’t Thank You enough! Will keep reading as I’m also taken with the idea of a main personality feature to overcome throughout life as well, mine most likely being Self-Destruction.

  7. Thank you, I had a sneaking suspicion that i am a mature priest, and I just saw Akhenaten on this page. A few years ago, and Without ever hearing of him before, I had an extremely vivid dream with him as a central character. I did noT know who he was, but he was wrapped in a cloak, and difficult to follow. I went through many dreamscapes searching for him. He had an urgent message that I was afraid to hear, so I willed a gun into my hands to fire at him in what i thought was self defense, an unfortunate choice I think. He produced a door from thin air to escape, i followed him through it to find myself on top of a mountain, where a bright light shone behind a helicopter bearing many people in bright colors of the rainbow. He must have boarded and was taken away. I asked the cosmos of my dream his name, and was answered with Akhenaten. I later understood the helicopter to be representative of a sun god. Upon waking, I was compelled to research who he was. It is fitting that he is on this page, where I am discovering further interesting things about myself. Perhaps he was a former life, or someone I knew in one?

    • Thanks Andrew. What a great, fascinating dream! Perhaps you are indeed ‘related’ to that soul in some way.

      For me, interestingly, the sun itself may be a symbol of our universal essence, the Source or Tao. On my main page about the different soul types ( I used an image of the sun in that way, with rainbow light to represent the different ‘roles’ in essence being cast from Source.


    • This is obsolutely fascinating .I am preiSt and in enneagram Type 3 pepersonality well as Infp in MBTI. Any books or sites for my studies can you pl recommended.? I love to explore further .love and regards~ Vijay kumar.

  8. Eloquent speakers are not priests .
    Spiritual speakers are divinely intervened & acting courageously
    Tirelessly , sharing a point of Faith , Hope & Love .
    Or a message to be delivered to a person or more .
    Only from GOD’s grace and intervention , then a True Priest is revealed .

  9. Fascinating site, Barry. I’ve been on-site for a couple of hours now. Love what I’m reading.

    Test results suggest I’m a Priest. My guess is mature in middle to later stages. Relate to old soul aspects but don’t live there. Much like post-conventional stage of moral reason in Kohlberg’s model.

    I’d guess my secondary is Scholar and perhaps tertiary is Sage.

    Now, get a load of this. I am an Episcopal priest but do not make my living in the church. I do that as a college instructor and advisor. Spent eight years of my life as a public defender before seminary and doctoral work (dissertation on religious affiliations of Florida legislators and sponsorships of death penalty bills). And I still want to change the world! (no surprises there, right?)

    Would love to know my life purpose now that I am nearly 60 years of age.

  10. This is all really new to me and a great site thank you. I am a priest but would have said a server a few years back. I have gone have gone through I suppose what spiritual scholars would call enlightenment the process took a total of 8 years. I’m 50, but I look and feel timeless. The first strange thing that happened was my ego had to surrender to my spirit that was a painful process, Then my spirit wanted to PLAY to express itself freely, and lastly I was healed and transformed through LOVE at a wedding. On the other side I’m one with everything and everyone. I wake up every day in joy, content and peace with out any effort. I get frustrated and annoyed like everyone but it passes quickly. Amazed by all this I went to church, studied bible and had many questions. Then I came across The Soul’s Plan and I was blown away. What I’ve been here before I must be the slowest learner on earth I was in disbelief. I have seen my soul and it wasn’t pretty. Today, I see it as my soul trying to relieve itself of past pain and show me who I really was so I could then go tell the world. I was shown how amazingly beautiful I was which at the time I thought it was extremely painful depression yet I wasn’t depressed about anything. I’m your happy go lucky personality. Yet deep down what I was shown like at movie was all the people that loved me as if they were right there and I was experiencing it all and I was surrounded by love at every turn so much love and yet I pushed people away “men” in fear of being to close what if they saw me. Very painful emotions watching people try so hard to get me to express love yet I was like a frozen popsicle. Also, I was shown I did not listen to the inspiring voice telling me to lead others in fear of rejection. It is Clear to me 8 years ago what my soul’s purpose was to be through its writings. I didn’t’ even know I could write until then. My soul’s purpose is “to bring amazing hearts to the world and help them share theirs stories so people would know they aren’t alone in the world and to inspire others to LOVE and share their best self”. Imagine what the world word resinate. My talent has always been to see people’s inner beauty yet I couldn’t see my own it was overshadowed by others perception of my external beauty which always made me uncomfortable. I was always very shy now I’m extremely outgoing and very playful. I play everyday and teach Zumba, Tai Chi and QiGong the world is my playground. I use to worry about what others thought in fear of rejection. I love seniors I teach Zumba they are amazing I could spend all day with them from artists, to poets, to amazing souls I would do it for free. On the other side of all this I’m whole and ready to do what I here to do. I was not surprised I was a priest. I somewhat feared I was a priest. Spending this life in fear of standing out and being rejected. All this is so strange to me. I never heard of other lives its hard to believe. Yet somehow I know it to be true.

