How can I know my soul age, level, type, etc?

Get a channelled reading

The ideal way to find out is to ask Michael directly. That is, to get a chart or profile reading of your essence and personality (or “overleaves”) from a Michael channel.

Your essence includes your soul type and soul age (plus casting), while your personality or  (or “overleaves”) are your current life’s personality traits (goal, mode, attitude, centering, chief feature).

[See also: What information do you get from a Michael reading?]

Here are some channels I am happy to recommend at this time based on personal experience:

There are many others — I just have of no personal experience of their readings. See for example:

Read and reflect

Another way is to just use your own intuition and judgement. Read the descriptions here and elsewhere, look at the various photos of faces, reflect on how you are in life, maybe ask family or friends for some input, and see what resonates the most for you.

Try to be very honest with yourself and go with what actually feels true, both true to you and true of you.

That said, it can be hard to really know yourself until you are around 35 or so, because until then most of us are still immersed in the false ideas of our upbringing, our ego, and/or our culture. (For example, I’m a Mature Scholar, but at age 20 I would have assumed that I was a Young Artisan because I was so hungry for the fame and fortune that would surely come from some as-yet undiscovered creative talent.)

Things gradually become clearer as you get past 35 or so.


75 thoughts on “How can I know my soul age, level, type, etc?

    • Quick answer:

      The Sage is invariably an extrovert in the sense of being sociable, gregarious, garrulous, even with muted overleaves. As a child, an attention seeking missile.

      The Priest is primarily a visionary in the sense of being both intensely driven and able to see an alternative society that is above this one in some way (morally, humanely, spiritually, technologically, etc.) — and constantly seeks to convert hearts and minds to share the same vision.

      The Artisan is less “up front” than the Sage or Priest, being far more focused on pursuing originality for its own sake. Artisans are usually less extrovert than Sages, though not necessarily shy — just deeply into their own worlds as they explore and refine their own true sense of life. They tend to have a dreamy look about them.

    • Well they are all different and as it’s how they make their living it’s not the sort of information I would have to hand, but clicking one of the links for example I see that Victoria Marina says:

      $75 for an overleaf chart via email. This does not include interpretation.

      Individual Channeling Sessions:
      $295 one hour
      $350 75 minutes

      Email only:
      $195 for 30 minutes

  1. Ok, well I am not really sure which one I am. I’m 12 years old and I am trying to find out more about myself. I’m very fascinated in this topic and I was wondering if you had any advice for me. I’m really curious about who I really am.

    • Hello Megan!

      At 12 years old I’m pretty sure you must be my youngest reader 🙂

      Do you just want to know your soul type? Some people are able to tell which type they are pretty quickly, just by reading the different descriptions. (Warriors seem to find it easiest.) But some people find it almost impossible to pick one out. (Artisans seem to find it hardest.)

      One reason is because it can take us years and years to get a good idea of what we are like compared to other people.

      So here is some things you could think about that might just work.

      1. Check out the pictures of faces here:
      Do any of them make you think, “i am similar to that one”?

      2. Try taking my mini-quiz:

      3. Think about what kind of things that you often DO, not because you HAVE to do them, but because you WANT to do them. (TV, games, texting, and other entertainment don’t count — everybody does those!) Are there some things you just do automatically, which maybe your friends would never dream of doing?

      Then see if what you do matches any of these:

      – Servers want to do the same chores as grown-ups, especially at home
      – Artisans want to try out new ideas, like drawing cartoons or playing with hairstyles
      – Warriors want to be very active, like playing sports every day
      – Scholars want to read and think and understand everything
      – Sages want to chat (a lot), tell jokes and play pranks
      – Priests want to give out advice
      – Kings want to be like a grown-up who makes all the decisions

      4. Another thing you could do is ask other people who know you. Perhaps your parents or your best friends can figure out which type you are more easily than you can.

      I hope this helps!


    • Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to answer in a way a 12 year old can relate to.

      It has no bearing on me, but I bet if that original 12 year old poster saw it, it sure affected them. I wish I had the internet at that age, and someone willing to give me knowledge in an easily relatable way. Good for you.


  2. I had a Michael reading performed, about 10 years ago (I’m 34). Pretty much everything was right on, but I was charted as being a Young Soul at level 6. Before I sent a request for a reading, all I knew about myself intuitively was that I’m an Artisan at Mature Level 6ish. My life and everything about it just fits the Mature soul stage, and it’s not about necessarily “wanting” to be older for ego reasons, it’s just what makes sense and still does.