    I hate to categorize myself in anything for I feel it limits me. From what I see “God” showed me I was weightless, limitless, and perfect and free as each of us are. We all posses treasures and the most important one is LOVE. Our ability to share ourselves from the place of LOVE with out fear is our freedom, peace, content, and joy we all seek.

    Two questions: How do I not fear what I’m about to do I’ve lived with it all my life? I know it not real and step into that those waters of the unknown knowing I’m going to be fine yet scared to death.

    How do I know the men in my life who were all very loving and one in particular are guides or soul mates. Stick to the One who helped me through all this. I hadn’t seen him in twenty five years in my journals I called him “my light”. All sorts of strange things happened when I dated him it was as if he knew me all my life yet he was a complete stranger to me. I had no interest in him yet he was determined he was annoying at best. Yet his energy from his first kiss litterly took my breath away as if he entered me warm sensation throughout my body so calming and freaky. I always knew when he was around, I could see his soul, one time I actually saw our two souls together. All so bazar I figured it was my first love and it wasn’t real. Yet before all this stuff happened to me I had a nagging voice tell me to call him it wouldn’t let up so I called him. He walked in my door twenty five years later and it was all there I saw his soul and his energy knocked me to my chair. Not sure what that is? We Didn’t end up together because he was the opposite of my straight laced background. He was free spirit full of fun and expression and love he scared me half to death. Today its as if we switched rolls I’m the free spirit and he is tired and buried in responsibility.

    I’m not sure if this is a soul mate or what you would call it. This was my strongest connection. One felt more like my brother yet drove me crazy as if to teach me I would live through rejection.

    I’m good at this point but I had little understanding about any of this I thought I lost my mind it was just my tough ego that had to let go and surrender to my soul. sorry this is so long this is all really hard to absorb. Thank you your site is excellent

    • Hi Cindy

      Whew, great story. I love your description of your life’s purpose, and I also absolutely love this: “weightless, limitless, perfect and free.” A great way to describe essence.

      How to stop fearing what you’re about to do? Well, I can see different ways of approaching this, depending upon your personality.

      Fear itself is natural, just part of our make-up as living creatures. Nobody wants to get eaten by a tiger, so our brains are designed to spot possible tigers and make us instantly react – fight or flight or some cases fright (freeze). It’s all very instinctive and automatic. But there can also be early negative experiences at work that have caused us to mis-associate things like walking on stage or going for a job interview as carrying the same level of threat as being jumped on by a hungry tiger. Essentially, it’s as we become less identified with our bodies and more identified with our egos and how we are judged by others – the same mortal fear mechanism is triggered to protect “me.” So the perfectly natural fear of “death by tiger” (or whatever) becomes usurped by the ego’s greatest fear – “mortifying rejection”. The brain’s fear mechanism works the same in both situations. It’s just that, in the latter case, there is no real need for it. So the brain has to be re-taught or trained not to associate moving forward in life with mortal danger.

      One way to look at this fear is to consciously, mindfully, reassure and remind yourself that it’s not really a harbinger of sudden death. It’s just a protective state of hyper-alertness and excitement (being ready to run) that is triggered automatically, and you may even be able to harness that excitement to bring more energy into what you are setting out to do.

      You could also try focusing on exactly what it is your mind fears is the worst case scenario — rejection, humiliation, failure or whatever. Run it over and over in your mind, but keep running it past the “worst” negative outcome to whatever options lie right after it, and so explore mature and positive ways of handling possible negative outcomes, so that you stop associating the situation with the risk of imminent “death” and become familiarised with your options for adeptly carrying on as normal, even if someone rejects you.

      I used to have a terrible fear of people criticising my website – “What if someone says I’m spouting nonsense…? Oh noooo!!” But I realised that doing this website was my heart’s desire, and to back off from doing it because of such a piffling fear would be a whole lot WORSE for me than taking a bit of flak. As it happens, 99% of the feedback I get is very positive, and what I’ve learned is that the 1% who do criticise me simply don’t understand what it’s about anyway – they are just not on the same wavelength, therefore not ready or able to benefit from it. Their rejection or criticism is coming from their lack of understanding, and therefore has no impact on me and no relevance to what I’ve actually written. It’s good to know who your real audience is, and not expect everyone to be “converted” by your work.

      As for soul mates… It sounds like the men you have had special contact with probably are indeed soul mates of yours. But you don’t necessarily have to read anything romantic or extraordinary into that. We all have hundreds of soul colleagues, i.e. members of the same large “tribe”, as well as a few real soul mates to whom we are particularly close — the “siblings” in our own small soul group. We often (but not always) meet up with some of our soul mates in life. But certainly not always in a romantic way. Rather, we set up special relationship experiences with them, such as parent-child, teacher-student, helper-helped, abuser-victim.

      Sometimes we can just bump into a soul mate on a street by accident, but if there is no prior plan to work together then we might simply have a weird sense of recognition, and then move on and forget about it.

      We can also team up briefly at completely different stages in life, having incarnated slightly out of sync, just so that one who has been on the planet for a while longer can give the other a helping hand. For example, one soul mate could be an elderly aunt and the other a small child. The aunt could tell the child inspiring stories that set the child on a certain (planned) path in life.

      Being with a soul mate in a romantic relationship is also certainly an option, and it can be lovely and wonderful, or it can be quite tricky — there might be lot of underlying intensity going back centuries, as in previous lives you might have killed or abused each other. Think of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, for example.

      I hope this makes sense, but if you’re unclear do feel free to get back.


  11. Thank you Very much. Especially for your solution for my fears of rejection. I was lying on my trampoline relaxing in the sun when it went behind the clouds and I got uncomfortable, but didn’t want to get up. Then I heard the birds singing refocused me on what they might be saying. I was still a bit chilly but interested in something else. I first started teaching Zumba I use to worry about the complainers and try to please them and now I totally ignore them and focus on having fun with my classes. I was a corporate trainer for 15 years now I teach for fun, but more risk employees have to show up my students chose to come. I LOVE dancing it makes me feel ALIVE.

    As for the soul mates. I have many I believe from your description its hard to know. Its like now I see I have been surrounded by LOVE all my life. People with huge hearts that are expressive in their ability to show LOVE. Also, most of them are highly opinionated and critical all in the name of LOVE. One thing I will tell you is there is mistaking romantic soul mate from brother type or father type, or even grandmother. I can see a person for who they are easily and their good points I always could. One person I could see his soul physically and spiritually I never told him, because I didn’t think it was real I was only 19. If feeling uncomfortable was LOVE I ran as far as I could. I always said I was blessed and surrounded by LOVE yet couldn’t express it myself. They were all my teachers. Now its my turn to teach. I have always been a trainer, teacher after I got over my fear of speaking in public in college now i”m very out going. All has lead up to prepare me for what I’m asked to do? If someone told me LOVE all by itself could heal a person I would say “sure go for it”. Since it happened to me I can’t say it was a coincidence.

    Can I ask you if its a good idea to seek my soul plan as in the book I’m reading. I find it all confusing and hard to believe so much information to take in and I’m not sure if its helpful or hurtful to know? or should I let it unfold like a mystery book.

    Thank you so much.

  12. Sorry. I ment to say you can never mistake a romantic soul mate for brother, father, sister type. That is a different story. What I will say is the path to enlightenment or LOVE is not easy, but its really our own battle with our ego and soul that causes the pain. As the saying goes we are are own worst enemies.

  13. Soul can be overly emotional.
    Look for the spirit of a Priest.
    Only through the spirit , a True Self of righteous & Truthful soul can be ascertain. Righteous & Truthful self has Love . Nothing comes closer to Love.
    Without Love , better not to procrastinate a truthful soul less one is to profess wrong leadership just to gain popularity.
    A truthful spirit is to Act Justly , Love tenderly & walk humbly with your GOD!