    When I asked myself why this portion of the reading didn’t resonate with me, I was “told” it was purposefully done as a lesson on trusting my own intuition. Is this possible? Has anyone else had this happen? The person who channeled me is one of the most well known Michael channels. Just curious. Thanks!

    • I’ve heard on the grapevine that channel bias can occasionally creep into readings – for whatever, reason, a channel might interpret one as a whole stage earlier (a Mature soul is given as a Young soul) or a whole stage later (a Mature soul is given as an Old soul).

      It’s also possible that the soul age stage/level you were given reflected your then level of MANIFESTATION — in other words, at that part of your life 10 years ago you were acting like a 6th level Young soul. The channel (for whatever reason – accidental or under guidance) could have given the manifest level rather than the true level.

      I see it as reminder that self-validation overrides anything said by others 🙂

    • Thanks for your response. My heart has said from the beginning – Mature Level 6. I think I’ve been presented with this on purpose to learn to trust myself. Yes, the channeling was right on with everything and gave me insight. But that one little thing just never added up.

      One way I explained it to myself in the past, was that I was told I had completed 11 previous cycles, which, forgive me if I’m wrong…is more than the current average? I had no idea how many previous cycles I had completed.

      I thought maybe that’s why I feel I’m at Mature instead of Young. But the truth is, as limited and stereotypical as the descriptions may be, Mature just fits me. Everything I’ve read about this soul age fits to a T. I feel like a Mature soul preparing to move into the next round. As I get older, I feel more old soul characteristics appearing, but I don’t think I’m “old” just yet. Other people have told me I’m an old soul and I’m thinking to myself, “If only…”

      Honestly, I think we can get too hung up on this and can miss the message entirely. But validation is so important. Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, I’ve learned to trust myself much more and look to others less for definite answers; as they are all within me. I’ve been presented with many situations about learning to trust myself in this life, and I think that’s one major thing I’m working on this time around.

      This doesn’t mean I think seeking answers elsewhere is unimportant, because it’s very important. We live in our own reality tunnels, and it’s vital to have another voice come in to give you insights or validation. It’s also important to listen to your higher self for confirmation.

      Thanks for your response 🙂

  3. Hi, I’m getting ready to go off to college, and really start a life and all, and i was reading the information about old souls, and then about the stages that each soul age goes through and it really moved me. In fact when reading the old soul information started to shed tears in fact :). I also used to be more in tuned with the New Age beliefs through spirit science, but as of late i feel less and less connected to that. I want to learn more about this stuff, and having a session sounds informative, so my question is why are they so expensive, and is there a way I can find this out by myself?

    • Hi Sam,

      If you want to learn more about this stuff in general, then I recommend you take a look at the following books –

      Messages From Michael by CHELSEA QUINN YARBRO
      The Michael Handbook by JOSÉ STEVENS and SIMON WARWICK-SMITH
      7 Personality Types by ELIZABETH PUTTICK
      Transforming Your Dragons by JOSÉ STEVENS

      If you want to know your own profile, life task, past life influences etc, then you will probably have to shell out to one of the channels (not easy for a student, I realise).

      Why are the channels so expensive? You’d have to ask them individually but it’s how they choose to make their living and it’s a free market. I think plumbers are expensive – but if my kitchen is flooding then the cost is the last thing on my mind!

      There is the possibility of getting information for free. I think at least one of the channels (Troy, at TruthLoveEnergy) does regular Michael ‘live chats’ where you + others get to submit questions.

      The final alternative is introspection and meditation. I would always recommend this anyway, whether you get a paid reading or not – you still have to validate the information you get by reflecting on what feels true for you. And, who knows you could have an undiscovered ability to channel!

  4. After listening to all this information I really wish to be reincarnated and improve life without all the past negative memories.How does one get reincarnated and start from day 1 in a better setting? How is it possible when Christians tend to believe less in it?

    • You simply WILL reincarnate and start again in a new life, and almost certainly with no memory for what has gone before. It’s inevitable, regardless of religion.

      Our religious beliefs “down here” have no bearing on what happens in the bigger scheme of things. Christians and atheists all reincarnate. We all start over from day 1 again and again, each time with a bit more wisdom and compassion.