  14. Hello Barry, I have gotten the “Priest” in the quizz and am mainly ok with it, but it is weird because I also feel that I am a part of all 7 types… Could you explain that? And if I give you a picture of me? Could it be that I have finished incarnations and come back down here? 🙂 Thank you for your answers!

    • Hi Tiphaine,

      Yes, it’s common to identify with bits and pieces of all seven archetypes – almost impossible not to, especially if you are young.

      You will have your core role in essence, which sounds like it’s probably the Priest role, plus you will have the influence of your casting – both of which are permanent, from the human perspective. For example, you could be a Priest with (say) Artisan casting, which might give you a creative flair as a Priest.

      And then you will have the character patterns you have adopted for this life (your “Overleaves” in this terminology), such as (say) goal of Dominance, which would make you act a bit like a Warrior or King in seeking to take charge of things.

      And then there will be the social/cultural influences on your personality, such as parental expectations or peer pressure, which could for example lead you to act (say) more like a fun, extrovert Sage…

      As we get older, we get to know ourselves better. We get a sense of what’s true and false in how we are being. And then around age 35 or so there comes a point where we start to drop any false traits and zoom in on who we really are, and thus begins our life’s true work.

      Ps – feel free to send or link to a photo, preferably several.



  15. Hello there,first of all let me congratulate you for your page,there is a ton of info that is very good and i liked the presentation,that said there is something i would like to point out.

    As a priest i feel a bit wary of your statement that Barack Obama is a mature priest,the reasons for such statement of mine are as follows:

    He constantly aids monsanto gmo so they wont need to label their food,and monsanto has been seen rather unsafe by many especialists,and even if it was safe it is the right of a person to know what kind of food they are eating,secondly he aids Israel in their invasion to Syria wich is not at all the kind of peace making vision that we have,but rather a type of terrorism,he even calls U.S Army “my military” (check on youtube) many innocent people including babies and kids also have been killed by the drones he has sent out and many in Pakistan have come forth showing their histories and are not given enough coverage.

    Then you have obamacare wich is a real mess,other interesting thing if you notice well is that all his speaches are done via prompeter,he never faces the audiance,always looking side to side to read,and,u also have the Benghazi inccident and Guatenamo bay.

    Inst it hyporcite to cry for the kids who died in the massacre of Sandy hook and dont even say a thing about every other that has been killed by the U.S hand oversees?Isnt it hyprocrite to have Nsa scandals going on their tight “big brother” survaillance,?snt it hyprocrite to gain a Nobel prize before anything was ever done,and still continue supporting wars without considering other options?Isnt it hypocrite the increase of terrorism propraganda,police state and the indefinite detention of anyone with trial or warrant because of suspicion of terrorism,among others?

    Im not saying he actually doesnt mean any good at all,but by his actions he is a manipulated person with no real power other than what is given by the real ones behind the cutain that are the head of the corporations and mass media,also as you might be aware the amount of debt of U.S has increased imensly sense he became the president,and as so this fiat currency that isnt backed by nothing holds those bankers in more power than others can imagine,being that the money printing comes from the federal reserve,a privately owned .

    If he was a real priest he wouldnt mind to adress the new paradigms that are coming forth and would be more interested in spending his money in meaningful education and helping those in need in his country,instead of waging a manufactured war for profits of those who have only alliance with themselves and money,just research about how 9 trillion disappeared from the federal reserve…(check on youtube)like is a casual thing and no one needs to be bothered by it.

    He hasnt changed society…a reform isnt changing a society,check projects like Jacque fresco`s The venus project or the new earth project where there are prespectives way more in line with honesty,well being and being civillized(arguible if they can work fully 100% like the blueprints show,but workable)so in my opinion he is more interested in pressing this status quo wich i becoming a mix or orwell´s “1984” and Huxley´s “A brave new world”,wich by me is more in tune with “intensely self-righteous and preachy, determined to convert everyone to a single vision whether they like it or not”.

    Thank you for reading,hope the best for your future endevours,

    Carlos Amado

    • Carlos…you don’t get to choose just because President Obama hasn’t done what you think he should do, or his outcomes have not benefitted you. If that was the case, half of the list would not be considered priests. Even someone who performed such horrific acts upon mankind (Hitler) made this list. President Obama is a far cry from that man.

  16. Hi Barry,
    Thank you! I can honestly say that finding this site changed my life. I’ve been a seeker forever, but the Michael teachings I first found here have brought such a depth of compassion for all beings. And for myself.

    Knowing that all our behaviors, including what our society labels “bad,” are all part of our individual fragments’ evolution – this has been a key to taking on my early stage Old Priest role. I am so very grateful… I no longer feel a need to judge anyone, to point out that they just need to do it my way… Do you see how invaluable this is?

    I am back here again because my essence is offering new leaps into my role. It’s sometimes scary for me because I do not fit or resonate with any established spiritual path. I’ve been asking where I belong.

    I chose an Artisan/Sage career for 30 years to more easily fit in and avoid the fear of being a Priest. This old work now feels totally off, and even painful, so I must give it up. My secondary role is Sage, so I sing and do public speaking and ceremonies as well as write (novels, blogging), teach workshops and lead small women’s groups. It feels amazing to stand with essence!

    My biggest concern is how to bring my messages and earn a living. Most is free or by donation. The image I’ve been given is to go to the spring (connect with Source) and carry spring water to the people. I asked in what container, and was told I am the container. My presence is what I need to offer. And so I take a deep breath and work with my soul to do that.

    Any insight on the issue of money / business and Priest work?

    Thanks again from my heart!

  17. My eye balls is up, look like priest and my aura color is navy blue or near purple type. But the quiz shown scholar. I like scholar but with priest ideas, just like Galileo but with Einstein & Tesla mind What you say for that? Any way your blog is too amazing. This is totally different and natural. I love it. Thank-you very much. Last word as you said we all are unique but with oneness of supreme source and everything (unconventionally).

  18. Many are called , few are chosen .
    Many seeds fall in the thistle & thorns ,
    Only those whose seed falls on rich deep soil produces Good fruits .. Predestined
    By The Holy one will last till the end of days!!!

  19. i don’t know what soul type i am.. i just can’t figure it out i think im a priest because of my warm and focused eyes but i LOVE sports.. im extremely compettive and have to be number one .. but other times im so selfless that i wanna give so much to everyone..

    these are some pictures of me >

    • Mature Warrior at a guess, possibly Priest-cast. Warriors have an innate “competitive” streak in the sense of always being ready and willing to confront, defeat and overcome something (doing so in sport is a non-violent way to do that and still feel good). Young souls are also competitive but in an ego-driven sense – winning the race. Mature souls can also be like that at first, but past their mid-30s they prefer to step out of the rat race.

  20. I think i am a Priest soul in the Mature manifested (possibly early old age) I have had a lot of past life regressions. I have been a nun, a monk, an advisor to the Pope, Priestesses etc sooooo many lives as an Inspirational leader/Priest. What i’m curious about is if its common for Priest essences to be old or mature in most areas of life except relationships? Because the have lived mostly solitary lives Like i have, I have lived many lives as a hermit, in seclusion, as a nun, monk etc that i feel i have little experience with people and relationships and find myself feeling at times socially inept lol. I am a loner in this life. In high school I couldn’t relate to one person at school. And i know this has largely to do with that i’m older than them but at the same time if i do get in a relationship they are often abusive and not healthy, and I am still learning about being about being in relations with others , learning about respect, self love all these things and how important it is to love one self as our life is a reflection about how we feel about ourselves.

  21. well Barry….thank you sooooo much for enlightenment. I’ve been looking (soul searching) this notion n my DNA(mind.heart of hearts) that I want to sing act model…from a child. some use to say I resemble Naomi Campbell..not sure however after reading this..I feel I’m artisan with sage and a bit of the priest… priest being upon conditional of my cultural belief system I presume..this feels sooo right. I’ve matched my children as well…on point! Mann thank u…it all makes sense to true self. love u for this.

  22. This is a fantastic site! Thanks so much for sharing all of this information. I resonated with the Priest before I even took the quiz, and the quiz just confirmed it. I am almost 49 years old, and although I resonate with this role of Priest, I feel I am not living up to it. I have worked in a corporate environment as an administrative assistant to executives for most of my adult life. I feel like a round peg in a square hole. While it provides a decent income and benefits, I feel like I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life….but I have no clue what that is!!! I feel like I am on a continual search for my purpose and that somehow I must have missed the boat. Would a feeling like this imply that I have a secondary role as a Server? As that is basically how I feel I am viewed in this world; as a server… Or could it be my self-depreciating personality flaw that is making me feel like I am not living up to my potential and therefore, sabotaging myself? I have had a strong desire for a deeper meaning and purpose in my life for as long as I can remember. Am I somehow misinterpreting my purpose with my job? I appreciate any comments/advice you can offer. Peace

    • Hi Tracey

      One’s purpose and job can be two quite different things. Or one can be fulfilling one’s purpose in a job without realising it — though it sounds like in your case you’re not given the square peg / round hole thing.