  5. I’m a Scholar. Explains a lot for me. I don’t know what age or level yet but this gives me a start. Thanks, I’m liking the site a lot 🙂

  6. I can understand why at 35 or later one would know oneself better. What if one starts out a warrior can one finish as something else. When i was a cop yes i felt like i had a warrior personality but now 32 years later i see my self more peaceful and spiritual, more mature in personality, not looking at any specific soul type. So, now i am having difficulty looking at my recent photo of 2 or 3 years ago and i believe ive changed a little bit. Could you take another look. Also i know that i should get a reading for soul age but i remember as a young child i was very mature and blessed with many talents. Art, music, writing poetry and athletics. Especially dog and horse training and competition. They came so easily to me. Please take a guess on my soul age until i am able to get the reading? Thank you, Diane

    • Hi Diane,

      Just to be clear, we can alter our personality but we don’t change our actual soul type in life. For instance, I am a Scholar, always have been and always will be, yet in my 20s I would probably have guessed that I was an Artisan (I was fixated on trying to be a creative genius).

      By the time we get to, say, 18, we are very much identified with the personality we have constructed in the current life so far. But that may not be a true reflection of who we are at the deeper soul level. So around 35 (give or take a few) we then start to feel the pull, to shake off anything that is just superficial or unnecessary, and to “manifest” who we really are — to live more directly in line with to our true soul type and age.

      This may be what you’re becoming aware of. Mature souls find this step particularly difficult because they long to get it right, as they are so concerned being authentic. Younger souls aren’t so bothered.

      And just to repeat, I suspect you’re a Mature Server.

    • Dear Barry, Thank you for your reply. I can see myself as a mature server. I have always loved to volunteer and help people but when im not actively doing that i enjoy writing poetry, painting and sculpting or just enjoying the outdoors as well as the indoors.
      Is there a specific number of times a soul goes through the mature process before it moves on?
      Thank you so much for your response.
      Diane V

    • Hi Barry, I have already replied to this and left a question regarding Mature Souls but i do have a question that may have absolutely nothing to do with soul types or age. I have an exceptional relationship with animals. Ever since i was a small child. I remember once when i was outside in a field a huge buck came up to me and let me pet it. Wild geese and rabbits dont fear me and the deer will est from my hands. Stray cats and dogs will folllow me. I took my trash out one night and didnt notice the bear that was maybe 15feet from me. He didnt move. And really weird bees will land on me and dont sting. What do you think? Does this have anuthing to do with anything??? Thanks Diane

    • Just a guess but I’d say they sense your love and nothing to fear. Animals recognise a good heart.

  7. I find this very interesting as the article you wrote coincides exactly with my beliefs about reincarnation. I tried to access the quiz you mentioned above, but each time the Mashable timer finished and I was able to close the page, it reappeared again over and over. Some hitch in the programming I expect.
    I have had a lifetime of helping others through hard times. I was once told by a medium that my role was as a helper. What would that level be?
    Thankyou for a most interesting site.

    • Hi Jessamy

      I’ll look into the quiz link, but I suspect that site is facing extinction (and no reincarnation), so I’d better move the quiz over here.

      If your medium was right, then your soul TYPE is what is called here a Server (but also known elsewhere as a Healer or Helper). The soul type is different from the soul level. You ARE a Server evolving through the various levels, having started out as an Infant Server and eventually ending up as an Old Server.

      Given your interest and question, that suggests to me that you are likely to be a Mature soul — i.e. a Mature Server.

  8. Thank you so much Barry for answering all of my questions. I really appreciate the time you put into it. You hav given me a lot of valuable information that i can apply to my mature server soul. I can become a better soul knowing where i am. Blessings. Diane V

  9. Hi Barry,
    This is a great site – really informative and interesting. I’m trying to figure out what my role might be (I have just contacted a channel you recommended but I will have to wait for my response!) and am currently feeling that I might be an artisan-cast scholar or a scholar-cast artisan. How would I distinguish between which is my primary role and which is a casting for me?

    To summarise, (not a skill of mine) I’ve arrived at the artisan-scholar thing because imagination and curiosity are my primary attributes (other than uncertainty and indecisiveness, of course lol). I love books and learning – I have been studying for my entire life and am always coming up with new things I want to understand more about – but studying itself doesn’t make me happy so much – it’s more playing with the ideas I’ve learned. If I got the choice I would rather live my life in a library of fiction than non-fiction, because I love other worlds – they inspire me to make up my own, and to create all these new possibilities and what ifs about the universe. If I could do anything for my entire life without consequence I would read and write stories, take photographs, draw and make arts and crafts, explore ideas, and observe the goings on of nature… I love kids because you can play pretend with them and it’s really free but also fascinating to watch the way their little minds work. I’m really torn, you see, between being a scholary observer, and a playful creator… I know I have strong server influences, because my mother is the epitome of a server and were very close (codependent is a word I often use lol) So I’ve been raised with her values and spend a lot of time in server-related jobs etc, but I don’t actually think that’s my soul so much as my environment.