      We come into each life with a plan sketched out, and that plan includes a task to work on during the second half of life. So the first half of life is a sort of preparatory phase for the second half, which is where our “true work” begins. (My own life task, for example, was given to me as “To acquire and share knowledge in a spirit of joy.”)

      Mature souls are generally able to experience life at a deeper level than younger souls, and can sense the pull of their life task in the form of an inner need for true meaning and purpose. After all, being a Mature soul is all about finding alignment with one’s truest sense of self and life.

      So when they reach mid-life, many Mature souls start to wonder “What can I do to fulfil my purpose or to live up to my potential?” Jung described the process of responding to this inner call as individuation. It can be quite agonising, because it may mean ditching a lot of stuff that is out of alignment.

      The question of changing jobs/careers can also be a struggle. It does not necessarily follow, though, that what we do for a living and the way we fulfil our life task are going to be one and the same thing. If your life task is, say, to give and receive love, that could be done at home rather than in an office. Or both. The context doesn’t matter so much as one’s way of being.

      In times past, people didn’t have much choice about their professional life – they just worked on a farm or in a factory or whatever, and that’s that. But today we have more opportunity to seek fulfilment in that which we do for a living.

      As a Priest you will presumably want to inspire others in some way. But it’s also worth trying to pinpoint exactly what it is that you feel you are here to do. I did this myself a few years ago, when I feared I was gone to die due to illness. I locked myself in a room for the afternoon and focused on asking myself “If I were to die a year from now, and if I were to die feeling satisfied that I’d done what I’d come here to do, then what would THAT be?” I followed the feeling of inner satisfaction until it took me to a something I could express in words, and the words deeply resonated for me.

      Another way to do it is to get a spiritual reading from a channel or medium.

      Hope that helps!


  23. hello everyone ,awsome website you have sir barry, very educative information and very intresting, gotte love it hehehe 🙂
    i readed your past life and i thank you for the information ,must be hard to go back to relife all of it 🙂
    i am a priest soul my self because, i reconise the traits especialy fanatism and compasion and inspiration.
    i Always wanted to know the greater picture of life when i whas 10 years old, because i lost many family members at very young age.
    and their deaths triggerd the fascination of heaven and where they could be right now .
    im 30 now and i reconise that the system of the modern world is broken and need to be fixed, otherwise humans WILL destroy them selfs sadly. even though i think religion is not the real solution to bring peace for Obvious reasons !
    also when i whas 14, i dreamed my granfather whas going to die begin december and a year later it came true..
    very often i dream about thinks that actualy come true so god is trying to say what is going on in thise crazy world 😛
    also god saved my life many times atleast 5 times from reckless behavior and thus it gave me reason to honor the creator/god 🙂
    im aware my gramatics arent that good but i think its readble to most people 😉
    greetings from the Netherlands..

    • Hi Paul

      Glad you like the website.
      Yes, you do sound exactly like a priest – trying to fix the world is your true mission! 🙂
      And your English grammar is good enough, by the way.
      Greetings from the UK !

    • thx again barry 🙂
      if thats my mission i will need all of earth to fix it 😉
      especialy when i hear more and more rumors about a ww3 between usa and Russia ,or they are just bluffing let us hope so they are bluffing, because if nuke lauch starts in one country there is a very big chance everyone will lauch a nuke out of pure fear for survival ..

      people Always say to me : your so fanatical or spirited in the early mornin !
      also sign of priest 😀

      in a recent dream i whas standing in a tower on the hightest floor with al races of earth, and together whe watched the sky turning blood red and a massive pillar of fire fell from the sky, and it burned everything in its path in a fraction of a second.
      than a wall of fire rushed through the ruined Streets in all directions ,than the fire came very close ,also i noticed that the firewall whas 2 times bigger than the tower i whas standing in !
      the fire started to touch my eyes ,and thats when i waked up in fear ..
      im still not entirely sure what to think of it ,but no doubt over time i will known its meaning 🙂
      life is so fascinating dont ya all think? 🙂
      greetings from paul.

  24. Hi ! Thanks for the awesome site !
    About the Primary/Secondary energy, can you tell an exemple of a Sage/Scholar celebrity, and another one of a Sage/King ? Thanks a lot.

    • To the best of my (imperfect) knowledge:

      A Scholar-cast Sage: Michael Moore
      A King-cast Sage: Orson Welles

    • I went over to Artisian and I thought yeah this looks more like me. What’s the difference between Priest cast Artisan and Artisan cast Priest? I’m assuming that for Priest cast Artisian that the soul group is Priest but for this life I am an artisian? Clarfiy that for me.

    • A Priest-cast Artisan, like any Artisan, is supremely imaginative and inventive by nature, but will also express that in a way that is perceived as inspiring, uplifting or encouraging.

      An Artisan-cast Prirst, like any Priest, is supremely inspiring, uplifting and encouraging by nature, but will also express that in a way that is perceived as imaginative and inventive.

      Soul type does not change from one lifetime to the next. From a soul’s first incarnation to its last, the role in essence remains constant. If you are an Artisan, then you’re always an Artisan.

      See: Soul types: the seven roles in essence.

  25. i always wanna wear something or ACT how nobody else is acting, i wanna be special, is that something of an artisan or sage? i got this weird combination of being nice, encouraging to people and standoffish,wanna be alone and it almost seems as if people were intimidated/scared by me but i can turn on the warmth when i want to.. i have an strong desire to be a leader of some sorts. i been looking at soul types for a year now but still can’t figure out whats my dominant soul type

  26. Hi Barry – I’m really enjoying your website and in fact yours is by far my most favorite on the Michael Teachings!

    I’m not a priest soul (I have never been channeled but I am most certain I am an artisan with scholar casting) but I was wondering what your thoughts are about a couple of celebrities who I think have to be priests: Steve Jobs and Davy Jones (from the Monkees). Steve Jobs to me is a dead giveaway for a priest soul, for obvious reasons.

    I first thought Davy Jones may have been an artisan soul, because he had such beautiful eyes. However upon further learning I have come to the conclusion that he is a priest and not an artisan (although he may have artisan casting or perhaps an artisan essence twin). If you look at certain photos of him, his eyes are so intense and piercing that they seem to go right through you. Based upon things I’ve read about him, he definitely exhibited a lot of priestly qualities throughout his life.

    RIP to both Davy and Steve. And thank you again Barry for your fascinating site.

    • Hi Kay

      Hmmm… Have to admit that in both cases, just going by their faces and what we know of their characters, I’d be quite torn between Artisan-cast Priest and Priest-cast Artisan. Steve Jobs certainly has the intensity of gaze that you’d expect of a Priest, and he lived an inspiring life. However, I’ve seen Steve Jobs channelled as a 7th-level Mature Artisan (Priest cast) (, – and also a Young King (!)

      Haven’t found anything on Davy Jones, but again I’d be torn between Priest-cast Artisan and Artisan-cast Priest.


    • Hi Barry,

      Thank you for your reply. As you might tell I haven’t looked at this particular thread in a while.

      I had read somewhere else that Steve Jobs was a king, but I had a hard time seeing that. While it’s true that he could he tyrannical, I think that could have also been due to his overleaves. To me he seems like a priest because he had this “other worldliness” to him and he always felt like it was his mission to “change the world” so to speak. I’ve read his biography written by Walter Isaacson and it was quite fascinating. My biggest impression after finishing the book was “wow, what an intense person who led an intense life.”

      I could also see artisan in his personality due to the fact that he had such a strong passion for beauty and perfection in his products and placed such strong emphasis in the design and development of them. A lot of that also accounts for the fact that he was a Zen Buddhist and appreciated simplicity and minimalism. I could definitely see him as a priestly artisan or artisanly-priest. He just doesn’t come across as very kingly to me (in spite of his tyrannical ways). Kings seem to be more grounded to the physical experience and as I mentioned earlier, there seemed to be something other worldly about his essence.

      The book written by Walter Isaacson is a fascinating read though. I highly recommend it.