    Anyway, told you I couldn’t be concise. bummer lol.
    If you could share any input, it would be great. In the meantime, I’m going to keep reading and exploring your site!
    Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Bec
      I’m thinking intellectually centered Artisan seems likely at the moment. (I should know, I’m married to one.) Do you have a portrait photo you don’t mind sharing?

    • Well you look lovely, which is usually an obvious sign of the goal of Acceptance. And I can certainly see the blend of Scholar and Artisan. But I’m now leaning to say Artisan-cast Scholar, possibly in Passion mode (which along with intellectual center could explain the non-conciseness!).

    • In regards to reincarnation one life is more than enough.It is better to be a spirit without any flaws.

  10. As beings in heaven we are required to make one of 2 choices use the classroom called earth or go join satan.Which would you choose?

  11. Thanks so much for your insight, Barry! I read up on the goals before even understanding much about roles, and I definitely felt that acceptance was one that made a lot of sense for me 🙂

  12. There also millions of people who would claim reincarnation as unreal? Hopefully we don’t have to go through the same trials again.

  13. Barry I like your site very much, as I have been on another journey spiritually of which i have been led to search out what happens to the soul after death by suicide, i came upon this site for some reason, recently I have had a co-worker commit suicide, and I put in a search in Google does the soul re-incarnate after suicide.

    Over the last few days I have read alot and tonight I have found this site just speaking about Soul Age and Reincarnation. I have had a spiritual reading done in the past in the year 2012 by a spiritual medium and in the reading it says I am an Old Soul, had many reincarnations on this earth, now for the Sage, Artisan, or the other, I dont know which one I am, but I do feel that I am wise and know where my life is headed but things are still far from unearthing to my learning experiences that I have yet to have in this Incarnation.

    I Resonate with this site for some reason, mentally and spiritually even though my vibration is low of energy, is there a way for you to help me to know what my soul age is, because I do feel you do have a “Gift”.

    Barry, Thank you for your response..

    • Sorry David, I missed your question. (I was arranging a family funeral at the end of last March.)

      It would help to see a photo, but I can’t promise anything…

    • Define “successful.” No soul, as far as I am aware, has ever been unsuccessful at it. But I guess you mean, how can one evolve more effectively.

      We evolve through reincarnation by setting up challenging experiences for our human selves in which we are required to make choices. What evolves is the level of wisdom and compassion we bring to our choices.

      What enables us to make wiser and more compassionate choices in life are self-awareness/understanding and empathic awareness/understanding of others.

      So we can evolve more effectively by maximising our self-awareness and empathy here and now, and applying those to whatever choices we are faced with.

      Hope that makes sense. Cheers Ashton.

  14. I mean how does one live life any reincarnated life with little mistakes,lots of wisdom and compassion in the beginning? I still don’t understand if it is real? Jesus would say it does not exist if asked by an Easterner 2000 years ago.

  15. a 2nd chance to start again does sound like a good you know how it works? Once this life is finished.How does the soul recycling begin? from what I have read I am near the beginning in the soul stages.


  16. If you’re new to these concepts, this may seem weird but … We do not incarnate to avoid making mistakes. We incarnate to learn from our mistakes. It’s like playing a video game. You don’t expect to finish it perfectly on the first attempt; you expect to die many times. The difficulty level at any point in the game is always appropriate for our current experience level.

  17. Yes I am great at video games.I like manipulation.and things that are complicated.what is the best way to start of at day one again? Does Jesus agree with reincarnation?


  18. Would one reincarnate after committing suicide? Why don’t most westerners believe in reincarnation.I don’t want my memory and I don’t want to gain numbers in age.I want the opposite.

  19. I’m not one to get too involved in reading all the words on a page….rather i skim, and absorb the general idea the author is trying to convey…. occasionally i find there’s something worth my slowing down to absorb what it’s saying at a pace where i won’t lose a shred of detail…these jewels of knowledge stand out to me bc of the way they speak to my soul…

    nothing more.

    nothing less.

    I’ve bookmarked this site months ago, and pop in occasionally to read a little more, bc i find what you’re conveying has value. So, rather than using this area to reply and contribute to a conversation about the outlined topic, I’m sneaking in a hand shake, and subtle “keep up the good work”, sincerely.

    You’re reality isn’t tooo far from mine….& that’s rare, as well as refreshing.

    I’ve been looking for a community to share what i know, now….if i could just figure out how to write….

    • Ashton. It’s all taken care of. You don’t have to do a thing. As soon as you die from this life you will return Home, the realm of divine Light. There you will shake off the personality known as Ashton and recover your full awareness as a soul. You will relax, recuperate, hang out with soul mates, and then begin to plan your next life. You are held in the arms of infinite intelligence every second of your existence.

  20. Hi Barry!

    Love this site!

    I wanted to ask if facial details tells what kind of soul you are? Because personally I think I’m king considering that I’m very motivated to build my own empire, i’m building my own business, I’m power hungry guy, I always love to strategise and analyze everything. However my face is a different than what I see king described.

    Thank you!


    • There are certain patterns that make some souls easy to identify by their facial features, However in this day and age it’s easy to alter one’s face with makeup or surgery, which makes things less clear. Also, with older souls it’s more about how they behave. A Young Sage like Miley Cyrus is pretty obvious in the face and exaggerated expressions; a Mature Sage like Ellen Degeneres is less so.

      See The seven soul types: What do they look like?

  21. I feel I might be a warrior, but Im finding it difficult to tell because I suppressed my ‘warrior traits’ being bullied and crushed by my parents (a lot of psychological abuse, lots of slaps in the face, but I never cried because if I cried it meant they were right ) As a young child I was very assertive (my mom told me stories of me fiercely arguing with adults when I was between 3-6 years old. I remember 1-2 of them) . Then I became this melancholic artistic teenager so I wondering if im an artisan. I wrote songs and learnt 2 instruments. Im very curious and enjoy learning languages too. In theory my ideal job would be to be a spy (using language skills, facing danger and challenges, fighting if needed)
    Now im nearing 25, chose to study sciences of physical activity, in great part to gain a better knowledge and control of my body. I often want to quit school but im very stubborn so I dont. Being fit and strong and disciplined is extremely important to me. Freedom and independance are very important too.
    I feel happiest when Im on the road, distance running or hitch-hiking, outside facing the elements, the rain and cold, the heat and wind. For now I plan on becoming a teacher. I like martial arts, especially Muay thai but I lack money and time to practice. I started meditating not long ago.
    So I don’t know its not easy to tell…I feel like Im a warrior deep down inside but an artisan or scholar at the surface.

    • I can offer these as generalisations:
      – Kings, Priests and Sages tend to be extrovert.
      – Warriors, Servers and Artisans tend to be in the middle.
      – Scholars tend to be introvert.
      But there are many other influences. Casting is one: A Sage-cast King (like Simon Cowell) is distinctly more extrovert than a Scholar-cast King (Gen Wesley Clark?). A King-cast Scholar will be a lot more extrovert than a Scholar-cast Scholar.
      But then on top of role and casting we have the overleaves chosen for each life, which can add an element of extraversion to an introvert and vice versa. A King with goal of Submission and mode of Repression would probably be less outgoing than a Server with a goal of Dominance and mode of Passion.

  22. Hello Barry 🙂
    I wanna find out what my soul age and role is. Would you mind helping me to find out? If so, what information do you need?

    • Hi,
      If you really want to find out, you should contact one of the channels as mentioned above. All I can do is sheer guesswork use my intuition and pattern recognition. I just go by faces and how people describe themselves, but it doesn’t always work. Happy to try in a free moment.

  23. I’m actually only 15 years old, and I kind of feel like at certain times I fit in at a certain soul age, while other times I feel like I fit in to other soul ages, which is why I’m not sure which soul age I’m at.
    On a side note, do souls purposely reincarnate into a country that has a majority soul age that is similar to its soul age, in order to learn lessons? Because I was born in Singapore and I currently live here, and according to the Michael Teachings website, Singapore is a young soul country. The society here kind of parallels the description of young souls. I don’t know if that makes me a young soul or not. Since I’m so young, I haven’t really discovered my purpose in life, so again I don’t know what I’m here for.
    I guess for me right now I really have no idea what to do in life and I may encounter more difficulties in life in the future, and I’m just really tired from school and sh*t. i also don’t care so much about grades anymore.
    I can only embrace what comes at me in life, but I do hope that things will get better.