    • Great, thanks for the book tip Kay.
      Yes, I think I would assess Steve Jobs as a Mature Priest with a goal of Dominance.

    • Actually I recall hearing former Apple CEO John Scully (with Apple from 1983-1993) tell the story about how he came to Apple. He had been the president (or CEO – can’t remember which) of Pepsi Cola. Apple was still a relatively new company and Scully told Jobs that he was still unsure about leaving Pepsi to go to Apple. And Scully said that Jobs looked straight at him with those intense eyes and asked him, “Do you want to sell sugar water the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?” Of course Scully couldn’t say no to that.


  27. This is all quite intriguing. I just discovered this whole concept while randomly searching how to know the age of your soul. I discovered Astrology five years ago (I believe the psychological aspect, but believe we create our own destinies). I also discovered MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) last year and the law of attraction this year (not the vague book titled “The Secret”). I see how Astrology, MBTI, and this all correlate. I am an ENFJ (The Mentor) in MBTI. In Astrology, my most prevalent signs are Aquarius and Scorpio. Sagittarius takes second place. My Sun/Mercury are in Aquarius w/ Uranus conjunct MC, Pluto is conjunct Moon in Scorpio w/ Pluto as the most aspected planet, and my Jupiter is conjunct my Venus in Sagittarius. I had a hard time discerning whether I was a Sage or a Priest. I have the innate desire to change the world in a positive way, but also have personal ambitions. I play guitar and do Parkour. I am obsessive about my hobbies. I am constantly trying to hone my hobbies, knowledge base, and physical body. I emulate the greatest instrumental guitarists, adhere to a consistent calisthenics/ Isometrics workout regimen that I designed to follow in the footsteps of Bruce Lee, and have a grand dream of opening an organization that will assist the disabled, homeless, young, abused, etc. I am a perfectionist in all areas of my life and it is a double edged sword. I sometimes take my visions too far and become preachy and arrogant. I heavily dislike conflict and avoid environments with depressed or negative energy. I have always excelled in all academic subjects. I have struggled and won against substance abuse as a teenager. I sometimes feel as though my heart and mind are in opposition. I took the quiz and scored as a Priest.

  28. I love your website. Tone of information about who you are. Thank you so much for all the free information.
    I am still confused what kind of soul I am or what level I am. But I am sure I am an old soul and type is priest. What you can say about me.

    • Nothing without something to go on – at least a photo, preferably several, and maybe a self-description.

  29. Great site but some of your examples of priests really surprised me!!! How did you determine what they were? I mean Geri Halliwell??? Plus, there are few examples of female priests! Perhaps a more equal representation would not go amiss! 🙂

    • Hi Ann
      I compile the examples from channelled readings, some of which I’ve found in books, others online, and some I’ve paid for myself.

      If I come across any more female Priests I’ll put them here.

      Yeah, Halliwell could be a Sage I guess.

    • A Priestly Artisan channels and expresses her creative drive in ways that hopefully serve some higher purpose, such as spirituality or social justice. Her creations are designed to inspire others to a higher way of living.

      An Artisanly Priest channels and expresses her world-changing visionary drive in ways that are hopefully new, innovative and refreshingly original. Her moral guidance has a unique style to it.

  30. I was uncertain as to which soul type I was predominantly at, but did the play buzz quiz on Steven Atchison website and it said that I am priest soul type.

    I would feel to believe that this true for the most part as the tests works on a subconscious level.

    I have a natural inclination towards understanding human psychology and joke – I must be Sigmund Freud reincarnated 😂😄 – of course, this is because I have felt life to be very painful in terms of connecting to others and the environment I was born into felt unfair to my advantage; I have naturally learned to adapt at analysing my own thought process to no end, but also keenly tuning in into the vibes of others.

    I’ve always felt as though I don’t necessarily fit in well with others – I’m not the type of person to join a click of women and be bitching on others – that’s not my style – but can feel/or at least have felt very lonely in the past.

    Nevertheless, I’m learning to progress on my life’s learning journey, despite struggling with mental health issues. I don’t really feel the need to follow societies rules and regulations – not for being an absolute rebel, but because I find routine and 9 to 5 living to feel slightly boring.

    I’m in a good place now after working hard on my mental health, but had a dream where all my past life’s, this life and future life’s were all connected. I learned that if we don’t learn the lessons in this life, we take them over to the next!

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