  24. Hi Barry
    I am asking this in all seriousness, I am not being facetious. Your website has been an absolute God send and has really helped me see who I am and where I am.
    I tend to try and guess soul ages from people i know, but I am a bit puzzled about one thing.
    Where i reside in U.K., almost all living around here are “Jeremy Kyle” types i.e. highly dysfuntional, don’t work, don’t believe in education/ bettering themselves. Existence is drugs, drink, violence, facebook, reality shoes, etc. Very low I.Q. I live in a decaying industrial area. No spiritually whatsoever in these people.
    Are these people baby or infant/child souls? They tend to be very tribal, and live only street away from parents/grandparents.
    I thought typical baby souls live in Amazon jungle, or mud huts. I am just curious and would like the opinion of a more enlighened soul.
    Many Thanks.

    • I know what you mean. I see a couple of possibilities – both might apply.

      One is that they are indeed infant souls. There aren’t that many remote jungles left these days, so more often than not they now incarnate in amongst ‘civilised’ (i.e. post-tribal) society, albeit on the fringes. Not fully understanding the principle of law and order, what the rest of us perceive as criminal and uncivilised behaviour will be normal. They will tend to stick to themselves, with others on the same wavelength, as the complexities of modern society and culture are overwhelming and incomprehensible to them.

      Another possibility is that at least some of them are young souls whose lifestyle conflicts with the mature soul vibe that is more prevalent in the UK, so they are living in tribe-like enclaves. (Baby souls tend to be prim and proper, even when poor, so it’s unlikely that these are baby souls.) Most young souls don’t end up as rich and famous as they’d like, but they always end up being “right”, winning every argument, at least own their own minds.

      Wait — “reality shoes” ?!?

  25. Hi Baz
    Thanks for your reply. I like to be enlightened.
    I thought it was infant souls that were prim and proper, not baby souls???
    I meant to say ‘shows’ (doh!) not ‘shoes’. (W next to E on keyboard). Should have had the spell check on!
    Hope you are in better health now.

  26. First off, amazing site, and amazing of how much work you put in this!
    I’m not one to easily say ‘this is it’, but almost everything on this site ‘clicks’ which things I’ve felt in my gut, and learned during my life.
    I’ve got a few questions thou, the first: what about animals? Do they have souls? Reincarnations? Is there any information about that? Also, is it possible for a human soul to be an animal at some time?

    Another thing is that because of this site I remembered that my mom one took a reading, and besides her own, she also got the soul level of me, my sister and my dad, and what we used to be in our past life.
    I only remember my own, that she said I had young soul, but everything, even back then and especially now, I see myself more as a mature/old soul (either a mature soul at the brink to become an old soul, or just an old soul, still with habits of a mature one, this mostly because my behaviour as a child was a lot like an old soul, but during teenage years, and now in my twenties I behaviour more towards a mature soul, trying to connect with the people around me and again trying to learn how to interact).
    Are channels able to read people beyond the person they read?

    Since I was a kid I had a natural ability to understand how the world ‘ticks’ and I can read/see people in an instance with eye contact, then again, I find it hard to commincate at times, and often feel like I speak a different langauge then most of the people around me.
    I do know I still need to learn a lot, and have aways known that my purpose in life is to learn, and to experience and make mistakes to learn again (in an actual sense that my life’s purpose is to learn over a couple of lives and complete myself by learning and pushing myself to the next level. I NEVER heard of this before in this sense as on this site, so it kind of amazes me how much everything fits :D).
    My own gut belief on what happens as you die is to became part of It, and life as a whole, not just your body becoming earth again, but your soul and energy becoming part of something else, bigger and whole, and that feeling always gave me a sense of relief (it looks a lot like the description of what happens after reincarnation, so again, love that read about that).

    It might be a strange question, but to learn more about this, and to learn how to improve yourself, and learn how to reconcile with yourself (I’m not sure about the word, but I can’t figure out another word to use and unfortunately english is not my first language), are there any tips, or information on people or organisations that might help, regarding this topic (preferable in Europe :D)?

  27. Hi,Barry

    I really enjoy your website! Just curious to know what soul level I may be, either mature or old soul. I was very mature for my age since my early twenties. Now i am 32 and becoming more interested in spirituality and growth instead of going out trying to make friends. I love spending time alone. Some people may think its weird but that’s what makes me happy and content.

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